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The Hypnotist | TheUnthinker

by astrangeaddiction


Before we start, this is not my story, I found this story on DeviantArt and didn't see anything about it here, so I decided to share it! I hope you enjoy this story, and come to enjoy this artist as much as I do. ;)



Let us begin.

The Hypnotist | Part 1

Ida didn’t know why she was so mean to her younger sister. Maybe it was partially that Kathy was just a year younger than her in high school, maybe it was that they were the only two kids in their house, but honestly at this point was more out of habit than anything else. She was always looking for ways to make Kathy’s life miserable.Today Ida couldn’t believe her luck. Kathy had made the fatal mistake of leaving her door open and her computer unlocked. And right on her desktop was the mysterious program, SecretFile.hyp.Kathy had spent hours each day working on the file, and Kathy never had worked on any homework assignment for more than fifteen minutes. Ida had to know what was up, and then delete it to teach her sister never to leave her computer open again. “Should be interesting.” Ida said to herself, double clicking SecretFile. A spinning black spiral appeared on the screen. Ida frowned in confusion as she watched it spin around and around and around and around…“Ida!” Kathy’s voice suddenly said and Ida’s hand jerked to close the laptop. She hadn’t expected her sister to be home so soon. “Hi brat.” Ida said, sticking her tongue out at her sister “You left your computer unlocked.”Kathy cringed. Her sister was a merciless jerk to her for no good reason. Kathy wouldn’t put it past her to delete the one thing she had worked on for the last few months.“Did you… ?” She asked“Well I was going to delete your precious file, but after watching the stupid spiral I decided it wasn’t worth it.”“You… wait, which file are you talking about?” “The one that was on your desktop that I’ve seen you working on, SecretFile.hyp.”“And you watched it?”“Yeah I watched that stupid BS.” Ida said, turning around to go “You have a fifteen second garbage program. You have honestly been working on that for the past four months?”“Fifteen sec… Kathy that program is four hours long! What time do you think it is?”“I dunno, one in the afternoon? Listen, I’m meeting my friends at in half an hour so I need to get ready.”“Ida, it’s past five.” Kathy said weakly “You were stuck in a trance all afternoon. Check your phone if you don’t believe me.”“Goodbye!” Ida called as she walked away. She wasn’t falling for some idiot prank like this.“Suck.” Kathy called and before Ida knew what was happening she had dropped her phone and stuck her thumb in her mouth.“Mmrph!” She said in surprise as began to suckle. She tried to pull it out, but her mouth and arm seemed to have a will of their own.“Banana.” Kathy said and suddenly Ida was released. She yanked her thumb out of her mouth forcefully and whirled to face Kathy.“What was that!?!” She demanded“That was one of the trigger words the hypnosis file implanted in your mind.” Kathy groaned “They make you do babyish things without your control or consent. And that was one of the milder ones. You really did listen for four hours.”“Trigger words? Tell me them!” Ida demanded. Kathy looked at the ground.“Well, it wouldn’t be a good idea to list them off in case they all worked. Especially the ones like mess…”Splorch! Ida could only stare straight ahead in shock while her bowels contracted and she made a mess in her jeans.“Ahh!” She yelled, making a break for the bathroom and slamming the door behind her“Wait! Ida! Apple! Apple!” Kathy yelled, trying to give her sister back her potty training, but by the time Ida regained control she had already voided everything she had into her jeans. Kathy could hear the groans of disgust from behind the door as her sister attempted to clean up the mess. Kathy gave her sister a few minutes before calling through the door.“Ida, look, I’m sorry but this is partially your fault too for hypnotizing yourself. I can undo it if…”The door flung open. Ida was fuming, although it was hard to take her seriously with the poop stains on her butt.“You complete jerk! I’ll never forgive you for this! You just wait until I tell mom and dad about this! You…”Kathy sighed and tuned Ida out. She didn’t have time to deal with her sister right now. She needed to work on the program so she could fix the damage. She wished she could just tell her sister what to do.Kathy blinked. She could tell her sister what to do, Ida was hypnotized after all. It would just be for a little while, so it wouldn’t hurt her. No harm, no foul, right?