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Wagging Tails over Winter Break Part 2

by Windrammer

Chapter 1

As he walked the frosted sidewalk, Greg took note of how nice the weather had been this December: it had been so warm out that he didn’t even need his jacket—hell, if it was any warmer he’d be wearing a T shirt. Jeff had the right idea, wearing just a form-fitting turtleneck and jeans, and Greg noticed that he seemed in a particular hurry to get to the park. He kept meaning to say something, but honestly he was having a hard time keeping focused on anything at the moment: the world just looked brighter and vibrant than usual, to say nothing of the new smells. After all that time with his nostrils full of the houses omnipresent yet indefinable odor—not that he minded it—each new scent seemed not only stronger, but also more distinct. He kept turning his head to catch the passing scents of flowers, restaurants and Jeff—whoa, where did that come from? Greg tried to put his best friend’s scent out of his mind as they finally rounded the corner to the park, but there was just something distinctive about it.

As he stood, watching the dogs run and play with all that energy and carefree attitude, he tossed the Frisbee to his friend in a lazy arc. Having been captain of the ultimate Frisbee team in high school meant that he could toss the disc in his sleep, and his unoccupied mind soon wandered back the dogs playing in the park. It was crazy; he was a college student with a bright future, a best friend and a decent amount of spending money, yet he didn’t think he’d ever be as happy as the pups he was watching—hell, he doubted anyone would be that happy. As he deftly caught the Frisbee with one hand, he grinned at Jeff and gestured to a Pomeranian running back to its owner with a ball in it’s mouth and tossed the Frisbee back. “Cute.” Jeff shook his head and chuckled “Man, dogs have got it figured out. We’re always thinking about the future or the past, you know? It’s always planning or reminiscing with us, but them? They really spend every second living in the moment.” Greg nodded “Woof. I hear you there; college, internships, resume building—it would be nice to spend more time enjoying the day as it came.” Jeff nodded pensively, before gesturing for his friend to go further down “Right. Go long man!” For the next few minutes they got more of a workout in, Greg having to sprint after the Frisbee when Jeff constantly threw it over his head—not that he seriously minded. It was refreshing and head clearing to just chase the spinning disk, the brisk wind on his face keeping him alert and energized.

In fact, it seemed to be over far too soon when Jeff came jogging over and said they should head back home, but Greg had never been one to argue. Still though after working up a sweat, it was nice to finally take off that jacket once they returned to casa de gnome and that familiar indistinct odor that seemed to overpower ever other smell was welcome after the endless stream of distracting smells. Jeff grinned as he tussled his best friend’s hair—the action not seeming strange at all to Greg. “Well, I’m gonna take a shower dude, anything I can get you beforehand?” “Nah man, I’m good”. Greg decided to return to his room and browse the Internet for a while, but as he closed the door and the collar came back into view, he couldn’t stop staring. It just looked so comfortable, and the scent just felt…right—familiar in a way that didn’t make sense. The stronger scent of the room and collar felt like they were hazing over his mind, and he giggled quietly as he pulled the collar off the wall and undid it. As he fastened the red leather around his throat, some tiny part of him groggily seemed to note that it was suspiciously perfect fit for him. The rest of him however, was too caught up in the moment, in how perfect it felt to have the collar comfortably snug around his neck, how natural and right it felt—how it made his tail wag. A sleepy sort of contentedness and bliss was quickly spreading through his mind and body—he yawned, an unfocused grin plastered across his face—and curled up on the bed, quickly slipping under and drifting off into another joyful doggy dream.

Jeff figured it would be safe to sneak a peek at his friend after he heard the sound of him all but collapsing onto the bed, chuckling softly to himself as he opened the door and saw his friend fast asleep, eyes closed with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. His limbs even twitched like he was running in his sleep—he was already slipping into his new role perfectly. Jeff strolled down to the living room—taking his time as he put on the subliminal recordings again before heading back up to see his sleeping friend. He climbed onto the bed with him, letting his fingers rest on his future pet’s head. “Hey there Greg,” he whispered “how’s my pup doing?” The tiniest, almost imperceptible flicker of resistance appeared in his sleeping friend, his smile becoming smaller as a note of confusion crept into his voice “n-not a pup, am I?” Jeff petted him, watching the broad hazy smile return as he scratched Greg’s head “Well, not yet maybe. But soon you will be, and I know how much you want it” Eyes still shut, Greg could barely find the energy to cock his head “I…do?” More scratchies erased the last not of uncertainly from his future pet as Jeff whispered soothingly “Of course you do! Remember the dog park today? Remember how much more fun those dogs were having? You’d like to have that much fun too, life nothing more than happily spending time with an owner who loves you and will take care of you. You won’t need to plan or worry or even think much—just focus on making your owner as happy as he makes you, spending all day playing or getting obedience training.” Greg’s smile got wider as his future became clear, wagging his rear eagerly as his owner continued “Seeing me happy makes you so proud doesn’t it boy?” His pet nodded sleepily “That’s because you’re such a good boy, who loves to obey, loves seeing his owner smile. You love it because your owner is everything to you, he’s so kind and affectionate. Whenever he gives you treats you’re so thankful—and just hearing the phrase ‘good boy’ is enough to make you feel euphoric and blissful.” Already his pet was nuzzling against him sniffing up his new owner’s scent. “And good boys get to cum too, they get the best orgasms because it’s in service of their Master, and you want that don’t you?” Greg nodded again, his cock throbbing though his pants. “Can my pup beg for it?” “Please Master, let your pup cum, le—“ Jeff wagged a finger “Ah ah ah. Pups like you don’t speak, they don’t need to do anything more complex than barking or whining.” Greg whimpered, pulling his hands up in front of him in the classic begging position as his bulging cock strained against his pants. Jeff chuckled, undoing his pants and freeing his cock “There we go! Now my good boy will get to cum when I count to 10. And when I do, he’ll become a happy, horny good pet for the rest of his life. 1, breathe in my scent pup, feel it etching itself forever into your mind. 2, you know you belong here, by my side. You won’t ever want to spend a day without your owner. 3, you can feel the old you, any part of you that won’t help you be a good pet collecting in your balls. 4, you never want to take your collar off, you’re proud of being my pet, and you want the whole world to know. 5, your balls are getting so full of all the unnecessary parts of you, they’re swollen and need release. 6, pets like you don’t decide for themselves, so they have no shame, nothing to stop them from fully enjoying their pleasures 7. You can barely remember a time when you weren’t my pet—when you cum, you won’t remember at all. You will always have belonged to me. 8, You need to cum so badly, but you know that good boys like you can’t cum without their owner’s permission. 9. Feel your balls tense, knowing you’ll cum yourself into submissive bliss in a moment. 10. Cum pet! Good boy~”


Could have been amazing. - blanketcross

This whole story, this universe could be an amazing thing. I feel as if everything happened too fast. If it were stretched out over time and was more gradual, I believe the story could have benefited alot! If it is fine with you, I might try and make a story similar to this but more gradual.\r\n\r\nOverall the idea of this was really good so I give a 4/5!

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