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by JDziewaltowski

“Does it always smell this fuckin dank in here?!” I muttered to myself, standing naked in all my, well, male glory. Look, I’ve only been a dude for like, 3 days, cut me some slack!

“You say something Bro?” Cody called out from behind a row of lockers, I could hear him unzipping his jeans.

“Uh, Nah dude.. nothin’” uugh, there it is again, bro talk… its like, instinctual now.

I should have just listened when Cody’s creepy grandma told me to stay away from him. But come on! He’s the captain of the lacrosse team, and I’m a… was a fuckin cheerleader! It’s almost mandatory for us to get together. But she didn’t like me, said I was corrupting her innocent grandbaby, tempting him or some shit like that.

Well, yeah! I was! He’s fuckin hot! Uh, No homo… And I had the body of a nymph, all rack and ass, long smooth, tanned legs… fuck.. no, not again, this fuckin’ dick never goes down! Deep breaths, gotta chillax. If I lose my load, I’m stuck being this smelly brute of a dude!

Granny threatened me, saying if I didn’t leave Cody alone, she’d show me what its like to be constantly tempted, having to fight the impure thoughts and shit. I flipped her off when Cody wasn’t looking, then kissed him hard, tongue and all. Man did her wrinkly old face turn red! Then… Then her eyes… so red… so angry.

A flash of red and I was laying on my back in a dingy room, the sheets damp and cols with sweat. I leaned up, my eyes adjusting to the lack of light, seeing a beat up weight bench, piles of laundry. The dank smell of sweaty dude I never liked when visiting the guys on the team for some, uh, exercise.

“No fuckin’ way…” I muttered, grabbing my throat at the deep mumble that escaped my lips. I felt the thick bulge in my neck, then stripped the sheets off me to see a massive, bulky body that wasn’t mine! “FUUUUUCK!” I shouted, jumping up out of bed and hurling my beefy self to the full length mirror on the back of the door.

Staring back at me was a 6'2" 180lb lunkhead, the epitome of Big Dumb Jock. Wide, hefty rounded shoulders, pecs that bounced and flexed at even the slightest move, jutting out from my brawny chest. A killer 6 pack, all tanned and shredded from practice, the V-line of a god leading down to a 7" soft fuckstick and egg sized danglers. Thickly striated thighs, I turned to look at my back, and suddenly the vision of my cheerleading friends giggling about, “jockbutts” as we watched the guys play came to mind as I truly did have a big muscled bubble butt. Calves like footballs leading down to some big sweaty dawgs, the tongue of my kicks telling me they’re a size 17W. Dude ya know what they say about big feet! Totally true yo! I was starting to bone up just looking at myself! Wait till the chicks see me! WAIT! NO! Chicks?! I mean, my Bros… Nah, fuck dude why would they care? They’re just as swole! uuuuugh… my head….

I managed to keep control of myself long enough to put some shorts on. My whole room was that of a typical guy. Trophies, posters of hot model girls, my weights, clothes and my xbox. I knew Granny had done something, but my head was pounding as my stomach growled. I headed downstairs in just my shorts, into the kitchen where my mom was making breakfast. She offered me second helpings of everything as if it were normal, complaining about my eating us out of house and home, asking me to please take a shower before I go to school.

Then, on the jog to school, Granny popped up, and told me what the deal is. 1 week. If I manage to control myself for a week, she’d turn me back. But if I spewed even one drop of ball-batter, I’d be stuck like this. She cackled, gave my pec a hard poke with her nail, and vanished. Suddenly, it was like my balls went into overdrive, I was sweating with the effort to just keep running to school without stopping to jack a load out. I kept seeing the hot Milfs walking, some of the babes from school drove by, watching me run. I felt the pride of my body swell, but had to keep cool.

It was in the locker room on the 3rd day in that I lost it. Cody and I had finished a killer workout, gone in to shower, total bro talk ensued while we washed up, then, he started talking about my old friends. Particularly Lauren. The killer bombshell of a chick who captains the squad. Dude, her tits are MASSIVE! I’d love to get my rod between those puppies and… and… wait, no… I gotta shut him up! He’s making me hard.

Just as he was teasing me about my donkey sized cock, he winked at me, tapped his locker 3 times, and Lauran walked in, wearing her uniform and locking her lips. That was it dude. My balls had it, I felt the hormones rush into me like a tidal wave as she flirted, kissing me, licking the new sweat off my chest. Bro… she was a fucking slut! I had her on the bench, legs up over my shoulders, pounding that pussy like my life depended on it!

Wait… WAIT! IT DOES! NO… Gotta Stop… Gotta… gotta… keep fuckin’ ownin’ this bitch dude! That’s it! Cream on my rod slut! FUCK YEAH!

An hour later, several ball draining shots filling my new girlfriend’s still orgasming cunt, and I was stuck. I’m a dude. a big, dumb Jock. Cody winked at me, and whispered on his way out. “That’ll teach you to tempt me, bro” His eyes glowing red briefly before he cackled, just like Granny, and the door slammed shut.


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