“Hey! Stupid! I said I wanted you to fix this!” Ida practically screamed in Kathy’s ear to bring her out of her thought. Kathy made up her mind.“Mommy.” She said and suddenly Ida’s entire mood changed.“Mommy?” She asked, looking at Kathy meekly. She now had the mindset of a two year old, and she thought Kathy was her ‘mommy.’“Uh, that’s me!” Kathy said. She hadn’t expected the change to be so abrupt. One second her sister was bearing over her, the next she was looking at her with wide eyes.“I’m tired mommy.” Ida said, rubbing her eyes“Yeah, um, hold on a second.” Kathy said, walking quickly back to her room and logging onto her computer. Ida toddled behind in a very toddler-like waddle for a few steps before getting down on her hands and knees and crawling the rest of the way. “Mommy, I went poopy in my pants. Does that mean I have to go back to diapers?” Ida asked from the floor“Um, no honey, uh, accidents happen.” Kathy said, trying to remember how you were supposed to talk to a baby“Thanks mommy. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a baby.” Ida said, curling up on the carpet and closing her eyes.“That’s right, er, you’re a big girl!” Kathy said with all the enthusiasm she could muster. She let out a sigh of relief when the only reply she got was the deep breathing of her sister fast asleep. Moving the mouse across the screen, she clicked on a small button with a Pegasus on it at the bottom of her screen that would connect her to the master that she had learned hypnosis from. They were the only person Kathy could think of that could fix Ida.“Mr. Random Master? Are you there?” Kathy asked keeping her fingers crossed that she would get a response“Hello again Kathy.” The Random Master’s voice said. Kathy never saw her master’s face, she only heard a strange computer edited voice that she couldn’t identify as male or female. The only other thing she knew about her master was that they were a fan of My Little Pony because their avatar was a little purple Pegasus. Still, Ran Dom Master had earned her complete trust after months of talking with them. She knew she could be intimate with them.“Master, my sister saw my program, you know the baby hypnosis one I’ve been working on? She hypnotized herself accidentally.”“What is she doing now?” The Random Master asked “She’s sleeping on my floor right now. I regressed her to a two year old so I could she would listen to me until I could fix the damage.”“Good idea. We wouldn’t want her telling on you. Hypnosis is one of those… unsavory hobbies that you need to break to your family slowly.”“But I need you to help me, master. How am I going to fix this?”“Hmm, well, undoing hypnosis is much more advanced than your skill level. I’d say you have another two months at least before you’ll be able to do it.”“Two months!?!” Kathy gasped “I need her back to normal before my parents get home at six!”“No you don’t.” The Random Master said “You just need her acting normal. I can teach you a very simple technique that will hypnotize your sister be completely obedient to you. Once that has happened, you will be able to tell her to act completely normal except when you and you alone say her trigger words. She won’t even be able to remember she’s hypnotized except when she’s carrying out your orders.”“But I don’t have four hours!”“You only need four hours to hypnotize someone when you’re implanting hundreds of different trigger words in their mind. A simple obedience file takes a few minutes at most. Not to mention that as you get better at this, the time it will take to hypnotize someone goes down drastically. I could have hypnotized your sister in just five minutes.” “Great! Show me!” Kathy said “One more thing before that.” The Random Master said “You’re going to want to buy some packages of adult diapers.”“For Ida?” Kathy asked “But I thought you said that hypnotizing her again would fix the problem.”“It will. But now that she is already hypnotized, she makes the perfect practice subject. It’s time you started actually using the hypnosis files you make on other people. Not to mention you’re always going on about how mean she is. Perhaps you would enjoy putting her in diapers occasionally for fun.”“I guess that makes sense…” Kathy said

