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Mike and Joe

by IeuH

Chapter 1

It's Tuesday morning, and Mike is nervous as he waits by the chain-link fence. The chain-link door is locked, and he's got no choice but to wait until Joe shows up.

His mind keeps going back to yesterday, to sucking Joe's big dick and then later how he sucked off his hypnotist. It felt so good to have a cock in his mouth after going without for Saturday and Sunday. Maybe if Joe is happy with him, Mike can visit him more often this week.

As quickly as that thought pops up, he feels disgusted with himself. He shouldn't be here. He shouldn't be wanting to suck Joe's dick. But then again, the hypnotist had a point. If Joe doesn't mind, and Mike doesn't mind, where's the problem? Sucking cock is definitely healthier than smoking. Besides, he just needs to suck a cock once every few days to stay focused. Yesterday was a fluke because he needed to make up for the weekend.

Yes, he would suck Joe off today, and then again on Thursday or Friday, depending on what Mike wanted. He definitely won't do it more often than that. He remembers how the hypnotist explained how his body would get used to the amount of cocks he had sucked. Since he sucked two cocks yesterday, his body and mind would want the same today.

Well, one cock would be enough for today, Mike tells himself. Definitely no more than that.

"You're already waiting for me."

He starts when he hears Joe's deep voice behind him. "Uh, yeah," he stammers, then stands up, trying to look casual. "You, er, asked me to be on time."

Joe looks him up and down, then smiles. "I did, yes. Well, come on, Mike. No one else is here yet, so we can find a nice spot for you to give me a blowjob. That is why you're here, right?"

Mike nods as he follows Joe. "Yeah, just for that."

"And what a good boy you are, being here early," Joe tells him. He strides into the building after handing Mike a hard helmet. "Let me tell you, there's no better start to a long day than a good blowjob."

"I know, right?" Mike replies, idly thinking about ex-girlfriends who had blown him first thing in the morning.

Joe laughs as he turns a corner. They're in a hallway, concrete all around them. There's some door openings to future offices on either side of them. "I guess not, to a cock-sucking slut like you."

Mike flushes when he realises how Joe took his reply. Of course Joe thinks that to Mike, giving a blowjob is a great start to the day. "I didn't mean, uh, I was trying to say that -"

"Shut up," Joe tells him, hands on his hips and towering over Mike. "I didn't bring you here to talk, slut. I brought you here to suck my dick before the rest of my crew comes in. Get on your knees."

Mike obeys before he can think about it. Joe is so dominant, so big, so manly. How could he resist?

Joe slowly starts unbuttoning his jeans, palming his dick and groaning as he does. "Unless you'd like that, you little bitch. Would you like to be watched while you suck my dick? I bet you've let someone watch before."

"Uh, yeah, just once," Mike replies, his eyes on Joe's groin, thinking about the two guys from the parking lot on Friday. Had that only been a few days ago? Fuck, he can feel himself grow hard as he watches Joe's bulge emerge. He licks his lips when Joe finally pushes his jeans and boxers down, his half-hard cock visible.

Joe laughs above him. "Just once?" He rests his hand on Mike's head, running his fingers through his hair until his hand rests against the back of Mike's head. "I bet you liked that."

Before Mike can reply that he hadn't really cared all that much, Joe pushes him forward and he opens his mouth to start licking Joe's cock. He moans at the first taste and his cock twitches in his jeans. He leans forward, resting his hands on Joe's firm thighs.

"Mmm, yeah, you love it," Joe groaned above him, keeping one hand on the back of Mike's head. "Go on, take my cock, you little slut."

Mike opens his mouth wider and takes Joe's cock into his mouth. Joe doesn't wait too long before he pushes Mike's head closer, forcing Mike to take more of his cock. Mike moans, loving the taste of Joe's cock and the scent of Joe's groin, his balls, everything about him.

"Fucking deep-throat me, bitch," Joe mutters, and ignores Mike gagging around his cock. "C'mon, cocksluts like you can take a dick, fucking take it!"

There are tears in Mike's eyes as he's gagging, and finally Joe lets him move until there's only two inches of his cock in Mike's mouth. He looks up at Joe pleadingly, and Joe looks down at him and smiles.

"You can do better than that, you love sucking cock so much, you gotta be able to take it," Joe tells him, then shoves Mike forward again.

Mike's still gagging around his cock and Joe moans. He ignores Mike pushing back against his thighs.

"You gotta relax, slut," Joe tells him. "Fucking relax and breathe."

Mike tries, but can't manage it, and is relieved when Joe lets him move back a few more inches. He can take Joe's cock down his throat, but not for as long as Joe wants him to, and not so soon after starting his blowjob.

