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Self-Bondage turns to blackmail

by sissysuckdoll

Part 1 of 1

So i decided that living with my girlfriend didnt give me the freedom i needed to really do what i wanted to do. And that was get totally transformed from a guy into a nasty bondage slut. This required shaving, makeup, slutty clothes, the whole 9 yards. So, under the guise of a business trip. I checked into a fancy hotel for 5 days. I figured that'd give me sufficient time to fulfill my needs that i had been longing for for so long. So while she was at work, i packed a small bag with a couple changes of regular clothes, and packed a much bigger back full of slutty clothes, rope, chains, locks, wigs, gags, basically every manner of bondage toy you could think of that i could play with for the next week. I threw them in my car and left in a flurry of excitement. I got to the hotel at 5 minutes after check-in time. I paid for the room, i was gonna use all the time i had. I ate on my way there so i wouldnt get hungry later. I rushed up to my room and wasted no time in getting started. I didnt want to waste a second.

I had always had a sort of fantasy of getting fucked like a girl. Sucking cock and swallowing cum and getting my ass stretched while tied up and gagged, but i was way to chicken to try it for real so that wasnt the point of the trip. but i could get all dressed and bound up the way i wanted, and im sure all the dildos and toys i brought could substitute for real cocks well enough. Anyway, back to the story. I opened my big bag and laid everything out. I wont list everything because its way too much, but you'll see what i brought as i write. i laid out the first outfit i wanted to wear, but first i had to get ready. So i grabbed my bottle of nair and want to the shower. I spent the next hour nairing my entire body except for my head until i was smooth as silk from head to toe. Then it was time to get dressed and look the way i wanted. First, i grabbed my shoulder length blonde wig and my makeup kit and went the makeup table. It was a fancy one with 3 mirrors so you could see everything. i spent the next 45 minutes or so applying a perfect slutty makeup job. mascara, foundation, eyeliner, bright red lipstick. I put on my wig and admired the slutty girl staring back at me. I was a convincing female! Then it was time to get dressed.

First to go on were my thigh high white stockings with lace at the top. To go with this, was a white thong and garter belt to hold up the stockings. Then, a white lace bra with fake tits. For this first one, i chose my 8" white heels with an ankle strap. I put these on and strutted over to the mirror. My god! I was hot! you could NOT tell i was a guy. I looked like a strikingly hot, young slut, just begging for a cock. I toyed with idea of getting online and trying to find one....but i was too impatient, and scared anyway. Next came the fun part of getting tied up nice and tight!

I chose a balltie to do first. Mainly because its so tight and if you do it right, the feeling of helplessness is unmatched! and thats exactly what i wanted. I set up my release mechanism, which was a pair of time release handcuffs that opened after a certain amount of time. I set the time for 1 hour and set them aside to use later. i knelt down on the carpet and began to tie myself up using the bundles of black bondage rope i had brought. I decided on my harness ballgag with white leather straps and a black ball. My red lips would look delicious wrapped tightly around it! to go with it was my white collar with a ring in front of it and in the back. both of which would be used later. Oh, i almost forgot! I also had a white leather, fur lined blindfold that would go under the gag. I began by tying and cinching rope super tight around my feet, ankles above and below my knees and at my thighs, fusing my legs together. My thigh rope was anchored to a super tight crotch tie and waist wrap. Next i tied loops above and below my tits. Now, time to get into a ball! I tied a rope with a ring device to my ankle tie and tied it to my cuffs and set them aside for now. I sat on my feet so my knees were a couple inches from my chin. I took another piece of rope and looped it through the ring on the front of my collar and cinched it down as tight as i could, anchoring it to my knees and my ankles. Almost done. Taking another piece of rope, i tied it to the ring on the top of my gag and ran it down to my waist ropes and pulled it as tight as i could. This pulled my head back and pulled my crotch rope even tighter. Now i could not move my head or my torso at all! now for the big finish. I reached back and found my leather-bound time cuffs. Left wrist....click. right wrist...click. I was in....but i wasnt done yet. I found the tightening rope for the ring device and began yanking as hard as i could, drawing my hands closer to my ankles until they were pulled so tight i couldnt move my arms at all. This done, i almost immedately lost my balance and fell onto my side on the floor.

My god what a glorious feeling! I was a perfect ball. Completely unable to move a single muscle! I tried to squirm but i had done such a magnificent job of tying myself that i couldnt. All i could do was blink and feel my warm drool dripping out of my gag down my face. mmmmmm i was in heaven. The perefect little bondage slut, tied up, gagged, blindfoled and completely helpless. I was in heaven, writhing in my helplessness, listening to the porno i had put on my computer before i got tied up, wishing i had a thick cock in my mouth right then. In the midst of my fantasy, i didnt know what else was going on.....

*That same time, in the hallway outside the room*

The three black guys were strolling through the hotel when they heard sounds of sex coming from the room and saw that the door was unlocked and cracked. Unable to resist, they slowly pushed open the door, expecting to see a girl getting pounded, but what do they find? What appears to be a hot little white slut, bound up and gagged on the floor! Then, seeing the wallet by the door, one of them grabbed it and was stunned to see a mans face on it!

