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Lady Cums First!

by gdawg28092

Lady Cums First!

It had been a while since my wife had shown much interest in sex,she blamed it on her birth control, so I had been dabbling in various things trying to satisfy my needs without cheating. Along the way I stumbled across erotic hypnosis and really enjoyed the guided masturbation files. I had been listening for some time, every chance I got. If I was home alone, I was with Mistress, doing as I was told stroking, stopping, slapping, and squeezing as I was told, ready to explode at my mistresses command. This went on for months, until one day while in trance stroking as fast and hard as I could so I could please my mistress, I suddenly had my headphones ripped off my head , startled out of trance my eyes flew open to see my wife standing there. Needless to say she was not happy to hear another womans voice coming from the headphones. The argument that followed was long and loud ending with me sleeping in another room without my laptop and headphones, and my Mistress.
The next morning breakfast was quite and quick. I left for work dreading coming home to resume the argument. After what seemed like the longest day ever, I returned home to find my wife sitting on the sofa with my laptop looking at the erotic hypnosis sites in my favorites. I asked her what she was doing expecting the worst, but to my surprise she looked up with a little grin and said " I was mad then I started looking at your sites and some of the stuff seems kinda fun". I was shocked, my wife that doesn't even show interest in sex liked my erotic hypnosis sites. She said , you know I always liked watching hypnotists on stage and TV, watching the things they make people do.....I want to see what they make you do. A knot formed in my throat and in my pants, excuse me I said. You heard me I want to watch while you listen to one of your files, I want to watch you while you listen to the one I caught you listening to, heres your laptop and your head phones start listening and I will be back in a few minutes, so you will have time for the file to put you under. I was so excited I couldn't believe she liked the idea of erotic hypnosis, I was going to get to perform for my mistress while my wife watched I was rock hard and had not even started the file this was so great.
I got undressed and started the file as usual it didn't take long and I was under Mistresses spell pounding and teasing my cock as instructed all while professing my obedience and loyalty, 1...2...3..4..5 awake. I open my eyes to see my wife sitting naked in front of me, head thrown back enjoying the orgasm she had given herself while watching me. As she finished she smiled and told me that we would have to do this regularly and we did. We started with my files and then a few others. One day I came home and she was waiting for me wearing stockings , garter belt and high heals holding my laptop and phones, she smiled and said I found something new, want to give it a try? She didn't have to ask twice I immediately said yes without even finding out what it was. She undressed me, sat me down, put the headphones on me, and started the file. It was a familiar induction I remember thinking this sounds like my Mistress, I can't believe she got me a new file from Mistress and then I heard 1..2...3...4...5 awake and my wife was on my lap riding my cock like never before ,all I could do is just watch as she rode me , she orgasmed several times. All the riding she did had very little effect on my cock , it was rock hard ,but not close to cumming. She laid on the sofa and told me to come fuck her she wanted more. This went on for sometime finally I felt the cum building and exploded like never before, it was amazing. After a few minutes of holding my new found amazing wife, I told her I think her file was empty all it had was the induction then nothing but the wake command there was nothing else there. She just laughed and said she would look into it, but it still had the same outcome, amazing sex.
A few days later she was waiting again, she said I got your favorite mistress to fix the file wanna give it another try? I said I thought that was her voice, you should have told me it was a custom file, so whats it about? You don't need to know right now, come on lets get those clothes off. It was the same again, I heard Mistress'es voice inducing me then suddenly 1...2...3...4..5 awake and again my wife was on top off me riding like her life was in the balance I could feel my cock was rock hard but couldn't feel her hot pussy sliding up and down it. She rode until she collapsed on me in exhaustion. She laid there a few minutes then got up and said she was going to take a shower. I looked at her puzzled, but what about me my cock still rock hard and throbbing. She said I'm to tired why don't you just go ahead and jerk off I will watch you then I will take my shower, You know how I like to watch, she said. I agreed and started stroking, still amazingly hard. She watched for a while then kinda laughed and said well if your not gonna cum for me I'm just gonna go take my shower, and left the room. I turned on some porn from my laptop and kept stroking ,jerking harder and harder still not cumming. After about twenty minutes she came back from the shower, looked at me and said you horny little monkey are you still trying to cum and laughed some more. After she got dressed she looked at me and said get dressed lets go make something to eat maybe later we can finish things up. I agreed ,got dressed and followed her to the kitchen, still rock hard and starting to wonder why. I told her by the way , your file is still blank nothing on it. She laughed and said are you sure? I said yes I'm sure noting there. She laughed again pointed at my still rock hard cock and said that doesn't look like nothing. Oh no I said, what was in that file? She laughed and said it will be ok, it's not permanent. I nervously helped make the food and sat down to eat all the while wondering when my erection would go away. She looked at me laughing and said it will go away when it is sure I'm done with it and not before. What did that mean how does my cock know when she is done with it. After we finished eating she looked at me and said I think I will go shopping, guess you can't go since your still hard. I agreed and watched her go thinking about jerking off as soon as the door closes behind her. As she closed the door, she looked back and told me not do anything she wouldn't want me to do with out her.I knew what she meant , but my hard cock wanted to let Mistress help me to get relief, I could hardly wait for the door to close. She smiled and closed the door behind her. As the door closed I felt my cock soften , I thought no , I really wanted to jerk off I needed to come, why now, but to no avail it was soft and nothing I could do would get it back up. I guess it did know when she was finished with it. I went, sat down and turned on the TV to relax. I heard my cell phone , I had a text message, I got my phone flipped it open and saw the word "NOW" ,then suddenly I felt all the cum that was locked so tightly away come flooding out filling my pants and underwear. When she returned, she told me that my cock belonged to her and it would never cum without her permission and never again while it was hard. She told me that Mistress is going to call this file Male Birth Control and she would never let me cum in her again.


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i only wish i could get that deep into trance.

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