"I guess we have some more work to do on you, cockslut," Joe tells him.

Mike really should talk to him afterwards about Joe calling him a slut and a bitch and a cockslut. He doesn't want to be called those things. It makes him feel embarrassed and it's already embarrassing enough, being here on his knees trying to suck Joe off the way Joe wants it.

Even if he loves sucking Joe's dick. Even if he's trying really hard to relax and breathe and give a good blowjob. He just wants Joe to be happy so he'll let Mike suck him off more often. And oh God, the taste of his dick in his mouth is so good. And when Joe pushes him close, with his nose pressed into Joe's pubic hair, his scent is everywhere.

Joe pushes him close again and Mike moans at his masculine, musky scent invading his nose. "Yeah, you like this, don't you?" Joe grunts, thrusting his hips forward even as Mike starts to gag. "Should've known you would, little bitches like you always do." 

Mike wants to shake his head. He's not a little bitch! But Joe keeps talking like that as he makes Mike take his cock down his throat. He keeps calling Mike a bitch and a slut, calling him an eager cocksucker, and then he puts his other hand on Mike's cheek, keeping him in place as he starts to fuck his face.

At least he's not expecting Mike to deep-throat him the entire time. When he finally comes, Mike closes his eyes in bliss. The cum tastes so good, exploding into his mouth. It's better than the best coffee he's ever had. This is definitely the best way to start his morning, with a dick his mouth and some delicious cum.

Joe pushes him away when he's finished and Mike stays on his knees, panting as he catches his breath. He whimpers when he feels something press against his groin. He looks to see Joe's thick workman's boot against his groin.

He looks up to see Joe grinning down at him, then he whimpers again when Joe presses his foot down against Mike's cock. "Please, no!"

Joe keeps his boot pressed against Mike's groin for a little longer, then pulls his foot away. Mike immediately covers his groins protectively with both hands. "You got hard again, didn't you? Just from sucking me off?"

Mike nods, his cheeks red as he massages his cock. It hurt, having Joe do that to him, but the current massage feels pretty good, so he keeps rubbing himself through his trousers.

"Are you jerking yourself off now?" Joe asks, his tone scornful.

Mike pulls his hands away guiltily, then stumbles to get up. "No!"

Joe just snorts. "You better hurry back to your office so you can jerk off in those toilets. And remember, bitch, same time here tomorrow morning."

"Uhm, how about Thursday?" Mike suggests. "Thursday morning?" If he's strong, he won't need to suck Joe off tomorrow. He can go a day without.

Joe glares down at him. "You will be here tomorrow morning and Thursday morning to service my cock, you desperate slut. Or else I'm gonna let your boss know how you spent last week's lunch break. Is that understood?"

Oh God, his boss can't find out about him sucking cock. No one can. He can't imagine his colleagues finding out about this, and he's sure the office gossip would spread fast. "Y-yes."

"Yes, what?" Joe barks.

"Yes, I'll be here tomorrow morning?" Mike tries.

Joe slaps him in the face. "Yes, Sir," he says, while Mike is rubbing his cheek. "If you're gonna be a desperate little cockbitch, you will show me some appreciation. I have to come here early so you can suck my cock. Are you grateful for that?"

Mike is still stunned from being slapped across the face. He should fight back, but then, Joe is bigger and stronger. He'd just lose. "Y-yes, Sir," he mutters.

"Much better," Joe says, and sounds pleased. "I will see you tomorrow morning, slut."

Mike hastily says goodbye, then practically runs off. His cock is still achingly hard, despite Joe slapping him in the face, and he knows he's gonna jerk off in the toilets at work soon. He can still taste Joe's cum on his tongue.


The next morning, Mike feels antsy as he's waiting by the chain-link fence. The craving for cock had been starting to grow stronger in the afternoon, and it had been tough dragging his mind away from memories of sucking off the hypnotist and Joe, but Mike had stayed strong. He could wait until this morning, until Joe got here.

Joe's got a big grin on his face when he spots Mike. "Good boy, you're on time."

"Yeah," Mike replies, because what else is he supposed to say?

Joe raises an eyebrow at him, and blocks him from getting through. "Excuse me?"

Mike blinks up at him. "Yes, Sir?" he tries, remembering Joe insisting Mike show him some gratitude.

Joe nods. "Better. Come on, let's see if you've gotten better at deep-throating." He rubs his groin pointedly, and Mike promptly forgets his annoyance with Joe.

He wants to suck his dick again. He wants to taste to his cock and his cum and have his nose buried in his pubic hair.

