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29 Charless and the Slave unit Train Cd Test

by Casey

Chapter 29

Charless and the Slave Unit

Chapter 29 Train Cd., Tracks, Test



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(Aftertalk repeated)

Charless: Refer to Slave as He, and say he is in testing, to make sure he is alright after accidental prolonged exposure to the tank, and that since his current Mistress is ill, he was sent to us to take care of him... until further notice. Let me know, when you are going to run the train cd, I want to observe the slave myself.. He has some rather strange railroad related programming.


Doctor: want me to run the test in a clinical session, or in the tank?


Charless: clinical session... Rig up programming screen.... and restraints.. I want to test our slaves mental and psychological limits.


(resumed from ch Music Work.)


Charless! Charless! This individual has my personality as one of it's multiples! Who in the hell did this? How is this even possible? ...Who programmed this thang? Charless, stomps off to the program control center...


Charless: Doctor! Send the Train slave to clean up and put on the special vital testing gear!.


Doctor: Yes. Mr. X.


Doctor: Calls slave

Says, "You are to shower, and come straight to the Lobby to Meet Mr. X. For all day testing. Do not be late. You only have 2. hours."


Slave: replies, "Yes, Doctor."


Slave: is nervous.. manages to get in a shower.. goes straight to the lobby, not realizing slave is an hour and a half early and just waits.


Security: Alerts Charless of slave being in the lobby early.


Charless: waits no time, and goes to the lobby.


Charless: He sits in a corner and just observes the slave as she looks out the window.


Slave stands their in good posture gently swaying side to side dancing to imaginary music.


Charless: Gently approaches, in a gentleman tone of voice.

states, "Greetings, May I help you?"


Slave: replies, "No, Thank You. Sir, I am just waiting."


Charless: Charless observes how he does not make direct face on eye contact.


Charless: Then states, "Mr. Casey Jones, turn around and look me in the eyes."


Slave: is startled turns around fast, and asks who are you, as he looks into his eyes.?


Charless: offers a to shake hands: I am Master: X. Charless X. Stain.


Slave: Master Stain? ..


Charless: Master X. My name and culture is slightly different. Please, no further questions. You are today's subject.


Slave: Yes, Master X.


Charless: You may say Mr. X. Since, for now.


Charless: Follow me.


Charless: Walks slowly softly, and like a gentle prince, as slave follows. Charless states: Walk at the edge of my Shadow.


Slave: thinks this is a little strange, but obeys.


Charless: states while in my care you are always a shadow, you will always obey, and comply.


Slave: says. Yes, Mr. X.


Charless: Stops at what appears to be a normal clinical changing room. Says, Put on the suit and the helmet, and meet me at the door over there at the end of the hall.


Slave says, "Yes, Mr. X."


As slave is changing. Doctor Suggests since slave has railroad programming to possibly have slave call him. Mr. CSX.


Charless: States, "I will consider this." ::then grumbles::


Charless orders the doctor to load in images of railroads good and bad and many variations of train sounds into the programming screen. and orders to pull in a railroad track and train simulation machines to be prepared, for the special testing chair.


Doctor and his team prepares: What first?


Charless: The Train cd, and track images... and our normal bondage and examination chair and table. Set it up to also be easily moved onto the crossing tracks simulation at any time.


Doctor: punches in the orders. Do you want the chair immediately on the tracks to begin with?


Charless: Beside them, and hide the tracks. I want to see if the slave can sense their presence.


Charless Waits in the dim hall.


Slave: walks in.


Charless pushes buttons on slaves wrists and ankles: the suit makes a hissing sound. Relax, and walk with me.


Slave: does not notice the suit doing anything but hears the sounds, and asks, "What does that do?"


Charless: The suit is preparing to measure your vitals and to restrain you in any manner we need for the testing.


Slave states: ok.


Charless: Walks down the spiral slow case slowly as slave follows behind at the edge of his shadow.


