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The Trip

by chase1

The Trip

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From: rgn
To: chase1
Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:22 pm
Subject: The Trip Quote message
Part 1
You wake up to find yourself tied spread eagle to a bed in a dark room with no windows. You are nude except for a pair of vibrating silicone cock rings, one around the base of your cock, and one around your balls. You also feel a vibrating plug in your ass. The temperature is quite comfortable and as you try to ignore the sensations you are experiencing, you look around the room to try and get your bearings. You notice a tiny blinking red light. It's hard to tell in the dark, but you realize it’s a camera.

You try to yell, but find that the louder you try to yell, the more you whisper. You have a growing intensity in your balls. You can feel you're getting close, which is distracting you. "How did I get here? Oh! God!" you think to yourself as you feel the pleasure growing. “Mike, Joe, Tom and I were camping..." You feel so much pressure on your prostate. Your entire genial area feels like it's going to explode. But still the pleasure is growing. "OK, TRY TO THINK!" You say to yourself as you attempt to overcome your growing pleasure. "What was the last thing we did? And why the hell can't I scream for help? What the hell issss..." You explode! All of a sudden, where you are, how you got there, your friends..........none of that matters as you give in to the overwhelming waves of pleasure racking through your body. Only... the vibrations aren't stopping. In fact, you feel the vibrations around your cock, balls, and in your ass growing. And now you feel the butt plug start expanding and contracting in your ass as you hear a pneumatic click on.

Part 2
You feel the plug continue to pulsate inside you as loads of cum run down your cock and onto your belly. You struggle against your restraints and hear the sound of metal clinking. You realize you aren't tied down. Heavy duty leather wrist and ankle cuffs are locked onto you and chained to something. Probably the bed, but it’s too dark to see. You feel alone. But the sensations don't stop. The vibrations are so intense you feel you might cum again. Then, it all stops.

Now that you have a moment of peace, you start to catch your breath and gather your wits. You hear the camera's motors, and see the light move slightly. You try screaming for help again, but the louder you try to yell, the softer your whisper. "Maybe if I whisper", you think to yourself, but that also comes out a whisper. Panic sets in for a moment, and you desperately struggle against your bonds to no avail. "How long have I been here? What happened to the guys? Oh I hope Mike and the guys are ok. God I wish Mike were here."

You and Mike have been together the last 3 years. He's 29 and has shaggy blond hair with lots of highlights from all the time he spends surfing. And, his body reflects his athleticism. He was about 5'11". Not heavily built, but the kind of body that lets you know he can take care of himself. And he took care of you, he was the home maker in the relationship. Often greeting you with a nice long bj after a long day at work, lightly tugging your balls untill they emptied into his eager mouth.

But what happened to him? To you? You hear the sound of footsteps approaching the door, and a beam of light radiates from underneath. Then the lights in your room turn on. They are blindingly bright, like those 500w construction lights. You hear a woman's voice, "Are we having fun yet, toy?" You suddenly feel a sense of being pushed out of control of your body. You still can't see, the light is so painful, but you feel the locks on your wrists and ankles being removed. "This is my chance!" you think to yourself as the last cuff is being removed from your ankle. You attempt to flee, but find you can't move. You feel the cock rings being removed. She rolls you over and pulls the plug out of your ass. You feel two pairs of male hands pulling your legs apart. The woman’s voice instructs, "Do a good job now, we need him cleaned and shaved." You then feel a third guy licking you. Starting from your ass, he moves to your balls and proceeds to lick and slurp every drop of cum off of you. You hear the sound of dripping water, and feel a soft cloth cleaning the rest of your body. The sensations are intoxicating. You can feel your cock starting to swell again, and you move to touch your cock just to be reminded you can’t move! "What the hell is happening to me?" Then you feel something cold and wet on your cock. Very cold. You want to slap it away but can't. Your erection dies down and you feel something hard being put onto your cock and then hear a click. You feel a metal collar being placed around your neck, and hear the click of a lock.

Part 3
The three men start shaving every inch of your body, leaving only the hair on your head and your eyebrows untouched. They sit you up. Your body moves along with them fluidly, not providing the least bit of resistance. They then walk you into another room. This room is the first thing you have really seen. It is lit with black lights, and you can see you are in some kind of bathroom. It has 5 shower heads along the left wall, with a heavy steel ring on either side of each shower head. The only other thing in the room is a toilet in the far right corner.

You look and notice that one of your captors has a glowing residue on his mouth and chin. A handsome man with a shaved head, goatee, and built like a Greek God. The only thing he wore was a black thong.

