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turned into a woman

by jessielynn

turned into a woman

This morning as I sat at my vanity putting on my makeup. I started having these flashbacks of a pass time when I wasn't a woman. At first it seemed odd, as these vision progressed. It seemed I use to be a man. How could it be. For here I was a real woman. Nothing stated otherwise. Soon I began to remember that day. When I eventually started behaving more feminine. And I shaved my body hair off. And putting on women's clothes. That's when my wife walked in telling me to hurry up, or us girls would be late for the plane.
That's when I mentioned to her. Did I us to be a man. At that moment she said to me " A woman you are a man not no more. Always a woman you are. " Soon these flashbacks faded and I finished putting on my makeup.
As if for some reason it seemed I had a day dream. As I got up. I felt all my femininity of my body. The weight of my breast and my long flowing hair.
Then my wife as me how can you be a man with a body like that." As I looked at myself she was correct a woman I shurely was. Then she said some more words. "Once a he now he is truly a she." As she finished I began feeling more and more feminine. As we finished getting ready for our trip.
As we arrived to the airport my wife told me. "Don't worry Jessica men desire a woman like a slut that your are. You really like men."
Once we arrived at our destination. My wife told me more words. Soon I began to feel horny. Once in our room She undress me an told me I was a beautiful woman even women would desire to have sex with me. She then asked me if I still felt like I were a man. I told her that I felt like a lady.
She then whispered some words making me feel like begin a man. Telling me how can a man be a beautiful women if he has breast and a tiny penis. Then she snapped her finger telling me if feel this feminine she need to not have a penis. At that moment I looked and told her its my clit. But it needs to be corrected. Then my wife told me she likes shemales more than feminine males. That's why she has feminized me and put me on female hormones. To make me more feminine plus have breast. But if her little pee pee needs to be a real pussy. Then it shall be one. Saying to me a girly-man is fine but a girly girl is better. Don't you agree Jessica. Oh yes mistress dear. I love girlyness while having nice firm c-cup breast, but also I must have a pussy. She then said, ''Once a man with penis in hand, Turly girly he demands, womanhood is almost at hand. Let estrogen increase in full mental reprimand. Full womanhood is so wonderful and grand a pussy is lovely. Once he is a she. No longer a man, for he feels feminine. How he is a she will be how he transform to be. Along with menstration every 28 days he will experience from now on in one week he will know his pussy is real. Since he is feminine so shall it be. His first man will be the trigger. Let him suck cock swallowing cum will start his pussy to develop.
That evening we dress up in our finest feminine clothes. Me in a nice black dress, with matching bar and panties. We were both dress to kill. All I thought about was being with a man, having his cock in my mouth sucking it and swallowing his cum. Then having him fuck me like there was no tomorrow. As we got to the club my wife said, you are a man that wants to be a real woman. Telling me I had to be taken before my feminity would take over permanently.
Well that happened and now I’m at the hospital getting a full sex change. To be my true feminine self.


Re: turned into a woman - damo

yet another story i wish would come true for me...

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