At First the electric lights are single, then they look like two candles.. Then candles of three.


Slave states: This looks like the enterance to a mysterious demonic sacrificial place.


Charless: Replies, Perhaps.. Sometimes it is. But today, it is just your testing place.


Slave states: I feel a lot of heavy dark energy as I go down more.


Charless replies Good. Feel it, and go down more.. Look at the center of the stair case as you go down deeper and deeper into it.


They do not go down far before the suit signals an under hypnosis Beep.


Charless: stops and looks at slave. You drop to easily... Keep walking and following me.


Charless: hmm pushes a button that pulls back the wall to an elevator...


Charless says, "Step in slave."


Slave deeply trances steps in, and charless closes it, and says, "Doctor, when slave arrives on the elevator immediately sit him in the chair."


Doctor: At the elevator? you usually make them walk the whole staircase?..


Charless: Slave is to deep under hypnosis already.


The quiet soundless elevator stops and opens with a soft barely visable red light.


Doctor shines a light on the chair, Instructs the slave to sit in it. It looks like a normal chair, with vinyal padding.


Slave: sits in it.


Then lights go out.


Slave rides the chair to the special room.


Charless: speaks through a special echoing speaker, asking slave general questions. Ordering the slave, to obey, comply, and listen carefully.


As slave answers and complies the suit slowly binds slave, so that he can not move at all. He is sitting in normal good posture.


Charless: Let us program in the general postures.

First posture used off they call the railroad crossing posture. Feet shoulder with apart, flat on the floor back straight, hands on his knees. program that in.


Doctor does: hits button to reposition slave.


The suit gently moves slave into position.


The suit alerts the slave is gradually exiting hypnosis.

They just sit and wait, and watch.


Slave: What the fuck is this shit? Is this part of the testing!...


Charless: Says, "relax, Casey Jones."


Slave: Why do you call me this?


Charless: You are him. now relax..


Slave: What in the hell do you know?


Charless: Mistress Valkyrie asked us to care for you. Now Just relax.. She left us a manuel.


Slave: ok.


Charless: So I hear you really love trains?


Slave: Yes. Mr. X.


Charless: What is your thoughts about CSX?




Charless: hmm... "notes csx sucks"


Charless: turn on main screen. Railroad Track.


::central screen turns on bright image of a railroad track at sunrise slowly fades in::


Slave: keeps eyes closed.


Charless: open your eyes and look.


Slave: refuses...


Charless: sighs.


Charless: pushes air horn train sound.


Slave: jumps opens eyes looks at the screen.


Charless: I knew you would like that...


Charless: I just want you to relax and focus on the track image and listen to the train sounds?


Charless: Do you think that is to hard?


Slave: ok... No.. not to hard.. Just why this suit and chair?


Charless: We are testing your .... Track - Strength and Vitals.


Slave: My Track Strength.. no one is suppose to know this...


Charless: Turns on the train cd... and observes.


Slave: relaxes but is still not very trusting...


Charless: hmm slave drops slightly under at sight of the railroad tracks, his breathing matches the steam engines steam sounds, and heart rate matches wheels on rails..


Charless: you seem heavily train controlled?


Slave: I am.


Charless: hmm


Charless: alters the speed of the recording..


Slave: is confused stop that please..


Charless: alter the volume.. higher then lower.


Charless: You are very responsive to this..


Charless then lets the rest of the cd just play out.


Turns screen off...


Charless: Makes slave sit for 20 minutes in silence.


Charless: How strong are you slave?


Slave: no answer


Charless: Slave? How strong are you?


Slave: I am strong..


Charless: You need to always answer slave.


Charless: how strong are you?


Slave. I am Strong.


Charless: Strong as what?


Slave: I am a strong as iron I will bend but never break.


Charless: puts different images on the screen, and notes what areas it stimulates in his body and brain.


Bridges - emotions, relationships

Tunnels - secrets, mystery, sexual.

