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Bodyslave and party

by sleepyslut

Bodyslave and party

Leigh Willowhill

This file contains adult material. If you are not an adult, or such material is illegal where you live, stop reading and go do something else.

Ok, so I’m a little kinky, or maybe that’s a lot kinky. I’m a hypnofetishist, but then so are you, or you’re in the wrong place. I enjoy fantasizing about being hypnotized and sexually used. One of my favorite sites is www.warpmymind.com. Evil Mind Control Guy, or EMG as the site owner is known, has some really good induction recordings. I like to listen while I masturbate. I really enjoy the bodyslave recording. It implants a posthypnotic suggestion that when someone says “bodyslave time for you”, your mind will remain awake and aware but your body will obey all their commands, and you will be helpless to stop.
On the evening in question, I was going to a party. The people throwing the party were just acquaintances, but they had the reputation of having some really wild parties at their large (almost a mansion) home.
As I was already horny, I decided to masturbate to bodyslavetime. I have always figured that since I wasn’t relaxing, but getting more excited, I wasn’t really hypnotized. Anyway, time to get ready to party. This was a fairly dressy event, so I had on a basic little black dress, v neck showing cleavage in front, scooped out back, and close fitting down to the tops of my knees. Bra? Not tonight, I decided, the dress had some built in support, and at 34B, I’m not all that large anyway. Black thigh highs and shoes completed the outfit, with a nice emerald necklace to set off my shoulder length red hair. No panties, I figured the mood I was in, some reasonably attractive male with clean breath was gonna get lucky tonight, so why slow him down?
At the party, I did find a nice looking man to talk to. His name was George, and George was a psychiatrist. If you think you see where this is going, you are probably right. We got to talking about hypnosis, and how it was different in reality from what you see in the B movies on late night television. I remarked on one thing that had always puzzled me. “Why is it that the hero, have rescuing the tranced heroine, just wakes her up? There she is, his desire, all helpless. Why not take the opportunity to plant a few ideas, be a little evil yourself? To be just awakened is almost insulting!”
George laughed. “I’ve often wondered myself. By the way, BODYSLAVE TIME FOR YOU”.
I gasped.
“Just keep acting as if we are two new friends getting acquainted,” he said.
“How did you know?”
“I didn’t. But from watching your body language, it was a good bet you were a hypnofetishist, a sub and you wanted to feel the helplessness. Well, you are feeling it now, aren’t you?”
I nodded.
“Come over here and sit on the couch. You are not in a trance at the moment, just reacting to a posthypnotic suggestion, but we can fix that.”
“I thought you would need my consent to hypnotize me?”
“Usually, yes. But in your current state, your body will cooperate, which will make it very difficult for your mind to continue to resist.”
I went and sat on the couch. I tried to get up, or shout for help, or something, but all I could do was keep looking and listening like he was a fascinating new man I had just met.
“Ok, I am going to count down from ten to one. After each number, I will speak a phrase, and you will repeat it, restating the phrase to make it apply to you. If I say, You will obey, you will repeat, I will obey. And everything I say will be true.
“Ten, You are completely relaxed and ready to go into trance”
“I am completely relaxed and ready to go into trance”
Oh My God! I could not stop myself from repeating his words!
“Nine, You are becoming more and more submissive and obedient”
“I am becoming more and more submissive and obedient’
“Eight, when number one is reached you will be in a deep obedient hypnotic state”
“When number one is reached I will be in a deep obedient hypnotic state”
“Seven, with each breath you take, you are going deeper and deeper”
“With each breath I take, I am going deeper and deeper”
“Six, with every word I say, you are being more obedient”
“With every word you say, I am becoming more obedient”
I tried to fight, but it’s hard to stay alert and confrontational when your body is relaxed and compliant.
“Five, going deeper and deeper makes you feel wonderful”
“Going deeper and deeper makes me feel wonderful”
And it did! I felt a warm fuzzy bliss wash over me.
“Four, you are eager to be completely in my control”
“I am eager to be completely in your control”
“Three, my words are making you deep, obedient, submissive and happy”
“Your words are making me deep, obedient, submissive and happy”
“Two, You want to be completely obedient”
“I want to be completely obedient”
“One, you are now completely obedient, completely submissive, and completely happy, waiting for my commands”
“I am now completely obedient, completely submissive, and completely happy, waiting for your commands.”
“How do you feel?”
“Completely obedient, completely submissive and completely happy”
“What are you doing?”
“Waiting for your commands.”
“Good girl” he said, and wave a pleasure washed over me.
“Whenever I say ‘Be a good girl for me’ you will return to this state. Say Yes Master”
“Yes Master”
“I am going to snap my fingers and then later I will snap my fingers again. You will be completely unable to remember anything that happened in between the two snaps. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master”
“Ok, revert to normal”
All of a sudden I was awake, and we were in a different room, which I knew somehow was an upstairs study.
I was in control of myself for the moment, but I had the feeling this was not going to last.
He suggested we go back downstairs and rejoin the party. “This is going to be interesting.”
He was dressed, I was dressed, but I had the feeling this had not been the case recently. A familiar musky scent was faintly in the air, and I felt hornier than ever, which is my usually reaction to getting just a little. I should have just run out of there, but since he could stop me with a word, I doubt that I would have gotten very far. We went downstairs. In the big “playroom” as Elaine, our hostess called it, were most of the guests.
“There you are, George. You promised you would do a hypnosis demonstration tonight!”
Elaine took George by the arm and lead him to the center of the room.
