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The Captive

by premiepeter

Captive in Nappies

Captive in Nappies


The powerful motorbike howled as Freddie dropped a gear and moved effortlessly past the Lotus sports car. He was late, very late and his new employer was not going to be very impressed at all. He reached round with his left hand and reassured himself that he still had the valuable cargo that for some reason had to be in Dover by 17:00 Hours. Freddie looked down at the digital display on the controls of the ZZR 1100 and groaned inwardly as 16:58 flashed up at him. No way was he going to make it to Branforth St. in two minutes.

His right hand tightened on the throttle and he briefly glimpsed the speedo needle touch 120 mph. before turning all his attention back to the road.

"I thought you said he was reliable?" Suzy Chang glanced across at her Master, trying to gauge his mood. She froze when she saw the perspiration beading out on his forehead. He was not impressed.

"He has passed all our checks, his motivation and qualifications are excellent, Master...”

"Can he drive the machine that you've given him?" His tone was curt, and flat.

"He used to be a highly trained police Motor-cyclist. But I understand that he left Swansea late, something to do with a sick relative...”

"So! There is a problem with his reliability..." Sir Alistair looked in the direction of the window as the sound of a high revving engine joined in with a chorus of dogs barking. Suzy allowed a thinly veiled sigh of relief to leave her lungs as her Master's dark eyes lit up.

"See to the cargo, and Suzy..." In an instant he was on his feet, gripping the oriental girl round the neck with two cold hands. "Make sure that the courier is corrected, or dismissed. I don't want another repeat of this afternoon's fiasco..." Suzy yelped as the iron fingers tightened around her throat. Sir Alistair winked at her bloated face and then burst into great guffaws of laughter, relaxing his grip on her flesh. She gulped a lungful of air, whilst managing to smile back, wiping a tear of her cheek in the process. A leather-gloved hand caressed her face and Suzy covered it with her own.

"What will you do with him, my darling Suzy?" It was her turn to laugh now, and her eyes sparkled as his fingers lightly massaged her breasts through the silk gown that covered her naked body.

"You know very well, Master. He will be err..Shall we say 'disciplined' in the Nursery..?" Sir Alistair smiled broadly and bent low to plant a silent kiss on Suzy's forehead.

"Freddie Denmark could be very useful to us, if we can install the right attitude. Use Isabella and that new English girl...?”

"Camilla?" Suzy prompted.

"That's right. All three of you take the week off, it'll be worth the investment." Suzy turned to go. "Oh! And Suzy? Make sure he get's the full treatment. I want no more mistakes..."

Inwardly she shivered and hurried out of the room.

Freddie turned the engine off and looked at his watch. He was ten minutes late.

Surely that wasn't too bad. Two men, each handling a pair of Dobermans, eyed him suspiciously as another closed the courtyard gates and locked them. No one approached him or said anything. He rested the bike on its side stand and attempted to walk away when a shrill female cry halted him in his tracks.

"Stay with the bike please, Mr. Denmark.." Startled, he backed up and rested his seat against the polished tank as Suzy walked towards him. This was the first time he'd seen her in daylight and she looked very beautiful, but at the same time. frightening and inaccessible. He cleared his mind, he wasn't here to start an affair with this, or any other girl. The wind blew the diaphanous gown against her body, exposing every sensuous curve on offer. Freddie sighed, and peered upwards to the peaceful effect of the clouds.

"You're late, very late." Her dark eyes bored in to his as she circled the machine, stopping by the rear luggage rack. "Give it to me.." Freddie bit back on his anger as a scene wouldn't get him anywhere and he removed the elastic spiders that had fastened the polyurethane covered package to the bike. He handed it to her. Suzy cocked her head at him.

"Come! I'll show you to your rooms." Freddie held up a hand.

"Hold it Lady! I have to get back to Wales.. I”ll just collect what's due.." Freddie noticed her eyes cloud over for just a second before the young girl composed herself.

