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Mind Control Master

by lance017

Chapter 1

I was looking for a place to move into, and answered an ad for a place. Imet up with the guy after work to look it over. He had been renting it fora while and was looking for a roommate to decrease his expenses. The placewas good sized, clean, and had a bedroom for each of us. Chris was the guysname, and he was decent looking and fit. I'm pretty fit as well. I hit thegym 3-4 times a week. We talked about our workouts, and we got along prettywell.  I liked him and the place, so I signed a lease with him to move inabout a week later. When the time came I moved my stuff in.Things were cool for a while. I brought a few chicks in to fuck, makingsure he heard me. I never heard him bringing a woman to fuck, so let himhear me do it.  We each kept to ourselves, but I began to notice a fewsmall things about him that annoyed me. He would leave dishes in the sink,sometimes his underwear would be left in the bathroom. Nothing big, butenough to get under my skin a bit. After a first few sleepless nights, Istarted sleeping hard, really hard. And for the first time since I was akid, each day I woke up with a boner. One evening I was making myselfdinner and Chris was watching something in the living room when I heard himyell to me "Mark, bring me a beer." No please, just an order. Before Icould really think about it, I opened the fridge and pulled out a beer, andtook it to him. Once I got back to the kitchen I shook my head wonderingwhy I did that.The next day as I walked past him after work, Chris say "You should cleanthe bathroom." I didn't stop, and I didn't say anything, but went straightto the cabinet, pulled out supplied and scrubbed the bathroom from top tobottom. I didn't cross my mind that it was weird until after I was done.I went to make myself dinner to see Chris finishing up his. "Wash thesewhen you do yours." He said and left. I made my dinner, ate, and washed hisand my dishes. The idea I had just followed orders briefly passed my mindas I fell asleep, but left as soon as it came.The next day was Friday, and I had a tough one at work. I just wanted toget home and lay down. As I closed the front door behind me, Chris said"You should rub my feet." Automatically, I went over to him, got on thefloor, pulled off his shoes and socks and started rubbing his feet. After Ihad been doing this for a while, Chris said "Keep rubbing my feet, but youcan think and talk for yourself.""What the fuck is happening?" I screamed."Not so loud. And be respectful.""What is happening to me sir?" Why did I call him sir? Shit, he told me tobe respectful and I guess I had to be."I've taken control of your mind. You have a great body, you work out andyou are very attractive. When you answered my ad, I decided you would be agreat slave, so I let you move in. I've been programming you in yoursleep.""You said slave, sir.""I did. You will be my slave. I'm going to have fun with you.""Fun, sir?""Yes. You'll be my slave, you'll do everything I say, at once. But you willhate it. You're fucking straight asshole, and I'm going to make you do allsorts of things for me.""You mean gay shit, sir.""I mean all sorts of gay stuff. In fact, why don't you get naked." Chrisgave me a wicked smile.I started stripping. "Why am I doing this? I don't want to take my clothesoff.""But I want you too. You see, I've programmed you to do everything I tellyou. Automatically. You will obey without thinking, no fighting me, justdoing it. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.""No, you can't, it's not right." I was pulling my underwear off, the lastbit I had on."Not for you maybe, but definitely for me. In fact, let me show you justhow much control I'll have. I want you to get down on all fours facing awayfrom me.""Nooo." I said as I did as ordered, my ass towards him."Now, put a couple of fingers in your ass, push them in and out and moanlike a cheap whore. Beg me to fuck you with my big cock."My fingers flew to my ass, shoved in and out "Ooo, muuunnnnn. Fuck me withthat big cock, I need a big fat dick in my ass, pound me hard. Unnnnnggghhhdeep, deep fuck me deep and hard, really pound into me." I couldn't fuckingbelieve I was saying this."Good boy." Chris said. "Now wiggle your ass and bark like a dog. Oh, andyou can take your fingers out of your ass."I pulled by fingers out, put my hand on the floor, wiggled by ass and went"Woof, woof, woof." Chris laughed at me. I kept barking "Bark, woof. Bark,bark woof.""Stop now." I got my ass under control and shut up."How did you do that, sir?" Fuck, I was still calling him sir."I have complete control over you, just like I said. You will do whatever Itell you. You will wish you could escape, but nothing will ever come tomind. You will never tell anyone unless I permit it.  You will never let onin any way at work, or to any of the friends I let you keep, or anyone elsein any way. In no way at all, no matter how subtle you try to be."I was almost ready to cry. He had proven I was putty in his hands, and Iwouldn't be able to fight him. "Why?" I asked.Chris laughed again. "Because I can, boy. Because I can." I didn't knowwhat to say. "Now I think I want a blow job." Chris began to open up hispants. I crawled to him. As his cock came out, I saw it really was big. Iopened my mouth, with a bit of a sob escaping. I took his cock in my mouthand began to suck. My tongue worked it. Tears actually started. I'm astrong man, but I couldn't take it. Chris laughed seeing me cry. "Yeah,boy, cry like a little baby. I'll make you do so much worse than justsucking me off. Faster now, I'm all horned up from finally getting you, soI want to shoot quick."My head bobbed up and down on his big cock with speed, sucking wildly toget him off since that's what he