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Alpha Male Control

by declanr

Chapter 1

You know why you're here. You have given up. Life has become to hard. Decision after decision after decision. Making choices ins't easy. And you don't want to do it anymore. It makes sense really. Why wouldn't you rather have someone else making the choices- controlling your every will? And who better than a man: a strong, handsome man. You've always had a weakness for the alpha male. You've know deep down inside you were inferior. And now its time to submit. Submit your will. Submit your freedom. Submit your everything. Submit. That word has a nice ring to it... can't you just hear it playing on and on in the inside of your head, sinking deeper and deeper into your subconscious. Submit. Submit to the Alpha Male. Submit. Give him all control. Submit. His bidding is your desire. Submit. You wouldn't be listening still if this wasn't really what you wanted. Submit. You know it's what you were born to do. Submit. Submit to the Alpha Male. Submit.


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