"Very Well, but at least stay for a cup of tea, I want to discuss your next assignment...agreed?" Relieved, Freddie nodded and followed the girl into the building, puzzled by the broad grins on the faces of the guards.

Suzy was furious! So he wanted to get home already, with only half the assignment finished! Well Mr. Denmark, life just isn't that simple. She could have had the guards overpower him and drag him inside but that method was so gauche and such a display of blatant physical violence would have really annoyed the Master. she turned to him as they were climbing a flight of stairs to her office on the second floor.

"Tell me, why the urgency, I thought you were keen to complete the second half of your mission?”

"I have a sick aunt," Freddie said. "She might not last the week.." He gulped slightly as he looked into her eyes. There was something there, something frightening, almost hypnotic. Did she know he was lying?

"Take a seat," Suzy waved at a large leather covered armchair. "I'll ring for tea.." Freddie looked around as the pretty girl tugged on a sash next to the mantelpiece. A distant, feint bell jangled somewhere in the house.

"You have a beautiful office," Freddie said, trying to encourage small talk.

Suzy briefly cast her eyes around the room before returning them to the young man, nervously fiddling with the telephone lead that trailed off her desk. There was something wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She would check this sick aunt story thoroughly when he was in 'safe' custody.

Freddie turned as a door opened and a young stunning looking girl of Latin appearance entered the room, a tray balanced in her right hand as she handled the door. He jumped up and took the tray from her while she closed the door. She smiled at his gallantry, and offered a little bow when Suzy introduced her.

"Freddie, this is Camilla.." The dark skinned girl recovered the tray from Freddie's unsure fingers.

"Hello, Excuse me, I no speek English very good.." Freddie couldn't help notice the almost see through thin white cotton all-in-one jump suit the girl was wearing. Never mind her English, he bet to himself that was the only thing she didn't do very well! Her prominent nipples and dark pubic patch were clearly on display to all and sundry. She turned her back to him as she poured the tea.

Christ! Her bottom was magnificent! Each buttock almost jutted out to him through the thin material and he felt a stirring in his crotch as she continued to occupy his attention.

His behaviour reassured Suzy somewhat. Camilla seemed to have this effect on some men's baser levels and Freddie seemed somewhat, less sinister. Out of the corner of her eye, Camilla dropped a small white pill into one of the cups of steaming tea. That same cup she offered to Freddie.

"How many sugar..?”

Freddie giggled as Suzy dropped £500 on the table in front of him. She was talking to him, something about a trip to Amsterdam in nine days time. Hell! He felt tired, so tired. But he didn't want to sleep. He reached forward to hold the notes, after all, he had earned them. For some reason his hand didn't move..

Hell! That's funny! Nothing works anymore. Suzy and Camilla were laughing with him. They were such lovely girls, both of them. He wanted to sleep with them and tried to tell them that. They laughed even harder at his efforts. Streuth! He'd just spilt his tea in his lap and he tried to brush the hot liquid away. The girls were rolling around now and he found there humour infectious and howled with them. Suzy picked his empty cup off the table. That's not your tea, she said. Freddie howled with more mirth. Then why am I soaking, he replied in an echoey voice. suddenly Camilla's grinning face was inches from his own. He wanted to kiss her.

"Because you big baby, you pee pee in your pants,,," He screamed so much with laughter that the girls had a problem getting him to his feet.

The NurseryFreddie felt great, sort of drunk, but not with the sickly feeling and he bravely fondled the backsides of the girls on each side of him. They didn't seem to mind and their humour seemed to encourage him to take further liberties. They had left the nice office now and were climbing yet another set of stairs.

"Where are we going, Girlies!!?" He giggled at them.

"Somewhere where we can get you out of those clothes, you know what I mean.!" To empathise her point, Suzy nudged him in the ribs. Even in his befuddled state, he knew soon he'd be rolling about in passionate embraces with these two lovelies.