Tracks - submission, hypnosis.

Railroad crossings - take him under and bring him out...


Goes back to tracks:

Curves tracks, straight tracks.. Switch tracks..


Charless: Switch Tracks.. and curves light up some PTSD responses....


Changes to railroad crossing views different angles, distances, then plays crossing tracks different ways.


Charless: Doctor what is this?


Doctor: some form of psychogenic seizure... After confusion it puts him heightened alert.. This is unusual this must be programmed, it heightens his senses, and strength. I usually only see this in delta programmed assassins.


Charless: turns screens off.. Plays Casey Jones songs.


Charless: Who is Casey Jones?


Slave: a folk hero or railroad legend.


Charless: Are you him?


Slave: please don't.


Charless: flips to photos of Casey and Slave on two seperate screens.


Charless: I know.


Charless: flips them off and turns the half Casey half slave photo on the center screen.


Charless: I already know. Affirm it.


Slave: I am Casey Jones and I am John Luther Jones.


Charless: Good.


Charless: clicks the screen onto a slide show of numerous tracks watching slaves responses.


Charless: Stop on a photo of the tracks of Casey Jones's wreck and photos of his wreck. Then turns it off.


Charless: Then clicks to a scene in Switchback movie of a train crashing into a caboose.


Slave: jumps in a major reaction.


Charless: Charless resumes sideshow of random train and railroad scenes old and new.. just observing...


Charless: tells the doctor to slowly turn the table under the floor to bring the railroad track near. The slave can not see.


Charless: What do you feel?


Slave: Nothing...


Charless: Good, when you feel tell me.


Slave: I feel like I am getting closer to a railroad track.


Charless: Distance doctor?


Doctor: 60 feet.


Slave: I feel agitated and in anticipation of crossing the tracks.


Doctor: 30 feet..


Slave: locks into a trance panicks and begs to cross the tracks.


Doctor: 11 Feet. also notes say point of no return.


Charless: Stop there. ::takes notes::


30 minutes pass.


Charless: ok test the cross unders.


Tracks cross under him straight from forward to behind...

behind to forward, side to side then at each diangle.


Charless: Takes note.. That is it.. Test the cross overs..


The Chair moves to going under a trestle simulation various ways in the dark.


Charless: Reacting this strong to simulated tracks, worrysome how he reacts to the real things.


Doctor: All tracks he reacts to according to the manuel.


Charless: place him onto a straight track, Make sure he is facing down it not touching the rails.


Slave: panicks at the track approaches.. No!


right when slave is moved between the rails he deep trances.. Suit still paraylizing him but is adjusted to lay him arms on his side straight facing down the tracks....


Charless: Total submissive trance between the rails..


Charless: Move him back to the chair times how long he returns to his normal state. Scary suggestion prone and heightened from 30 minutes - 2 hours. After the tracks.


Charless: presses a button on his suit that allows him to move.


Charless: Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes and move and walk around. Then walk over and touch the rail only for two seconds. ::times::


15 minutes.


Slave: Stands near the tracks. I do not want to touch the rail...



Charless: I will help you.


Charless: grabs slaves hand makes slave touch the rail.


Slave: Gets shocked, and charless shocked through the slave.


Charless: Doctor are these tracks grounded right?


Doctor: Yes. Sir touch the rail alone. It is the slave's energy.


Charless: does hmm ..  No shocks .. grabs slave touches rail with other hand both jumps.


Slave: please stop that.


Charless: Yes.


Charless says to Slave, "Go back to the chair.. This session is over, you will go back up the elevator to the lobby and then to your room and you must rest. You must leave the suit on for 5 more hours. Then you may remove it and we will send someone for it."


..."You will meet again in the lobby same time tomorrow. You will have testing or sessions daily now."


.. Make sure you eat well tonight.


::hands slave a pass to all you can eat buffet::


Tonight will be longer without food or drink....


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