"damn bro, hes a crossdresser!" He whispered.

"no shit.....damn he looks hot! I'd hit that"

Another one said.

"no shit....memorize his face, i bet hes here alone, we'll hang out at the bar down the street tonight and see if he comes in. Take some pics with your phone with the license in it..."

They snapped a few pics and closed the door. The 'girl' inside seemed completely unaware.

"haha, nice bro. If he comes into the bar tonight, he's gonna take our cocks, or he's gonna get embarrassed to the point where he'll wanna kill himself. haha."

And with that....they walked off.

*back in the room*

My hour was almost up and i wanted out. My legs and arms were falling asleep and the side of my face was covered in drool, but i didnt care. I was still in heaven just knowing how hot i must look all bound and gagged on the floor. Finally the handcuffs unlocked and i was free. It took a few minutes to get feeling in my fingers again, and then i began to untie myself. Once i was free i wanted to come soooo fucking bad. but, i decided that since i was playing the little slut, and i needed to re-do my makeup anyway, that i should get cum on my face. But how to do it....hmmmm.....

I decided not to get fancy with it. so i took off my gag and crawled over to the foot of the bed, and lying on my back, i scooted up against it until my shoulders were on the carpet and my legs were out above me. This put my cock aimed straight at my face. I pulled it out of my thong and began to jerk off furiously, my mouth open wide. It didnt take long, after about only i minute, my cock exploded with the biggest load of cum i had fired in recent memory. I moaned like a whore as my whole face was sprayed with hot, gooey cum. A lot went in my mouth which i spit out and let run down my face, but i could feel gobs of it on my cheeks, chest, forehead....everywhere. God what a great feeling!!! I just laid there for a few minutes and looked at the face i saw in the mirror. It wasnt my face. It was the cum splattered face of a the nasty ghetto bondage slut that i had become for the moment. I moaned like a whore as i rubbed the cum all over my face, smearing my makeup, but i didnt care. I looked at the clock. It was about 3pm and i knew i needed a little bit of time to recharge and think up another good scenario to do, maybe something with the windows open and me tied up on the kitchen counter or something...hmmm....Then i remembered that there was a bar right down the street and decided that a drink sounded really good. So i undressed and put on my normal clothes again, made sure all the makeup was off my face and walked down to the bar which was only about a block away. Not surprisingly, the bar was pretty much empty. Just a female bartender that had to be at least 50, and 3 black guys playing pool in the corner. Other than that, the joint was deserted. I walked up and sat at the bar, ordered a double jack and coke and pretended to watch sportscenter while my mind churned over what i had just done and what i should do when i got back. I had been at the bar for about 2 hours and was on my 5th double jack and coke and was pretty well drunk. But that was all well and good, i loved playing when im fucked up. My biggest dildoes always find their way into my ass and my ropes always seem to be a bit tighter. Anywho, i was finishing up my last drink and paying my tab when the 3 black guys came up and sat on either side of me. They were huge, all of them had to be at least 6'3 and well built and muscular. Me being the 5'6 skinny white kid i was confused and kinda intimitaded. but They didnt say a word, but one of them turned on a digital camera and handed it to me, my face turned from confusion to horror. There i was....in all my glory, tied up and moaning on the floor, with my drivers license in the pic and everything. I looked up at the guy with wide eyes and he just smiled a crooked smile.

"what the fuck.....what do you want?" I asked.

"you. Your gonna go back to your hotel room, get all dressed up, and were gonna use you. Or your pics are gonna be all over the web and the papers tomorrow. got that?"

I just stammered, drunk and confused, but at the same time i was really excited and my dick wasgetting hard at the prospect of having a real cock inside me finally.

"Youre not gonna hurt me are you?" I asked sheepishly.

"No, bitch. Unless a 10" cock inside you hurts...." And he laughed.

"so, unless you wanna be the newest thing on the web, you'll do what we say. So get up, go back to the hotel. We're gonna stay here and get nice and fucked up for the next hour. And when we show up, you had better be all slutted up for us. Got that? Now give me your room key."

I had no choice, i gave it to him and left the bar. But not before ordering two more shots before i left. I got back the room and was drunk and scared, but i was incredibly turned on at the same time, but i knew i had to hurry, so i went right to the mirror, put on my wig and began applying my makeup, doing another perfect, slutty job the same as before. Then i went over and began to get dressed. I decided on the sluttiest outfit i had. If i had to do this, then i was gonna do it the way i had always imagined. So i put on my red thigh high stockings with matching thong and garter and boned corset that i laced up super tight, giving me a sexy hourglass figure. I chose my 7" black platform heels with straps that crisscrossed all the way up my ankles to below my knees. For bondage, i decided to go lightly. I took my black rope and tied a nice tight chest harness but not a crotch rope. I locked my ankles together with leg irons. basically handcuffs for ankles with an 18" hobble chain between them. And i took my regular handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back. I was ready. It had been about an hour or so, so i sat on the bed and awaited my fate.

