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Green Leaf(Script)

by mindseye

Green Leaf

I would like you to take a moment and relax.


Feel free to close your eyes and slowly 


fall into a deep sleep.


Falling deeper as I count down from 10.























Go Deep into your mind


There is so much going on in there


Your Memories of the day that just past


Memories of yesterday, memories of specific


things that happened a week ago


Memories of your work,favorite places to hangout,


places you went to recently all the way back to the


past places of various times.


You even can remember various people in your life


maybe a parent, sibling, grandparent, cousin, aunt


or uncle, spouse or partner, friend, coworker, or


a mere aquaintence.


You remember various pets and animals you are fond of,


perhaps even a plant or tree you appreciate or even


grew or took care of yourself.


You can even remember the first time you looked up and


saw a green leaf. You might of took the time to reach


up and grab it, or happened to be handed it from your


buddy or your school mate.


Maybe a teacher had you pick it up and had you look


at one for a science experiment.


Notice how it is shaped. Do you remember it being round


to a sharp point at the end, or was it defined with various


edges and points? Remember how the leaf was defined with 


a central vein that had smaller ones that reached each point?


You could even feel the smoothness in between each vein,


and also feel the change as your fingers accidentally run into 


a vein itself. Perhaps at this moment, your memory is so


vivid that you feel that you are already holding it in your






Focus on this leaf and notice that you are 


in this moment. As look around you realize you are in a park 


surrounded by trees with a central paved path that you


have the freedom to walk on. Go ahead and start walking.


Notice that as you walk forward there are benches and other


pathways that head in different directions. You see that 


there is a slight breeze pushing the leaves of trees up 


and around. You see a few sparrows jumping around near the 


bottom of one tree and see a squirrel runn across the path


gathering acorns. As you continue forward you see that there


is a bridge ahead. You begin to cross it and see that


the stream below is clear. You see a few rocks and pebbles


and a few minnows swimming about. There is even some


perches. You hold the leaf up and let the leaf drift slowly


down into the stream. You feel so peaceful as you watch the


leaf falling down. As if whatever problems you were facing


during the day are drifting along with the leaf, maybe


even painful memories that have been with you for along time.


Yes those memories are drifting away at this moment too.


You see the leaf finally fall down into the water. It dips


and floats away. As you see this happen, you become more and


peaceful and happy. This green leaf has freed you of past




Whenever you hold a green leaf, you will be reminded


that this has happened. You will be filled with a wave of


positive emotion and will have an even better day than you


were having before.


Now as I count down from 10, you will recover in a better state


of mind than you had before you entered trance.


(10-1 countdown)


Wake up now. 


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