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Human Jealousy part 2

by Raziken

Human Jealousy part 2

Human Jealousy: Part 2

Written by Raze Sanoru

It had been two days since Nate left the school soaked and dirty, leaving his friend Jeff behind to wonder if his friend was alright. Two long days of thinking about that one, and wondering about how it all went wrong. Could it have changed? If he was a fur, would he have had the same problems? These thoughts kept him busy while he rests in his bed, curled up in both sheets and covers.

His online friends wondered where he was, and his messenger app on his now broken Ipod would go off every hour or so. The messages would be to invite him to play the usual culminations of shooting games, RPG games, and to try out new games they they would all have conversations about afterward.

On his phone side of things, Jeff would text every 20 or so minutes. Nate didn’t want to talk to him though. The pain of dealing with a fur at this time, just made him feel sick. He had throw the phone across his room so he couldn’t grab it and check it.

Nate hadn’t showered since, and his body was aching from bed sores, as well as the pain of his back and neck. He got the dirt off of him at least, and he was wearing pajamas to help keep him warm.

Sooner or later, Nate had to arise from his bed, and face the cold, decorated home he lived in. he moves slowly to keep his back from hurting, and keeps his senses as sharp as he can for a weak human, so he can hide from his parents if they come home early for some reason. He didn’t want to deal with ANY furs, especially not his own parents.

He peers into the fridge and freezer, glaring at all of the random things like sweet peas, mayo, a couple eggs, frosted flakes, kool aid, and some onions... all things you just cant make anything out of. Eggs sounded gross right now anyways, but it was all he had. So maybe he could make some scrambled eggs?

The next few minutes Nate spends his time heating up the burner on the oven, and scrambling 3 eggs to prepare for the pan. He puts the eggs in and then puts the pan on the burner and uses a spatula to stir and cut them up to help the scramble process. But the pattern of it sticking seems to ruin his appetite. He still needed to eat though.

The eggs are quickly eaten and he cleans up his mess, then returns to his room to take another nap. But as he enters his room, the sound of his phone vibrating on the floor catches his attention.

Nate reaches down to grab the object and flips open the cover to answer. “hello?” his hoarse voice was used for the first time in the last few days.

“Nate! Look. Meet me by the closed toy store by the mall. You know which one right?” the voice of Jeff comes through, but the sounds of machines come through and make him hard to hear. “wait. What? The toy store?” Nate clears his throat now. “yeah! See you there!” the phone call drops and Nate just groans. That is a really far drive, and Jeff probably needed a ride home.

After a quick shower and a change of clothes, Nate pats down his pockets to make sure he has his wallet in his back right pocket, his phone in his front right pocket, and his Ipod and headphones in his front left pocket. His black hoodie hangs over his green shirt, and his jeans are baggy today. He is ready to head out if only just to grab his friend from that crappy old mall.

The garage opens and his car pulls out into the driveway, then out into the street. Nate presses the button on his remote to close the garage and drives off on his 50 minute journey, to a mall most people have forgotten.

Upon his arrival, Nate doesn’t see any other cars here, but Jeff sits on the boarded up window sill kicking his feet around.

Nate notices that Jeff isn’t planning on going anywhere, so he takes the keys out and walks over to his friend, putting his keys in his hoodie pocket. “what are you doing out here?” Nate gives an irritated glance at the poorly maintained building.

“My cousins and I would come here with my grandma, and she would buy us toys. It meant a lot to my family.” Jeff admits, looking down to his friend as he explains this.

“you brought me out here to tell me this?” Nate responds angrily, still bitter since the other day. But Jeff starts to cry in response. “the owner loved my family so much that he gave us the toys he couldn’t sell, for Christmas. Even though he had nothing, he continued to give.” Nate's scowl doesn’t change, his emotions were set so far from his friend right now, and he couldn’t have hated Jeff more.

“Why the fuck am I here Jeff..?” Nate says coldly. Jeff just shakes his head. “go inside.” Jeff points to the door, and puts his face in his hands. Jeff must be hysterical about something, Nate thought. So he investigates the door and pulls it open to see a dark room filled with shelves and cobwebs.

Nate just gives an angry glare around the room, and walks around the main paths, marked with little yellow paw prints for kids to follow. Back when this place was built, it was mainly humans who would shop here, and animals were a cute way to get the attention of children. But now it had a tone of irony for the world Nate was living in. the building was calming, and seemed to let Nate reflect on what the world used to be like. The silhouettes on the wall were of humans, heroes and villains, cowboys and Indians, space men and women... but all still human.

The sound of voices in the back catches Nate's attention however, and he steps lightly across the soft padded floors. He approaches the door and swings open the employee access to reveal a large room filled with machinery. This must have been where Jeff was when he called. So Nate walks in further to find the voices, and finds about 5 furs, telling stories on boxes and chairs with computers nearby. But Nate had been found. One fur, a Husky like Jeff, turns to look at Nate.

“Hey! Nate! We've been waiting for you!” he stands up from his seat and walks over to shake Nate's hand. “I’m Kevin, Jeff's cousin. These guys are my colleagues.” Nate just nods, he is confused. “Nice to meet you guys..” everyone gets up and introduces themselves, and Nate is now crowded with the 5 furs and information he can barely keep patience for.

“alright guys. Set it up! I'll get him to the chair.” Kevin chimes happily and everyone scatters off to different parts of the room. “whats going on?” Nate asks in a confused tone, his anger was smaller but now he didn’t know what to think! “Jeff didn’t tell you?” Nate shakes his head no.

