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The Premie Peter Saga

by premiepeter

Chapter 1

The Premie Peter Saga

The Premie Peter Saga

Chapter 1


Hello, my name is Premie Peter. I am a submissive, diaper dependent, sissified hypno-pet who has been a hypno-fetishist for over 35 years. Presently I am the pet of Mistress J in a mid-size town in Ontario, Canada.

I was not always a sissified pet or submissive for that matter, but over the past 35 or so years I have been changed, programmed and conditioned to be what I am today. A happy, obedient, hypnotized pet who exists to please Mistress or Master as they desire.

I was introduced to hypnosis back in the later '70's by my then girlfriend, Amanda, who later became my wife, and first Mistress.  This chapter starts the beginning of my life as a hypno-pet and my life as a hypno-submissive. Future chapters will detail different phases in my experiences that have created the me I am today.

Amanda and I met in our senior year of college through an S&M and D/s group off campus.  We hit it off and both tended to switch, trying various forms of Domination and submission and some S&M scenes. We soon found we enjoyed the D/s scene much more with a little S&M mixed in for fun.

I was a business major, with market analysis minor, and Amanda was majoring in psychology and counselling.  She was also taking courses in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and got her initial certification just before graduation.

We both did our post-graduate degrees, and she began taking NLP courses and further her hypnosis and hypnotherapy training and credentials.

We moved in together during our last year of our post-grad studies, and continued our D/s playtime, often mixing hypnosis with some S&M play. We soon discovered that while we both liked to switch, Amanda was more dominant and I more submissive so our roles soon became she as Mistress/Domina and I as her submissive.

Following graduation, we got married and both landed fantastic jobs. Me as an analyst for a major American investment bank and Amanda as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist at a large metropolitan hospital. Shortly after she began working for a large private clinic.

I was making  a good 6 figure salary and almost double that in commissions and from investments. Then when we bought our home, a large secluded two storey home in the suburbs, and Amanda opened a private practice office in the city. Our home was huge and had a wonderful play-room downstairs and private office for use to work in from home when we wanted or needed, as the commute was a bit tiresome in winter.

Our playtime began to involve more and more use of hypnosis as Amanda began implanting triggers and began programming submissive behaviours in my subconscious. I was starting to become a hypno-junkie, really getting off on the surrender of control and having Mistress take control of my feelings, my desires, my body and mind.

Amanda programmed me to stay hard and horny for hours while we had sex so she'd have many multiple orgasms before I even came once, implanted an obedience trigger that caused me to follow any request without thought or regard for what might happen. My pet nickname became "Petie", and all she'd have to say is "Petie it would please me if ..." and tell me what she wanted, and I'd do it without question.

This little 'trick' led to many embarrassing, humiliating sessions as Mistress Amanda put me through my paces.

Life Changes:

About 3 years after we married and bought the house, I was in a terrible car accident, ending up with a broken pelvis, major back injury to my lower back and minor brain damage. As a result I couldn't walk, had memory issues, and lost control of my bladder and bowels.  I spent almost 6 months in hospital then 6 months in rehab learning to stand then walk unsteadily, but mostly I used a wheelchair to get around the rehab centre.

With the loss of bladder and bowel control I had to be diapered, as catheters did nothing to protect from soiling myself. I hated being diapered, and it caused me all kinds of stress and was leading to depression.  Amanda talked with the doctors, and they advised that eventually I'd regain most control of my bowels and bladder in a couple of years as my spinal cord healed, and with some 'occupation training' (potty training for adults) but until I had some control of my bowels, diapers were necessary.

Fortunately, we got a HUGE settlement from the insurance, and my disability benefits covered my full salary and two thirds of my last year's commission income so we still had a great income from work, and good income from our investments.

Amanda was becoming concerned about the depression over needing diapers, and decided to put on her therapist hat and fix things.

For several days, she'd put me under and implanted suggestions that diapers were a wonderful solution, and felt better than any other form of underwear and that I loved wearing diapers and enjoyed how it felt when I wet my diapers.  Something like this:

"Feel the soft bulk of your diapers Petie. Feel how soft, and comfortable they feel on your bum and crotch and feel how secure and safe they make you feel. You only feel safe and secure when you wear diapers. You know your diapers contain all your wetting and messing inside the diaper all safe and secure so you don't embarrass yourself wetting your pants or soiling your pants. Diapers are the best solution for you and you only feel safe and secure in diapers.