The Hypnotist | Part 2

When Kathy’s parents came home at six, Ida was sitting in her room studying and Kathy was watching TV in her room. With the Random Master’s help, Kathy had hypnotized her sister into complete obedience in just a few minutes. After being ordered to clean up all evidence of her little ‘accident,’ Ida forgot about the entire incident completely and went back to being her snotty self. That was, until the next night when Kathy went into her sister’s room and ordered Ida to write a paper for her so she could practice hypnosis.Kathy got the diapers as the Random Master recommended. She discovered pretty early on that Ida wasn’t always completely potty trained when she was carrying out orders, so the beginning of every hypnosis session was ordering her sister to put on a diaper. It wasn’t just that though. The Random Master was right, Kathy did like hypnotizing her sister more and more with each passing day. She began to order her sister to use her diaper, just for fun like the Random Master had predicted. Every day she looked forward to making her sister go from Miss Prissy to Miss Poopy. That continued for about four months until one day when things went wrong.“Hiya sis!” Kathy said, barging into her sisters room without knocking just to annoy her“What do you want you brat?” Ida scowled “And it had better be good.”“I just wanted to give you a diaper check.” Kathy said smugly. The effect was instantaneous. Ida’s thumb went straight to her mouth and she got down on her knees.“Yes mommy.” Ida said. Kathy smirked as she walked over to her sister and pulled down Ida’s jeans to reveal the adult diaper she was wearing. She’d made several adjustments to Ida’s hypnosis in the past few months, her best idea yet had been to make her sister wear diapers all the time. Even Ida didn’t realize her change in undergarments, every morning she pulled on a fresh diaper thinking that it was just a regular pair of panties. But all it took was one trigger word for her to remember what she was wearing, and why she was wearing it.“Oh, look at this, you’re wet!” Kathy said, pulling back the front of her sister’s diaper“No I’m not.” Ida said, confused“Are you sure about that, oopsie-daisy?” Kathy askedHiss! Ida’s bladder relaxed and the look on her face of surprise was priceless as she felt warmth spread across her crotch.“Um, actually mommy I just went…” Ida said shyly around her thumb“I know.” Kathy smirked, trying to keep from laughing “That’s why you wear diapers after all.”“But I can still hold my poopies!” Ida said, trying to save face“Really? Mess.”Faart! Ida blushed red as she felt something warm and mushy fill the seat of her diaper.“S-sorry mommy.” She sniffled“Tsk, tsk.” Kathy said, waggling a finger “Maybe you should just go back to being a baby.”“No! Mommy, I’m sorry! Please! I don’t wanna be a baby!” Ida cried, pounding the ground with her hands in protestKathy giggled “Baby bottle.”“Gaa?” Ida suddenly asked, confused why she didn’t want to be a baby when she was obviously a baby.Kathy switched off between using ‘mommy’ to regress her sister to a toddler and ‘baby bottle’ which turned Ida into a complete baby. She needed to mix things up a little bit to keep things interesting.“Aww, look at you.” Kathy grinned, looking down on her sister “You’re so cute when you go oopsie in your diapey.”“Blah goo.” Ida cooed back“No, I’m not going to change your diaper.” Kathy said “I think it’s much more fitting for someone with your maturity level to be wearing a poopy diaper, don’t you?”“Goo goo ga.”“I’m glad we agree, little diaper baby Ida.”Kathy left her sister drooling on the floor while she went to set up her latest hypnosis file to use on her sister. This was a special one that would make Ida think and feel like she had had an accident when she really hadn’t. Kathy looked forward to using it, the only thing she really disliked about regressing her sister was that she always had to put up with the ripe smell of Ida’s freshly messed diapers. “Ida! Big girl! I command you to come in here!” Kathy called once she had finished it. Ida walked in obediently, her full diaper squishing between her legs.