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Roxy's Story Beware of wishes and throw away lines

by EMG

Roxy's Story Beware of wishes and throw away lines

In a big house on the edge of the Capitol City a group of men sat in a swanky house on the floor was a girl she had just satisfied each of the men in turn and when they were rested she had been filled again from both ends these men were all high powered business men, Politicians and the social elite. They had all agreed to pay handsomely to have her service them. They had been told Roxy was the best around and that had proved true.
Roxy kneed on the floor totally naked She had expression of total bliss on her face The man she knelt next to ran his fingers through her long blond hair and whispered to her You have done vary well keep this up with all the Clients and you will get all the cock you desire Roxy giggled and in a bimboish voice said “thank you Master” her size E breasts jiggled
Her Master turned to the men and said “Well Gentlemen I hope it was worth the waiting for all the men agreed this woman was exactly what was promised and another date was fixed for her to come and service them They all handed over the cash and then Jerry Campbell instructed Roxy to dress she dressed in a high class dress with lacy panties Bra and garter underneath. She stepped into her 6 inches high heels adjusted her hair and make up then the two of them left
Roxy had performed excellently on her debut just as he planned She was going to be his route out of everyday suburbia to the high life and she wont see a penny, but she would be happy He would use her until she was no longer able to generate him the income but that would be a while off She was pretty and could probably serve him another 10 years before he discarded her. That was for the future though he was already on his Cell Phone setting up another party…..
Two years ealier
Ron woke, his head felt fuzzy and there was a voice, he could not make out the words but there was definitely a voice. As he became more aware he realised he was lying down, but where he did not have a clue, last he remembered was talking to a guy outside the lecture theatre where he had just finished for the day. He remembered they had joked about hypnotism and Ron had said he didn’t think it would work on him. But it was difficult to think with this voice in his head but slowly as he lay there other memories slotted back into place. They had changed the subject several times talked about football and then about wishes and if given the chance what would you like to try out Ron had flippantly said
“I reckon it would be fun to be a girl£ and he had laughed then he remembered the guy Oh yeah Ron Remembered his name was Jerry had invited him to join him for a beer and so Ron had agreed and they had set off but to where he could not remember. Ron was too young to go to a bar this bit of his knowledge was definitely missing He remembered they drank a few beers and shot pool the last thing Ron could remember was talking with Jerry and feeling sleepy.
Ron was a college student just 17 and hoping to go to University he wanted to be a teacher of English to Foreign students and so far had been a straight A student He was 5 ft 7inches tall 165 pounds with blond collar length hair and piercing blue eyes. He had moved our West from home to attend college and was living in rented rooms above a shop they were not that great but were somewhere to crash after lectures and to read Ron liked to read and was into anything to do with the mind.
He had dated a few girls but nothing steady, had even tried it a couple of times with guys, that had left him totally bewildered. He did not particularly like sex with guys but he didn’t hate it either, so recently sex had been put on the back burner full stop
but now here he was lying down scared to open is eyes not knowing where he was or how long he had been there.
After mulling things over for a few moments he opened his eyes and could see absolutely nothing but blackness he tried to move his hand to wipe is eyes and found he could not move either of them or his legs in fact he could move nothing at this point he realised his mouth was taped shut.
Suddenly the distant voice stopped to be replaced by a completely audible one.
“It’s no good struggling you have been securely bound to a bed and you are gagged for now to stop you screaming out or shouting, we can’t have disturbing the neighbours now can we”
Ron stopped his attempts to free himself and lay listening
“I have plans for you Ron great plans and what’s more it was you yourself that let me know you were the right one with my little wishing game. Believe me you were not the first to fall to that little trick, but you were the first to answer the way you did and so I knew at once you were the right person to unleash all I have been working on I am now able to fulfil an ambition and you are going to get your wish. Believe me it is better this way, an unwilling volunteer makes the project so much more satisfying. No serious harm will come to you as long as you are 100 per cent totally obedient. But mark my works any disobedience or attempts to escape will be met with severe punishment “
Suddenly Ron felt pain like he had never felt before.
That is a little device I have rigged up by remote; it will trigger a charge to your nervous system via the collar you are wearing. Any attempt to remove it and it will administer a similar charge. Should you follow instructions and I am satisfied with your progress it shall be removed.
