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Elevator Hypnosis

by wrecker001

Elevator hypnosis

"Mr Smith! Please stop the elevator. I am coming."

Rob looked up, seeing Kara running in. His throat suddenly became dry.

Kara was a new hire at the office, and to be polite about it, was one of the hottest woman on the planet. Why she was not modelling somewhere, and instead joining his firm as an intern was beyond him. Well, the fact that she had a great mind, and a strong drive to work may have something to do with that, but still THAT ASS. Their HR department had sent out a strict email about not behaving improperly with the interns on his command, and while the language was usual generic bullshit, everyone knew it was due to her.

She was taking everything with her head down, and not letting the catcalling faze her. He had behaved politely with her, and had hopes that she would be willing to be mentored by him. She hadn't taken advantage of that opportunity till now. Probably the other guys had scared her off


Kara was wearing nice skirt, with a button down shirt and a jacket. Her sexy legs were visible for the world, especially in the long heels. He couldn't help but let his submissive streak go forward when she looked like that. Especially as he was a 5'2'' flabby forty year old man in the company of 6 foot tall amazonian goddess with a perfect figure that was the result of daily exercise. He had heard that she practiced some kind of martial arts daily, and it showed.

He pushed the open button. It was late, and they were the last people in the office. It gave him a small amount of thrill, sharing such a close space with her.

She came in the elevator and he let go of the open button, and pushed for the parking lot. The elevator started moving. He smiled at her and thought of doing a little bit of chit chat to pass the time.

"Everything going good, Kara? No problems in the office."

"Yes Mr. Smith. Everyone is nice and helpful."

"Come on Kara, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Rob. I am not that old.", he said as they laughed. Suddenly, just as she was about to speak, a strong lurch pushed them. The elevator stopped suddenly, and the force made them fumble.

He fell down on the floor, and Kara fell down over him. Her ass plonking over his mouth, as her skirt rode up and he smelt and tasted her panties. It took her a few seconds to get up, while he was suffocated under her pussy. He could inhale her aroma and felt himself going hard.

"What the hell? What happened? I am sorry Rob, for crushing your face.", she said, after making sure that she was alright, she helped him up.

"It was my pleasure Kara", he said, and then immediately realized what he had just said. She just smirked at him, knowing what effect she was having.

"It seems that the elevator had some malfunction. We are stuck here. The call would automatically go the facilities in about an hour or so, as the system checks the status of elevators every hour. We just have to stay here I guess.", he said, after recovering from his previous foot in the mouth. He blamed lack of oxygen for that.

"Well, at least the company is nice.", she said, winking at him.

"Yes it is, Kara. Well, we haven't had a chance to really talk. Let's utilize this break as an opportunity and get to know each other.

They talked for a while, learning about each other as a person. Rob could feel his attraction growing, as he learned more about her. She was smart, ambitious, beautiful and a dominant woman. He was falling in love with her.

"What I would give for a smoke, now.", he sighed. He wanted to be more relaxed with her.

"You smoke?", the disapproval was clear in her voice.

"I have been trying to give up, but I just haven't been able to. I have tried a lot of things, but none of them seem to stick.", he said trying to backtrack.

"Yeah, it is a hard habit to break. Have you tried hypnosis? One of my friend smoked a lot, but hypnosis helped him give it up."

"Not really. I might try that", he said, trying to pacify her.

"We could try it now, if you want. I have been learning hypnosis, and could put you in a trance."

"Um here?"

"Well, this is not the most ideal location, but we have time, so why not? Just lie down and focus on my voice. Relax. You have to follow my instructions and we'll see if you can give up smoking today."

"OK. Might as well.", he said, as he laid down.

She started speaking in a soothing voice, telling him about going into trance. No way was this going to work, but he thought to humor her.

"And you will wake up on five. One, two, three, four, five", he heard the last sentence and wondered, if he had dozed off.

"I don't remember anything?", he said, confused.

"That is common Rob. Don't worry about that. It shows that you were in a trance. Think about a smoke now. Do you have any desire for it?"

"I don't' think so.", he said, still feeling somewhat dozy.

"See it worked."

"Ok, if you say so."

"Cleopatra lick my feet.", the sudden random words from her mouth shocked him, but more shocking was when his body moved down to her feet, and he started licking her perfect toes.

"Wow! It worked.", she squealed

He could only look up into her eyes, as he still had an intense desire to continue to lick her feet.

"You are a dirty old man Mr Smith, aren't you? You told me a lot of stuff when you were in trance. Your desire to be a submissive. How you think of me as a dominatrix for you. Well, I hypnotized you with a trigger word. Anything I and only I say after C L E O P A T R A, you will follow it as an order. This is going to be so much fun."