“Won’t have to deal with that if I don’t want to after today.” Kathy muttered to herself, holding her nose “Ida, I command you to look at the screen.”“Yes master.” Ida said and Kathy double clicked on the program to run it. She was careful not to look at the screen herself, she had once made that mistake and come out of a trance fifteen minutes later with wet pants and drool all down her shirt. Three minutes later, there was a ding from the computer to signal the hypnosis was done and it was safe to look again. Kathy closed the program, but Ida kept staring at the screen.“And now I don’t need to make you poop your cute little diapered butt during our sessions to humiliate you.” Kathy said in satisfaction “Don’t worry though, you’ll be messing plenty more diapers for me. It’s only when I don’t feel like smelling you that I’ll use it. Now, let’s test it out. Uh-oh.”Ida kept staring straight at the screen without any indication that she had heard anything.“Ahem, uh-oh.” Kathy said again, wondering if she had the right trigger wordDrool began running from Ida’s mouth down her shirt. Slowly she sank to her hands and knees and began sucking her thumb. She looked up at Kathy, who frowned. This was definitely not supposed to happen. She hadn’t said any trigger words that made Ida regress.“Ida? Snap out of it!” Kathy said as Ida drooled blankly. Kathy’s heart began to race. She had heard of something called a mindbreak before from the Random Master when she was learning the basics of hypnosis. It happened when someone’s mind was hypnotized in the wrong way, the brain became so confused with commands that it brain reset itself, basically turning the subject into a baby. It didn’t even occur to Kathy that it could happen to Ida, this was bad, she would get sent to jail and…Wait, no she wouldn’t. She was a hypnotist after all. Just a little program was all it would take to make her mom and dad obey some commands. They could tell everyone that Ida was sick in bed, it would work. Unfortunately for Kathy, she was too focused on Ida to realize it was six o’clock or hear her mom come home from work.“Kathy? Do you know where Ida is?” Kathy’s mom asked, poking her head into her daughter’s room. Her jaw dropped. Kathy winced and Ida sat back in her full diaper and looked up at them with wide, curious eyes.“Honey, what is this!?!” Kathy’s mom asked, horrified “What happened to your sister?”“Just look at the computer screen mom, it’ll explain everything.” Kathy said, quickly double clicking on a random hypnosis file and hoping for the best“Young lady, I think you have some serious… oh now that is interesting…” Kathy’s mom made the mistake of letting her eyes wander to the computer screen and instantly she was hooked on the spinning spiral. Kathy let out a sigh of relief and slumped back in her chair as her mom fell into a trance. She sat there, breathing heavily in shock, not believing her luck. It wasn’t until she heard a splash on the floor that she realized that her mom was watching the hypnosis file that had mindbroken Ida.“No!” She yelled, jumping up and jabbing the power button on her computer, but it was far too late for her mom. Pee dribbled freely from her mom’s nice suit pants and spit drooled from her mouth, forming a puddle at her feet. “Mom! Dang it!” Kathy swore as her mom looked up at her with the same blank stare Ida had. “Abbaphooo.” Her mom babbled, spitting all over herself. Kathy cringed as she watched her mom squat and relieve herself in her pants. Without even thinking, she turned her computer back on and clicked on the purple Pegasus button.“Is there a problem? This is an unusual time to call me.” The Random Master’s voice asked“I’m sorry master, it’s just… I… you see…”“Whoa, whoa, slow down there. Tell me what happened.” The Random Master said calmlyKathy quickly explained what had happened to her mom and Ida.