Ron thought back to the wishing game remembered his throwaway comment but rejected that out of hand. No ihe couldn’t mean that, that would be just impossible; I must have said something else.
But now you must need something to drink, I had placed a tube into your mouth before I tapped it up so that you can take on food and water I am afraid the gag will have to remain for some time yet..
Just then Ron heard bolts being shot and keys turned in a lock next thing he heard was the voice say if you suck now you can drink water and have some soup I am afraid that is what you will be limited to at the moment.
Ron did as instructed and sure enough he was given water and warm chicken soup.
“You will be fed three times a day and receive water a further 2 time a day on top of that with you meals”
“Currently you are wearing diapers which I will change as and when needed.”
Ron finished his soup and felt Jerry checking his diaper, which needed changing and so it was.
Jerry then said you will spend the rest of your time listening to the programming files through the head phone you have been wearing. The ones you are currently being subjected to will instil total obedience in you and will make you happy to accept forced fulmination without question. once they have taken effect you will be allowed to leave your cell and move into the house.
It took a further three days before Jerry was satisfied Ron was ready for the next stage Ron was released from his binds but the tape gag and blindfold were left in place along with the headphones. Ron was helped for the rest of day to move about to regain the use of his muscles During these exercise sessions he learnt he had now been imprisoned her for 5 days at Jerry’s place in a small suburban district about 5 miles from where Ron Lived or as Jerry had informed him ‘used to live’
Jerry informed Ron he would remain here until his training was complete and afterwards who know it would depend how successful Jerry was with his plan.
After two more days of intensive obedience training jerry decide he could remove Ron’s collar Ron had only transgressed once in the whole time he was wearing it. He was proving to be a good hypno subject.
Jerry called Ron to him and Ron obeyed without question
Kneel slave and Ron Did
He heard a click and the collar was removed
Jerry then removed the blindfold and Ron found himself in a dimly lit cellar room
Jerry said to Ron you will assume this position every time we are in the same room unless I tell you otherwise Ron nodded Jerry smiled at him and took a pocket knife out of his pocket cut the tape and carefully removed it, but the headphones stayed in place.
Whenever I speak to you, you will respond with’ yes’ or ‘no’ master do you understand
Yes master Ron replied without thinking or hesitation.
Ron was led out into the main house and shown to a room which he was told was his
It was vary feminine with a large walk in wardrobe dressing table with lighted mirror and double bed. Ron just stared but compared to the cold damp Cellar it was paradise
When I do not need you you will remain in here listening to your files understand
“Yes Master”
Now you need to bath and change
You will find something to wear in the wardrobe on the second shelf. you will wear it without question understand
Yes Master
Jerry pointed out the MP3 player on the bedside table and said when you have done cleaning yourself up and getting changed you will listen to that as often as you can
Ron bathed in a bath that had been prepared for him, it had scented oils in it that made him feel vary feminine, and Ron could not understand he should hate this but somehow it felt right and he led there just soaking himself until he felt relaxed
He dried himself and removed the clothes from the second shelf as instructed underneath was a box he opened it removed a piece of paper which had instructions on how to use the contents. The box contained a full range of make up false eye lashes and nails he put these on without question with the adhesive provided this would ensure they remained in place permanently. He went and sat in front of the mirror applied first the foundation then eye make up mascara and a scarlet red lipstick He then applied a matching nail varnish to each of the nails. When he finished he pouted and pulled faces he admitted to himself he looked good at the bottom of the page it said look in the top left draw he opened it and found ear rings, necklace and finger rings also there were two slave bangles which he slipped on and then locked in place
It contained a latex Bra and panties He struggled a bit with the bra but got there in the end then he got the panties which he put on then cat suit which clung to his body tightly l it was now that he realised he had lost about 20 pounds in weight while in captivity the pile also contain a black leather collar with the word slut on it he placed it around his neck and shut the metal clasp he realised then it was held by a locking screw that had but modified so it could never be taken off. Next he put on some Locking ankle boots with 5 inch heels and hobbled around the room until he got the hang of wearing them. He looked at himself he looked peculiar obviously a man but quite feminine in this get up. He wondered why he had dressed like this without question and something in his mind said because Master told you too and you will obey Master. That seemed to quell his disquiet
Ron flopped down on the bed and picked up the MP3 put the headphones on and led back on the bed Ron became aware the programming he was listening to on this player had changed. it had pleasant music then a voice telling him to relax.