At the top of the stairs, Suzy broke away from his rough embrace and tapped six numbers on an electronic key pad. With aloud cluck, the large panelled oak door sprung open on well oiled hinges.

Freddie screwed up his eyes as the brightness hit him full in the face.


everything was white. Shit! White floors, walls and ceiling! The room was cold and he sobered slightly as he absorbed his surroundings. Something was wrong! Another girl appeared. This one was blonde and dressed like a Nurse? She approached and shone a light in his eye.

"We better get him undressed, the Piramal is wearing off.." Suddenly the girls were very business-like. His clothes were rapidly removed and he didn't think they were going to be frolicking around anymore. Suzy and Camilla had donned rubber aprons and he was very aware of the smell, it reminded him of a baby's Nursery!Down came his trousers, followed by his underpants. He stepped out of them wondering why he had pissed in them. Strange that, he'd never pissed in his pants before. It felt good though having these kind girls helping him clean up.


Strong hands gripped his upper arms and he was backed up towards the rubber covered bench in the middle of the room. Hell! He was cold! Why didn't they turn the heating on? The bed looked strange, more like a cot than a bed with those bars all the way round.


"Lie back now.." The cultured voice of the English Girl worried him slightly.


Why the hell should she see him naked? He sat on the padded rubber and winced at the temperature. Camilla stooped low and lifted his knees up while Suzy and the English Nurse pushed on his shoulders. He visibly shivered as he lay prone. He peered upwards at Suzy.

"Pl..Please, Ge..Get me a blanket..." she didn't react, only accepted a strap from Camilla which was pulled tightly across his chest. Now he was feeling frightened. They were tying him up! He didn't want to be tied up! It wasn't his idea of fun. he tried to sit up but some fancy buckle work from Suzy had him totally helpless.

"Wheew!!" Sighed the Nurse, "You certainly cut that fine!" Suzy laughed.

"It's the anticipation of his reaction that's all the fun..." She looked down at the shivering male strapped to the changing table.

"Why do they always feel so cold Rachel?" The English Nurse swabbed some perspiration of Freddie's brow.

"It's a harmless effect of the drug. It'll wear off shortly.

"Where am I?" Freddie opened his eyes to see three females looking down at him.


He couldn't lift his head very well because of the restrictive strap across his chest but was able to guess he was naked. his arms also had been fastened to the side of the table so his entire upper torso was out of commission. The wall on his right hand side was one giant mirror, whereas the other three were tiled up to five feet in pure white, followed by plain whitewashed brick to the ceiling.


Six banks of multiple tubes kept the room brilliantly lit.

"Hello Freddie, you are in the Nursery." With a painful jerk, his head shot up and he looked around. his heart leapt in his chest when he realised that the figure strapped on the table in the mirror was himself. To his left was the cot and adjacent to that was a adult sized High Chair!Rachel opened an eye with a thumb and forefinger and shone a light into his eye.

"All traces of the drug are done now, he's back to his good old self!" Freddie squeezed and opened his eyes a few times, desperately hoping this was some sort of bad dream. Each time his eyes opened, the same scene greeted him. Finally he managed to whisper: "Why?

Suzy ran a finger through the thick hairs on his chest.

"Because we are not impressed with your attitude. Both to your job and to me. If you had any respect for me, you would have arrived on time this afternoon." Freddie started to get hysterical.

"Don't be ridiculous, I was only ten minutes late..”

"Ten minutes too late, OH! And another reason, you wet your pants in my office.." Camilla giggled somewhere behind his head.

"I don't believe you!" Freddie was having a hard task remaining calm but this whole situation was getting out of hand. Rachel appeared on his right, holding up a pair of wet, stained Y-Fronts. She suspended the garment half an inch off his nose. Freddie clenched his eyes tightly shut and threw his head to one side, desperately trying to get away from this extremely degrading treatment. Rachel, smiling, just followed his head around.

