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Condent As A Cow

by jerkinagain

Condent As A Cow

Alone she sat on her living room sofa,there was an eerie silence that filled the house she had lived in for the pass twenty years,Wendy Smith was now divorced.No longer would she hear the voice of honey I'm home from her ex husband Bill.No longer would she be arguing over paying the bills or why you buy that,it was the arguing that made her fall out of love with her husband,it was the annoying need to explain to him why she purchased a new piece of clothing.Wendy never gave birth to any children she was a slim tall fit woman of forty years.Her body hadn't change much since her high school cheer leading days and after all those years, thirty two,twenty,thirty two were her measurements,she barely weighed one hundred pounds.
Wendy liked having nice clothes to wear,she sold real estate for a living and always like looking very professional.Bill didn't mind Wendy buying her self new work outfits it was the prices of the outfits that really pissed him off.Wendy would spend up to three hundred dollars on designer dresses or suits and well over one hundred dollars on designer shoes.These kind of costly purchases led Bill to get into arguing with Wendy, those arguments led Wendy into having less and less physical contact sexually with Bill.Those arguing days are over now,Bill fed up with no sex from his wife Wendy filled his sexual needs with men,which eventually led to him divorcing his wife of twenty years,who now sat on her living room sofa alone,pondering what her life would be like after being married for twenty years with Bill.
Wendy got up from her sofa and walked into her kitchen where she saw the kitchen table completely covered with all type of food brought over by friends and relatives that had come over to visit earlier in the day.Wendy sat down and picked at a veggie platter she wasn't much of a big eater but being alone and somewhat depressed she picked the veggie platter until it was all gone.Wendy for her size was full and feeling kinda stuffed she rubbed her upset now slightly budging belly and thought what the hell did I just do that for.
Wendy decided to take a nice warm shower and head off to bed.The shower felt nice and relaxing upon her naked body she shampooed her dark red hair and covered her body with soap as she rubbed her hands over her slightly bulging belly she felt somewhat aroused,her long nipples upon her small perky breasts became erect.Wendy slowly caressed her soapy covered clean shaven pussy lips she preceded to masturbate leading her to have a very intense orgasm.Wendy dried herself off and slid naked under her bed sheets she fell asleep with her hands upon her swollen belly.
The next day a loud noise awaken Wendy she glanced at her alarm clock and saw it was six am she went to her bedroom window and peak out through the blinds to see two tall full figured busty females unloading a U-Haul moving van.These two women must be renting out her neighbors house for the summer.Wendy lived in a resort area of Maine and from the forth of July to labor day Wendy's elderly neighbors would rent their house out to tourist for the summer beach season.Wendy immediately thought in a few hours she invited the two girls over to have some of the food left covering her kitchen table from the day before.
Wendy got up showered dressed and went next door to introduced herself to the two girls moving in.She
met twenty two year old Lucy a curvaceous five foot eight blue eyed blond and Mary a voluptuous five foot ten brown eyed brunette.The girls were college roommates that had come to town to work at a local hooters in town as waitresses. Wendy easily could see why these girls could be hooter waitresses both girls were blessed with huge natural breasts.Wendy invited Lucy and Amy over to sit down and eat from the buffet of food left on Wendy's kitchen table.The girls accepted the invite easily because they were very hungry from moving in.
Wendy and the girls sat and started eating hatting getting to know each other time just flew by and each time Wendy push herself away from the table the two girls told her to sit and enjoy.Having company felt good and Wendy was starting her summer three week vacation so if she over ate she just exercise if off.
In less than two hours all the food was gone and Wendy was completely stuffed her belly bulged out as if she was pregnant.Wendy told the girls she was so full and the girls giggled they let Wendy know she had no need to worry about being full and it be good for her to put some meat on her bones.
The girls left and went back to moving into the house next door and Wendy went up to her bed finding herself once again aroused by her budging belly,she masturbated one orgasm after another not knowing why this full belly feeling made her so horny but she knew it felt so wonderfully good.When Wendy woke up it was about two pm the sun was out and it shined through the cracks of her bedroom window opened blinds.Wendy could see right into the next door neighbors fenced in yard when she looked out the window she was in shocked to see her new neighbors Lucy and Mary completely nude sunbathing.Both the girls' bodies glisten from baby oil they were so big beautiful to look at.Both on towels faced down their bare big round asses looked like two glorious bare mountains they were laying so close side by side touching each other playfully.Than they turned over and lay upon their backs both girl's their massive breasts fell to their sides bouncing they were so heavy and full their nipples erect straight out from saucer size dark jet black areola.