You know you can't control your bladder or your bowels and wet and mess just like a baby and that's why you need diapers and want to wear diapers. Babies wear diaper because they wet and mess uncontrollably and you wet and mess uncontrollably so you need to wear diapers all the time.

It feels wonderful to wear thick soft diapers and when you wet your diaper it feels so nice, so warm and wonderful to wet your diapers. No worries or shame at all, just happy, warm wet sensations as you wet your diaper, all safe and secure in a diaper, happily wetting your diaper. Enjoying your warm wet diapers all the time."

After a few days I really started to like my diapers. The did feel nice and soft, and made me feel safe and secure. And when I wet my diapers it felt really nice. A kind of warm, wet sensation filling my diaper area and soaking my diaper.

By the end of the week I loved my diapers and wetting my diapers. It was great.

Life Moves On:

After just over a year of hospital and rehab, I was regaining my mobility and able to walk short distances unaided. As I weaned off the pain meds, my memory and thinking cleared up, and except for some lost memories from before the accident, my memory and thinking was back to normal. I still had no bladder or bowel control, and still needed diapers full time, but that was fine with me. I loved my diapers and wetting my diapers.

I was discharged to home, with occupational therapy and physio-therapy 3 times a week to continue to help me with my walking and we settled into our lives as a couple again.  Amanda went back to work, but decided she wanted to work from home more often, writing and seeing some patients in our home office.

I began going into the office a couple days a week, but got really tired from the commute, and having to change my diapers 4 or 5 times a day was a pain, especially messy diapers.   Amanda and I talked it over and we decided I'd start my own investment counselling business from home. All I needed was good internet, which we had, and we added another meeting room in the house where I could see clients.

This proved much better for me to handle diaper changes, and gave me the energy to build a nice little practice and clients began coming in pretty steadily from our neighbourhood.

The firm I was working for gave me a pretty good 'retirement' settlement and we were making fantastic money on our investments, and had almost as much income from our own businesses as we were making commuting to the city for our jobs.

We began to resume our 'games' gently at first without any S&M play, and had lots of fun with roleplay and D/s sessions, especially all weekend.

In the early '80's, disposable diapers were not great, to say the least. Your basic Depends and Attends tended to leak often, and held barely a large void. A few other brands were more absorbent but still tended to leak.

Amanda was getting annoyed at the wet bed pads or bed every morning, and insisted I start using thicker more absorbent cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. I still had a little trouble with my one hand, so pinning on the diapers was difficult. Amanda began to take charge of my night time diapering, and we kind of made fun of it. She pretending to be 'mommy' and babytalking while she powdered me and pinned on my diaper.

At first the diapers were just plain 4 layer flannel with a middle pad, but she had someone make up thicker, gauze diapers, then some thicker flannel diapers with baby prints on the outer layer.

I didn't know she'd been using hypnosis to make me like the thick cloth diapers, especially the baby print ones much more than the disposable diapers.  Soon I wanted to wear cloth diapers all the time and have 'mommy' put my diapers and panties on for me.

Diaper change became a time of intimacy for us, and I really enjoyed mommy changing my diaper and playing with my weewee. Sometimes I'd make stickies in my diaper as mommy played with me while putting on my plastic panties.

Cloth diapers felt so much softer and secure and held more peepee than those crappy disposables, and as a bonus mommy changed me.

After about 6 months my bowels began to settle down, and I was down to one, sometimes two BM's a day, so the therapist suggested some special toilet training to get me out of messy diapers. Since neither Amanda or I enjoyed the messy diapers, we began toilet training Petie, and in a couple months I was having only one or two accidents a week, usually first thing in the morning if I had to wait for mommy to change my wet night diaper.

Bladder control still remained non-functional, and the neurologist and urologist suggested it would still take time but eventually should be near normal for pre-schooler, if I paid attention to the signals.

We talked it over and decided to try to continue toilet training for bladder control, as wet diapers while working with a client were sometimes problematic, and I was having to go into the city once or twice a week to meet with larger corporate clients.

With Amanda's help, it took about 4 months for me to go from diapers to training pants, and my wetting accidents were down to maybe 3 or 4 times a week, usually when I was really concentrating on some analysis and forgot to watch for the 'signal'.  Nightime diapers were still a must as I wet every night, usually a few times a night and woke up soaked.