wanted. With a groan, he shot in my mouth"Swallow it boy!" I swallowed. I'd never sucked a dick before, and I sureas hell had never drank cum. "Now, gently lick my balls, nice and slow." Icouldn't believe I was doing it, but I did. He put his feet up on my backand leaned back. I was burning with rage. I thought about biting his nuts,but I couldn't do anything but lick them.Every second was a torment. I hated it, I had never touched another manbefore, much less done all of this. I was humiliated beyond belief. I don'tknow how long I knelt there before he ordered me "OK slave go make medinner.""Yes, sir." At least I was off his balls."Sir is so generic. How about Master? Yeah call me Master.""Yes Master.""Better yet, for a while, how about you always call me `Hot Stud Master whoI love to suck the cum from'.""Yes Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from." Fuck, fuck fuck."Get going slave. Your Master is is hungry.""Yes Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from." I headed to thekitchen to start his dinner. I heard him flip on the TV. I couldn't screwwith his food. I thought about spitting in some of it, but I couldn't makemyself do it. He must have thought of that and programmed me not to doanything. When I finished I wasn't sure what to do. I walked to the livingroom "Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from, you dinner isready.""Good boy." I felt a wave of pleasure over my body. He laughed. "Anotherlittle bit of programming. When I call you a good boy" again my body had apleasure wave "you feel that. It's going to be a lot of fun for me." Chrissat at the table. "I think you should thank me for making you my bitchslave.""Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from thank you for making meyour bitch slave."Chris laughed at me again. "I think I want some entertainment while Ieat. Hump the back of that chair."I started humping the chair. "Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cumfrom, I can't believe you're making me do this." Well, I could stilltalk. But I kept humping."I know, but it's so amusing for me. Make like you're doing porn. If you'regood I'll may you cum.""Shit this is so embarrassing Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cumfrom." But I was humping and grinding and posing. I was really puttingeffort into it."Oh yes, and it will get much worse for you. I'm going to really enjoymaking you humiliate yourself just so I can laugh at you. Offering to letyou cum is another trigger it makes you put your best effort into whateverI've told you to do. I don't even have to actually let you cum."I started to actually cry. "Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cumfrom, this is too much for me to take. I can't do it.""Oh, yes you can. Because I said so. Now just moan like you're fucking."I was limited to humping and moaning while he finished dinner. "You knowwhat I like to do after a good meal? Have a good fuck." My blood ran cold."Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from, you're not really goingto fuck me are you?" My voice almost cracked."Oh, yes I am. In fact, why don't you drop to you knees and beg me to tosplit you cherry open."I fell to my knees and held my hands together in front of him. "Hot StudMaster who I love to suck the cum from please split my cherry open.""That's good. Now crawl into my bedroom and get up on the bed." Chrissmirked at me. I started crawling."You have a good ass." Chris was following me. I felt like a piece ofmeat. When I got to his room, I crawled up on the bed. Chris threw hisclothes off and jerked his cock. "This is going to hurt. I'm going in dry,hard, and rough.""Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from, please I've never beenfucked, don't do this to me.""Oh, but I want to, and it's going to be great watching you squirm underme.""Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from please don't, please. I'mbegging you.""Begging is good, and you'll be doing it a lot. But now I'm going to throwa fuck into you." Chris had a huge hardon and climbed up behind me. I felthis cockhead up against my asshole and it started to push in.I felt pain and screamed "Owwww!!!""Stop yelling, and keep telling me how great it is that I'm fucking you.""Oh Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from it's great you arefucking me. It's the best, Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from,fuck me long and hard." I started talking and felt his cock push furtherin, I felt like my hole was ripping open. Chris is long and thick, so itreally hurt. But I couldn't stop telling him how great it was. I flushedred and I was crying again. He pushed in to the hilt, and I felt everyinch, and there were a lot of inches.Once he was all the way in, he stayed for a moment, then began to pound mehard and fast. It was like being hooked up to a piston. All the time, I wastelling him how great it was. I hated every second, but I had no choice.I don't know how long he kept fucking me, but finally with a primal yell hecame deep in me. I felt his cum shooting, and it seemed like a lot, eventhough I had just sucked him off. How could he have so much cum?"Hot Stud Master who I love to suck the cum from it's great that you cum inme, deep in my ass.""Shut the hell up boy." Chris pulled out and fell back on the bed. I gotquite. "Now clean off my cock."Oh god no. But my mouth went for his deflating dick and sucked itclean. When I finished Chris pushed me off the bed. "You sleep on the floornow boy." Chris rolled over and went to sleep.I lay awake playing things over in my mind. I couldn't think of any way toget out of it. Chris had said I couldn't, and no plan came to my mind atall.  I finally fell asleep in exhaustion and shame. 


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