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Vacation of Life Ch 1

by OwlGold

Vacation of Life Ch 1

I was standing in the Miami airport watching the turn style of luggage go
around waiting for mine to appear. I was so excited to have a month off. I
had some projects to work on which required a little time but for the most
part my time was free to relax on the beach with lots of umbrella drinks
and hopefully some female companionship. After talking with Vanessa, a cute
little Latin girl on- line, I was pretty sure from our erotic chats that
she planned on being my 1st conquest but I wanted to live it up and hoped
there would be several other sexual adventures during my time off. How true
that was I would later find out. It had been so long since I had time to
myself. After high school I went straight to college on a gymnastics
scholarship and earned my degree in computer science and graphic design. I
did free lance work for many advertising and law firms and anyone else that
needed my services. Getting my clientele established took several years so
now with my 26th birthday tomorrow I was treating myself to some much
needed time off and Vanessa promised to make my birthday one I would never
forget. I started running marathons straight out of college because I was a
fitness nut and had just finished the big one. The Boston marathon. I did
well but never realized the training involved to be competitive in an event
like that. Running 10-15 miles a day while working long hours already had
taken its toll on my body. I was thin and toned but at 5'9 and 150 pounds I
felt fatigued and was looking forward to some hamburgers and pizza and some
leisurely runs along the beach and was sure I could get back up to 180
where I felt comfortable. I hadn't even had time to get a hair cut or trim
my beard so I looked a little scraggily but Vanessa was a hair stylist and
I was to meet her at her salon. I always wore my hair long. It was pitch
black, very straight past my shoulders and almost always in a pony tail. I
was just looking forward to relaxing with her on the beach with no
deadlines or training knew it would recharge me mentally and physically and
just the thought of laying on the beach tanning my ghost white body, with
the exception of a slight farmers tan, was relieving the tension from the
last minute things at the office and the hurried flight. My luggage came
around and I grabbed the bag and headed out the door to get a taxi.
I told the taxi driver to take me straight to the salon since I couldn't
check into the hotel til 2pm. I figured I'd get my hair and beard trimmed
and meet Vanessa in person and see if she was as hot as her pictures. He
dropped off out front and she recognized me the moment I walked through the
door and gave me a big hug. The other girls were watching so she introduced
me to them. "Girls this is Daniel Moore a friend of mine from Chicago."
They all seemed friendly except Margo, a light skinned beautiful black
girl. She had a look of disapproval on her face. Vanessa looked at me and
whispered that she was taking the afternoon off and we could get a quick
lunch and then go back to her place and get better aquainted as she smiled
very seductively at me. I asked about my hair cut and she said she would do
it at her house. If she did in the shop she would have to charge me. She
told them she was leaving and Margo said she wanted to talk before she
left. Vanessa said for me to wait a minute and walked over to Margo and
they had a heated argument but not like enemies but like sisters. When it
was over she waked away as Margo said "Be careful." with a look of
concern. I asked what that was all about and she told me that Margo was
worried that my ex boyfriend would make trouble for us but she told me that
it was over. I said "Are you sure its over because I don't mess around with
another mans girl. It's not my style." She just smiled and said lets go
honey. What she didn't tell me was that her ex was Tony Coppelli,
aka. "Tony the terrible." Top man in Miamis version of the Italian
mafia. We went and got a couple of chicken wraps with sweet tea and flirted
during lunch. She took of her sandal and ran her bare foot up the inside of
my leg while she told me how horny she had been lately especially because
of our erotic chatting on-line. We fished our wraps and we walked arm in
arm back to her place. I was glad it wasn't far because I was still
carrying my luggage. She had thrown my travel on over her shoulder which
made it a little easier for me. I asked to go to my hotel on the beach but
she insisted we go to her place and explain she had a sexy outfit she
wanted to wear for me and her scissors and other hair stuff was there
too. It was all part of the plan anyway. Then she could pick up some
clothes after we got naked and take them to the hotel later for some fun in
the sun.
We got to her condo and as soon as we got in the door I set my luggage
down and she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long luscious
kiss. She pulled away and pointed to the bar and told me mix us a couple
drinks and get comfortable and she was going to freshen up and would be
back shortly. I smiled and said OK as I watched cute ass wiggled into the
other room. I made a couple of Rum and cokes, took my shirt and shoes off
and look around her condo. It was tastefully done with animal prints and
modern art. The kitchen was beautiful with marble counters, sub zero
appliances and an island in the middle with a sink and cutting board. The
balcony over looked the pool and an ocean view in the background. She was
doing pretty good for herself being a hair stylist. She had to be
moonlighting stripping or something to have such a nice place.