“…and now my mom is sitting on my floor and she messed just herself! I’m going to get in so much trouble!” Kathy finished“What are you so worried about?” The Random Master asked “In her current state, the only thing she’ll get angry at you for is not changing her diaper in time.”“But there are other people too!” Kathy said “Someone might come looking…”“Hypnotize them too.” The Random Master said “Make them all obey you. Eventually, you’ll have enough people on your side that people will stop questioning you.”Kathy paused “Will that work?” Just her parents and Ida was one thing, but everyone?“Of course it will. You have more power than you could possibly imagine as a hypnotist. All it takes is a simple obedience file on each one.”Kathy breathed. Her master was right! Why hadn’t she thought of it before herself? She should have hypnotized her parents into obedience months ago so something like this wouldn’t happen. Well, this was a messy, no pun intended, way of doing it, but better late than never. “Thanks master!” She said just before the doorbell rang“Was that your doorbell?” The Random Master asked“Yes.”“Then your first subject has arrived.”“Understood master.” Kathy said before closing the connection and running to the door. She opened it to Naomi, one of her best friends. “Hi Naomi.” Kathy said “Hey Kathy.” Naomi said “Are you ready to work on the math homework?”The math homework! Kathy had completely forgotten she had invited Naomi over to her house. She had thought that she would be long done with any hypnosis by six thirty. It would look suspicious if Kathy told her to leave without any good reason, and the last thing she wanted was to attract attention. That left just the one option. Kathy didn’t really want to hypnotize her, being friends and all, but she had to do it.“Come up to my room.”“Oh my gosh!” Naomi shrieked a minute later as Kathy opened the door to her room “K-Kathy what’s going on here?”“Just look at the spinning circle.” Kathy said, double clicking the basic obedience file on her computer. The tension in Naomi’s body vanished.“Ugh…” She muttered. A dark spot appeared on her crotch. “I guess Ida isn’t the only one who loses potty training when she’s being hypnotized.” Kathy muttered, pulling out another diaper. She had kept a good sized stash for Ida for the last few months. She guessed they’d probably fit her mom and Naomi just fine, all three were about the same size.“Put this on before you make a bigger mess.” Kathy ordered once she heard the ding, handing Naomi the diaper “My mom needs diapers too. Put one on her and after that clean up the mess.”“Yes master.” Naomi bowed. Suddenly, as Naomi obediently pulled the diaper on, Kathy realized that the situation wasn’t bothering her. She didn’t mind, no that wasn’t right, she loved the power she had over people. Ordering Naomi around was fun!“And you know what? I don’t want you to go potty anywhere but your diaper from now on.” Kathy added and watched her former friend’s diaper droop. Kathy grinned from ear to ear. She didn’t know why, but this was so fun! But she needed more! It wasn’t enough just to have her mom and sister as babies and Naomi as her own personal slave. She needed lots and lots more mindless hypnotized drones before she would be satisfied. She’d make them all wear diapers, and if they didn’t do a perfect job she’d mindbreak them in an instant and turn them into little diaper babies. Even if they did do a perfect job, she’d mindbreak some of them anyways, just to show them who was in charge. “Hee hee…” She snickered. Right on cue, she heard the front door open again and didn’t think twice before grabbing a laptop with the hypno files on it and running downstairs.“Hi dad!”“Hi Kathy, um, where are your mom and sister? Is something wrong?” Her dad asked, looking around confused“Well, Mom and Ida are just happy in their diapers but I think you should change them before they get diaper rash.” Kathy said“What?” Her dad asked as Kathy shoved the laptop screen in his face.“Let me rephrase that.” Kathy said “I order you to put yourself in a diaper and then change mom and Ida.”“Yes master.” Her dad said

