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Less is More

by forecastdown

Less is More

Cody Warner sat down to catch his breath after a long day. He was a brilliant 20 year old engineering major, destined for great things—or so everyone told him. Truth was, however, he didn’t really know what he wanted. He felt aimless, wandering around through life without direction. All his life he’d been the successful one, the popular one, the icon. Though the spotlight was certainly gratifying, it brought with it a great deal of pressure. This is how he ended up in Alex’s “office.”
Alexander Norman was a student himself—an undergrad with a passion for psychology. He loved the subject so much he decided to offer free counseling sessions to anyone who needed someone to talk to. A tall, slender brunette of 19, Alex looked the shy part, but he proved to be more than capable of helping people work through their problems. The secret to his success, however, was the book of incantations he found a few years back. He thought it was nonsense, but once he spent some time deciphering it and testing various spells out, he realized the power he now held. With the right words, Alex could drastically alter anyone he wished—the catch was he needed the consent of the one being changed before the spell would take effect. He typically used the book to help his patients…though sometimes it took all of his willpower to resist trying to enslave the more attractive boys that came his way.
Cody entered Alex’s dorm and found the future doctor waiting for him. “Sorry I’m late,” he said. “Car trouble.”
“No problem—just come on in, have a seat, and we’ll get started.” Cody did as he was told. “Now, Cody…what’s on your mind?”
“Well, lately I’ve just felt so much pressure to succeed… It’s overwhelming. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I want some time to just chill, enjoy life, have a little fun, you know?”
Alex caught himself staring at Cody’s well-toned body just in time. “Erm—yes, yes. I understand. Keep going.”
“Well…what can I do? Sometimes I wish I didn’t have all this responsibility—just have a simple life, you know? I think it’d be way more fun.”
A thought crossed Alex’s mind. He knew he probably shouldn’t, but if it’s what the boy really wanted…
“So you wish you had a simpler life, Cody? Is that really what you want?”
“Yeah… No worries, no problems, no expectations to live up to…just fun, all the time. It’d be easier, I’d enjoy myself more....I really think it’s what I want. But that’s just a dream of mine,” the athletic boy explained.
“Yes, just a dream,” Alex replied, a plan forming in the back of his mind. “You know, Cody, I might be able to help you.”
“Really? Aw, that’d be great! What do I have to do?”
“Well, first you’ll need to relax. Just listen to my words, close your eyes, and relax….”

Cody turned out to be more susceptible than most, and before too long he was under.
“Now Cody… Answer me truthfully: do you want a simpler life?”
“And if I told you I could give you a simpler life, would you allow me to give it to you?”
“Alright, then,” Alex smiled. He'd gotten the green light he needed. He pulled out his book.
A few unintelligible sentences were all that left Alex’s mouth, but the changes were already beginning. Cody’s body began reshaping itself. His muscles, though still noticeable, shrunk, as did most of the rest of his body. He became much slimmer, shorter, and generally younger-looking. In his new body, he’d barely be able to pass as 18. His butt became rounder until it looked like the bubble butt every gay guy wanted, and his asshole grew and adjusted itself to the perfect size for fucking. His member (hard from all the sudden changes) extended until it was a solid 12 inches. Finally, his messy dark brown hair faded out and became wavy, bright and blonde. In mere minutes, Cody had gone from an athletic 20-year old to a slim, adorable, barely legal wet dream perfectly outfitted for gay sex.
“Ohhh…” Cody mumbled in his new, higher-pitched voice. “Whasss happeninn…?”
“We’re not done yet,” Alex responded. “We’ve still got to fix your head up.” He turned a few pages in his book and uttered a few more lines.
As soon as Alex finished, Cody’s head felt funny. His thoughts became even fuzzier than they were in trance as the spell worked its magic. He felt knowledge draining out of him, countless facts, rules, bits of information drifting out of his head forever. His IQ started dropping quickly, going from a commendable 145 to a dull 82. He became gay, extremely horny and subservient to Alex (his now dull mind was filling with thoughts about cocks and getting fucked) and his personality altered to fit the boytoy image he now exemplified. When he opened his eyes, his head was empty and his cock was hard...and he felt great.
“Wow…” said the blonde boy, his eyes glazed over from both lust and his new dumbness. “That was like, totally hot! I’m, like, so lucky to have you, Alex!”
“Heh, happy to be of service!" Looks like engineering might be a little out of his league now, Alex thought. "Speaking of service, how about you come over here and repay the favor I did you…”
“Ooo, that sounds great!” Cody giggled as he slid over in front of Alex and ripped his new boyfriend’s pants off. Taking his dick in his mouth, both Cody and Alex gasped at the pleasure they both felt. After a mind-blowingly good orgasm, Cody swallowed every drop and looked longingly up into his lover’s eyes.
“You taste, like, reeeally good,” Cody said with a smile. He couldn’t remember feeling better than he felt at that moment. Granted, he couldn’t remember much regardless… Anyway, he knew he was in heaven now, and he knew he loved Alex for taking him there. And as Alex looked at the happy, airheaded little boyfriend he’d created, he was sure Cody would enjoy himself more now. So he really was looking out for his patients’ best interests. If that happened to net him a sexy boytoy along the way, well, no complaints from him…


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