He shuddered in horror. He had been a submissive in bed for a long time, and had paid pro-dommes periodically to get out of the stress of his job, but he didn't want to be one all the time.

"Cleopatra stop licking. Don't think too much. I think you'll like it. Let's make a deal. The word is only valid till the elevator is fixed. If you want to go back to the way things were, we can do that afterwards. For the next two hours you are my slave. Oh, yeah, the elevator people called, and they were having some difficulties, so they'll not be here for the next two hours. Is that Ok Mr Smith?"

He nodded. Two hours wasn't that bad. It was basically a dominatrix session for free.

"Now I want you to get naked. And do it nice and slow."

He stood there, feeling shame at getting naked in front of her.

"I was worried about this. You need strict instruction to behave in front of your mistress. Cleopatra get naked now.", she said in a commanding tone of voice.

He quickly started removing his clothes, standing naked in front of her. The long workplace hours had taken a toll on his body, and he was not in great shape. His hands were covering his cock, embarrassed that he was hard, and embarrassed that he was small.

"Well, that doesn't look very good, does it. Remove your hand, so I can see whether you'll get to fuck me or not."

He didn't move his hand, still shy.

"Well I thought you will learn by now. Every Time you force me to command you using your trigger word, it will be less fun for you. Cleopatra, remove your hand and slap your face hard. And since you like staying quiet I don't want to hear a peep out of you."

He removed his hands from over his cock, and slapped himself. The voice reverberated in the small elevator, and he could feel the pain and sting on his cheek.

"Well, not much there. I guess you will not be coming today. But hypnosis can fix that. Maybe I’ll make your dick larger. Cleopatra, you will get hornier, but will not come till I give you permission. Now get down and lick my pussy." she said, as she shimmied out of her skirt and put down her panties.

He crawled down on his knees and pushed his tongue outwards, licking her folds. It was completely wet from her juices as she was excited. He could see her clitoris peeking out, and he gave it a few tentative licks. She shuddered, and quickly came all over him, drenching his face with her juices. Her feel wobbled by the force of the orgasm, as she lay down. He still continued licking her, now occupying the space between her spread out legs. Her moans were like music to his years, and he hoped she would give him permission to orgasm. He could feel his balls tightening, and the pleasure was quickly turning into pain, as he started having the most severe case of blue balls.

"Continue licking slave. Please your mistress. Yes, right there. That is your calling in life, becoming my carpet muncher. You should transfer your company to me. Imagine it, I'll be seating in the head office all day, while you'll be under the table licking me, with my feet spread wide open. I'll kick you in the balls, when I am frustrated, and you'll like it. And you'll love it when I fuck you with my strapon. And when I get fucked by a real man, you'll lick all the cum out of my pussy, like the nasty creampie eating deviant you are. Yeah, imagine that as you continue licking me, slave.", she continued humiliating him, as she rode his face for orgasm after orgasm. Her powerful thigh muscles held him down, and her hypnotic power over him ensured that he wouldn't stop his ministrations.

"Cleopatra stop licking.", she said, now completely spent. Her feet felt like they were made of jello. Whatever she could think about him, he was a damn good pussy licker. And he was rich as hell. The scenarios she had humiliated him with were sounding better and better. She regretted giving him the choice. Well, what she gave she could take away. But first she had to take care of immediate problems.

"I need to pee slave. Cleopatra Open your mouth and drink it up. I don't want any of it on the floor. ", she said, and could feel his mouth puckering up around her piss slit.

"That is a nice toilet slave. Nice and warm. Should I use the regular toilet when you are here? No, right? Well, I am glad you agree.", saying she let loose. Her warm piss roared out directly into his mouth. She could see his cheeks bulging outward, as he struggled to drink up all of it. She controlled the flow a little, letting him guzzle down everything in his mouth before starting again. That went on for a a minute or so, till the last few drops of piss sputtered out of her.

"That might have been the best piss I had taken in my life! Thank you! Now Mr Smith, we have around forty minutes left, and I frankly am tuckered out. I could ask you to lick my ass, or clean my feet, but I am just not in the mood. And I am having second thoughts about letting you go, so I'll give you two choices. Cleopatra, start jacking off while admiring my body. If you cum, you will be my slave forever. Otherwise, I'll let you go."

Saying this, she looked down and started unbuttoning her shirt, to make it harder for him to not cum, when the first spurt hit her. She looked up shocked to see cum spewing out of his cock, as if he had no care in the world. Did he want this too? She smiled

"Well Rob, I think this will be a beautiful relationship"


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