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Training An Obedient Diaper Dog Chapter 4

by Fafnir789

Chapter 4

Now that Mike was completely obedient, it was time for Phase Two. Phase Two was a large contract made up of several individual contracts and legal documents. Mike sat down at the table and was told to wake up the next time Diana clapped her hands and to use his False persona. This would allow Mike to read and sign all of the necessary legal documents. Mike was then instructed to follow Diana's instructions. He would be reading over each contract and verbal confirming on camera that he understood the terms and agreed to the willingly. Diana then clapped her hands and False woke up.

False woke up and immediately sat down in the chair. Trainer gave False the large stack of papers and turned on the camera. False began to read the terms out loud. The first set of terms confirmed that he was attending Compliance Canine Academy of his own free will. The next part started to go into what he had already experienced. The contract described the process of his mental conditioning from human into a diaper dog. The first week of his training was describe in detail. After reading the first two sections Mike was asked to sign, date, and verbally confirm that he consented to the training. The next section was involving his property. Mike was given forms to sign over all of his property and capital resources to his wife, Rachel. In addition, Rachel agreed to provide for Mike, for the rest of his life and if Mike outlived Rachel, then he would be given out to someone else, in accordance with Rachel's will. Mike continued to sign the contracts. He legally renounced human rights and agreed to be nothing more than a dog in the eyes of the law. The contract had several clauses that modified these animal rights to suit certain human biological needs. Rachel had been merciful and decided not to neuter Mike. Mike's contracts were soon finished and validated with one final verbal consent. It was official. In the eyes of the law, Mike was no longer considered a human being and would instead be treated as only a diaper dog.

Diana turned off the camera and reactivated Mike's trigger. It was time for Phase Three. This was an optional part of the process that Mike was signed up for. This would involve using an advanced procedure to allow Mike partially transform into a dog. Mike was led into a fairly large and empty room. This was used as a observation area to hold the subjects who were undergoing transformation. Mike had his diaper changed into a new type that had a small space on the back specifically designed for the transformation. Mike was then given several shots and 4 different vials of medicine. Mike was then woken up and fell down onto all fours. Diana and the two assistance that had helped her, left the room to observe the transformation.
Mike felt strange. He was a good diaper dog, so why was he left alone in this empty room. Had he done something wrong? Was trainer mad at him? Before his thoughts could go any further, Mike suddenly felt his legs and arms begin to change. They shifted suddenly and began to shorten. His fingers fused together, while his nails grew out into claws. His feet began to lengthen into back paws. While this was happening, thick fur began to sprout all over his body and a tail shot out of his diaper. The diaper's special modifications maintained the sealing of the diaper while allowing the tail to poke through. This sudden growth caused Mike to relieve himself, testing the diaper for himself. Shitting himself allowed Mike to bathe in pleasure. The changes slowed down as his ears moved to the top of his head and shifted into the shape of grey husky dog ears. Finally the changes stopped. Mike still mostly resembled a human. However his arms, legs, and ears looked like those of a grey husky dog. In addition to the fur and tail, Mike now looked like a human-dog hybrid. Mike panted showing of a long, dog-like tongue, his joy clearly displayed on his face.
Once the transformation was complete, Diana returned to the room. She led the now transformed Mike to a new hypnosis room and strapped him in to the visor. Starting the program she left him there for about two hours. During this time, several special triggers were added and linked to Mike's collar. The collar could emit a wide variety of sounds humans were unable to hear. Mike's transformation would allow him to shift between human and dog forms, with a special sound from the collar being the trigger. This was added to the collar so that, if Mike heard a similar sound from another source, he would not transform unless he was wearing a collar.
Mike didn't understand any of this though. He was happy to obey the pretty lights and voices. He was a good dog. He was a good boy. His fur was so comfortable. The full diaper felt so good. He had filled his diaper 5 times and it felt so good. A full diaper was a sign of an obedient diaper dog. Obedient diaper dogs obey Trainer and Master. He was a good dog so he fills his diaper and obeys. A wave of pleasure rushed through his body, as his diaper grew a bit more. He had pushed out even more free will. He had pushed out even more wrong answers. It felt so good to obey.
Two hours passed quickly enough, and soon Diana returned to get Mike. Taking of the visor, she used a small remote to test out the collar's triggers. The remote was the size of a large key fob, with 7 main buttons and a on/off switch. The commands were called Private, Public, Human, Dog, Trance, Original, Recondition, Repress. All but one of the commands were fairly simple, but the last one was a special request. Rachel wanted to cover all of her bases, so she paid extra for special commands to be programmed into Mike. Most subjects end up forgetting almost everything about their old life, and the False personality is really only mirroring vague half-forgotten memories too ingrained to be fully removed. However, Mike had his entire personality and all of his memories contained by the hypnotic suggestions. The suggestions basically had all of it put into a mental box. If the Original button was pressed three times within 10 seconds, with at least one second in between each press. Then that box would unlock and Mike would be free, sort of. He would still have to be given permission to move and/or speak when he was first released. While he wouldn't have any major side affects, he would realize everything that had happened to him. This wouldn't matter too much, since the conditioning would prevent him from sharing this information in the presence of anyone who didn't know. In addition, Mike would still be subject to all of his triggers. As a result, this setting would force Mike to experience living like a pet and knowing that he was once human. It was even designed, so that he can re-experience the conditioning process over a time period, that could be adjusted using Trance, by his Master, with the Re-Condition. Slowly having his mind mental return to being an obedient diaper dog, but with the added pain of trying to resist. In emergencies, the Repress button would lock the mental box instantly. As it stood, the only way Mike could ever become human again would be years of therapy and, even then, the physical changes would never go away.


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