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Cow TF

by tiny-dolly-jamie

Chapter 1

     Jenny has just arrived at her new summer job and took her hair down from her brown ponytail, looking beyond the wire and wood fence at the farm with her beautiful green eyes. This was the place, just as the owner had described. A robin's-egg-blue painted ranch house out front, grassy green and brown pastures all around, and one big red barn in the back beside the horse stables. Small, for a farm, but then again, there weren't many cattle that she had seen. 

    Come to think of it, she hadn't seen any other workers. Just more work for her to do. Lucky this job paid by the hour. 

    She swung open the unlocked gate and walked up the dirt path to the ranch house, thankful for the shade of the porch. It was sweltering. Before she could even knock, a tall woman opened the door, smiling brightly.

    The woman looked in her early forties, with crows feet on her eyes and slight wrinkles around her mouth. She wore ranch clothes; a blue plaid flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of muddy looking galoshes. Hay stuck to her legs, shirt, and anywhere a stray bit of grass could. Her hair was a mousy brown like mine, pulled back into a messy ponytail at the back of her head. 

    "Ah, you must be Jenny Valena, right on time. I'm Marina Mogory, but you can call me Ms. Mogory." Ms. Mogory stuck out her hand, worn with calluses, which Jenny shook. "Let's get you started right away. Are you as excited as I am that you're working here?"

    Jenny smiled back happily. She couldn't possibly be as enthusiastic as Ms. Mogory , but she was happy to have a job. "Definitely!" she replied cheerfully.

    "Great! Follow me, you'll be working here in the barn most of the time, so let's make sure you know it well." Ms. Mogory stepped off of the porch and started down another dirt path leading to the big red barn that Chloe had seen on the way to the farm. 

    With no trouble, Ms. Mogory opened the heavy barn doors, showing a big expanse of stalls. Most stalls held a cow, hooked up to a suction like milking machine or munching on hay. Some were empty, presumably the cow residing in it grazing in the pasture. The whole place smelled like livestock and grass, which was to be expected. Light filtered in only through two windows on either side of the barn above the double doors. 

    "As you can see, here is where we milk the cows, and where your job takes place." Ms. Mogory pat one of the cows on the snout, and it let out a long, bellowing moo.

    Jenny looked at the cow, which stared blankly off into the distance. She really hoped they weren't aggressive. She did not want to get kicked by a smelly cow over summer break.

    "One more thing dear. Put this on." The older woman dropped a thin gold chain with a charm of sorts hanging off of it into Jenny's hand. On closer look, she saw that the charm was a little golden cowbell. "It's like your uniform, so be sure to put it on the moment you enter this barn."

    Jenny nodded, slipping the necklace over her head and around her neck. The metal was cold on her skin, and tingled oddly. A few seconds later, she felt dizzy, her face flushing pale.

    With wobbly steps, she sat down on a hay bale, grass billowing into the air. First came a heat on her stomach, followed by her belly expanding outward rapidly until it hung far over her jean waistband. Then an aching in her feet. Chloe took her running shoes off, revealing her feet getting tinier, black and melding together into hard, black hooves. Unable to call out through the wooziness clouding her head, she just slumped back farther onto the bale.

    Only seconds later, she jolted back up. Something prodded the seat of her pants. She pulled her waistband down a bit, letting the stub of a tail pop out and grow. It extended longer and longer until it was tipped with a black tuft of hair. Instinctively, Chloe swished it back and forth. 

    Blush spread on her freckled With a soft cracking, like splitting pebbles, Chloe's fingernails turned black. The hard, dark surface spread over her hands, turning them rapidly into hooves like her feet. This imbalance forced her onto all fours, with more small cracks indicating her spine shifting to become quadruped. 

    A warmth starts in her chest. She looks down, seeing her breasts flattening until they are completely erased from her chest. On her head, there's a tingling, her ears expanding and becoming bovine. ange back 

    A tickling feeling comes over Jenny's entire body and giggles a little, her freckles darkening and expanding into fuzzy black blotches. Around the spots, white fur sprouts, soon covering her with splotchy black and white hair.

    Her face flattens, then expands into a pink tinged snout with a suck and a pop. Her eyes go to the sides of her head and turn from green to brown. Jenny lets out a little moo,now realizing her human voice is now gone.

    Then, with the most intense heat of all, four small nipples appeared just above her groin, expanding along with a large, pink sac. The nipples thicken and lengthen on her udder, filling up with sloshing milk. 

    Finally, with shifts and growth of muscles and tearing of her remaining gray tank top, jean bits, and undergarments, a fully grown dairy cow stood in Chloe's place. Hung around her neck, a cowbell with her name engraved in pretty script on it.

  The cow bellowed, a long, loud moo."Calm down before someone hears!" Ms. Mogory whispered. "This is just part of your uniform! I'll take it off when your hours are done. Don't worry about telling anyone either, you

 won't be able to when you try."

    The woman grinned, and took Jenny the cow over to her stall. "Now let's not waste time. We've got six hours of milking to do." After 6 hours of milking Ms. Mogory then said to Jenny "Okay today's shift is now over it's time to take of your necklace!" This is the moment Jenny was waiting for if she would change back when the necklace and cowbell would change her back. Ms. Mogory then took off her uniform and Jenny felt her vocal cords change and tried to speak " Moos My Shifmoo Overoo?" Jenny asked in a half finished voice. "Why yes and you did a good job!" Said Ms. Mogory. Now can I change back? Said Jenny. Well you did work really hard today and your new. NO! Said Ms. Mogory. But how long will I be a cow?! Said Jenny. How about forever! Said Ms. Mogory. No why wait you enter a milking contest every year right? Said Jenny. Why yes ... I do. Said Ms. Mogory. If you enter me in that contest and I win you change me back to my normal self before I became a cow! Said Jenny. Fine but if you lose ... you will stay a cow forever and I will change your brain into a cow's brain and wipe your memories permanently! Said Ms. Mogory. Deal if it's the only way to change back but how long will I live as a cow if I lose? Said Jenny. Hmm let me think the standard lifespan of a cow you will be a 100% and nothing will ever change it not even me. Said Ms. Mogory. So Jenny practiced and practiced getting milked and getting it out fast and easily and then is that the day of the competition Ms. Mogory takes of Jenny's necklace and asks "Any last words before you become a cow forever?!" Jenny replied and said. "Whatever happens I will still always love her win or lose." Who are you talking about? Said Ms. Mogory. Jenny then said. She is my girlfriend her name is Mia I will win for her." Then humorously Ms. Mogory then said "If you win and break the record I will give your girlfriend 3 wishes. Oh the contest started I'll put your necklace on. She puts the necklace on Jenny's neck and Jenny loses the ability to speak and she walks out to her contest stall hours went but cow by cow each one going clean it was the final round she was 2 buckets away from breaking the world record and if she beat this cow she was free Ms. Mogory tugged and tugged on her udders and the two buckets filled up in seconds! She had just won and broke the record! The contest ended and as she promised Ms. Mogory changed her back into the brown haired and green eyed girl she used to be but she noticed a slight few differences her breasts and her ass were a little bigger than usual but she didn't care as well Ms. Mogory promised she gave Mia her 3 wishes to do on Jenny first she made her feet the size of 5 rulers this just made Jenny and Mia horny and aroused as Jenny's feet and toes grew right out of her shoes. Her second wish was to make her 5 times her normal height she already was a pretty tall girl 9 feet and 8 inches tall. She began growing until she was 45 feet and 40 inches tall. Ms. Mogory chuckled and said "Sorry girls I lied you only get two wishes enjoy your life!" And they did enjoy their life The End!


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