Wendy opened the blinds slowly thinking the girls couldn't see her standing in front of her bedroom window from their location on the back yard below.Yet without her knowledge Lucy spotted Wendy she raised her big hands and tenderly caressed Mary's massive bare tits.Wendy lowered her hand finding her moistening expose cunt she massaged her pussy lips as she watched the two big female bodies embrace as they kissed each other squeezing their huge breasts their big soft bellies into each others.Lucy was seducing her new neighbor Wendy without Wendy even knowing it.Wendy had one orgasm after another as she watched the two young full figure girls make passionate love
Over the next week Wendy was visited by Lucy and Mary each night after they got out of work.Lucy and Mary visited Wendy bringing food pizza,chicken wings,french fries ,soda and beer.Night after night Wendy would tell the girls she wasn't hungry and night after night the girls would say to Wendy you need some meat on your bones.After one week Wendy had gained twenty pounds to her surprised most of the added weight had gone directly to her boobs.Wendy's mother was a busty woman she did have four kids three sons and Wendy so maybe large breasts were genetic she also recalled that her grand mother was quite a busty woman.Wendy also was developing a little belly she began to enjoy playing with it while she masturbated and she became quite the voyeur watching Lucy and Mary sunbathing each sunny day.
The start of the next week Wendy received a card in the mail from Lucy and Mary on the front of the card was printed "YOU NEED SOME MEAT ON YOUR BONES WENDY!" inside the card it read "TIME TO EAT ORDER SOME FOOD! also inside was a take out menu for a pizza place.Wendy thought what are these crazy girls up too she sat on her sofa and kept opening reading the card until she thought what the hell and she ordered herself a large pizza.Wendy ate the whole pizza and gave the girls a playful hard time that night as they made their stop with all their fired food delights.
Each day that week Wendy got a new card with the same message but a different take out menu from different food places.By the end of the week Wendy had gained another twenty pounds.Wendy's once fit trim body was filling out nicely Wendy had bigger breasts than she had ever had in her life,her belly was a pot belly and her ass a bubble butt.None of her clothes fit her so she dressed just covered with a big tee shirt covering her growing naked body.A new week started and Wendy got a phone call either from Lucy or Mary and all they say to Wendy was "YOU NEED SOME MEAT ON YOUR BONES WENDY,IT'S TIME TO EAT,ORDER SOME FOOD AND I'LL ENJOY YOUR NEW BODY!
Wendy got so excited and horny by this call she had long awaited for the girls to invite her to be sexual with her.Wendy ordered food from every fast food menu she had and she stuffed herself silly all day long waiting for Lucy and Mary to stop by that night.Wendy's belly was so bloated and she answer her front door completely naked when Lucy and Mary arrived that night.
"Sit on that sofa Wendy,"Lucy ordered "Look Mary our friend Wendy has developed some very nice DD tits."
"Yes I see and her nipples are extra long for suckling,"Mary replied to Lucy. Lucy turned looking directly into Wendy's eyes Yes they are ," SUCK YOUR NIPPLES FOR US LITTLE PIGGY"Wendy obediently took her left breast raised it to her mouth and started sucking her erect nipple,than she raised her right breast and started sucking it's erect nipple back and for she sucked on her own nipples until they became swollen,long so very large.
"Tonight you're our little piggy but over time you'll become our fat cow Wendy at summer ends we'll move in with you and you'll be our obedient slut,you'll quit your job and live off your divorced husband alimony you'll cook and clean for us and be reward sexual pleasures by us" Lucy spoke commandingly
Wendy bow her head up and down yes knowing she was under these two girls control now but loving how good it felt being controlled by them.By the end of the summer on Labor day Wendy weigh in at two hundred pounds.Her breasts were enormous and hung heavy upon her big soft belly her legs and ass thick and wide.She was naked on her hands and knees being hooked up to a goat milker Lucy and Mary had always wanted a cow to control and they had made a beautiful one in Wendy.
"Your udders are getting quite huge my cow" Lucy spoke tenderly as she caressed Wendy's big round bare ass covering it with Vaseline placing goop's of it over Wendy's asshole.Mary approached Wendy's inviting big ass with a ten inch strap on cock and inserted it slowly into Wendy's greasy hole.
The goat milker pumped Wendy's udder like tits and Mary pumped Wendy's ass with the big strap on cock,Wendy moaned loudly until she had an incredible orgasm she mooed wildly as a stream of orgasmic juice squirted out from her now fatter pussy.The pussy juice soaked the towel below Wendy the one that she was know kneeling upon.Lucy than got up and released Wendy from the goat milker she laid Wendy down upon the towel.Lucy latched onto Wendy's left udder teat ,Mary latched onto Wendy's right udder teat,lovingly Wendy caressed her two female master's hair softly, she mooed happily.Wendy was content as a cow, as her two female lesbian master's,let down,Wendy's engorged aching full udders.Her master's smiled sweetly as warm creamy milk spilled out the sides of their two very hungry inviting wet mouth's.



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