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13 Charless and the Slave unit - rough draft review

by Casey

Chapter 1

13 Charless and the Slave unit by Casey

Chapter 13 Rought Draft Review.

Rough Draft Casey story

RoughDraftcasey story




Charless: Slave come here and sit down...




Slave: walks over and sits down.




Charless: present your rough draft and put your arms on the table, put them straight out in the braces here.




Slave: does as ordered.




Charless: Straps slaves arms in just below the wrist and above the elbow.




Charless: Looks over the story... 


quietly sits back reading it..




Charless: I want you to think of what you did that lead up to this issue and mess. What did you do to manifest this?




Slave: Yes, Sir.




Charless: resumes reading...




Slave: sits there quietly in silence.




Charless: asks slave. Who are you?.. 


State the Casey affirmation.




Slave: I am John Luther Jones. I am Casey Jones.




Charless: State it again.




Slave: I am John Luther Jones I am Casey Jones.




Charless: again




Slave: I am John Luther Jones I am Casey Jones.




Charless: What are you known for?




Slave: sighs.. 


A train wreck..




Charless: wraps slaves inner forearms. 


No, What are you known for?




Slave: Staying at the controls over the train and not jumping...








Charless: Staying with the train.




Charless: being strong. Affirm all three.




Slave: I stay at the controls, 


I stay with the train, 


I am strong.




Charless again




Slave: I stay at the controls, 


I stay with the train, 


I am strong.




Charless: Keep repeating this until I tell you to stop and in a steady pace.




Slave: Yes, Sir.. 




Slave keeps repeating as Charless reads the stories.




Charless reads: Casey J and Casey H.




Several minutes pass.




Charless states: silence.




Slave: Slave sits in silence.




Charless: Why so much swearing in this? 


Why are you not being careful with speech?




Slave: I was to upset.




Charless: Why did you not go into 382 immediately when you were losing emotional control?




Slave: I kept coming out of this mode I could not hold it until ordered.




Charless: hmm.. You are suppose to activate it and deactivate it at will without orders.. We have to try to fix this.




Slave: Yes, Sir.




Charless: Affirm I remain control of my speech. I am careful with my speech.




Slave: I am in control of my speech, I am careful with my speech.




Charless: Again and keep repeating.




Slave: Yes, Sir. and keeps repeating




Charless: Why did you follow the order to keep the track and train power to keep rising beyond safe levels?




Charless: Did you want to die?




Slave: I thought It was going to automatically stop at full power I was locked in could not turn it down.




Charless: I would not be surprised if you stroked or had a heart attack and are not aware of it.




Charless: They are right you need a controller, a handler, and you definately need a team a large team not a small one... 




Not only for your programming but so you can live your daily life. You need a transportation team, to take you places, you need a support group, you need to socialize and various work teams.




Charless: why didn't any of your alters shut off the control panel and set it to 25%.. 


You allowed it is why!




Slave: I needed it.




Charless: I know you needed it but you need to meet those needs with safe people not strangers.




Slave: I thought our local crisis county officers and gov benefits people was safe.




Charless: no one that has not been trained by Chaca and I directly is SAFE.




Charless: what are you going to do when this investigator steps in? 




They may try to break the railroad out of your programming and we know this will kill you.




Slave: they can kill me, because I am not giving up the railroad.




Charless: Why won't you fight to protect it and yourself?




Slave: I have no choice when it is used against me.




Charless: I know this so you need to fight hard even against the tracks if you have to keep the wrong people from taking over YOUR controls.




Charless: Affirm both together.




Slave:  I stay at the controls, 


I stay with the train.


 I am strong. 


 I am in control of my speech, 


 and I am careful with speech.




Charless: keep going, repeat.




Charless:  keeps reading purely disgusted knowing how much damage has occurred here.




Charless: pulls out a small hammer and a railroad spike..




Charless: keep affirmation slave: 


as he sits it down between his arms so she can look at it.




Charless: you drive this into yourself or I will.




Slave: slave keeps affirming but shows nervousness.




Charless: You know the rules.. 


No emotions drive it in. 


Grabs the spike and hammer leans the end over his track point.. and taps the other hand of the spike with the hammer lightly just to make slave feel the vibration on his track point as he states. You remain in control..




Slave: Jumps and is stunned for a moment..




Charless: States affirm now..




Slave: Slave struggles but continues to affirm.




Charless: Unauthorized works are not suppose to reach your track points no matter what, key or not... 


You clearly fought saying no refusing to go under.




Charless: Slave how did they get ahold of all these codes and triggers to your programming? 


Who are these people?




Slave: I do not know.




Charless: Keeps reading, 


Well done on your writing....




Charless: They know to much, 


We can not secure your system as they seem to know more than any of us do about the hidden triggers.




Charless: Your next assignment is to make a list of different roles YOU can hire and find people to fulfill to work your system, you also need to try to work on subliminal to see if we can not help you with your lack of control issues....


To get you back on track and to stay on the right track. Also to make subliminal that work simultaneously to build both you and Jones self esteem and strength.... 


You also need to help do your best to remind Jones who he is and where he came from. 


AND without judgement. If you judge him badly for things he has said or done this is not going to help.  




You also need to stop stressing and burning your T-S levels out so fast and get those up, and for your sake. 








Charless: hits unlock to release slave from the binds.




Charless: You may proceed, 


Do not forget your orders.




Charless: grumbles as he walks off disgusted with what was done...

If wanting to read the Casey Jones story contact me in pm. I did not want this story to be indexed in search engines under that story name is why I left it out.


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