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The shrink penis curse

by somnia

The shrink penis curse

It has been months since Cory discovered the hypnosis website his new girlfriend suggested. He has been trying out a lot of files with little to no success. He was staring to think this hypnosis stuff was bogus. He still thought though that maybe, one day a file will work.

One night as he was scrolling through the list of files and a strange file caught his attention, penis shrinking curse. “Strange… “, he thought, having a small penis never really aroused him. His 6 inch penis already felt small to him sometimes, he was even teased by a few women about his penis size which made him depressed for months. Then why does this file seem so tempting all of a sudden? It can’t be something to do with the slave file his girlfriend suggested a few weeks ago, can it? “No…, it can’t be that. I must be getting real bored if this file seems worth listening to”, he said to himself. None the less he downloaded the file, loaded it onto his mp3 player and went to lay on his bed. “This cannot possibly work”, he thought to himself. He selected the file, put on his headphones and started listening.

All of a sudden he heard his alarm clock. He jumped up and switched it off. “Dam, I must have fallen asleep while listening to the file”, he said to himself while rubbing his eyes. Unknown to Cory is that he didn't have his usual morning wood. He gave another look at his alarm clock and saw it was already 9:30am, “I am going to be late!” he yelled. He quickly went to shower, got dressed, ate breakfast and off to work he was.
“Thank goodness it is Friday”, he said while unlocking his front door. “I cannot stand another meeting”. He got undressed and went to take a shower just to relax. Freshly out of the shower he decided to go lay down a bit. He saw his mp3 player next to his bed and decided to listen to some tunes while he is lying down. He did not even notice he selected the penis shrink curse file. The next think he knew it was already dark. He looked at his clock and saw it was 8:25pm already. “I must have fallen asleep again”, he said.

He decided to order some pizza. While he was waiting for his pizza he thought he might as relieve some stress and loaded up his favourite porn website. As he started to jerk off he noticed that he isn't getting hard. “That’s strange, it must be all the stress from work causing it”, he thought to himself. He kept playing with his limp dick for about 30 minutes, till finally just before we was going over the edge the doorbell rang. Frustrated he pulled up his pants, closed the website and went to answer the door. After eating his pizza he decided just to go sleep, maybe he will have a better luck tomorrow with his girlfriend. Unknowingly as he was climbing into bed he was putting on his headphones and started playing the curse file again.

The next morning he got up early to get ready for date night later that day. He wanted to shave his pubic hair in case he got lucky and his girlfriend gave him a blowjob. As he was shaving it felt like something was wrong with his cock. He could not quite figure out what was wrong, but he did notice he isn’t hard like he usually is while shaving his balls, “Work stress must be really getting to me”, he thought to himself trying to think of an explanation. After showering he got dressed and went to town to get supplies for date night.

After he got home, it felt like he has forgotten something really important. “Oh, yes. Almost forgot to listen to the file”. He didn’t even think twice as he got his mp3 player and sat on his couch. He pressed play and the next thing he remembers is the doorbell ringing.
“So, how is work?” Lisa asked while Cory was preparing their steak. “Fine, just a bit stressful”, said Cory. “Oh, we will be releasing some of that stress tonight” she replied. Cory almost couldn't contain himself. It has been a while since he had a bit of fun with his girlfriend. Dinner went off without a hitch. Lisa whispered something in Cory’s ear and they went to the bed room.

Lisa pushed Cory onto the bed and started to strip tease him. First she removed her shirt, then slowly her jeans. Slowly she unclipped her bra and dropped it to the ground. Cory would have normally be rock hard by now, but not even a trace of a boner was showing in his pants. Slowly Lisa removed her panties. She moved over to Cory and undid his belt. As she lowered Cory’s pants she started to get a strange look on her face. “Why aren't you hard yet?” she asked. Cory looked at her strangely and said “What do you mean? Am I supposed to get hard?” it is like his mind is fogged and he can’t quite get what is wrong. As Lisa lowered his underwear she giggled a bit at the sight of Cory’s soft dick. “It is a grower not a shower!” Cory quickly said. She sucked on his soft dick a little, but it refused to get hard. “Aw, seems like you are not in the mood, but I can fix that” said Lisa. She ran over to one of Cory’s drawers and pulled out a strap-on. “When did I get that?” Cory wondered. “If you won’t fuck me, I will fuck you!” Lisa said out loud while she was putting on the strap-on. Just as Cory wanted to object Lisa said something and Cory’s mind fogged over.

