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just a little something

by lightshadow

just a little something

a written statement from my slave to my gf enjoy

I am writing this to my Mistress because i disobeyed her orders and commands. I have to learn not to disobey my Master or Mistress. If i disobey i have to be punished and feel the pain of disobeying their commands. My mistress told me to start my birth control on Sunday and i didn't listen cause i thought i knew what i was doing. I listened to my doctor and the instructions not my Mistress that was bad of me to do. My Master and Mistress know what they are talking about they are always right i am not always right and this was one of those times.
To be a good slave and submissive i must ask of what i need/want my master/Mistress are not mind readers. I have to communicate of what i want and why i might be disobeying at that point in time or why I might have an attitude. I need to be honest with my Master and Mistress to become a good submissive; a good submissive does not lie or manipulate.
Pain can be associated with punishment or pleasure. If i am good and obey I can get rewarded by pleasure and i can feel good pain. when I'm being punished the pain is to make me learn and to remember not to ever disobey again. I never want to be punished again but i know it for my own good to learn not to disobey. When i had disobeyed my Mistress she made me whip and choke myself it had hurt so bad it left red marks on my ass and thighs. I never wanted to disobey my Mistress again. Punishment is to help me learn to be a better slave and to think about the next time i try to disobey. Punishment should always fit the crime of what i had done to disobey my Master or Mistress. punishment should be given if I deliberately cause or start trouble and disrespect rules given.
To serve I must follow all orders and commands and serve both Master and Mistress they know what is best for me. I have to serve them i am a slave nothing more than a slave. I don't make my own decisions my Master and Mistress does that for me. If they tell me to go get glass a water i go get a glass of water. If they tell me get on my knees and crawl around naked then i do it with no questions asked or hesitation. A slave is given a command by her master or Mistress she is expected to do it without back talking or attitude.
I will do what i must do the first time i am asked and not the second time. Especially when it comes to talking about my feelings. I should keep a journal/diary when it comes to my feelings that way it is easier to talk about them and communicate. I need to learn not to talk back when i am told not to do something or to do something. That is my biggest flaw i need work on.
Disobeying my Master or Mistress wont get me anywhere. It will just make my Master and Mistress very angry and disappointed in me. I will not disobey my Master and Mistress anymore. I do not want to be punished anymore and feel the bad pain. I want to be rewarded and feel the pain of pleasure and not punishment.


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