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by lance017

Chapter 1

As you snapped another picture of your step-brother, you think how well everything went. You purchased several books on hypnosis, studied everything about hypnosis that you could get your hands on, practiced on any stranger that would let you. Finally you were here, completing your coup de gras, your step-brother. Ever since your mother remarried you've wanted to be in this situation or some variant for years. Now that the scenario you've dreamed of has come true it's all you can do to keep from cumming outright.

After working on him for days slipping subtle suggestions into conversation, hinting at hypnosis done on friends for fun and beneficial purposes, whispering things to him as slept. After wearing down his defenses through indirect means you gradually approach him more directly. He readily agrees, having been buttered up by you over the preceding months. Once you have him in trance you slowly work him up even more. Hinting that hypnosis feels soooo good. Suggesting that he love you so much, using the logic that you're brothers after all. You start stripping away his modesty ever so slowly. Over the course of several months you get him to go without his shirt at all times when you're alone all the while continuing to suggest that he love and trust you until you are the most important person to him in the universe.

Then you begin to transition to the next phase, you link hypnosis with sexual feelings. Gradually and patiently at first, building up the new perfect slave brother, cell by cell. You both have 3-4 more year of college and still live with your parents. Eventually even mentioning hypnosis gets him harder than a rock. You gradually take away his interest in women as they don't make him feel nearly as good as you do. You strip another layer of modesty as well. He begins to go commando at all times and wearing thinner pants material.

Next, you begin to attract him to you. He resists at first, but after being worked on for 2-3 years at this point his resistance and tiny and vestigial. He trusts and loves you so much this is just a natural extension of your relationship. You make sure he keeps this a secret though, it would be hard to feign disinterest. You slowly work his sexual attraction to you up to the point where all he thinks of is you. You make him obsessed with you on almost every level. Especially your cock, at first you made him really curious about your cock. You then made him dream about it and then begin fantasizing about it and finally openly looking at it, hoping to see it unclothed (which of course you never did, despite his sneaky attempts to catch you in the shower or jerking off). You also strip another layer of modesty away. When you're alone he goes naked as if it was completely natural.

The next phase is sex, the final being complete slavery but you think that'll take many more years to accomplish that but it's only a matter of time. You bring him down with his trigger phrase and you slowly reinforce everything and you slowly work on him. As usual, he's sitting on the bed across from you in your shared room, naked and rock hard. You've slowly built into him this obsession of sex with you so that when you offer it, there's no chance he'll be able to say no.

You snap your fingers and he awakens. He looks at you with such adoration and you say, "Bro, you know I love you, right?"

"Of course, I love you too. So much. You're the most important being in my life. I would do anything for you." He gushes.

"I haven't had sex or had any real release in a long time and since we're so close. I was hoping you could you-ya know-help me out?" You coyly ask with a vague nod to your throbbing erection in your pajamas.

"YES!" He replies so quickly and forcefully, for an instant you thought he had rejected the suggestions and was going to hit you. A small vestige of his former self briefly surfaced and then added, "--I mean, yeah, I guess, since we're so close--but only a hand job--and only this on--" He paused and that vestige was swallowed up by years of conditioning layered over and over his previously macho, straight jock boy mind. He quickly said, "Or at least, just a hand job to begin with and we'll go from there." He looked at your face with a hoping expression, hoping he hadn't just ruined things.

"That would be wonderful." You reply and give him a big smile, which of course you've programmed him to get sexual pleasure and happiness from making you smile. You leaned back on your bed, cock tenting out your pajamas. His eyes were fixed on your crotch and he fell to his knees with a zoned out look on his face. He reached up and was about to pull down your pants and unleash your hard dick when he got this look of worry and he looked up into your eyes. You held a long gaze as you saw the internal conflict rage. You knew he was resisting with all of his might. Everything up to now could be reasoned away but this really couldn't, not to him at least. You saw him scrunch up his face like he was straining to lift something heavy. The scrunch got worse and worse until in a sudden change like a splash of cool water he faded into a loving expression more serene than you've ever seen on him since you met him many years ago. He slowly pulled down your pajama pants, unleashing your cock. He gazed at it with such adoration. To him it was like looking at the cure for cancer, made of diamonds being presented to him by all the world leaders. He gingerly touched it and you saw him spasm a bit and you felt hot liquid hit your leg. He had cum just from touching your cock. However, it's like he didn't even notice he held it straight out from your body and gave it a few strokes. He quickly tried to swallow it into his mouth. He was eager and had watched enough porn to figure out what to do. You gently gave him suggestions and critiques on what you liked which he obeyed instantaneously. You've also been waiting for this for a while and while not having the benefit of layers of programming to help you cum fast you're quickly ready to blow.

"I'm going to cum, bro" You sigh out between raged breaths. He picks up the pace and increases suction, hoping to milk your cock of its cum. After a gradual build up you pull his head down gently but firmly, shooting rope after rope down into his throat. You let him go and after a couple gently suckles he pulls off and looks at you with a look that was pure, actual, non-hypnotic love. He feels his cum on himself and he gets up to clean off and you come down off the orgasm high. You remember the look he gave your cock when he pulled your pants down and think to yourself, "Maybe slavery isn't as far off as I thought it was." You give a quick chuckle and get up to clean off as well. Already planning your suggestions for your next hypnosis session with him.


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