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My Nipples lead me to ectasy

by Charliex

My Nipples lead me to ectasy

I am a gay male who is living in Connecticut. I am not currently in a relationship but I still have my needs and desires.
Hypnosis is something I became interested in when I was searching on the website youtube and for fun entered orgasm to see what the results would be.(I admit when I am horny I search the internet in order to find the best ways to get off) I was pleasantly surprised when I found a bunch on hypnosis files on how to attain a hands free orgasm.
Before then I never achieved orgasm without some kind of manual stimulation.(my favorite toy is my vibrating dildo who I have named Steve. Which is even weirder when someone calls me at the last minute and I tell I already have plans to spend the whole night with Steve. Then they would ask who Steve is and I would say is he's a good friend and he usually very busy but when he calls I drop all my plans and get ready to cum out all night for him)
My favorite file on Youtube was a file on how to achieve multiply orgasms which I would spend an hour listening because I would always rewind and play the part where it tells you orgasm over and over again.
Despite my love for this file I still wasn't achieving what I wanted because I still need some kind of manual stimulation from either my ass and/or my dick.(If anyone cares if you can't tell already I'm definitely a bottom.)
Then I found a site which opened my eyes up to many more possibilities. That site is of course this site Warp My Mind. And with many new avenues to pursue I would like to focus on just one for this story which is my Nipples.
The Nipples were never an area I concentrated on. With my last boyfriend there was little or no nipple play so I never considered it an important area. But when I found all these files on how to to orgasm through nipple play it opened up brand new world.
Starting last week I started playing with my nipples and noticed how hard and erect they would get the more I was aroused. I began playing with my nipples and while they would increase the hardness in my cock I still could never achieve the full orgasm I was seeking. But then I started playing around with some of the files to see if I could finally cum with only nipple play.
I reached my goal yesterday. I was hot and horny and I needed a great release. I kept getting close but always teetered off before climax. To achieve my goal it was a matter of mind and body.
There was one image in my mind I needed to play with. While I was playing with my nips I pictured one of my favorite gay porn stars. I imagined him with his skinny hard body coming in after a workout. I could see him coming in nude with his sweat still falling from his well tanned body.
He asks if he can enter me now and pulls my legs apart and enters me with his huge and tasty dick.
At this point I finally reach climax and keep feeling pleasure with each rub of my nipples.
I'm still erect and covered in my own cum. To clean up I do the best thing and place the fresh cum in my month. With each taste I need more and I climax again to satisfy my new hunger.
I keep going until I pass out and then later wake up covered in my own cum.
I eat as much as I can and do my best the next morning to try to relive the experience.
Have fun and remember don't be afraid to explore your own body.


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