The Hypnotist | Part 3

Kathy’s family and Naomi were the first of many to fall to Kathy. The next day, Kathy started a new mission; hypnotize her entire high school. The teachers were first. On the first day it was just her math teacher, the second it was a stupid sub and two more math teachers, the third day she got a dozen more teachers. By the end of the week, she had every teacher under her control. One week and one day into the mission, she gave all the teachers a very special video to show to all the students. When the students trudged into their first period classes, simultaneously the teachers pulled out their computers and played a spiral spinning round and round, turning everyone in the school into Kathy’s slaves. While the students were still being hypnotized, the teachers tore open packages of diapers and laid them on top of their desks. It was a good idea thing too, wet farts and hissing noises began to come from some of the students. Not that it really made a difference for the ones who did keep their potty training, as soon as the hypnosis was over, the students taped the diapers onto themselves and began using them to show their obedience to Kathy.It took only ten minutes before every almost single student in the school was in diapers. The few students running late or skipping class in the bathroom were soon ambushed and had computer screens with swirling spirals shoved in their faces. It wasn’t long before they were hypnotized and diapered too.Megan was the last student to arrive late after a doctor appointment. She walked through the entrance just in time to see a boy who had come in just a couple moments before staring at a laptop screen. She watched wide-eyed as the boy’s expression went from confused to relaxed and he slowly began pushing a mess into his pants.“Enjoying the sight?” A voice asked behind her and Megan whirled around to come face to face with Kathy herself.“What did you do to him!?!” Megan demanded“The same thing I’m going to do to you.” Kathy said, holding up a small circular crystal on a string. Megan was smart enough not to look at it as it began to swing back and forth. Instead, she darted past Kathy into the lunchroom where she knew the rest of the students would be.“Help! She’s after me!” Megan yelled to the entire lunchroom. She only got a bunch of blank stares in return.“No, I mean it!” Megan tried again. Still, no one reacted.“I… she…” Megan said weakly “Did you honestly think you were the first one?” Kathy’s voice came from behind her “Like I’d believe that you have everyone here hypnotized!” Megan scoffed, but her voice wavered“Perhaps a demonstration will make you think otherwise.” Kathy said “Grab her.”Two burly football players sitting at the front table jumped up and grabbed Megan before she could react. She pulled and tried to get away, but each one had at least a hundred pounds on her. “Hmm, Jess, why don’t you come here?” Kathy said, waggling a finger at a girl who had been sitting with the football players, who complied. Megan instantly recognized her. She was the most popular girl in school and captain of the cheerleading squad. And she had just been obedient to Kathy, a nobody, like a dog. “Strip down to your little diapey, baby.” Kathy said. Megan expected Jess to slap her, but to her complete shock, Jess peeled off her pants and top and stripped down to just her panties. Except they it wasn’t panties, it was cushy, white diaper. The most popular girl in school was wearing a diaper, Megan couldn’t believe it.“The computer programs are fun, but I think I’m getting the hang of this.” Kathy said, swinging her pendulum in front of Jess’s eyes “It’s kind of fun too.”“Gaa…” Jess sighed as she fell into a trance. “You’re a little diaper baby.” Kathy commanded“I… diapey… baby…” Jess agreed“Diaper baby makes oopsies in her diapey.”“I… make… oopsie…” Jess sighed. Splorch! Megan’s eyes grew wide as she watched the most popular girl in school helplessly fill her diaper.“Diaper baby is a little rug rat. Diaper baby cries to be fed and when she needs her diaper changed. Diaper baby can only talk like a little baby.”It took Kathy less than two minutes to turn Jess, the girl terror of the school, into a baby in a full diaper crawling around at her feet.“Aww, isn’t she cute?” Kathy asked as Jess stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked “She does smell awful though. Who knew a pretty girl like her could make such a big stinky?”“You monster!” Megan yelled “You’ll never get away with this you complete biiiiaaahh…”Megan trailed off sighing as the pendulum began to swing back and forth in front of her eyes. She tried desperately to make her legs move and run as fast as she could out of there, but Kathy was a master hypnotist. Megan was completely under her control. “Put her in a diaper.” Kathy commanded one of the football players that had been holding Megan down“Gaa… Mafaaa…” Megan could only moan in horror as her pants were pulled down and a thick diaper was taped around her waist. “I think little miss stinky here would like a little company.” Kathy said“Ahh… Ahh…”“Why don’t you introduce yourself by showing her how you go poo-poo in your diaper?”“Gah…” Megan said, except this time it wasn’t a moan. It was a grunt as she pushed a load into her own diaper. Faart! Megan felt her own warm mess fill her diaper. Even the hypnosis couldn’t stop her cheeks from blushing red with shame.“Whew! And I thought she smelled bad!” Kathy said, fanning the air “You two are perfect playmates for each other. Now, you are a little diaper baby… Diaper baby makes oopsies in her diapey…”One minute later, Megan sat on the floor in her full diaper playing patty-cake with Jess. They both had giant goofy grins plastered across their faces. Kathy stood over them triumphantly.“And now my entire school is under my control.” She giggled