"Now, you understand why you are in the Nursery!" Suzy said. Freddie opened his eyes after Rachel had taken the wet underpants away. "You are going to be our Baby for the next week or so," The Chinese girl continued. Basically, that means an intensive course in starting all over again, right at the beginning. Do you understand?" The frown deepened across his brow and Freddie shook his head violently from side to side.

"Don't you see just how ridiculous this all is...”

"Not at all," interrupted Suzy. "By controlling your basic bodily requirements and functions, we knock away all the in-built adult conditioning that you've acquired over the last thirty years or so. It's a sort of Brain washing, I suppose.." Open mouthed, Freddie stared at her.

"You're Crazy! All of you! I won't cooperate with you!" With lightning speed, his leg shot out and caught Suzy in her stomach. She fell backwards, rolling up in pain on the floor in a bundle. Bravely, Camilla and Rachel risked the flailing limbs and managed to secure a strap across his belly. Working safely from under the table, Rachel connected her end of the strap to a ratchet and began to wind the strap in. She didn't stop winding till she heard Freddie cry out in pain as the webbing dug deep into his abdomen, effectively stopping all movements in his legs. Camilla helped Suzy to her feet as Rachel observed the man suffering on the table, his breaths coming in short sharp pants as the tremendous force of the strap continued to bear into his belly.

"Please release it..." He managed to whisper. Suzy approached the table and examined his suffering. satisfied that he was learning his first lesson the hard way.

"Will you behave?" She said softly. Through his pain, managed to nod. "You hurt me, you know..”

"I'm sorry.." Freddie whispered. Suzy picked up a tissue and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "If you ever, ever do that again, I'll make your present suffering seem like a Sunday afternoon picnic.. I hope I make myself clear.." Even through his pain, Freddie shivered at the implied threat and nodded his head quickly. Suzy glanced at Rachel, who mercifully, released the webbing. The click click of the ratchet sounding beautiful to Freddie as the blood started circulating around his body again. The strap remained on but only as a token.

"You see, we can never really trust you ever again," Rachel explained. "That is, till the end of the week." "How long do I stay tied to this table," Freddie asked softly. Rachel went to a cupboard and started folding a large white towel. Freddie must have known what it was but he didn't dare enquire. He was terrified that his guess must be correct. Rachel, however, put him out of his misery.

"Till we have got you dressed in your baby's nappy and rubbers. After all, we don't want any more messes on the furniture, do we?" Freddie yelped uncontrollably as she tried to push the thick nappy under his cold unyielding buttocks. Suzy watched him, a hand gently operating the ratchet under the table.

The ominous and threatening clicking noise, accompanied with the increase in pressure across his torso, instantly stopped all rebellion as Freddie shot the Chinese girl a clear look of pleading. He dutifully lifted his bottom as the Blonde English Nurse pushed the terry nappy into place.

Painful TrainingFreddie thought it was fun to call Camilla a Bitch. After all, she didn't have a clue what he was saying. He didn't always call her a Bitch. Sometimes it was Cow, or Sow. Normally the offensive word referred to the female gender of the animal world. She in turn would coo away in Spanish, but the content far more worthy of his alleged infantile ears.

The name calling came to a painful end one day when he was dozing in his cot and was rudely awakened by the clattering of a tray. Without bothering to look, Freddie shouted out.

"Can't you let a man fucking sleep round here, you Dego Bitch.." The absence of the usual clattering away in Spanish puzzled him and he lifted his head from the pillow and peered through the cot bars at the visitor. Shit! It was Suzy, dressed in her Nurses tunic, and she didn't appear at all amused.

