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From Straight to Gay to Prostitute

by Bellman4642

Chapter 1

This story is fantasy, but some of the events are from my real life including becoming gay by listening to CFG. This is my first story ever so I hope you enjoy.

For the first 35 years of my life I was a hetero sexual male. Eat, drink, and breath women. Lost my virginity at 15 to an 19 year old and since them having sex with women was never really an issue. I never really had a serious relationship. It was more important to hang out with my buddies, party, then pick up a random drunk chick and fuck her or get a blow job then move on. In college I met someone that became a very good friend of mine. Her and I had so much in common and loved many of the same things. Never slept with her in college. We lost contact after graduation and ran into each other five years later. After some deep conversations we started dating and eventually got married. We never had kids as we both were very career driven. We both made a lot of money and for some reason kept everything separate financially. After a few years our marriage became stagnant. She traveled a lot for her job and we may have seen each other twice a week. It worked for a while, but I I just never got as much sex as I wanted. I did believe in monogamy and never cheated on her with another woman. I masturbated a lot to Playboy TV and internet porn.

As I delved into the porn I would look at different videos and got into different fetishes. Strictly masturbating to videos, pictures, or reading stories. The more I masturbated the more I got into off the wall fetishes. Nothing more stranger to me than hypno fetishes. I was fascinated with fetish and have no idea why. I read story after story and any account I could to learn about peoples experience with it. Some how I saw gay hypnosis fetishes turning straight guys into gay guys. I thought it was impossible for this to happen. I read other peoples stories of how watching or listening to videos and files changed their sexual orientation and thought it was make believe and could never happen to me. I started watching some subliminal videos I thought they were hot as it showed women sucking cocks. I watched a few of them while masturbating. After a couple of days of I was watching porn online and caught myself looking at the guys cock more so then the women. This turned out to be the turning point in my life. I started watching more gay hypnosis subliminal videos. Became increasingly more turned on by men. But still enjoyed women. Figured this was just a phase to get excited to masturbate. After a few months of this I decided to increase my exposure and started listening to self hypnosis files with the intent turning one gay. I figured this would never happening to me. I was a straight guy who banged chicks. I knew i was pushing the envelope, but the high I felt from masturbating was euphoric.

After a couple of weeks of listening to a variety of files I came across a file called "Cursed Forced Gay". I read the description and was hooked. But, I was concerned about the repercussions. I decided to wait before purchasing and searched for more information. I read many accounts by various people of how they were affected and in some case changed. Thinking about this file made my cock incredibly hard and it was all I could think about. I read the warnings and still listened.

My wife was traveling for work and was going to be gone for 7 days. I have a home office so I had the condo to myself and decieded that I was going to listen to the file as an experiment, mostly because my cock throbbed when thinking about it. I lied down in a dark quiet room and bought the file, downloaded it, and listen to it. All I remember after listening to it was feeling refreshed and feeling like I lost about an half hour somewhere. I did not feel different. Decided to get up and do some work. Later that night as I was getting ready to sleep I felt compelled to listen to the file again. This time upon completion I decided to masturbate, but chose gay porn online. This was a first. I always watched M/F porn. I was really into the gay porn and thought nothing abut it. I woke up about 4 hours later and just decided to listen to CFG again. Followed that up with masturbating to gay porn. The next day I did the same thing listened three times to CFG and masturbated to gay porn. The strange thing for me was that this seemed natural. I continued to do this even when my wife was in town. I started scheduling my travel opposite of her and would continue this regiment while traveling. I started placing ads on Craigslist in the city I was traveling to. I did not hook up, but just wanted to see what was out there. After doing this for a month I had zero desires to ever be with a women. I always thought these feelings of being gay would go away. They never did.

Fast forward a couple of months later. I was on a business trip and was drunk. I went back to my room and told myself if I was gay i had to suck a cock. If I did not like it then I would stop listening to the file and everything would go back to normal. I placed an ad and strangely a found someone to hook up with and he happened to be at the same hotel. After trading a couple of texts we met at the hotel bar. After a couple of more drinks I went back to his room and gave my first blow job. I am sure it was terrible, but I loved it. I was not planning on swallowing his load, but I did and it was addicting. I went back to my room and listened to CFG again.

After a few more random hook ups on the road I knew that I was never going back to being a straight male again. After a few months of doing this I decided to break it to my wife. I think she knew our marriage was over and we were both okay for it. I debated if I should tell her the reason why I wanted out. I figured she would find out so I told her. Packed up my things and moved into a hotel.