The file wove its magic as he lay there, On the first file the voice told him he needed to take female hormones which he would find in the dressing table it instructed him as to what dosage he should take daily, and grow his hair the second told him his penis would shrink away until it disappeared and his testis would withdrawn back into his body A third file in the play list told him he was a cock sucking slut and cold not get enough of cum, especially off Dominant men
Several months passed in which the hormones were doing their business Ron had forgotten Jerry’s name by now he was just Master. Within a couple of months more he would have a smooth crotch with just a pee hole and his breasts would continue to grow. But for now he had just the start of a breast but was looking better in the range of uniforms that master would have him wear, having started with a dominatrix style uniform, though he was in fact by now totally submissive he had since been dressed as a French maid (His usual uniform if Master had guests) a Victorian Gothic dress with tight corset. A nurses uniform and when he was not required he wore mainly a boob tube and hot pants.
Today Master had given him a new file which he was to play after the usual ones. This one would make him a total airhead bimbo in attitude, combined with the cock sucking file this was getting Ron near to where Master wanted him Ron did as he always did and played the file without question and found the last of his thoughts disappear, all he could thing about was cock he wanted it he needed it and would what was required to get it.
Master kept up this training until Master was satisfied no one would ever suspect he had ever been a man. Master knew it was time to put the next phase into operation Ron was given another file with the instruction to listen to it all the time he was not with master. This file would get Ron to train his voice so that Ron’s voice would sound feminine if a bit husky. The second part of the file told Ron that his name was now Roxy and he was only to answer to that name
It took a while but soon Roxy was nearly there, she looked every part a woman but was missing one vital part Jerry phoned a man he knew who said he could get it sorted for a price. It would cost Jerry but he knew it would be worth it in the end, A date was fixed and that was that..Master had now to get Roxy to take cock the training file had help he had got her to deep throat the largest of the dildos he had used with out gagging she had been taught how to lick and suck but now was the final test he had her take him until he filled her mouth, Her technique had been exquisite
Yes that part of her training was over just two more parts to be dealt with the phone call had set up one of those they just had to wait but the other he could get on with and today was as good a day as any He instructed Roxy to dress in her sexiest outfit and join him in the hall.
“We are going out”
It had not occurred to Roxy she had not been out of her confinement to the house for almost a year
She had spent all the time listening to her files or doing Masters bidding She had been taugh how to do house work, but cooking had proved to difficult for her airhead brain but master didn’t mind, if anything the fact that cooking was above her would make his plans easier she would not even think to question anything she was going to be asked to do.
They drove into town and parked Jerry and Roxy walked up the street. As they passed a building site Roxy received wolf whistles and giggled. She had worn a vary low cut top and as she walked her breast bounced. One lad walked straight into a lamp post as he was watching them rather then where he was going. Jerry thought this is brilliant
He decided to see how ready Roxy was so he told her he had to go do something and she should go out and enjoy herself. He placed some money in her purse patter her on the rear and said “Go get them girl*
She walked down the street and received a lot of admiring stares She was wearing a micro mini skirt and thigh length boots as well as the low cut top. Well I say top it started just above her navel, All the while Jerry was following her out of sight she went shopping had a coffee where two guys gave her their numbers and a third invited her to join him at first she refused but after he insisted she went with him. He took her to the park Jerry Followed they made for a secluded spot. There was no messing around within seconds he had her top off and was playing with her breasts she beamed he pushed her down onto her knees and to her suitors surprise she became totally submissive, he could not believe his luck nor could Jerry this had happened faster then he expected she serviced him but when he made to go further Jerry decided to step in he could not have this man discover what Roxy was missing.
He appeared like he had come across them by accident made some excuse for bumping into them. He engaged the man in conversation and found out he was an high powered banker Jerry had an Idea that he could use later. He asked the man for his number so he could speak to him later about investments. The man fell for the line as much to Jerry’s surprise as anyones as it was a bit limp. Roxy had dressed and they left leaving the man to hide his embarrassment at getting caught. Jerry smiled at her.
