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by kaneda74x


it all started wen i was 13 years old me and my family were in a car crash were i watched my mother, father and 2 sisters die. after tis i was placed in the care of my aunt caren.caren was a secetery of a theripist so obvisuly she immediaty put me in theripy and soon after i was going twice a week.

for nearly a year the sessions were standard and normal until a new therapist started to take my sessions.her name was suzy and she was astoundly beautiful.she was mre of an experimental therapist whoo tried many techniques with me(u see i had become a bit of a delinquint)she triend meditatoin taking self control classes etc. but nothing worked

finaly she tried hypnosis.once again it seemed normal just stuff to help calm my nerves and relax me.untill i started to forget what happened in the sessions and started wanting to come to therpy more of course aunt caren accepted this and soon after i was going betwwen 5 times a week to everyday a week.

then wen i found my normal interests fading and a urge to change my lifestyle i begin to see the theripist at ur home behind carens back which ment she had no idea whats was happening and noway of protecting me from what did,

the home sessions were longer but harder to remember than the normal sessions and after 2 monhs of the double sessions i began to get happyer and got into less and less trouble and before long my hair was growing faster and wen i saw a docter about this he coudnt explain of course there was no real explanation.

then the sessions got even loner and sometimes lasting all night. after 3 years of therpy caren decided it was enough and i staped getting the sessions in the office but i had gotten addicted to seeing suzy and cudnt stay a way from her for more than a day with out losing all focus on every thing soon i was old enough to move out and i got an apartment near suzys house.

soon i spent days at a time with suzy untill i noticed my penis getting smaller wen i got scared and would spend as long as i cud there till i started to fell my apartment was getting smaller. of course with this came an offer to move in with suzy.this was her plan all along.

i would stay in here spare room which seemed so much bigger than my apartment even though it was much smaler i just seemed more comfortable near suzy.she then started to recored sessions for me to listen to wen she was gone. the first file i listened to was a blur but ii could make out some off it it talked about cutting my hair and ignoring all stimilis in my cock.immediaty after i was awocke i found shears on my bedside table a cut my hair to average length.

wen she returned she greeted me with a hello and 3 taps of her feet which had unwillingly at her feet ready to serve she then commanded me to clean the house prepare and serve her dinner and then service her sexually and finaly giving her a full body message. as if i had no control i began to do all these things untill i reliesed i had no penis then for several minutes i stared at suzy blankly and she then said go ahaed start licking i then immediatly went down on her and for nearly an hour i gave her sexual pleasure without anywant for some in return.

the next day was prettymuch the same except she had me do it in a maids uniform.

the next day it was a school girl outfit

(atough she hadnt feminised me in any way i always did my work in girls clothes)

almost a year of this past and then she put in a hypnotic trance were she gave me many suggestions the tranced seemed tolast for days wen i woke up i cudnt remember who i was all i knew was that i had 1 purpose to serve suzy in any way she wanted

after many years of servitude i was 21 and she put me in trance again and placed a new persionality in me and suddenly i was too a hypnotist

too be concluded...


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Very enjoyable read.. thanks.

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