Amanda continued to change me in the morning, and diaper me at bedtime and it was still really wonderful and intimate.

I must point out I was not and am not an adult baby or infantilist. I wore diapers because I had to due to injuries. Amanda was not trying to make me a baby, although sometimes in our role play she’d have me feel like and behave like a preschooler still in diapers, but we were not an AB couple.

Amanda had a couple of AB’s in her practice, and found them nice and even ‘cute’ but that was not a relationship she wanted. She just liked the control she had being responsible for my diaper changes, and how exposed I was while being diapered or changed. A sort of power exchange.

Over a little time the daytime accidents receded almost completely, but I still wore training pants because occasionally I’d wait just a bit too long and dribble before I got to the toilet. I hadn’t been in underwear for over 5 years by this time. My underwear was toddler like training pants and diapers and plastic panties.

And it was all normal and fine with me.

My former company made me a fantastic offer to buy out the corporate side of my business, and we talked it over and decided we had lots of money, so let’s downsize the investment business to just personal folios and retirement folios that I could run from home, only having to see clients in my home office. Amanda was working almost exclusively from home so we had lots of free time for ‘play time’ and role play.

About this time, Amanda discovered my other drive or fetish was humiliation. Being made to perform humiliating tasks or being put in humiliating scenarios, often using hypnosis to overcome my resistance or conscious desire to protect my self image.

She also went to Toronto for 3 months to work with a psychiatrist and hypnotherapy professional who worked with a lot of the fetish community, especially the trans community, infantilists, and submissives whose fetish had become obsessive and began to affect their normal lives, or was causing them depression or anxiety.

When she returned she decided to re-open her office in the city to see more ‘kink’ clients and help them there, a couple days a week, rather than have them come to our home.

We began to rejoin the fetish community in the city near our home, as Amanda heard more about it from her clients, and she found this provided ample opportunity for her to strengthen her hypnotic control over me and feed my humiliation needs.

She began developing personalities in my subconscious that she could trigger. They were usually something strange or different than I’d consciously submit to, but under her control I was compelled to perform as taught and to experience my behaviour or actions consciously fully aware of what I was doing or how I was behaving, and powerless to do otherwise.

At one fetish night she had me dressed as a toddler, and when we arrived triggered me to feel like and act like a two year old for the entire evening. I was shy, spoke only simple phrases, wet myself nervously several times, and had to be diapered and go around in just a top and thick diapers and baby panties, sucking a soother and drinking from a sippy cup. It was totally humiliating but I couldn’t help myself.

Another fetish night, she triggered me to be a flaming faggot. Lispy, limp wristed, mining prissy boy, who tried to make up to all the hunky guys, who thankfully didn’t take me up on my propositions.


Her favorite persona was her French Maid who doted on Mistress, did all the housework, laundry, cooking and of course looked after Mistress’ manicure and pedicure. Dressed in a short black maid’s dress, white apron, 2 inch heels and fishnet stockings fastened to my garter belt made me feel totally helpless and submissive and every time I saw my reflection my humiliation just about made me cum in my diapers.

Over time, Amanda changed my control trigger to just “Petie”. All she’d have to do is call me Petie and tell me what she wanted me to do or become, and that was it. “Petie make love to me until I cum three times, then cum hard and clean me up with your tongue making me cum again.” Or “Petie go hang you washed diapers on the line in back wearing just you T-shirt and diapers.” Or whatever she wanted designed to humiliate me of further my submission and service to Mistress Amanda.

Amanda continued to improve her skills and knowledge and had me constantly to practice on. Her reputation as a hypnotherapist grew and she was asked by a couple of government agencies to join them and continue research in brainwashing and mind-control (remember it was the 80’s) but she declined.

After I’d been pretty well ‘potty trained’ for a couple years Amanda began hinting she’d like to see me in full time diapers again. She said she missed the intimacy of changing me often, like a mother with her baby. We had no children, not even a dog, and I guess her biological clock was making her want someone to ‘take care of’.

As much as I enjoyed our bedtime diapering routine I wasn’t sure about full time diapers again, but finally after we continue to discuss it and I saw how much she wanted me back in full time diapers, I relented and said it would be OK, I’d start wearing full time again.

She came back with, “Oh that’s OK, but I want you to use them again like you did after the accident. All the time, no more potty, just diapers.”


And that leads us to Chapter Two – The PTE coming soon….


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