She came out in a light blue teddy with black lace. A touch of lip gloss
and some perfume and she looked and smelled lovely. She came over and took
the drink from my hand and leaned up and kissed me. She grabbed my hand and
led me into her bedroom. We set our drinks down and started kissing
passionately. I was running my hands all over her back and ass as she ran
her fingers through my hairy chest. I let my hands come up around her as
and up her sides until I reached her breasts. I massaged her breasts as she
moaned and unbuckled my belt. I let my lips run down her cheek to her neck
and kissed and nibble on her neck as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled
down my zipper. I worked my way down to her breasts kissing her all the way
and found one of her nipples through the lace fabric and sucked on it. Her
hands had reached into my pants and were inside my boxers caressing my
hairy ass. She let one hand wander around to the front and grabbed my rock
hard cock and started stroking it as she took one of my nipple in her teeth
and nibbled really turning me on. In one motion she slid my pants and
boxers down t my ankles and grabbed me by my cock and led me to hear bed. I
stepped out my pants and willingly followed her as she sat down on the
bed. She pulled me in front of her with my cock just inches from her lips
and leaned forward and kissed the head. She started to lick the shaft and
suck on my balls and it felt great. Then she put her lips on the head of my
cock and slowly parted her lips and slid down on my cock. She took it all
the way in and held it there and moved her mouth and tongue around slowly
massaging my cock. She slid out to the head again and started bobbing up
and down on it and I was so hot for her. She had 1 hand on my ass and the
other was between her legs. We were both moaning and very turned on. She
slowly sld her lips off my cock kissing the head and laid back on the bed
pulling me on top of her. She spread her legs and told me to eat her pussy
which I was more than happy to do. I went down between her legs and spread
them wider for easier access. Her pussy smelled sweet in a musky way and I
ran my tongue along the left side and then the right side and she moaned
softly. I put my tongue inside her and darted it in and out and she start
to squirm. I was just teasing her, purposely staying away from her clit and
she must have sensed that because she grabbed my head and held me tight
against her and began to grind her pussy on my face. I stuck my tongue out
and found her click. Every time she would slid up or down, side to side my
tongue brushed over her clit and she loved it. She was bucking wildly and
I could tell she was close to cumming. She stiffened up and let go of my
head as her orgasm began so I found her clit and rubbed licked up and down
on it roughly which just intensified her orgasm. She was shaking and her
moans turned into whimpers so I slowed down licking her clit softly
bringing her down passionately. She exhaled deeply and pulled on top of her
and kissed me long and slow on the lips. She smiled at me and said "Ummm,
I taste good." I said "You certainly do." Her face got serious and she said
"I want you inside me." I just smiled at her and positioned myself so my
cock was at the opening to her pussy but I just rubbed my cock on the outer
lips brushing her clit with each stroke. She was going crazy begging me to
fuck her. I reached back and grabbed her ankles and put them over my
shoulders and slowly began to enter her. My cock was rock hard with desire
to fuck her hard but I thought it would be more fun for her to start out
slow and passionate so I took my time getting all the way inside her. When
I was all the way in I stay there and just wiggled my hips a little and she
said softly "Oh yeaaaah." I began to pull out and came all the way out til
only the head was in and pushed slowly back in. She moaned loudly and I
started working in and out a little faster and harder and she was bucking
her hips meeting my thrusts and saying "Oh yes baby, Fuck me Fuck me hard."
I picked up the pace and drove myself into her roughly as let low screams
each time I hit bottom. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and could tell
she was close to cumming again so I bent her legs back with her ankles
behind her ears and started fucking her with hard long fast strokes and
that sent her over the edge. Her pussy contracted around my cock and that
was all it took for me. I thrust all the way in her and exploded inside
her. She was screaming loudly in ecstacy as my cock throbbed with each load
that shot into her. She started coming down with her shakes and shutters
getting smaller and her screams turned into whimpers. She laid there with
her eyes closed as I collapsed on top of her. Her eyes were closed and she
wrapped arms around me and I found her lips with mine and kissed her deeply
as she sucked on my tongue. She said "That was great" as she opened her
eyes and then a look of fear came over her face and she screamed. I turned
quickly to see Tony the terrible, Margo and 2 guys in suits with guns drawn
pointing at us.
We both jumped up and shot back to the headboard. Vanessa grabbed a
pillow to cover herself. I said in a shaky voice because I was scared to
death."What's going on here?" I looked at Tony waiting to respond and
realized why he had the reputation as a bad ass. I had seen pictures of him
on the news but the pictures didn't what a big man he was. He was 6'6 at
least, about 250lbs. Broad shoulders, thick torso, big arms and legs and
muscles on top of muscle not fat that I could see anywhere. He had jet
black collar length hair slicked back, a full mustache and beard but neatly
trimmed and very short like he just started growing it. He had 2 small gold
hoops in his ears and a thick gold chain around his neck that hung down
over one of the hairiest chests I had ever seen. He had on a Hawaiian shirt
on, white docker pants a gold Rolex on his arm and a 9mm with silencer in
his crossed hands. Tony looked at me with black cold eyes and
said. "What's going on here?" "What's going on here is you just got done
fucking my girlfriend in my place and your about to die." Before I could
say anything Vanessa yelled out. "This is not your place. I live here."