Joe leads him to a different hallway, but it looks pretty much the same. He snaps his fingers and points to the ground at his feet.

Mike frowns for a few seconds, then realises he should kneel down before Joe, so he does. It's embarrassing, having Joe command him like he's a dog. "Just let me suck your cock," he mutters, glancing up at Joe again.

Joe laughs, rubbing his crotch as he slowly undoes his buttons. It seems that he loves to tease Mike, slowly unveiling his cock to him. "You want to suck my dick?"

"Yes!" Now that he's here and so close to Joe, the craving has only gotten stronger, and his hands are trembling. He needs the feel, the weight of a hot cock in his mouth.

"You forgot the 'Sir', but I'll give you one warning since you're clearly such a desperate cockslut," Joe tells him. "Only thing you can think about is my dick in my mouth, isn't that right?"

Mike feels his cheek redden. He hates the fact that Joe is right, and he nods.

"All right, let's see if you've gotten better at deep-throating. You should be happy I'm willing to let you use me for practice, slut. Show me how grateful you are."

Mike doesn't reply, instead shuffling forward on his knees to open his mouth to let Joe's cock slide inside. Oh fuck, it tastes so good. He moans around it as he takes it deeper, and Joe wastes no time forcing it down his throat. Mike starts gagging after a short while, tears welling up in his eyes, and Joe ignores him for a few seconds longer.

Joe repeats that a few times, his hands on the back of Mike's head, pushing him closer when Joe wants him to deep-throat and letting him move back a few inches when Joe decides to let him calm down and breathe.

No matter what Mike does, dig his nails into Joe's thigh or whimper around his dick or look up at Joe pleadingly, Joe only lets him move his head when Joe decides it's time. Mike blinks the tears away, and notices Joe's wide grin as he watches Mike struggle to deep-throat him.

But despite the gagging and the humiliation, Mike still loves this. He loves the thick cock filling his mouth, and the scent of Joe, and knowing that if he does a good job, he'll get a mouthful of delicious cum and he can make it through another day without terrible cravings.

When Joe finally comes, Mike moans in relief, swallowing eagerly and licking his cock clean. He's panting as he sits up to look at Joe.

"That was better," Joe tells him. "But you still need more practice. I want you back here during lunch, message me when your lunch break is."

Mike is already reaching for his phone when he remembers his determination to suck as few cocks as possible. "I, er, can't," he replies.

Joe slaps him across the face. "Yes, you can, you little slut." He grabs a fistful of Mike's hair and pushes his face into his groin, his flaccid cock pressing against Mike's cheek. "You want me to tell your boss what you've been doing?"

"No," Mike moans, inhaling Joe's glorious, manly scent, and rubbing his face against Joe's thigh.

Joe pulls him away. "Then be here for lunch."

Mike nods. Part of him looks forward to it, and part of him hates Joe for demanding this of him.


Fortunately, the morning is quiet at the office and no one is surprised when Mike says he's going for a walk during lunch. He feels awkward as he walks over to the construction site, and when Joe beckons for him to enter the building, he feels like the other workers are looking at him. But they don't know why he's here, right?

The blowjob's pretty similar to the one he gave earlier that morning. Joe wants him to deep-throat as much as possible, Mike tries to gag as little as possible, and the smell and taste of Joe's cock is even better than this morning. Maybe it's because the guy has worked up more of a sweat, but Mike feels dazed after swallowing his cum.

"I want you here after five as soon as possible, bitch," Joe tells him.

"Uh huh," Mike agrees without thinking. "Yes, Sir." He smiles back when Joe smiles down at him.

"Good boy."


The afternoon flies by and before he knows it, he's back at the construction site. Despite exchanging phone numbers, Joe has only messaged him to confirm he's got the right number. He watches a few builders leave, and they seem pretty surprised to see him hanging around outside the chain-link fence.

Joe brings him inside the building, somewhere to the back. They pass a few other workers. "Just making sure we're out of the way," Joe says.

"Right," Mike replies. His cock is already half-hard at the thought of getting to suck Joe's cock again. It should bother him more than it does, that he's back here for the third time that day. Will Joe want the same tomorrow? And on Friday? Is he really going to be sucking dick three times a day from now on? His cock twitches eagerly at the thought.

Joe orders him to his knees, then steps back to lean against the wall of the room they're in. "Crawl over to me like the bitch you are," he tells Mike.

Mike's cheeks burn red as he crawls three feet across the floor towards Joe, who is rubbing his crotch as he watches Mike.

"Open your mouth," Joe says, and Mike does so.