Sure as hell, they came in about 20 minutes later, completely shitfaced. They took one look at the whore in front of them and immediately began to strip off their clothes. In a few seconds they were all naked in front of me and they laughed when i gasped and my eyes got big looking at what was in front of me. Not only were they in perfect shape, but even in their limp state, each one of thier cocks was at least 8" long. I got down on my knees and crawled over to them. Gingerly, i took a cock in my hand and sank my mouth over the tip, licking it. It had finally happened, i was tied up, shaved and dressed like a nasty white slut, sucking on big black cock. I could feel it begin to tense up and grow as i worked my mouth back and forth over it. In a minute he was totally hard and his cock was at least 10" long and thick too! Just as big as the biggest toy i had. i tried to push it down my throat but gagged and choked before i was halfway down. This just brought laughter from him. While i sucked, the other two guided hand hands to their cocks, which i began to jerk off, getting them hard too. I was soo fucking turned on. I loved the feeling of his hot, meaty cock in my wet mouth. I began sucking and moaning, spitting on it, stopping every now and then to lick his huge balls. Then they bag alternating, grabbing my head so i could suck them too. I just moaned and choked and gagged while i tried to accomodate their huge cocks. After about 15 minutes of heavy sucking, i was wheezing and out of breath, with spit all over my chin and hands from working their cocks. one of them picked me up and threw me on the bed on my back and draped my head over the edge. I had seen enough videos to know what was coming. I was about to have my face fucked. And they werent nice about it either. The other two sat on the bed and kept my hands on their cocks while the other began pile driving my face, ramming his huge cock down my throat, making me gag every time. I could feel the spit run down my face, mixing with my tears from gagging so much. but i was loving it! i looked in the mirror and saw the face of a nasty, ravaged barslut getting her face fucked by huge, drunk nigger. The perfect degredation of the uppity white slut i had become. This continued until each had their share of fucking my mouth. Then the pulled me off and bent me over the bed. One sat in front of me and i began to suck his cock and felt the cool sensation of lube being spread on my asshole. I knew what was coming.

A second later, i felt the warm tip of a cock press up against my backdoor. I relaxed and he forced it in. I screamed at first but the one i was sucking shoved my mouth down on his cock so my scream turned to a loud gagging sound as i coughed and spit on his cock. I just moaned and cried in pain as he forced his huge cock into my ass and began fucking me. But soon it began to feel good and i was screaming like a little whore.

"ohhhh my god! yes daddy fuck my ass! fuck my tight little white ass with your big fucking black cock!"

And he did. Soon he was fucking the shit out of me and i could hear the wet slaps of his thighs against my ass. I alternated sucking off the other two until i felt him slow down and i knew he was about to cum.

"you want that cum you little fuckin' slut? Huh? Tell dadd what you want..."

"ohh yes daddy fill my ass with your hot black cum, god i want it deep! fill me up!" i screamed.

He began pumping faster again and a minute later i felt him tense up and i moaned as i felt a gush of warmth as his cum filled my ass. I began to suck harder and faster on the other two. i wanted more....

"mmmmm yeah....i want you to cum all over my pretty little face. hmm? please? please baby shoot your hot cum all over my slutty little face." I said as i sucked and jerked them off. After a few more minutes of that they pushed me off the bed onto my knees and began jerking off. I opened my mouth and began rubbing their balls.

They both groaned and began shooting their cum on my face. The first shot went into my left eye, and i could feel the rest glazing my entire face. Stream after stream went across my cheeks, forehead, in my mouth, on my nose, everywhere. God it was hot! mmmmm..... After they were done i opened my eye and looked in the mirror again. And i saw her. A ravaged white slut with hot black cum all over her face and leaking out of her ass. They just sat down on the bed, exhausted.

"goddamn, slut. You were fuckin' awesome. Why dont you come up here and cuddle with your new daddies, huh?" He said as they all layed down on the bed, still naked.

So i did. I crawled up in bed with them, heels, shackes and all. They curled up next to me, arms around me and everything, and we all fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later and to my surprise, i wanted cock. They were all aslpee so i figured why not wake them up? So i inched my way down and got on my knees below them and took a cock in my mouth and began sucking.....

Over the next hour, i sucked and fucked them all again. And, once again, they all shot thier loads all over my face and my neck, giving me a nice pearl necklace. Then they got dressed and began to leave. I thought it was over.

"Alright, you done good, girl. so good.....that we changed our mings about giving you the pictures back."

Before i could protest they grabbed me and a roll of duct tape and before i could protest they had my mouth wrapped up, along with my hands and legs. To my horror, they stripped my wig off, revealing who i was, and began snapping pics of me, covered in cum and dressed like i was. I was getting scared now.

"Your our blackmail whore now. I got your address from your license, and wouldnt you know it, but your phone had the addresses of your parents, your sister and your friends in it. If we ever call you and tell you we need our slut, you'll be there, anywhere we say, to do anything we say, or everyone you know is gonna see what you really are. Got that?"


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