"It seems that you have a severe attitude problem, especially one when it comes to respect.." She pressed the button on a little black transmitter hanging off her belt. They both waited in silence. Freddie knew she had summoned the others and he was probably in for a rough time. He tried briefly to out stare her, but it was pointless. There was far to much power in those dark eyes of hers and with his arms tightly secured under the rubber strait-jacket and his manhood encased in the thick nappy, he felt very inferior and useless. Sighing with resignation, he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

"Problem?" Rachel walked calmly in the Nursery. There wasn't a panic, that would have meant a higher shriller tone on the receiver. Freddie and Suzy were silent when she entered but both followed her with their eyes. Camilla bounced in fifteen seconds later and nervously smiled at the long faces that greeted her.

Suzy briefly outlined Freddie's sins to Rachel before turning to Camilla and talking to her in rapid fluent Spanish.

"Bitch, Cow, Sow and Crow...Yes?" Camilla stared at the helpless man child.

Freddie groaned. Camilla must have thought of them as words of endearments. The dark skinned girl smiled at him as she answered Suzy's question. Suzy then proceeded to bring her down to Earth very quickly indeed. By the time the Chinese girl had finished, Camilla was looking very pale, and angry.

"Do you want to punish him?" Freddie knew she understood the word punish, if nothing else. His heart fell as she nodded vigorously. Rachel unlocked the cot lid and slid it back towards the wall and then dropped the cot side.

"Out.." Came the curt command. Freddie was sure she was a lesbian and hated men.

How else could a woman do this job? Prudently, he kept his thoughts to himself.

The three women watched him silently as he threw his legs over the mattress and rocked himself forward onto his feet. He tried to see some compassion in their faces but there was none. Suzy was too wrapped up in completely subjugating him to her will. Rachel would enjoy seeing him suffer because she hated him, but he was sure it was nothing personal. Camilla would wield the rod, and willingly but he didn't think she'd enjoy it. Punishing him would be her way of justifying her existence in this organisation and exerting her own influence on him.

Retribution would be a large influencing factor as well, he mused grimly.

Rachel gripped him by an earlobe and twisted it painfully, pushing him in the direction of the changing table. With his arms strapped tightly to his sides, he stumbled and fell in a heap at their feet. Rachel kicked him in the seat of his pants. The contact brought a painful gasp to his lips despite the thick padding under the rubber pants.

"Get up, you pathetic baby!" Rachel reached down and yanked up on his hair, making him scrabble untidily to his feet. He was close to tears and the women were going to ensure that before they left the room, he would be blubbing like a real infant.Camilla stepped forward and pushed him onto the changing table. He fell on his back as Rachel lifted his legs up while Suzy and Camilla strapped him across the chest.

"Is he dirty?" Suzy asked as she prepared a jug of warm water. Camilla and Rachel pulled the rubber pants down, exposing the steaming sodden terry nappy beneath. Sharp fingernails prized his thighs apart.

"No, he only do wee wees!!" Rachel made a dry comment about that being a pleasant change. Suzy nodded and poured a quantity of glycerine into the jug.

Camilla unpinned the nappy and pulled it away, painfully and sharply as Freddie had a bad case of nappy rash. It was Suzy's policy to give him only two changes a day to heighten the effects of the infantile treatment and the extensive soreness around his buttocks and groin testified to this. Rachel removed the cotton lint liner that they used in every nappy layette while Camilla blabbed away in Spanish at him for a few seconds, the saliva from her anger splattering on his face.

Horrified, he watched as she refolded the nappy on his bare belly, exposing the wettest part of it before pressing the soaking, stained garment into his face! He tried to remain calm as the rancid cloth was forced down on him, cutting off the life-giving source of air but quickly realised that he would suffocate shortly and started to violently struggle. after what seemed like an eternity, but in fact was only a brief minute, Camilla relaxed her grip on the nappy and Freddie was able to draw a limited amount of stale air through the loose cloth.

Suzy interrupted her personal crusade.

"Roll up the liner and stuff it in his mouth and then tie the nappy around his mouth to keep the gag in place, but leave his vision intact. I really want him to appreciate his punishment." Suzy said, while she poured the contents of the jug into an enema bag. Rachel held Freddie's head up while Camilla forced open his mouth with her sharp nails and pushed the urine soaked liner into the struggling man's mouth. Before he could spit it out, the girls had already tied the sodden nappy around his mouth, knotting it securely at the back of his neck.

