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The body builder

by Si

Chapter 1

As an aspiring body builder I know how hard it is to gain muscle mass.

In order to gain real muscle mass you must take in real calories, a lot of them, but this is usually where I come unstuck..


Sometimes I lack real motivation to even get to the gym but usually I struggle to eat enough food  to make a difference... 


So I've begun seeking hypnosis help to try and convince my subconscious that in order to be the size guy I want to become I've got to lift the sort of weights that make me that size and eat the amount of calories that'll fuel my body to explode in growth all over...


I guess it's lucky I don't need to be as lean as a greyhound either as I like the powerlifter look because that's where I think I'll end up... 


Really hoping I can find someone to help. 


I have a really hard time going under, like it's incredibly rare anything works for me, if at all.. So I'm willing to work with an experienced hypnotist to get somewhere with this.. 


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