“Everybody, George is going to do a hypnosis demo for us!”
George stood in front of the fireplace in the great room, and had people find places they could sit while he talked. He had everybody who had been hypnotized before raise their hands. Then he had everybody who had NOT been hypnotized before raise their hands.
“Why did I have both groups raise their hands? I wanted to get you used to doing what I ask, and judge your reactions and body language. When you are really interested in something, and concentrate strongly on what is being said, you lose track of time, right? This is a form of trance. You go in and out of trance states all the time, and don’t even notice. That is because your mind is much to busy paying attention to what is being said to notice how relaxed and focused you are becoming. Listen carefully, because this is important. Some of you are already entering trance, and will have a wonderful time tonight. Just keep listening and let it happen, and you will feel wonderful. Nod your head to show you agree being hypnotized is wonderful, and you want to be hypnotized.”
Most of us nodded.
“Great! You are all so good at listening and paying attention. It is so important for you to listen to what I am saying, to pay attention and follow my instructions. Everyone who nodded their heads, and want to be hypnotized, stand up.”
A lot of us stood up.
“If you are standing, and came here by yourself tonight, walk up here with me.”
Seven of us, myself included, walked up to the front. Our hostess, Elaine was with us. George spoke quietly to one of the people still sitting, and several people brought up chairs for us to sit.
“Elaine” said George, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. The rest of you watch closely, but don’t follow Elaine’s instructions, just keep listening and watching”
George started talking to Elaine, telling how important it was for her to set a good example and listen carefully, and follow instructions exactly. The other six of us up front just sat and listened. He told her that when he touched her arm, it would rise in the air, but she would not pay any attention to it, until he touched it again. Then she would notice it was raised, but be unable to lower it. They kept chatting, and he touched her arm, and it raised straight up. Elaine just continued, asking him when the hypnosis would start. After a few moments, George touched Elaine’s arm again.
“Hey, how did my arm get there!? And why can’t I lower it?”
Her arm looked like it was tied to the ceiling with a rope around her wrist.
“ I gave you a hypnotic suggestion that you would raise your arm and be unable to lower it. Since it worked, you must be hypnotized, right, Elaine? Say Yes.”
“Ok, lower your arm, go sit down and keep listening and following instructions, Elaine”
She sat down.
George turned and said to the rest of us, “Since Elaine was hypnotized, and you came up with her, you must be hypnotized as well. Say Yes”
We all said “Yes”.
George walked over to me. He looked my straight in the eye and said, “We are going to save you for last, Leigh. Be a good girl for me. Just sit here, going deeper and more obedient and more submissive. Don’t pay any attention to what is going on in the room until I speak to you again. Say Yes, Master.”
“Yes Master.”
I think my reply caused a buzz of comment, but in moments, the room had become just a blur of light and sound, with out meaning. People were laughing and applauding, but it didn’t matter. I sat, happy and content, knowing that George would come back and speak to me, and when he did, I would be a good girl, deep and obedient and submissive.
“Yes, Master”
“How are you feeling?
“Deep and completely obedient, completely submissive and completely happy, Master.
“What are you doing?”
“Waiting for your commands, Master.”
“Good girl.”
A wave a pleasure washed over me.
George told the folks that he had, by accident, found out I was a submissive hypno-fetishist.
“Leigh here is going to be the main show, I’m sure.”
“Leigh, why did you come here tonight?”
“I wanted to get laid, Master.”
“Really. Anybody in particular?”
“No, Master, just a guy reasonably clean and neat”
There were several guys in the audience trying to volunteer, but I ignored them and George waved them down.
“Not a gal?”
“I have never thought of having sex with a woman, Master.”
“How do you fell about sex with a woman now that you have thought of it?”
“I am completely obedient. I feel how you want me to feel, Master”
“Good girl. Stand up.”
I stood up.
“Take off all your clothes, except your stockings and stand at attention. Hear and see nothing until I speak to you again.”
I stood, slid my shoes off and shrugged out of my dress. I stood straight and everything became a blur.
“Yes Master”
“I am going to place a collar and leash on you. For the rest of the night, you will be a happy mindless sextoy for whoever holds your leash.”
“Oh thank you Master!”
I felt the collar go on my neck, and George handed the end of the leash to Elaine. Elaine sat down spread her legs and pulled her skirt up.
“Worship my pussy, toy.”
I heard cheering, as I got on my knees and hands, burying my face in Elaine’s crotch. It smelled and tasted wonderful, and I was just mindlessly licking away. She told me to spread my legs a little and I of course did. Two strong male hands gripped my butt cheeks and separated them. Moments later a large thick cock was penetrating me. What little was left of my mind dissolved. I remember bits and pieces of giving and receiving pleasure from singles, couples and larger groups of both men and women.
I awoke, in a strange bedroom. I assumed it was Elaine’s, since she was in the bed beside me.
“Ah, Hi, Elaine” I said somewhat sheepishly.
“Good morning, Leigh. I guess with sunlight shining in the window, the night is over and so is the spell?”
I reached up and removed the collar.
“I guess so.”
“George left a letter for you”
I opened it.
“Dear Leigh;
I found when I first tranced you that to be a sextoy at a party was one of your deepest fantasies, so I decided to give you that as a present. BTW, none of your triggers will work for strangers anymore, unless you decide you want them to work. Of course, I am not a stranger, and all you previous triggers, and the ones I installed will always work for me. We will be seeing each other.”
George installed “triggers”? I could only remember one. I guessed there were others. I can’t wait to find out what they are.


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