As Cory woke up he saw Lisa getting dressed. “Did I blackout or something?” he asked Lisa. “Yes, you fucked me so hard you passed out” she said. “Wow, I can’t remember a thing”. “I think you had too much wine. Well I am off, see you later and remember to listen”. Just as Cory wanted to ask, “Listen to what?” she popped out the door. Feeling very tired Cory decided to just put on his headphones and go to sleep.

As the weeks passed Cory could remember getting strange looks from people in public bathrooms. He could even remember one of his friends asking him if his dick seemed smaller than usual at the gym showers. Cory replied though saying it was always like that. It seems like every time he tried to think about his dick size all he could think of is what Lisa said, “Don’t worry about it, it is just stress” “Forget about it, everything is fine”.
A few months later as Cory was walking around in the mall, a sudden urge came over him to enter the adult shop he was just passing. He browsed around, but nothing really caught his attention. Unknowingly he picked up a small cock cage and went over to pay for it. As he walked out of the shop he thought “Why did I even bother going in there”.

Later that day as he arrived home he got an text message from his girlfriend, but all he could remember was that she said she will be there at around 8pm. He went over to the drawer where his girlfriend keeps the strap-on and left the box containing the small chastity device in the drawer. “What was I just…?” Cory thought just before his mind fogged over and he shrugged it off.

Cory was preparing the spaghetti dish his girlfriend asked for when she arrived. “Thanks honey” said Lisa. “So how was your day?” she asked. “Fine. I got that thing you asked me to get” he replied without even thinking. “Great! Now let’s eat, I am starving”. Lisa took a bite and said “This is great, you have really improved your cooking skills”. “Thanks, the cooking classes you signed me up for helped a lot” said Cory. Lisa has been suggesting that Cory take cooking classes, but Cory was never really fond of cooking so he had no idea why he actually went to the classes during his free time.

After dinner Lisa dragged Cory to the bedroom and sat him down on the bed. Slowly she started to undress, taking off her t-shirt first and then slowly her jeans. Cory is still none the wiser that he is not getting hard. Lisa then started to undo Cory’s belt and pulled down his pants. The lack of any kind of bulge in Cory’s underwear made her smirk. Teasingly she pulled down Cory’s underwear revealing his little limp cock. “Ha-ha, what a small little dick you have!” she laughed. “It is not small! It is 6 inches hard!” Cory quickly said. “Sorry, but you really have a small dick. Look it can’t even get hard”. Cory could not believe what she is saying, a 6 inch hard cock isn't that small, he didn't even bother thinking about the fact that it cannot get hard. “I am sorry to say Cory, but such a small limp dick needs to be locked up”. Lisa went over to the special drawer and pulled out a box.

Lisa sat the box next to Cory and slowly opened it. She pulled out a small metal cock cage and smirked while looking at Cory. “Now you can put this on yourself or I can force it on” said Lisa. “No… I…” Cory’s mind seemed fogged, like he does not really know how to respond. Lisa said something and Cory just went limp. She unhooked all the parts of the cock cage and one by one started to put all the pieces on Cory’s soft little dick. Click! The cock cage was now securely locked with a padlock. Lisa walked over to the special drawer and pulled out her strap-on.

Cory woke up his ass feeling sore. Lisa was nowhere to be seen. “I must have passed out again” he said to himself. Looking down to his body he saw something on his dick. “Why do I have a cock cage on” he asked out loud. He tried to remove it, only to realize it is locked. “Where did I leave those dam keys?” he said while looking around the house. “Arggg, it must be here somewhere! I wouldn't just loose it”. After an hour of searching he gave up, thinking he must have given it to someone. Why did he even get a cock cage? He decided to go to bed thinking he might have had a bet with someone and just forgot. Hopefully they will give him the key if he begs hard enough.

Months pass and Cory hardly ever thinks about the cock cage anymore. He was busy making bed when Lisa walked past the bedroom, “Well I am off to work! See you later and you are now released”. “Bye and released from what…?” Cory said just as the front door slammed close.

Suddenly Cory felt like something was wrong. It felt like something cold was touching his dick. Quickly he pulled down his pant and too his horror he had a small cock cage on. Inside the cock cage was a small dick he didn't even recognize, but somehow knew that it is his dick, but much smaller. Questions began to fill his head. Why do I have a cock cage on? Why is my dick so small? “I need to get this dam cock cage off!” he yelled out loud. He search all over the house for any kind of keys but could not find any that fit the padlock. Then he remembered, his new girlfriend told him to listen to some slave hypnosis file on this strange website. She must have locked me up!

