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by azimiut

Chapter 1

It was a cold spring day. I had the day off. I felt i needed to go for a ride through downtown. I put on my riding gear. Tight jersey, my nice cusioned bike shorts. Pair of yoga pants that are galaxy printed. I went to my usual place. The little local coffee shop on the corner. Sat down had my coffee and a muffin. Blueberry of course. I always liked looking at the different shops in town. I never really go into the shops. They are so touristy. I continue riding on down the road and suddenly pithhh. Flat tyre. Normally wouldnt be a problem but i didnt take my bike bag with me. I had no spare. Being a small town I knew there was a bike shop not far, maybe a block or two away. I decided to head over there to get some help. It was a new shop that recently opened and i had not been there yet. I got to the shop and the were just getting ready to open for the day. The shop owner was standing at the door when i had arrived.

"Got a problem i see" he said.

"Yup just happened. Can i get a tube from you?" I replied.

"Sure. Heck ill install it for you since your the first customer of the day. Go ahead look around"


As i walked around the store they had all kinds of cool stuff. In the back they had really interesting riding clothes. I pulled the one item off the shelf to take a look. It was not like anything i had seen before. It wasnt lycra like other stuff. It had a heavier feel to it, but still felt breathable. It was more like a body suit. Top and bottom were one piece. But there was no zipper. I went up to the shop keep who was just finishing with my bike.

"How does one get into this?" I asked

"Oh that? You will need some help with that one. Its made from a special material that is very strechy. But you need to use this lotion when you wear it. Your bike is all finished. I can help you with that if you want to try it on"

It was so interesting i couldnt resist. The one i grabbed was what i thought looked like a tight fit. He said it was way too big for my small frame. He grabbed the size he suggested for me. It looked like it might fit a toddler. He said it streches so...

He gave me the lotion for the suit and i went in the fitting room. It was an ordeal puting this thing on. First the lotion. Very smooth but left an odd sensation on my skin. Then the suit. Trying to get my body through the neck hole was a challenge. Then the arms. That was the hardest part. It finally snapped in place as i got it on all the way.

"Wow this is really tight. I bet it really cuts through the air!" I said.

It was tight. Really tight. It filled every crevice and showed ever bump. I was a bit embarased.

"Well come on out and lets see" said the man

"I like it but i think its a bit too revealing for me. I think im gonna take it off now." I said.

"You can take it off if you think you can, but you try it on you own it."

"Own it? I dont want to buy it i just wanted to try it on. Its too tight anyhow. Im taking it off." I exclaimed.

"Good luck" he said

What did that mean? Its just a suit. A realy tight one. Very tight. Too tight. I tried to pull on the neck and it wouldnt budge. Wouldnt strech. I could feel the suit getting not tight but stiff. It felt like it was getting hard to move. Then i realised it wasnt the suit. It was me. Everywhere i put the lotion my skin was getting tighter. Stiffening.

"What the hell is going on!" I shouted

"No worries. You be ready shortly" he laughed.

"Ready for what?"

"My new window display for my shop"

My hands were getting hard to move. I couldnt open the door. The lotion had gotten to every part of my body but my neck up. I couldnt move. I was stiff and rigid. I wanted to run but i couldnt. Then the door opened.

"Lookes like your just about set. Lets take a feel and see" he smiled.

He touched me. I could feel his hands on my body. It was a strange feeling. It felt like electric shock all over. I could not take it. It made my nipples rise through the tight material. Just the brease from the open window was a rush.

"Well look at that. Somebody likes this. Its a good thing you didnt get any lotion on your face" he said

"No i dont like this!!" I shouted. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Well im going to put you out on display. Your my new mannequin. You will get to wear all my new items for all to see."

"NO never"

"Like you have a choice. You cannot move but i can move you. Into any position i want. Any. And for now i am not going to silence you. It is up to you to be quiet. If you miss behave i will put the lotion on your whole face. Do you understand"

"Yes" i said.

"Just nod. No talking" he said as he put his finger on my lips.

He picked me up and moved me out to the window. He positioned my body in a bent over pose my rear was on display!

"Please not like this" i cried

"Shhhh. You will spend the day here. Just like this. You will know your new position in life. You will have some other positions later this evening too" he said with a smerk.

The day passed. As the afternoon came many people came and went passed the window. I wanted to cry. The sun went down and the doors closed.

The shop owner came up to me.

"You can speak. How was your first day?"

"It was HORRIBLE! I felt so exposed. I felt naked in this skin tight suit."

"Well then lets take it off."

"Dont you dare" i screamed

"Well then stop me haha. Now its time to learn your other positions."

He picked me up and took me into the back room. There was a bed. I knew wat was going to happen. There was nothing i could do to stop it. He layed me out on the bed. He climbed up on the bed. I could feel his weight on top of me. His cock entered me. It was so tight. I tried to resist. But i couldnt. I didnt. I didnt want to. It was different than before. It was 50 times more. He said the lotion makes the body more sensative. I screamed and moaned. My stomach was tight. He put his hands on my breasts. I came over and over.

"This is your new life. How do you like it now?"

I had nothing to say. I was ready for tomorrow. I was his. All his. I was his mannequin by day his doll by night. Once the summer came it was bikinis. Tiny bikinis on display. On me. It was my new life


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