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My Wife's Revenge

by patj

My Wife's Revenge

My Wife’s Revenge

“Wake up honey – you just wet the bed!” my wife was speaking to me.

“Huh! Wha’ happened?” I asked quite groggily.

She responded, “You wet the bed! Come on get up we have to change the sheets.”

That had to be about the worse conversation that I have ever had at two thirty in the morning. I didn’t get back to sleep because I couldn’t figure out why that had happened. I hadn’t wet the bed since I could remember. Maybe as a very young child, but not in living memory. After laying awake for about forty-five minutes, I simply got up and watched TV afraid to go back to sleep.

The reason I couldn’t sleep is because I am into hypnosis. I enjoy going into trance and listening to suggestions. I went so far as to have some subliminal sessions recorded to be played at night so that my wife would be inclined to feminize me. They worked quite well. I must admit that I had listened to a number of bed wetting files but the bed wetting files never had any affect on me, besides that was months ago.

Not all files work on everyone. I was fortunate to have the subliminal files I had custom ordered, suggesting that my wife feminize me, actually work on my wife. I had them playing all night making suggestions to her underneath a selection called “Sounds of the Night.” Nothing in that file had anything to do with bed wetting.

The next night I was again awakened by my wife saying, “You wet the bed again – are you sick? Are you OK? What’s wrong honey?”

“No, I feel fine. I just don’t know what is happening.” I replied truthfully.

Well maybe not exactly truthfully. Those bedwetting files that I listen to months ago can’t be just starting to work now. Can they?

We changed the sheets and I didn’t even try to go back to sleep. I was worried. About the only thing working in my favor is that I am retired. At least I didn’t have to go to work either day after a half a nights sleep.
The next night my wife said to me, “I don’t know what wrong, but let’s not take any chances tonight. I want a full night’s sleep, and you look like your about dead on your feet as well. Put this on.”

It was an adult disposable diaper. What could I do. I accepted the diaper and fumbled to get it on pulled on my night clothes and went to sleep. Morning came and I was awaken by my wife getting dressed to go shopping.

“Morning sleepy head. Did you get a good night’s rest? Is the diaper still dry?” She asked in her usual cheery voice.

I replied, “No – it’s soaked! What’s happening to me?”

She said, “You’re probably over tired and need a good rest, but you’d better put on a dry diaper in case you fall asleep in your chair – you wouldn’t want to have an accident there. I’m going out shopping, We’ll talk when I get back.” And with that – I was left to change myself and ponder the events of the last few nights.

Wearing a diaper with my jeans wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t get them on and close them. The diaper was too bulky. So I opted to wear a skirt. Actually, I preferred wearing skirts to jeans anyway, and ever since I let my wife feminize me, I had been dressing as a girl most of the time anyway.

When my wife got home from shopping, she took me to the bedroom and proceeded to stock one of my clothes drawers with diapers. “These are for at night, these can be worn during the day. And since people who wet themselves are like babies, you can wear these around the house, and you can drink from this.” She said as she produced a baby bottle and some of the largest baby girl clothes that I have ever seen.

Something happened that I really can’t explain. I don’t know what happened. There is a gap in my memory. But I suddenly found myself sitting on the living room floor, in a wet diaper, drinking from a baby bottle, wearing a bonnet and baby girl’s dress.

“Do you want me to change you, or do you think you can do it yourself?” my wife offered. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“I found some files on your computer. I also found the website that you ordered a subliminal tape for me. You got me to feminize you – and since you seemed to have saved a number of bed wetting and baby files, I thought that I would return the favor to you. That CD we have been listening to is not the one you had made. It’s one I had made. Two can play your game buster?” Her tone was more playful than angry. “Here’s the deal, you can still enjoy all your fem things during the day, but I want a baby at night. Someone for me to care for - someone to fuss over. I’m afraid that the bed wetting part may be permanent – you’ll just have to get used to diapers every night, and chances are you’ll have plenty of day accidents as well.”

“When I said the trigger tonight, your look became blank and I helped you into your new clothes. You’ve been playing on the floor for hours now, and you just finished your supper from that bottle, but now it’s bedtime,” She giggled.

Suddenly I filled my diaper - and – not with urine! There must have been a laxative in that bottle! My heart dropped. I was busted and I knew it. In hindsight, it was my own fault for not deleting the files from my computer.

It’s now been a couple of months since I’ve started wearing diapers and I haven’t had a dry night since. Yes, day accidents (both kinds) are increasing as well. About the time I think I can gain control of one function or the other, there’s a relapse. Not only that, but wearing a diaper has become so natural and on occasion, I seem to have forgotten how to use the bathroom toilet. (I wonder just what is in that file that she insists on playing every night.)

On the up side, I have noticed though that the fullness of the diaper fills out my butt better making my skirts hang better and making my figure look more like a girls behind during the day and I do enjoy that.

So, now that she is on to me, what can I do to her without her knowing it?


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