“we are pro furry activists. We tear apart the ignorance of pro human efforts. Technically we are terrorists to the preservation of human life, but we just want the world to embrace the ideas of becoming a furry. Plus there's not much you can do with a degree in Bio-Alchemichal Transfusion nowadays.” Nate looks up at Kevin as they walk “wait. So you turn people into furs?” Kevin just nods. “its not the best way to do it... we don’t have the actual equipment. The procedure is just under a 50% Success rate.” Nate is still just dumbfounded at this point! “what happens on the failed people?” Kevin just sighs “they die.”

Nate stops in the area dedicated to the procedure. This was his only chance to make himself happy. To achieve his dream! But a 50% mortality rate? The chances didn’t look very good...

“Jeff helped us. He basically got us all the ingredients to do this procedure and a couple more after that. And of course we are happy to help humans cross the gap into the evolutionary pinnacle!” Kevin continues on as he readies some of the vials.

“isn’t there a way to make it safer?” Nate asks hesitantly. “yeah. But it would cost far more than it already does. And we need to have licenses to even buy the equipment. That and we could be tracked down. Too many negatives.” he explains and stand over the chair now. “you sure you want to risk it?”

Nate bites his lip and looks down at his body. “yeah. Even if I die, that'll put me out of this misery.” Nate walks over and sits down in the chair. Kevin seems indifferent about nearly killing someone, and begins strapping Nate into the cold metal chair. Nate is silent as Kevin plugs the vials into the injection plugs, with needles aimed at his spine.

“I’m not gonna lie, its going to hurt like hell. Try to stay conscious during the whole thing, it helps your survival odds.” Nate just smiles with his eyes closed. “I’m used to pain. That's all-” Nate is cut off as the system whirls into action and his back is punctured with the needles. He shouts out and bangs his head back against the metal headrest as Kevin secures the helmet on him a bit too late. A warm burning sensation creeps through Nathan's veins and up the back of his neck. His skin begins to itch as his arms are now being covered in a brown fur. This excites Nate, and he focuses on moving his hand as it is paralyzed slowly by the transformation.

His face erupts with a sharp pain as the bone is remolded into a maw, and his teeth seem to pulse and pinch the gums to the point of bleeding. He screams a while longer but the sensation of his spine growing longer into a tail, calms him down, and the burning stops. Now, he realizes what he feels on his body... the fur moving against his clothes feels surreal. His new ears rotate at the sound of every noise, his nose can smell the steel he is sitting on, as well as the paint in the building, the scent of the furs in the room, and the various chemicals used in the procedure. Kevin walks over and speaks softly.

“Feeling alright?” his voice seems high detailed! Much more of his vocal tones are apparent to Nate! His scent signifies who he is as well. Nate's eyes are wide as he looks over Kevin's face, understanding the purpose of the ears and nose, and just overall sensual nature of the change. “never felt better...” Nate gives a toothy grin and looks down.

His weak human body was gone. And the new muscles had grown in. he wasn't exactly buff, but the definition was like that of a runner. He could smell his body wash and shampoo now, and the slight fragrance of gasoline from his car. Nate was on a high of sensory overload.

“you might want to take baby steps into your new senses. Avoid crowds for a while, food courts, loud places. You have to ease yourself into the changes. Once you get a hang of things, it will become second nature. Give it a week and you should be tuned correctly.” he instructs as he undoes the fastenings.

Nate feels over his hands and watches the soft fur of his arms as his finger trace over them. “thank you.” he looks up, still awestruck. Kevin just nods “Jeff will be waiting. He's been worried sick about you for the last few days. He didn’t even want to be here when it happened because he didn’t want to lose you.” Kevin smiles a bit. “he loves you. And I’m glad to help you two out.” Kevin puts a hand on Nate's shoulder in the dimly lit room.

Nate thinks back to when he brushed off his friend in the parking lot at school... he was so cold and selfish back then. He had even been bitter since. He definitely had to make it up to Jeff. So without a word he stands up and rushes out of the back room of the store, stopping to realize that his feet are larger now, and have claws that are pent up in the small shoes. He also noticed that between his legs, he has massive testicles and sheath bouncing around... he had to have been hung like Jeff! Nate was excited now!

Just before he gets to the doors however, he can hear Jeff sniffling on his ledge. Nate opens the door slowly, and walks outside to the smell of wet dirt and grass, gasoline from the road nearby, and rubber from the hot roads that were cooling down due to the sunset that cast shadows over the whole parking lot. Jeff was silent, anticipating the arrival of bad news. His cheeks stained with the tears of fear, and heartbreak. Jeff knew someone had left the store to find him. But the dread of losing his friend was too much and kept him looking out at the road.

“It's everything I dreamed.” Nate says softly while looking up at Jeff, who looked down to his friends voice and to take in the new appearance!

Jeff hops down from the ledge and rushes to his friend to give him a big hug. Nate's arms wrap around Jeff's back. They exchange each others new scents, Nate, taking in the new experience and linking Jeff's scent to his person. And Jeff, takes in the stronger, more complex scent of his old friend's new body.

The hug lasts a few moments, and Jeff pulls away finally, only to be followed backwards by Nate pressing his muzzle against his own! The two furs exchange a soft kiss, which leads to the subtle movement of lips, and then further to learn how to properly kiss in a loving way. The kiss becomes deeper than a sign of affection, it becomes the realization that they had always loved one another, and this was he point where it would all change for them.


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