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Captured Chav

by mobile1

Chapter 1

I was just walking around the corner when it happened. He jumped out of nowhere and punched me hard; knocking me flat out.

I awoke feeling slightly disorientated. There was something obstructing my mouth and I couldn’t see when I opened my eyes. My arms and feet were tied down and I just couldn’t have the energy to move.

I did feel that I was wearing something different. I was wearing different shoes and tracksuit bottoms or something like that. The t-shirt felt softer and I was wearing a hoodie of some kind. I’m also sure something was on my head.

“Fukin hell m8, you still alive in there?” I heard a voice yell, “Don’t fuckin worry coz soon m8 you’re gonna be hard as fuck like us”

I felt something muffle over my ears and then I heard the voice talk over and over again. I’m a fukin chav, I’m a fukin chav, fuckin hell m8 i’m a hard fukin chav.

After about 4 fukin hours or sommert the fukin voice was removed.

“Wew m8, you’re lookin hard as fuck. Gotta fukin snap this”

Fukin daft cunt taking photos of me all tied up. Course I was hard as fuck, what fucker would think otherwise.



Author Note: Please someone make a chav transformation file!!


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