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my friend lexi

by kingrko12

Chapter 1 how it started

i always had a facination with hypnosis so when i found a website on how to make sublimanel hypnosis it intriged me i stated messing around with it never relly expecting anything to come of it  i was trying to make a track that would slowly turn the one hering it in to an airhead all i needed was some one to test it out on  and i had someone in mind it was my  friend whos name is lexi and the reson i wanted her to be the one to test it was she always loved trowing up  how much smarter she was then me lexi and i were sending each other playlists of songs at the time and she always listend to them as she was going to sleep so i decided to put it in the playlist late in the playlist so as to not be found i waited about a month but thier was still no effect that i could tell so i decided to test it more directly in the sublimanes their was a triger phrase that if said should make lexi become an airhead for the rest of the day as a test to see if the affects were working propley i called lexi and had a normal chat with her for about thirty minutes at which point i tried the triger and to my suprise she respounded exactly how she was suposed to with the words I dont like big words so speak english ok but she still acted the same i waited a few minutes and tryed again this time it was more of the same she didnt seem to rember her response or the triger which was part of the plan so i ended the converstion and decided to wait another month and try again i did the same routine as before only this time during a triva game show we were watching and it worked not just her response but she couldnt get a single quston right the rest of the night and befor she always got pissed when she got a qustion wrong but on that night she just laughed so i pushed my luck if it had fully worked she wold love it when someone told her she was dumb so i jokingly told her she was acting like a dumb blonde she looked me dead in the eye and said thank you nothing eles not sarcastic just thank you the next day she was back to normal and didnt rember anything



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