"Camilla, what do you want to do now?" The Spanish girl looked puzzled and Suzy repeated the question in her own language. Camilla nodded enthusiastically and fetched a leather strap that was hanging behind the door.

Suzy moved the stand next to the table, the enema bag swollen with contents that would shortly end up inside Freddie. Rachel loosened the strap across his chest and rolled him over, so he lay uncomfortably on his arms, imprisoned by the strait-jacket. Again, the strap was tightened, this time with a little more effort, further reducing the circulation in his sweating limbs. Another strap was tied tightly across the back of his calves, effectively stopping all movement.

Freddie was now feeling dreadfully humiliated. Three pairs of eyes feasted over his shame as his naked rump and legs were on full view. Clinically, Rachel pulled his buttocks apart and examined his rash before giving Camilla the OK.

"As hard as you like, my Dear." Freddie could have strangled the upper class bitch and her hoity toity voice. He didn't have much time to dwell on what he'd like to do to her if he was free as his bottom was suddenly struck by the most incredible searing pain. The leather strap biting into his already severely abused skin. He tried to scream, but Rachel effectively gagged him by twisting the knot at the back of his head and forcing the nappy to press hard on the cotton lint liner that occupied his mouth.

After six strokes, Camilla, alarmed by the new colour spreading across Freddie's bottom, stopped and looked at Suzy who held up her hand in agreement. Tears of pain and humility were now coursing down the broken man's face. She signalled to Rachel to remove the gag who reluctantly untied the terry and retrieved the lint liner from his mouth.

"Turn him over.." fresh groans passed his lips as his abused bottom made contact with the rubber lined table but this time, the girls were not excessively rough.

Suzy wiped the tears from his face with a warm flannel.

"I think you've learnt your lesson, don't you?" Through his misery, Freddie managed to nod. He would have agreed to anything the stop that beating, anything.. "But you've still a long, long way to go yet," Suzy continued. "So we are going to give your bowels a little clean out, just to remind you what a smelly, dirty little baby you really are.." She waited a few seconds for her words to sink in, satisfied with their effect as fresh tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Please, please... Stop it, I beg of you..." All the girls smiled at this display of fresh humility, Rachel throwing her eyes up in the air.

"Now, now baby!" Suzy admonished. "It's for your own good. Now I'm going to leave you in the capable hands of Rachel and Camilla...”

Freddie burst into fresh tears as the Chinese girl left the room.

Suzy was the only person in the Organisation who wasn't required to knock on Sir Alistair's door and this time it was no different. She entered quietly to find him sprawled out on silk cushions, totally engrossed in the operation going on upstairs that was colourfully reproduced on a large pull-down screen.

With his full head of silvery hair, immaculately groomed moustache, Sir Alistair looked every inch the English Gentlemen. He ignored Suzy as she undressed in the corner of the room, totally absorbed in the excitement of Freddie's enema which he was receiving under duress from Camilla and Rachel. Camilla was pushing on the back of Freddie's knees while Rachel prodded away at his well lubricated anus with the enema nozzle. each 'failure' to enter brought fresh groans from Freddie as his abused nappy rash got a further hammering.

Suzy knelt beside him and delicately untied the sash around his waist and wasn't at all surprised to find him naked and erect as the gown fell open. She knew exactly what was required of her and didn't waste anytime. His groaned slightly as her tongue lapped at his hot glands and moved slightly as she cupped his testicles in her hand.

Rachel gave a squeal of delight as finally she pushed the nozzle home and it buried itself in Freddie's bottom by about six inches. Camilla released his legs but told him to leave his knees bent and thighs open as she didn't want him sitting on the rubber hose.