That night I decided that I was going to change. I was gay and was going to let everyone know it. I decided to change my appearance. I pierced my ear, shaved my head ( and what was left of my hair) and decided to grow a beard. I got a couple of tattoos and was ready to suck as much cock as possible.

I continued to hook up with guys that I met from Craigslist. I tried to hook up every night. No matter what city I was in. I was going to catch up on what I was missing...cock. I was in Las Vegas for a week for business and pleasure. I figured I could hook up with 2 or 3 guys a day there if I wanted. And I did on the first day. All were visitors to sin city. On my second to night I answered an ad on CL and it turned out to be a local. He told me he was into bondage and asked if I was interested in trying. I said heck I was in Vegas why not. I took a cab to a bar near his house. Figured a public place was good. The person who showed up was unbelievable. Muscular, good looking and sexy. No matter what he said i was in. We talked and had a couple of drinks. We eventually went back to his house so I could see his "dungeon". I looked at it and was kind of freaked out. I more or less chickened out and told him that I would call a cab and leave. He was alright with it. Went upstairs had a couple of drinks and talked. I delayed calling the cab, because I was hoping I could at least blow him before I left. After two drinks I felt incredibly drunk, but did not drink that much. I can hold my liquor. The next thing I remember was waking up naked, strapped the wall, and with a ball gag in my mouth. My ass hurt like never before and I could feel dried cum on my face and chest.

For a while I drifted in and out of sleep finally waking up for good. I knew it was daytime, but had no idea what time it was. I tried to release myself, but could not. Brian the guy I wanted to blow came into the room in the basement where i guess I was being held captive? He removed my ball gag and I asked what happened. He showed me a video on his phone of me tied up in some sort of harness with my ass elevated in the air. I do not remember this happening. Brian explained that he put a roofie in my drink. at this point I asked to be removed from the restraints. I was not as Brian explained I needed to see the rest of video first. The video showed Brian fucking me hard. I looked like I really enjoyed it and told him I was pissed, but just wanted to get out of there and go back to my hotel. He said there was more. As the video went on it showed me taking some sort of pill. I did not take drugs and was concerned about it. I was getting pissed and could not get out of my restraints. I asked what the pill was and he said a "molly". I had no idea what that was. As the video continued it show me being fucked by two other men and sucking both of their cocks. I did not remember any of this. My head was pounding and I just wanted to get out of there and play the game of whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I told Brian I was not going to call the police or anything and just wanted to leave. He said he had one more video to show me. It showed these two guys paying him for fucking me. Now I was a prostitute? What the fuck?!?!

Brian would still not release me from the restraints. I told him I would sign anything about not calling the police and I would never tell another soul about this night. I just wanted to forget what I saw. Brian refused to let me go. He tried to give me another pill, which I assumed was another molly. I spit it back at him and he hit me. Beat me up pretty good until I swallowed the pill. I was high as a kite on the molly and was wide a wake for a day. Eventually Brian released me from my restraints, but put a collar around my neck with a chain so I could use a bathroom. Every other day Brian made me take a molly until I was hooked. I would do anything for the pill. Brian told me the pill costs money and I had to earn it. I told him I had money, more than enough to buy thousands of pills. Brian asked where it was as I did not have any money left n my wallet. He told me I had to earn the money by having sex with men for money in his dungeon. I had no choice. I needed the drug. I agreed to this and was forced to sign a contract admitting what I had become and I did not hold Brian liable and was willing to have sex for money. I could not report it to the police I guess, because i would be as guilty as him and i did not want this on my record.

Every day was the same. I would be fucked and suck cocks multiple times a day. Mostly from travelers to the city and mostly from out of the country. I would get my mollys and was happy. Brian collected his money and was happy.

After about two or three months of doing this, I had lost track of time, Brian did not lock my collar and when he left I was able to escape. Eventually I was able to get back home and went to rehab. I cleaned up and am back working. My life seems normal again. I think about where I was and where I am now and wow what a strange trip it has been.


Prostitute wanna-be - sissmaidsara

I\'d seriously love to give prostitution a go! I love to dress really slutty anyway and as for flirting, I can\'t seem to control my flirting at any given time. So, pleasing guys as I do anyway as a sissy slut I think I might as well get paid for it. \r\n

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