The Hypnotist | Part 4

After Kathy had taken over her high school, she stopped bothering trying to hide her hypnotist activities. After all, she had the student body and most of the students’ families soon after under hypnosis. ‘Agents’ as she began to call them began to go door to door around her town with tablet screens with swirling hypnotic spirals spinning round and round and putting anyone foolish enough to answer the door under ‘master Kathy’s’ control. In just a few days, everyone in her town was under her hypnosis and plenty more in the neighboring towns had also been brought under her spell.Without any more need to hide, Kathy began to make leaps and bounds in learning her art. She had an abundance of subjects to practice on and an abundance of diapers for them to wear when the hypnosis went wrong and they had a mindbreak. With each passing day, a hundred more students with infantized minds were added to the nursery the school was converted into. She set up the dozens of computers with hypnosis files in the school conference room to create a workspace. Countless students were called in to be experimented on, and all but a couple left crawling out, badly in need of a diaper change.A couple lucky students were spared from the endless experiments that would in inevitably turn them into babies and instead were hypnotized to become nannies for their former classmates. They changed hundreds of dirty diapers a day, including their own because they weren’t allowed bathroom breaks. It was just one more way Kathy liked to remind them that they were all her hypnotized slaves. The problem was, Kathy didn’t get much satisfaction exercising her power over everyone she had already hypnotized. To feed her ever growing appetite for controlling others she began to ‘import’ victims from other towns that hadn’t yet been hypnotized, just so she could reduce them to a diaper baby.Michael was one of the victims, when unknown to him he boarded a school bus and found out that he was the only person on that hadn’t been hypnotized yet. He was grabbed by dozens of Kathy’s slaves and tied up and then transported to her in just a diaper. “Well, well, did you see all those little babies on your way here? You’d better get ready to join them.” Kathy chuckled, picking up her crystal. Hypnotizing people with computers just didn’t give her the wonderful feeling of power that doing it with the crystal did.“No!” Michael said as one of the slaves undid the ropes and let him stand up “You won’t break me!”“We’ll see about that.”The crystal swung in front of Michaels eyes“You are a little diaper baby.”“No…” Michael said“You are a little diaper baby that goes poo-poo in his diaper.”“I… ugh, no…”“My little diaper baby likes resisting, but that won’t work for- achoo!”Kathy suddenly sneezed and the crystal twirled off its path. Michael’s brain became blank.“Oof!” He grunted as he sat back on the floor. Fart! Blart! Hiss! His diaper ballooned out under him as his potty training vanished.“Hmph. Well an accidental mindbreak is the same thing as an intentional mindbreak.” Kathy shrugged, poking his squishy diaper with her toe “I’m just too powerful for my own good. Anyways, throw him in with the rest.”“Ga goo?” Michael asked, wondering what the strange squishy feeling against his butt was. One of the caretakers pushed him into the hallway and shut the door.“Goo goo?” Michael asked, looking at the babies around him in the hallway. In the beginning there had been some rooms where all the teenage babies stayed, but there got to be so many that the caretakers had to let them out and they began to just wander all over the school. The entire building was now crawling with them, literally. Michael crawled over to the nearest diapered teen, who also happened to be Kathy’s first victim.“Gaa!” Michael gooed to Ida“Guah!” Ida grunted, in the process of pushing a mess into her diaper. Pffft! Michael giggled at the sound. “Pffbt!” He spat, trying to imitate her. Ida giggled“Gua! Goo!” “Pobfft!”Soon the two former high school students had spit running down their shirts as they made baby noises together. Ida even surprised herself with a funny noise when she let out a massive wet fart into her diaper. It was the start of a friendship that would last until they were long out of diapers.Meanwhile, in the conference room, Kathy had already forgotten Michael as she discussed the progress she had made with the Random Master.“Mr. Random Master, can I ask you a question?” She asked once she was done“Shoot.”“How long will it take for me to become a master hypnotist like you?”“Hmm, well it will probably be about five years before…”Suddenly the Random Master was cut off by a booming voice that reverberated through the school. Kathy could vaguely it identify as a megaphone.“Attention! Kathrine Weeks! We know that you are in there! You have been charged with 49,381 counts of illegal hypnosis!”Kathy froze.“You will come out of there with your hands up in the next half hour or we come in!” The megaphone sounded “And don’t even think about trying anything! We have hypnosis-proof goggles and earmuffs on!”There was a long silence while Kathy stood still in shock. “Well, you’re in a pickle.” The Random Master finally said“What do I do Ran Dom Master!?!” Kathy asked. How had it not occurred to her that something like this could happen? She had hypnotized her entire town and then some! Of course someone would take notice eventually!“You will surrender yourself.” The Random Master’s voice said “What?” Kathy asked, confused. She was sure her master would tell her to use some crazy trick to get out of this, but surrender?