“You did well Roxy”
“Thank you Master”
“I think you deserve a present”.
She giggled, and followed him they hunted up and down some side streets Jerry was looking for something but had not found it yet but he knew it was here somewhere, then he saw it, it was tucked back off the main sidewalk the windows were full of pictures and various bits of body jewellery they entered and Jerry spoke to the guy behind the counter after a few nods money changed hands and roxy was led to the back of the shop.
Her she was asked to sit sown in what looked like a denists chair there was equipment and accessories on a unit to one side Roxy did as she was instructed, she remover her top as instructed the man then set about preparing his equipment first up he placed Ruby ring in her naval she had winced but not cried out once. Next the man tattooed I’m a sucker above her naval in gothic letters for a man under it then as instructed he tattooed a red rose on her collar bone. She had not flinched through out the whole process of tattooing. She put her top back on and was led back out to Jerry. He looked at the work and was pleased all that was left was the phone call he was waiting for.
A few days later the call arrived and Jerry ordered Roxy to pack some night stuff and some other bits she did so without questioning why. He had made sure she had packed the MP3 player he wanted her to keep her programming going as long as he could.
They drove into the Capital City where he took her to a clinic and told her she was to obey everything she was told to do, He told her she was likely to be there for 3 months.
She was led to a room and allowed to settle in then she was subjected to a few tests befor meeting a specialist. She was taken to his office and was sat in front of him. He looked ast her test results and said
You are Roxy Campbell
Roxy replied yes
“You understand the implications of what is going to happen here and once done can not be reversed”
Roxy automatically replied yes though she had no idea what so ever of what was to happen to her. Jerry had ensured this he had programmed her over the last few weeks to reply with the expected answers for some one desiring SRS. Jerry had ensured that she would get it by explaining that she had not formed properly at birth
The Specialist told her about the risks and she nodded
After quite a lengthy interview at which fake psychiatric reports had been supplied by Jerry’s friend (He had told him it was for a project he was undertaking that needed one as a sample) the Specialist was satisfied filled out the necessary forms then got Roxy to sign them which she did without hesitation. She was informed the first of her operations would take place in two days.
She was prepared over the next two days then taken for surgery to start the formation of a virgina
Over the next three months she was to undergo three more operations but in the end it was worth the expense Jerry thought having been shown what had been achieved by a nurse one day while Roxy was sedated. The nurse informed him that the operation was a complete success Roxy would have a highly sensitive vigina with fully working clit, she would feel a full range of pleasure from it.
Several months later Roxy had fully recovered hair had even began to grow around her new pussy but now it was time for her to start to learn to use it. She would then have a full repertoire to offer her future clients
He called her into his bedroom, she had never been here before, he told her to strip she did until all she was wearing was her slut collar and slave bangles he got her to put her hands behind her back where he locked the slave bangles together then he started to play with her clit she writhed with extacy he kept this up until she screamed out as she had her first female orgasm.
Over the next few days he used a butterfly dildo which got her to multi orgasm then a rampant rabbit
Then he moved up through different sized dildo’s until she could take the largest.
He would have her sleep with a vibrator throbbing away inside her and a file telling her that she needed filling at all holes that are what they were there for.
She was now allowed to have female friends who showed her how to keep herself clean by douching her new asset so it did not smell One of them had also introduced her to a double ended dildo which she loved This girl then used a strap on on her
Jerry had planned this it was important that she had not been had by a man as that was going to be important for the fulfilment of his plan
About a month later everything was ready her training complete Roxy sat in her room itching for a cock, her dildo’s had been removed to keep her hungry she would explode tonight jerry knew.it.
He had organised a party in the Capital via the banker he had got the number off a while back. It turned out this guy would be happy to do it with Roxy again and new several high powered people would have her as well if she was up for that.
Jerry said he was sure she would be but having her would not be cheap as she was special. The Guy said he thought that would be no problem.
The guy rang Jerry back a few days later to confirm he could organise a party next week with 20 men who would pay big to be serviced by her and Jerry had agreed
Now was the night, he made sure Roxy done herself up nice and looked high class that would be the final touch
They drove across to the Capital to the address and rang the door bell the banker answered the door and ushered them in out of the cold night air.


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