Meanwhile Lisa was walking down the street and sending a text message to someone, “Meet at the usual place, got a new victim”.
Cory searched through his contact list, but can’t seem to find Lisa’s number. “Where the hell is she and why don’t I have her number”. Cory was really starting to worry now. What if he never finds her and have to keep the cock cage on forever? Just then he received a text message, “If you want me to remove that cock cage meet me at…” Cory immediately got dressed and jumped into his car setting the GPS to the strange address.
It was already night time. The address seemed to be some kind of old warehouse at the edge of town. He saw a light coming from one of the windows. “She must be there” he thought. He stopped the car and got out. He cautiously walked to the main doors. As he entered the door he felt a couple of hands from behind and passed out.

Cory woke up feeling cold. He looked around and saw he was naked on a steel table. Lisa appeared from the shadows. “Welcome” she said evilly with a smirk on her face. “Let me go!” yelled Cory. “Now, now not so fast. Can’t we have a bit of fun first?” Lisa said while pulling a set of keys out of her pocket. “Let’s get this thing off your dick”, she unlocked the padlock of the cock cage. “Now the real fun starts”.

Several women appeared next to Cory. They seem to only have coats on. “What is this? What’s going on?” Cory asked nervously. One pointed at his dick and said “Wow, that is such a small dick! Ha-ha” at which point Lisa says “Yes, it is the smallest I ever got a sissy. The cock cage really keeps them from getting hard accidentally”. “It is not small!” Cory said out loud while blushing. “Let’s measure it then” said one of the women. Lisa pulled out a ruler and said “Keep still now”. She held the ruler next to his dick, “Ha-ha, it’s not even 1 inch soft!” and everyone there started laughing hard. Cory’s face turned red, “It is not small”. One of the women then said “Let’s give him a show and see how hard it gets”.

At that point all the women removed their coats and Cory’s heart almost missed a beat. “I will show them, my cock is a grower not a shower” he thought to himself. One of the women started to caress one of his nipples, while 2 more were making out in front of him. His dick started to get hard. Lisa was getting the ruler ready since she knew it won’t get really hard. After a few minutes Lisa said, “Aw, is that the hardest you get now?” she placed the ruler next to his dick. “Only 2 inches!” she said out loud. Everybody started laughing. Cory’s face turned even redder from embarrassment. “It’s not that small…” he said embarrassingly. The women started yelling out comments about his dick, “Pencil Dick!” “Sissy clit!” which made Cory even more embarrassed. This went on for hours. It felt like his dick shrank even more with embarrassment.

Finally Lisa said “I think we had our fun, time to let him go, but first…” and walked over to Cory. She gave Cory’s little dick a kiss and said “I will miss this little dicklet”. Cory blushed and looked away. The women got their coats and started to leave one by one. Lisa was the last one to leave after she untied Cory. Before Cory could even get up Lisa was gone. It took a few minutes before Cory found his clothes and went home.
Cory arrived home devastated. How could his once 6 inch cock have shrunken to just 2 inches? He was so depressed he just walked to his room and just flopped onto the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning his twig was rock hard. This must be the first time in months that he got morning wood, but you can’t call it morning wood anymore he thought. He climbed out of bed and went to shower. While showering he looked at his now limp little dick, “It isn't that small, is it?” he asked himself. He spent most of the day just moping around thinking about how small his dick it. After most of his depression seem to have passed he decided to at least try and jerk off since he felt quite horny. He hadn't jerked off in quite some time. He loaded his favourite porn website and started playing a video. Almost instantly his little pecker was hard at 2 inches. He gripped it with two of his fingers and started jerking off. It only took about 3 small jerks before he achieved orgasm. A small droplet of cum ran down his dick that was already limp again. “What!? I use to cum a lot more than that and last a lot longer! How will I ever get a girlfriend again with this piece of shit dick!” he cursed to himself. Just then he saw a woman being fucked by a huge cock on the video that was still playing.

The only way to get close to a real cock again would be to suck off real men he thought…


Re: The shrink penis curse - avalon69

I loved this story, I really dig the fact he'll forever cum quickly in the future. Please write more! There are bound to be more 'victims' right ;-)

Re: The shrink penis curse - JohnDave

Write another chapter!!!! I'd really appreciate it, you're one of the most imaginative writers for this I've seen

bravo! - mondaytuesday

great story! Well done. Thank you for creating it.

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