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by JoanC

TRANSFORMATION FANTASYAs a special treat I decide to go to a make-over/transformation salon that also sells fine clothing and accessories for trannies. I’ve been thinking about this and fantasizing ever since I saw the advert for “Eves” in an alternative newspaper. I even walked past the shop one day to check out the neighborhood and get a feel for the place. So I plucked up my courage, phoned to book an appointment and crossed my fingers hoping for the best.Not knowing what to expect I walked through the shop door feeling a bit sheepish and nervous. Seeing all the women’s wear and lingerie on display brought a blush to my face. I stammered as I explained to a gorgeous brunette shop girl named Mandy that I had an appointment, but her reassuring friendly manner put me at ease. She introduced me to her assistant Stacey, a raven-haired beauty, and asked if I would like a cup of tea or glass of wine. Stacey went in the back to get me a glass of wine while Mandy showed me a photo album of make-overs displaying the costumes and styles that they catered for, everything from ‘bride’ to ‘sexy tart’ as well as ‘French maid’ and ‘teen school girl’.I was very impressed with the selection and feeling more comfortable as I sipped on the wine that Stacey brought me. I really liked the sexy black satin, silk and lace outfit but commented to Mandy that women don’t normally dress like that all the time.She cheerfully replied,“ Go on, be a devil, live a little. With your features and figure you would look stunning in that outfit.”I had my doubts but as I imagined myself in the black satin outfit I felt a rush of adrenaline mingling with the butterflies in my tummy.I replied to Mandy “Okay then let’s see if you can make a silk purse out of this boars ear.”Mandy chidingly replied “You mustn’t think of yourself like that, you are beautiful deep inside and we are going to bring that feminine beauty to the surface. Just wait and see, before were finished we’ll make a real lady out of you, I promise!”We walked over to a wig display and Mandy asked me“Do you see anything you like?”Feeling somewhat calmer I replied, “They all look nice, I’ll take one of each.”Mandy asked “Would you like me to pick one that suits your features?” to which I nodded yes by way of reply. She picked out a shoulder-length brunette shag cut wig and positioned it on my head. She chatted while she fussed with the wig brushing and arranging it. The tresses felt very sensual touching my face and neck; her hands felt very soothing, her closeness along with the scent of her perfume were nicely arousing in a subtle sort of way.As if reading my mind Mandy looked me in the eye and asked“How does that feel?”I replied, “It feels marvelous, I want to run my fingers through it.”She asked, “Do you have a nice girly name that I could call you, something nice and soft like you?”I replied, “I’d like to be a Stephanie, Stephie, a Steph?”“Well, Stephanie it is then” she chirped.“Have a quick look in the mirror and get your first glimpse of Stephanie” I looked in the mirror and was awestruck. I don’t know what Mandy had done with the wig because I saw an attractive young lady in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw until my eyes blinked and then I knew I wasn’t dreaming.Mandy saw how impressed I was and commented “You don’t realize how pretty you are Stephanie, like an ugly duckling seeing herself as a swan for the first time.Mandy led me to a large walk-in closet that was chockfull of dresses, skirts, blouses and outfits in a variety of sizes. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, surrounded by a wardrobe of feminine frills.Mandy sized me and helped me pick out bra & panties, garters, a new pair of sheer black stockings off the sales rack. She held out a lovely boned and lined bustier and asked,“Have you ever worn a corset before?” Noticing my puzzled look she answered,"That’s all right Stephanie it helps accentuate your girlish figure, but it’s optional. I’ll help you get into it and laced up, if you’d like.”Next she was reaching for fluffy petticoats, a matching pleated black satin skirt, a long sleeve blouse, and a pair of 3” suede black heels. Mandy smiled at me and neatly put my selection of outfit items in a basket. As she led me down the hall to a dressing room I was struck by her shapely figure, her graceful swaying hips, and I thought to myself “Goddess, I’d die to have a figure like that.”Mandy stopped at a door and opened it to reveal a dressing room with a vanity, full-length mirror and day bed all done up in lovely shades of pink with lace and frilly things. She told me there were showers down the hall if I wanted to freshen up. She explained how to get