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Potion shoppe induction

by TenshiSurebu

You find yourself standing in a large forest clearing.  A small shack of a building stands before you, a thin plume of smoke rises from the cobblestone chimney.  The door of the shack invites you closer, seemingly drawing you into the house.  It calls out to you, sending you stepping forward, closer and closer to this strange home’s entrance.  


As you step closer and closer to the strange shack, you feel a strange calmness start to come over you, you start out roughly ten steps away from the door, and with each step closer you begin to feel yourself slipping deeper into trance.  Nine steps away now, your feet carrying you forward without a thought. Eight steps away. Sweet and strange scents waft through the shacks open window, tickling your nose and tempting you closer, inviting you inside.  Seven steps from the old wooden door. Six steps now, your finding yourself completely drawn in by the strange shacks allure.  Five steps away.  Nearer and Nearer.  Four steps away, and your close enough to see inside the building you’re approaching.  Three steps from the entrance, sinking deeper and deeper into trance with each step.  Two.  Almost there, you can practically taste whatever sweet smell is coming from the home.   And one.  You’re less than an arms length from the door.


You stand in front of the door, reaching out and feeling the old wood grains of the door, finding the cool metal of the doorknob beneath your fingertips, you turn the handle, and push it inwards.


The large, wooden door opens with a low creak as you push against it.  Various smells waft out as you step into the candle-lit room. You pause in the doorway to take in your surroundings.  The walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of potions of all colors, from bright reds, yellows, and blues to tertiary colors in bottles of various shapes and sizes.  Alongside the potions are large tomes that resemble stereotypical spell books from the movies.


You stop, mesmerized by the rainbow colours changing and shifting around you, seemingly spiralling around you.  Pulling you in deeper, and deeper.  

Suddenly, the room brightens as various candles magically light around you.  A soft, and sweet voice echos from across the room.

“Oh, hello there dearie, I see you’ve, uh, stumbled into my potion shop.”  A Kind-looking, old woman in a velvet black and brown cloak steps out into the room from behind a curtain, addressing you with a salesperson smile.  

“What sort of potion are you in the market for today, my dear?  Or are you, perhap, in search of one of my fine novels?” The old woman says, with an air of mystery in her voice.  She looks at you, scanning you up and down as you stand in her shop with a perplexed look, not quite sure what to say.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think she was studying you.


“Oh, I see…”  She says more to herself than to you, “Hmm… Oh, I’ve got just the thing for you!”  She leans down below the counter, pulling out a bottle of pink, seemingly sparkling fluid.  

“It’s your lucky day, first-time customers get a free sample, plus this should help you relax.”  She holds a small pink bottle out to you, beckoning you closer to her.  You step forward, hesitantly taking her up on her offer.  

You sniff the potion, allowing the sweet fragrance to envelop you, it reminds you of cherries and roses with a hint of something else, something you can't quite place. You look to the woman expectantly, she nods, encouraging you to continue, watching you as you lean closer to both her and the hypnotizing liquid.


Closing your eyes, you take a long deep gulp of the pink fluid.  You feel instant relaxation hit you, spreading throughout your body, making your muscles go limp everywhere it spreads. You start to have trouble standing up as your mind becomes muddled, slowed as if it’s been coated in molasses.  You have trouble thinking as you slowly sink deeper down.  You feel the soft hands of the old woman’s hands against your back, rubbing in small circles, massaging you down. You collapse into her surprisingly strong arms as the potion causes your consciousness to fade.  The last thing you hear her say before you fall unconscious is:

“Hmm, bit stronger than I thought, I think you’ll prove to be quite the useful assistant in my research.”


You can’t tell how much time has passed when you come to, but the woman has seemingly prepared another concoction for you to try.  You’re sitting in a comfortable wooden chair when the woman wakes you.  She is holding a small bushel of herbs that she’s waving under her nose.  They smell amazing, and just make you relax even further.


She smiles down at you and grabs a potion off of a nearby counter.  She offers it to you, allowing the cool glass to touch your lips.  You part them and feel the cool liquid pass over your lips and run down your throat.  It tastes just like honey, and has a similar consistency.  


As the concoction flows into you, you can feel a pleasant heat start to spread throughout your body, draining whatever stress may remain in your body and replacing it with nothing but relaxation.  This is only part of what the potion aims to accomplish however, as it spreads to your mind.  You feel all of your unnecessary thoughts just disappear from your mind.  Your mind becomes blank and completely relaxed. 


You look up through half-lidded eyes to see the woman looking over you as she takes notes in an old-looking book.  You focus on the quick movements of her quill across the ancient paper.  The woman looks down at you, the same smile she’s had the entire time, genuine, and kind.  


“You’re doing great, sweetie, you’re being a great help to my research.  Go ahead and get some rest, and we’ll continue when you wake up.”  The woman says, closing her book as you fall into a deep, relaxing, slumber.



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