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4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10 Charless and the Slave Unit

by Casey

Chapter 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10

Charless and the Slave Unit
Chapters 4-10.

Note: these are segments of these chapters do to being to graphic for public forum. The pay files of the complete chapters will be released eventually.

Charless: hmm...Are they setting the slave up to die young? .. So far the programming for this particular slave appears to have to be intensely harsh and Severe.. I am only used to do such with cases of Hell Sentences.. 
"Papa Ogun"... 
Orisha of the Yorubans... 
of Iron and War.. 
But the married part seems a little.. bizarre... 
married or not.. 
the evidence of how this slaves program works is unfolding quite nicely..... 
I wonder.. if this slave still has that roleplay desire.. 
Tis would be a nice Sin ... to feed.. hahahaha! ...
::digs through transcripts... searching for the actual session that placed in this trigger....::: ::humming.. I been workin' on the railroad::
::hmm.. it appears to be missing:::
::resumes the next part::
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
Tribals Imps and Ogun
Charless: This is an absolutely crazy scene to put any Slave through.. I hope they know what they are doing.. I do not like fixing broken things.. it is very irritating.... I prefer to just destroy them if they are broke.....but, Casey Jones.. This explains the railroad thing.. at least..
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
Aftertalk Charless and Doctor
Charless: Hmm Track work being writings and blog, and railroad energy...
Charless: Thinks.... ::pulls out small black book:: ... ::scribbles in some notes::...
Charless: Calls in ::how much longer does this slave need to be in physical therapy?::
Doctor replies:: Evidently the Slave was not "tanked" as long as we had thought... The Slave cames they go about their normal day and usually is only tanked during sleeping hours.. with or without the train cd? .. I guess there is a Train Cd they play to this one..
Charless: Find it, and play the cd.. record vitals.. As you do I want to know the results...
Doctor: Yes, Mr. CSX.
Charless: Mr. X.. Do, I need to take you into a torture session to remind you I am not a railroad company?
Doctor: Laughs, Sorry, Sir.. Mr. X .. And I will pass on your mind control offer...
Doctor: Slave keeps asking for his Mistress Valkyrie? ..
Charless: Tell him she is in rehab at a different hospital for Cancer and the gun shot injuries.. Do not let Slave know how many years have passed. Rig the TVs and radios he watched to year 2013....Slave has a self destruct program should he discover Mistress Valkyrie has died.. We need to figure out how to deactivate this before he can know, or find a way to change his program to a new handler.. then he can known... Do not allow slave internet access, yet...
Doctor: We can not do this. Slave knows the date, and time that has passed. He Exits the tank to live his normal life with his family... abnormally.. normal life.
Charless: Alright....
Doctor: When Slave asks why she is with us what do we say?
Charless: Refer to Slave as He, and say he is in testing, to make sure he is alright after accidental prolonged exposure to the tank, and that since his current Mistress is ill, he was sent to us to take care of him... until further notice. Let me know, when you are going to run the train cd, I want to observe the slave myself.. He has some rather strange railroad related programming.
Doctor: want me to run the test in a clinical session, or in the tank?
Charless: clinical session... Rig up programming screen.... and restraints.. I want to test our slaves mental and psychological limits.
the horse cutting edge
Charless Reads about ...Mistress Valkyrie works Slave unit... with bdsm and I am a train.
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
Mistress Came out
Charless: Reading along: Note: Slave can not be around drunks, messes with empathy... Slave needs positive encouragement: .. Yuck, I hate that.. Disgusting... ::resumes reading.. While Waiting for the program room, to be set up:::
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
exhausting process
Charless hmm.. Why did this call this one exhausting when they are upgrading his energy system...
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
Music work
Charless reads about Slave Units music triggers, and alters...
Charless Yells: Charless! Charless! This individual has my personality as one of it's multiples! Who in the hell did this? How is this even possible? ...Who programmed this thang? Charless, stomps off to the program control center... Who in the hell is this Controller...
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)
Burn pleasure torment
Charless: Well done session here.
(working on a File for the missing parts in this chapter.)

Authors Note: Most of These chapters have parts going into files as they are bit to graphic to display in the stories section. So for safety reasons they will be going into paid files.


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