“Your usefulness to me has run out. I think it’s time I wrapped up with you.”It suddenly occurred to Kathy that it was weird that she of all people would be into hypnosis. It wasn’t like she was a computer geek or some voodoo Goth chick or anything like that, what on earth was she doing? And come to think of it, why had she spent hours poring over her computer trying to perfect some hypnosis program? How had she even met the Random Master? She couldn’t even remember the first time she met him online, she always seemed to have just trusted him…“Don’t feel too bad about it.” The Random Master’s voice said “The hypnosis I gave you specifically made sure you wouldn’t think about questioning me.”“You… you made me…”“Tsk, tsk.” The Random Master’s voice chided “What was the first rule of hypnosis that I taught you all those months ago? You can’t make someone do anything that they don’t want to do. You can only suggest. You wanted power, you were tired of your boring life as a normal high school girl. So I suggested you love hypnosis, I suggested you love dominating people by putting them in diapers. You took me up on my suggestion.”“You used me…”“If you want to say it like that. I would say I gave you what you wanted.”“And now you’ll throw me out like garbage…”“Oh, no, no, no. You’ve been an excellent pupil; I’m going to reward you. This is a very complicated mindbreak I created just for you. You’re going to be the happiest little baby ever. You’ll thank me for it someday. Well, you would if you could still talk. Now, put on a diaper.”Kathy tried to fight it as she taped a diaper onto herself, she really tried but she knew it was no good. The Random Master was a professional. It was like-“A baby trying to take on an adult, I hypnotized you to think that.” The Random Master’s voice said “I thought it was an appropriate metaphor. Now, this is your trigger Kathy. Big girls turn into big babies.”Kathy’s eyes dilated as she fell under the trance. She folded her arms and pouted “I dun need diapeys.” She said “I’m a big girl. I-”Suddenly she heard a faint hissing sound and felt warmth spreading across her crotch. She blushed a deep red “Weeelll, maybe I kinda need them…” She admitted, looking down at her feet. Blart! She let out the biggest fart she had ever heard and began to poop.“No, no! I big girl! I no wanna need diapeys!” She insisted, becoming hysterical and dancing around, but that only made her lose control even more. She filled her diaper and soaked the front until it was hanging low down to her thighs. Kathy sat back in her mess as she began to have a temper tantrum on the floor “I made a pooooopyyyyy!” She wailed, pounding on the ground in frustration.“You’re a big baby now, Kathy.” The voice on the computer said and suddenly Kathy became aware of what was going on again, even though there was nothing she could do about it.“I’m a big baby.” Kathy agreed against her will“Do you like mushing around in your dirty diaper like a little baby girl?”“Yep!” Kathy said, rubbing her butt in her full diaper for emphasis. She gagged on the inside, but on the outside, she was just a happy girl enjoying her full diaper. Then something changed. Another part of the hypnosis kicked in and it wasn’t just on the outside that she was enjoying it.“Do you like being a stupid little rugrat? Do you like drooling all over yourself and crawling around on the floor like a little baby?”“Yep!” Kathy said and this time she was just as enthusiastic on the inside as she was on the outside.The Random Master laughed “I’d love to play with you a little more, but I’ve got things to do and other people to hypnotize. Have fun being a little stinky diaper baby.”The last sentence was the final trigger for Kathy. Suddenly her mouth muscles seemed to become uncoordinated so she could only speak in baby babble. Her arms and legs felt weak, far too weak to attempt walking yet. And her potty training, she completely forgot what that was. She forgot most other things too, language, reading, writing, pretty much anything that an infant wouldn’t know. Kathy’s reign of terror ended with her turned being turned into a mind regressed baby like she had done to so many victims.“Baga bloo!” She babbled to the Random Master to let them know that it had worked, but the computer screen was already dark. The Random Master had moved on.

The Hypnotist | Part 5

Ten minutes later, a SWAT team charged into the conference room only to leave ten seconds later once they realized Kathy was no longer a threat and smelled her. She was left alone with lone an inspector and policeman keeping watch on her. Both of them stood as far away as possible from her smell.“What now? Should we arrest her?” The policeman asked“Under what charge?” The inspector said “Pooping her diaper? She’s just another infant now, we can’t hold her responsible.”“Gaa gaa!” Kathy giggled as though she agreed with him“I suppose she’ll spend the next few years behind crib bars anyways.” The policeman agreed “But what happens after that?”“I guess she grows up again.” The inspector shrugged “Learning to walk, learning to talk, potty training, she’ll just have to go through it all again. Lucky for her, she’ll have lots of company.”“That’s right, all her classmates are babies like her aren’t they?” The policeman groaned“Looks that way. Thankfully most of the parents aren’t mindbroken, just hypnotized and we’ll be able to remove that. They’ll be able to raise their kids again. I’m sure someone will take her in.”“Well then I guess it’s decided.” The policeman said “Although I’m curious what our little stinker thinks of her sentence.”“Goo gaa ba!” Kathy giggled in delight before she farted and messed her diaper.


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This story is my absolute favorite as it has everything to do with mental regression\r\n

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