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subliminal feminization 2

by MacGyver

subliminal feminization 2

after listening to disk #2 all day, i had a dream hat night, and in my dream, i was keeping house and doing the laundry and yard work and all. when i awoke to the alarm clock at 7 am, i had forgotten about the dream i had. for some strange reason, i just got up out of bed, put on some coffee, took a shower and was fixing a hot breakfast for 2 by 8:30 am. i had no idea why, i just did it.

jenny told me how she wanted her laundry to be done and put away, and man this woman had alot of clothes. she ahd also told me that she wanted me to listen to my cd all day long whether i was makin the meals, doin the dishes, laundry, cleaning the house or anything else but had warned against listening to them while doin the yard. "why not when i am doing the yard work?". "jeff, i dont want you to end up hurting yourself with your equipment, you must be awake and alert, and if you're lsitening to music, you wont be payin attention to what you are doing. look jeff, i am not stupid, i know you have disable the saftey switches on your equipment because you did not have the money to replace them, i see how you just skinned the wires and twisted them together so your tractor will still start up and cut the grass. what if you decide to mow the ditch with your riding mower......" i had cut her off," jenny, i am safer than that and i would never think to do such a thing........." and she cut me off, and in a mean tone of voice said,"that is right, because you are NOT going to listen to music while you cut the grass! when you get to the ditch, you will use the pushmower! and i mean it!"

i could not believe it, we had been boyfriend and girlfriend goin on 5 years now, and we just had our first argument, which she won by the way. i very strongly wanted to listen to my disk while cutting the grass, she is going grocery shopping soon, what she dont know wont hurt. i put the disk in my portable player, went out back, put the key in my riding mower, turned it on, wrapped the rope around the cup, pulled it, and got on my mower. i mashed the clutch and put it in gear, lowered the deck, turned on my disk, and blacked out. when i awoke, there was jenny standing over me, and man she looked pissed. "thought you would ignore my warning did you?" and with that she took the portable player and headphones away, and threw them infront of my mower, and said, " now mow!" i could not control myself, i ran the player and headphones over with the mower, disengaged the deck, and brought the engine to a slow idle.

i wandered why did i do that?, "jeff, you had better get to work on this yard, it aint gonna cut itself you know." then she got in her car and left. i did what mowing i could with the riding mower, and when it came to the ditch that ran infront of her house, i fired up the push, fired up the weedwhacker to get close to the house. by the time i got done with the yard work, it was time to move the laundry form the wahser to the dryer, and do the dishes. much to my surprise, when i walked into the house, i heard disk #2 playing, and went about my chores as if i hadn't a care.

about 3 months had went by, and after doing the dishes, and drying them, i thought, well, maybe i should relax a bit just once and then i'll put them away. besides, i only had plates and bowls left to put up anyways. while listening to my disk, i heard jenny give a light knock on the door, and i remember thinking i walked over to the door to open it for her, but, i was still sitting in the recliner, she did nto say anything. i thought about putting away the glass dishes, and heard the rattle of the last plate being stacked. i looked around and jenny was still putting this week's groceries away, she saw the plates move by themselves but did not say anything. after dinner that night, she said," i think it is time you started listening to disk #3." she had a smile on her face. what i did not know whas that disk 2 was a test to see if my mind was accepting the suggestions that she hid behind the music.

the following morning, i woke to disk #3 being played, and it was played every single day from the time i woke till the time i went to sleep. jenny had not left for work yet. she was waiting for me to wake up, and said,"i have something i would like for you to try on." i stood straight with my back to her as she suggested, and noticed something about 14 inches long touch my chest and being wrapped around my waist, "just hold still!" commanded jenny. then i felt the thing get really tight. "your waist is growing jeff, and this will help you keep a good looking figure." she had cinched me up in a corset! i was having trouble breathing, it was so tight. after she went off to work, i went about my chores, finding them difficult to do as i felt like fainting because the corset ws taking my breath away. after about 2 hours of this, i reached behind me and pulled the strings to undo the knot she had tied into a bow, took the corset off, pulled out the scissors, cut it into tiny peices, then threw it in the garbage and went about my work all the while listening to disk #3.

when jenny came home, she did something she had never done before, she put her hands around my waist, then went to her room without saying a word. what she was doing was feeling to see if i had still been wearing the corset. she came back otu and changed the disk to one marked #3-a. every moring for 5 weeks, she would put me in a corset, and every morning i would take it off, cut it up and throw it in the garbage, though, after 5 weeks, i started getting the nagging feelin that maybe i should just leave it on. at the start of the 6th week listening to #3-a, i awoke with a corset on me, it was so tight, i had a hard time breathing, just getting out of bed and making coffee was enough to take ym breath away and make me feel faint. as soon as jenny had left, i reached behind me to pull at the strings to take the corset loose. there was nothing there, i ran my hand up and down the back of it as far as i could go, it was laced, but i could not reach to undo the lacing. every day, i awoke to the corset being just a little bit tighter. what i did not know was that she had cut the laces too short for me to reach them, so, basically, i was trapped in a corset and could not get out of the thing.

in time, i had learned to breathe differently so the corset would not take my breath away to the point of me passing out. eventually, she gave me a disk to play marked #4. the music was different on each disk, she had said she diod not want me to get too burned out by listening to the same songs over and over. little did i know, that it was just a lie, i had no idea what i was truly in for.

to be continued:.......


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