dressed and said she would be back to help with my make-up. Before leaving me with a warm smile She pointed to a buzzer button mounted in the vanity explaining that I should ring her if I needed any help.I quickly undressed and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The girly face framed by the wig looked incongruously feminine above the male body. I took my time donning the stockings and sexy underwear luxuriating in the sensations.I picked up the corset. I wrapped it around my torso like Mandy had instructed. As I fastened the front of the corset I noticed my hands were trembling. It felt very sensual being restricted like this and I was becoming aroused but steadied myself thinking “Let’s stay focused Stephanie dear, there is still much more to come”.I put on the silk robe hanging from the door to cover myself and pressed the buzzer button for some help in lacing up the corset. Lo and behold the raven-haired Stacey arrived, surprise, with a glass of wine. She complimented me on my progress and said “Mandy forgot to pick out your breast forms but I’ve brought some lovely silicone ones to help you fill out that corset” She continued with “These are much more natural looking than the foam forms. Let me help you with them and then we’ll lace you up.”She gently parted my robe and smiled saying“No need to be modest Stephanie, we’re all girls here.”Stacey slid the forms into the breast cups of the corset, and asked me how they felt.“Kinda funny” I replied noticing their coolness and then feeling the weight of them on my chest. Stacey replied with “They will warm up soon enough. Now that the stuffing is in there, let’s get you laced up.”I shrugged the robe off my shoulders and caught another glimpse of my Stephanie in the mirror. She was looking more and more feminine by the moment with the addition of more layers. Stacey had me stand up straight facing a wall as she pulled on the laces at the back of the corset. She told me to exhale a little and lean towards the wall as she gave a final pull on the laces and tied them off. She turned me around and looking me in the eye with a warm generous smile said“You look great Stephanie, very pretty, very alluring”. Helping me into my robe she said,“Sit down at the vanity and we’ll get you gussied up.” We started with press on fingernails, working through so many things that I lost count; moisturizer, foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara finally finishing with the lipstick. Stacey was a true gift chatting and explaining what she was doing as we/she progressed through the makeover. She helped me into my skirt, blouse and heels giving me a brush down and once over before slowly turning me to face the full-length mirror.I was amazed, nay, delighted with the apparition there before me, this beautiful, vibrant, sexy lady who positively glowed.Stacey turned to me and said “Stephanie, you look good enough to eat.”I answered “Oh how I wish.” and asked her“Could you hold me please, I’m feeling a bit faint, maybe the corset is too tight.” She took me in her arms and supported me asking if I was alright, I was about to reply that I just needed to catch my breath, when everything went black…I came to my senses lying on the daybed with Stacey massaging my toes; she’d taken off my heels. I felt good, not shaken by passing out. I felt really good but some how different in a way that I couldn’t put my finger on. When I was ready Stacey helped me sit up and then helped me to my feet. Then it hit me, my body felt somehow different. When Stacey took me in her arms the contact felt very warm and open but it didn’t feel the way I remembered man to woman contact feeling. I wanted Stacey but in a different sort of way. She looked me in the eye and said“Let us seal this with a kiss first”I closed my eyes, parted my lips, opening myself to her and a lingering, luscious kiss.She sighed and said to me“We have a surprise for you.”Her hands gently moved to my chest and started caressing the breast forms through the corset. Yikes I sensed that they were alive, that I had real breasts with real nipples that were swelling and hardening to her touch. I looked at Stacey panic-stricken wondering what else had changed but her bemused smile and gentle voice assured me. Her soothing hands roamed my alert body, which melted at her touch as she explained that I was now a woman on a two-week holiday from the world. Mandy walked in the room joining us in our embrace and the energy shifted even more. She gave me a long lingering kiss and said “We welcome you to explore your passion and wildest fantasies with us in this alternate reality….”


Part 2? - subkayla

Is there a continuation of this story? Oh to be Steph!

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