Joe reaches out to run his fingers across Mike's lips, pulling so his mouth opens wider, then he smiles. "Good boy." He finally unbuttons his jeans, stroking his dick a few times.

Mike finds himself leaning closer, letting out a moan as the scent of dick hits him, and Joe moves to run the head of his cock across Mike's cheek before sliding it into his mouth. "There you go, slut, that's what you wanted."

Mike moans a 'yes' around Joe's thick, hard cock. The deep-throating is coming easier now, he's not gagging as quickly and he can blink away the tears welling up in his eyes. Joe runs his fingers through Mike's hair.

"That's it," he says, "that's it, you little cock-sucker. Take my dick, take it like the thirsty cockbitch you are."

Mike moans again, closing his eyes to focus on the scent and the taste. It's so good, and he's sucking on Joe's cock eagerly. He wants this so much.

"Boss, I was - oh."

Mike tries to pull away at the strange man's voice, but Joe's hand keeps him pressed against his groin.

"Hey Steve," Joe says. "What's the matter? Never seen a guy get his dick sucked before?"

Mike can't see Steve, but he can hear him take a few steps closer and Mike tries to squirm away again. Fuck, he can't believe it. Joe had brought them to a quiet spot in the building! This wasn't supposed to happen!

"Not like this, boss," Steve replies. "He, er, he looks pretty into it."

"Oh, he is." Joe strokes the back of Mike's head. "Mike here is a great big slut who loves sucking dick. Come closer, you can see how hard he is because of it."

Mike whimpers as he hears Steve come closer, and Joe tugs sharply on his hair. Mike can finally see Steve, who is towering over him. He's younger than Joe, with some dark stubble on his chin, and Mike can see dark patches from sweat across his chest and armpits.

Steve puts his hands on his hips and smiles. "Oh wow, you're right, he does love sucking dick."

"I'm sure Mike is a big enough slut that he'll suck your dick too."

"You think?"

Mike lets out a whine. Oh God, he would suck Steve's dick, he just knows it. He knows he won't be able to resist once Steve whips his dick out. His own cock jerks at the thought of Steve doing that, of Steve jerking his cock into hardness while Mike finishes with Joe.

"Of course." Joe sounds confident, his fingers running through Mike's hair. "Why don't you get yourself hard already?" Joe starts to slowly fuck Mike's face again, while Mike is looking at Steve's crotch from the corner of his eyes.

As Steve unzips his trousers, he notices Mike's attention. "I think he's looking forward to sucking my dick."

"I bet he is." Joe tugs on his hair. "But he better learn to focus on the job at hand, or he's not gonna get to suck another dick at all."

"C'mon, boss! You promised he'd give me a blowjob!"

Mike is looking up at Joe as he narrows his eyes at Mike. "He'll give you a blowjob," Joe says, "but he needs to do a good job with me too."

Mike closes his eyes, as it's easier that way. He can lose himself in the taste of Joe's cock without being too distracted by Steve and his cock and how big it is and what it'll taste like and smell like.

"There's a good boy," Joe mutters above him, and pushes his cock down Mike's throat. "He needs to practise his deep-throating some more, make sure he does that with you too."

"No problem." Steve's voice sounds rough, like he's already jerking himself off, and Mike moans around Joe's cock. Fuck, he wants to get to work on Steve's cock.

Joe begins to thrust in and out of Mike's mouth, then comes down his throat with a low grunt. He pulls Mike back, and Mike opens his eyes, already trying to turn his head towards Steve. Joe laughs. "Told you he was eager."

Mike only has eyes for Steve's cock, just inches away from him. Steve smells so good, and his own cock jerks in his trousers. "Please, Sir," he manages.

Finally, Joe releases him and Mike leans in to let Steve's cock slide into his mouth. He moans around it, closing his eyes. As good as Joe tastes, it is nice to taste a different cock. Steve's cock is thicker, with a slight bend to it.

"Fuck!" Steve moans. "Fuck, you weren't kidding when you said he was a cockslut!"

Mike glances up at him. Isn't he doing a good job?

"I told you!" Joe laughs. "I swear, he just turned up one day and asked to suck my dick. I figured it was about time I share my good fortune."

"Fuck yeah," Steve manages, resting one hand on Mike's head as Mike bobs back and forth. "Fucking take it deeper."

Mike does, deep-throating him for as long as he can before moving back. After Joe's dominant handling, it's nice to be able to move at his own pace. He also slightly misses Joe's guidance, since now he's not sure what Steve likes. Still, Steve is moaning and thrusting his hips. Mike is clearly doing a great job, and he's feeling very happy about it.


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