Part 3.2
The other two men look almost identical to the first. All three men are free of body hair and wearing black thongs. They turn the water on for the first shower head, move you into position underneath it, and proceed to wash you. They use very aromatic oil based soaps, and if it weren't for the extreme nature of your situation you would quite enjoy it.

They dry you off and rub oil all over your body. And they keep rubbing until it soaks in. Now they lead you back into the room you first found yourself in. The lighting has been dimmed and you can see that the room is about 20'x20' with chains hanging down from several points on the ceiling, some of which are attached to pulleys connected to winches on the walls. The walls appear to be made of unpainted gray cinderblocks. The floor is concrete, and the only furniture you see is your bed and a bondage wheel.

The cuffs are placed back on your wrists and ankles. And you are chained to the wall. One of the men put a pair of nipple clamps on you, linked together with a heavy chain. They put a parachute style ball stretcher on you and attached some weights which lightly pull on your balls. As you look down, you see a chastity device has been locked onto you. Your cock immediately begins to swell against its prison. After making sure you aren't going anywhere, one of the men leaves while the other two start stroking and caressing your body, which feels great, but does nothing for your imprisoned cock. You hear footsteps approaching, and the door opens.

You see the woman the voice belongs to. She's tall! About 6'5" with 6" heels on. Her long black hair goes down passed her ass, and her figure reminds you of a super hero. She is wearing a skin tight leather body suit thigh high boots and black leather gloves.

"Oh, that's better. Now you look like a real boy." You feel a shift and realize that you are once again in control of your body. "Let me go!" you manage to squeak out in a desperate voice little more than a whisper. "Where are my friends? What have you done with them? Why are you keeping me here?"

"Relax and quiet down. Just let my voice sooth your mind, let your worries drift away..." You find her voice so comforting that you feel yourself drifting off...

"Bears!" You remember bears had raided your camp.

Part 4
You wake to find yourself chained to the bed in the dark again, only this time the only thing you can feel is your cock struggling against its cage. "Ok, our camp was raided by bears. But then what? Think, you have to get yourself out of here damn it!" You have pieces of your memory coming back, and you remember something you all thought was odd. When you were cleaning up your camp, none of your food was gone. The dinner of hot dogs and beans is the last bit of freedom you can remember. "Damn I miss Mike." You hear footsteps approaching. The blinding lights come on again and the door opens.

"How's my favorite toy doing?" You feel your consciousness being pushed into the passenger seat again. And you hear someone else enter the room. You feel your restraints being removed. “I want a show!” she says. The man in the room positions you onto your hands and knees. Then you feel something pushing against your ass. You figure out from the texture it’s a dildo. You can feel his calves against yours as you feel him push the dildo in deep until his ass is right up against yours. He starts moving back and forth. You realize it is a two headed dildo, which does nothing for your struggling erection. As this goes on you feel a strange sensation in your balls. They begin to feel very heavy, and full. You feel like you're going to cum, and you keep feeling that way. "You're stuck." She says.

Immediately you are back in control of your body, only you are stuck to the ground. As hard as you struggle your hand and knees will not lift up off of the floor. She begins to laugh as she watches you struggle. "Oh what's the matter, can't you cum? Well if you don't like it you can get up." Only it does feel so good and you feel you will cum any second... you do manage to lift one hand for just a moment, but your orgasm feels so close your hand drops back on the floor. "How long can I possibly stay on the edge?" Your balls feel even heavier. Your body starts to tremble, "Oh, I have to cum!" The feeling starts to consume you. You begin to forget where you are, orgasm is all that matters now. Sweet release is just out of reach. The feeling of his ass slamming into yours just keeps adding to your build up. "Why are you doing this? Take this thing off my cock, I need to cum!" You try to scream, but it only comes out in a whisper. "Pleeease, ohhhh shiiit!" You feel some kind of pulling on your balls as they feel heavier yet.

"You're stuck. Ok get up." The guy behind you gets up. "Dim the lights." As you stay there stuck on your hands and knees cock throbbing, your eyes begin to adjust. Your balls feel like they are about to explode. You look toward your crotch and are in shock. You can't even recognize your balls anymore. It looks like a couple of baseballs were shoved into your sack. The skin of your nut sack is now stretched pretty tight over your balls. You look up at her in horror at what has been done to you. "Well don't you like your new big balls, hahahahaha." Her laughing pierces straight through you, as a new feeling of hopeless desperation sinks in.


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