"Who paid for it bitch. Whose name is on the deed? So shut the fuck up you
slut." Tony said angrily. Vanessa said "Tony I told you it was over between
us." Vanessa its over when I say its over and guess what ITS OVER!" Then he
raised his pistol and shot her twice in the chest through the pillow. She
reached out with one hand as if pleading with him not to do something that
was already done and then she collapsed against the headboard. I could see
the blood soaking through the pillow. All I could say was "Oh my God. Oh my
God!" Tony looked at me and said you've got 10 seconds to make piece with
God before you meet him." "10" I said almost in tears." Please Mr Coppelli
don't kill me." "9" "I would have never mess with another mans girl," "8"
especially your girl." "7" "Its not my style." "6" I respect
relationships." "5" Then I started to cry and begged him not to kill
me. "4" "Oh God I'm so sorry." "3"as he pointed the gun at me. "2" Then
Margo reached up and pulled his arm down and said "Wait Tony". "Why?" he
said. "Because he's right. He told her in the salon that he didn't want to
be with her if she had a boyfriend. It's not his fault that he's here. It's
hers." "You want me to let him go. I just lost a good piece of ass because
of him." " He's on vacation for a month. Lets take him to Ling and he can
take Vanessa place for a month." I thought to myself that Ling must be the
owner of the salon but how could I take her place as a stylist when I knew
nothing about cutting hair. Tony looked me up and down and a wicked smile
came over him. "I think that might be fun Margo." Tony said the looked at
me and said. "You have 2 choices Daniel. You can die just like Vanessa or
you can become Danielle my new bitch for the next month." I couldn't
believe what he said. "What do you mean new bitch. I not a girl and I'm not
gay."I said. "I'm not gay either but when Ling gets through you'll just as
fine as Vanessa. I'm going to take a piss while you decided" Tony said as
he left the room. " Margo stepped toward me and said "I think you're a
descent guy and this is the only way I could think to save your life." I
can't dress like a woman and make love to a man for a month. I'd rather die
1st." I said. "Then that's what's going to happen as soon as he gets
back. You never took drama in school." "Just play the role of a woman and
live. Don't and die. Its that simple. Besides Ling is a Master at her trade
and will make you look and feel like a woman and some of being a woman I
think you'll enjoy." Tony came back down the hall and brushed past Margo
and put the gun to my forehead and said "Well is it dead Daniel or live
Danielle." " I looked in his eyes and knew there was no choice to make. I
said "Live Danielle." "You better understand that your whole mission in
life for the next month is to make me happy in anyway possible. You will
look Sexy for me, worship me, shower me with affection and submit to me and
anyone else I say without hesitation or you WILL die. Any questions bitch."
"No sir" I said as I tried to figure a way out of this. "Then get
dressed. Margo call Ling and tell her we are on our way over. I thought
about making a run for sometime between here and Lings where I got an
opening. Tony started going through my bag and pulled out my wallet and
address book and other personal affects and set the bag back down. He saw
that I had about $4000.00 in travelers checks and said that would be a down
payment for Ling but I would have to earn a lot more to pay for her
transformation. He looked through the address book and found Mom and Dad,
brothers, friends and other family. He put the book in his back pocket and
walked over to me stuffing the gun in his pants as I slipped on my
shirt. He reached out an gabbed by my upper arms and lifted me off the
ground and held me at eye level and said. "I know you are thinking of ways
to get away which I doubt will happen but if you do. I will call my people
in Chicago and start killing people alphabetically in your address
book. And of course when we find you and we will you die too." "Everything
clear." he said as he set me down. I just sank my head knowing I was
trapped and said. "Yes Sir." "Good. Then lets go." I reached for my bag was
told to leave it here I wouldn't need anything in there any time soon. The
2 goons in suits grabbed me by the arms and escorted me out the door, down
the stairs and into the car. Tony made a call to someone and told them to
get rid of Vanessa's body and clean up the mess. Then he called someone in
Chicago who sounded like family and told him to have a couple of guy
available in case he needed them and that he would be faxing some names and
addresses to him when he got back to the office. I knew then I was Fucked.
It was about a 20 minute ride to Lings in China town and we got there
about 2:30 pm. They pulled up in front of an alteration shop and Tony spoke
up. "Take the stairs to the top and Ling will be waiting for you. Do
exactly as she says or you will regret it dearly." Then he told Margo to
have me at his club at midnight. Margo looked at me and said "Danielle. I
will pick you up at 10pm so we can make a few stops for some drinks so you
can spend a little time as a woman before we meet Tony.""Get your girl on
so to speak." The others just laughed. Then Tony flipped the door to the
car open and said "Now's your chance to run though I wouldn't advise it." I
got out of the car and did the only thing I could do. I went inside and up the stairs.


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