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Venus Diaper Trap by the unthinker

by dank_m3m3

Chapter 1

“Plants.” Angela muttered again, just loud enough that her friends could hear her over the rush of wind.


“Plants.” Celia nodded. She tilted her broom so she flew a little farther away from Angela.


“I signed up for magical studies.” Angela said, picking at her broom in boredom “And what I get is plants.”


“It’s not as though any of the senior magicians would fly miles into the middle of nowhere just to check out rumors about a new plant.” Emily pointed out “You didn’t think you’d be discovering the Alchemist’s stone after your first year of school did you?”


“No but I wanted to do something, anything, besides botany.”


“Who knows, maybe it will actually be interesting.” Angela shrugged


“Land here.” Emily called


The girls flew their brooms down into a small clearing in the swamp. The marshy ground squelched under their feet. Trees were growing sparsely all around them.


“Bathroom again?” Celia asked


“Maybe we should put you in diapers.” Angela snickered “You can’t seem to hold it very long.”


“I’m not a baby.” Emily growled in annoyance “And I don’t need to pee, we’re here.”




Angela looked around. There was nothing that they could see except for thick swamp all around them.


“This is where the plant was reported. A half mile that way.”


Emily pointed into the trees. The three girls looked at each other.


“Well we may as well get going.” Celia shrugged, slinging her broom over her back and taking her wand out. 




“I’m tired.” Angela groaned “Why can’t just we fly?”


“It’s just half a mile.” Emily said “And because we don’t know anything about this plant, we should approach it with caution.”


“Yeah, yeah. Because I’m sure a plant is really dangerous.” Angela rolled her eyes


“Some magical plants can be deadly.” Emily said “Angela, please try to take this seriously.”


“Mmm.” Angela muttered


Just then, Celia saw a shape dart out from behind a tree and dart towards them. She squinted. It was a skunk, but instead of being black and white it was purple and white. It ran close to Emily, turned around and raised its tail. 


“Emily!” Celia tried to warn her friend but Emily just didn’t see the skunk in time.


Pffft! The skunk sprayed Emily before running off. The three girls gagged.


“Ewww!” Angela said, clutching her nose


Emily already had her wand out and was trying to cast counterspells but there was nothing magical about a skunk spray. She stank and there was nothing she could do about it.


“Did we really not bring anything to get rid of skunk spray?” She coughed, shifting through her bag


“We didn’t think we’d need to. I knew there were skunks around here but I didn’t think they’d actually spray us.” Celia said. She caught another whiff of Emily and crinkled her nose “Dang, you really do stink.”


“Don’t you have any other clothes?” Angela asked


“No, I thought I’d just cast cleaning spells on these.” Emily said, tapping them with her wand “It’s not working though.”


Emily sighed “Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do. I’m not about to smell like a skunk for the rest of the trip.”


She pulled her robes over her head. Celia gaped 


“What are you doing!?! Put your clothes back on!”


“We’re in the middle of nowhere. It’ll be fine.” Emily said, sliding her bra and panties off


“You don’t need to be completely naked!” 


“It’s soaked into everything.” Emily said “Unless you have extra clothes?”


“No…” Celia admitted. All three girls had just brought one pair of robes. It was much lighter to carry and magic could take care of things if they got dirty or torn. But they didn’t have any idea how to get skunk spray out.


“Wow.” Angela said, staring straight at Emily’s chest. 


“Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a big bust size.” Emily rolled her eyes. She stuffed her clothes into her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Angela stared as her breasts bounced.


“Just move.” Celia said, prodding Angela’s back with her own wand




It turned out the plant wasn’t hard to find. It was massive, a mass of vines with massive green leaves and white flowers. It was in a clearing in the trees.


“So this is it huh?” Angela wandered up to the plant and poked it with her wand “Doesn’t seem special.”


“Well it looks unusual.” Emily said “Look at the flowers, I’ve never seen a plant with such massive flowers. And two petals, that’s not natural.”


“The shape’s strange too.” Celia added


It was true. Each giant, white petal was T-shaped; a wide rectangle tapering outwards towards the top. The petals were bulky too, they were two, maybe three inches thick. They were on long, vine-like stems that fed into the central tangle of vines and leaves. 


“Is it even magical?” Angela asked “It looks kind of dead.”


“It’s definitely wilted.” Emily agreed “It doesn’t seem to have been able to get any nutrients lately. But how on earth would a plant like this even expect to get any nutrients in this kind of place?”


“No idea.” Celia shrugged. She looked at one of the flowers and frowned “Hey, did this one just move?”




“Yeah, I thought it was facing the other way.”


“Let me see.” Emily walked over and bent over “It doesn’t seem to be- aiieee!”


One of the flowers moved faster than any of the girls thought possible. It shot out and hit Emily’s bare butt and its two petals contracted, one wrapping around her butt and the other folding across her crotch. Angela and Celia saw it happen but it was too fast for them to even say anything.


“W-Wha-!?” Emily asked in surprise. She stumbled backwards but the flower and the vine it was attached to pulled taut and didn’t let go, like some strange bulky underwear with a chain attached to the bottom. She couldn’t get away.


“Ha! You are wearing a diaper! I knew you were just a big baby!” Angela laughed


“It’s not a diaper!” Emily said, clawing at the petals with her nails. They were soft, but they were also incredibly tough. She couldn’t break them.


“Actually…” Celia took a second look “I actually think Angela is right. It does look like a diaper.”


Emily paused for a moment and looked down at herself “Yeah, I guess so.”


“Do you think it missed? As in do you think it meant to hit… there on you? Maybe it was shooting for your head?” Celia asked


“It fits really well on me so it probably was aiming there.” Emily took her wand and waved it over the vine attached to the flower, muttering magic words. Nothing happened.


“Oh don’t tell me… it’s resistant to magic too?” She groaned in annoyance


“It’s like a venus fly trap except it puts people in diapers… Let’s call it a venus diaper trap!” Angela suggested


“Sure, call it what you want.” Emily said, trying more spells to no effect “But why would it want to put people in diapers? It doesn’t seem to be doing anything…”


“What I want to know is how can a plant move so fast?” Celia asked “I mean, it’s a plant.”


“Some plants can move super-fast.” Emily pointed out “Venus fly traps can close in a fraction of a second. And some kinds of bamboo can grow up to a meter in just one day.”


“Yes, but those are special cases.” Celia said “I’ve never seen anything that can both aim and move like this.”


“It must be magical after all.” Emily shrugged “But before we study it, can you help get this stupid thing off me?”


She gestured at the petal diaper around her waist.


“Oh, right.”


Celia and Angela began casting some spells on the vine leading to Emily’s petal diaper as well. Still nothing seemed to effect it. They were trying some of their strongest spells too, but the vine resisted fire, acid, poison and even a conjured sword.


“Okay, but how?” Celia asked, panting. All three girls had just used a ton of magic.


“I don’t know.” Emily shook her head and wiping sweat off her forehead “Maybe we need to go after the main body of the plant?”




Celia looked at Emily.


“Did you just… fart?” She asked


“Yeah, I’m feeling a little off right now.” She said “But I’m feeling bett-”


Sploortch! Emily cut herself off with the loudest fart either girl had ever heard in their life. The flower around her waist dropped lower, like a weight had just entered it.


“Uh-oh…” Emily said 


“That wasn’t just a fart?” 



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