Almost for the sake of the camera, Rachel theatrically tried to involve Freddie in the charade.

"Is Baby ready for his bowel wash? ....What? No Answer? Well! That's just too bad because you've got to be cleaned out anyway.." With dramatic flourish, she turned on the valve and allowed the fluid to flow standing well clear so the video camera had an uninterrupted view. Camilla meanwhile was occupying herself by emptying vast amounts of pink Baby Lotion onto Freddie's sexual organs before roughly rubbing it all over the place..

"He's a noisy Baby.." Sir Alistair commented as he watched Camilla bring fresh yelps of pain from the naked man on the table. Suzy didn't reply immediately, her mouth was well filled with her Master's cock and she didn't want to interrupt her ministrations just yet. She knew the sight and sounds of the naked man on the rubber changing table exited him immensely and could feel his penis swell even harder in her mouth. As she, and only she was responsible for Sir Alistair's toilet, his cock tasted delicious as she rolled the rock hard glands round her mouth. She loved every inch of this man and knew his body from top to toe. She sucked hard on the tip of his penis as fresh seminal discharge arrived.

When he came he'd probably blow the roof of her mouth off..

Sir Alistair's thoughts were well away from his precious slave girl as on screen, Rachel pulled out the nozzle and wheeled away the enema stand. Camilla finished rubbing Freddie's genitalia with the Baby Lotion and was admiring the flaccid erection she had been able to induce. She slapped 'Baby' heavily on his swollen belly and cackled as he jumped two inches off the table.

"Does Baby feel full now ,yes?" Indeed he did feel full, the enema sloshed around inside and it wouldn't be long before the natural control of his body took over and he would want to expel the bulky intrusion.

"Do you want to go to the toilet?" Rachel meanly pressed on his belly while she waited for a reply. Freddie's eyes lit up and nodded vigorously.

"Well, that's good. But unfortunately, babies don't use the toilet, they use their nappies. So, wait two minutes while we wrap you up in some thick terry napkins then you can strain away to your hearts content." New tears clouded his eyes at this humiliation and he screwed them up tightly as a nappy was pinned tightly around his waist. When would these indignities end? A minor cramp passed across his stomach and he groaned, much to the delight of the two Nurses who were struggling with his rubbers.

"These are new, heavy duty rubber pants," Rachel explained. "Designed for really smelly and dirty boys like you.." Freddie looked down at the garment that the Nurses were fitting over his nappy. The pants were made of thick red rubber and had heavy buckles at the waist and around the leg openings. the seals were well isolated from the thick terry nappy because the garment had been made extra large. While Camilla buckled up the thigh seals, Rachel rolled the waist seal tightly.

"Try and push your finger under that..." Freddie thought it would be foolish not to try. He couldn't. "See! Nothing gets in, and of course, nothing gets out! That means none of your wee wees and Pooh Poohs will be on the clean cot sheets tomorrow. Everything will be locked away inside here!" She empathised the point by tapping on his padded crotch. "Now, into your High Chair! It's time for your Tea!" Totally dejected, Freddie meekly climbed down from the table after the straps had been released and allowed Camilla to lead him off in the direction of the high chair....

Even the velocity of her Master's orgasm surprised her as his seed blasted into her mouth. Pulse after pulse flowed from the root of his shaft to the tip, each wave bringing fresh volumes of creamy sperm, coating the inside of her mouth.

Suzy had to swallow quickly to avoid losing any of the precious elixir.

Sir Alistair groaned and fell backwards as the powerful orgasm shook across his body. Suzy continued lapping his limp penis till he could bear it no longer, and he reached down and gently plucked her head away.

"Come, my darling.. Come to me.." He held her in his powerful arms and kissed her moist lips.

"I am intrigued to see where his training goes from here..." Suzy looked puzzled. He didn't usually interfere with the treatment. Sir Alistair realised his gaff and kissed her quickly on the mouth. "Only a passing interest, mind.

How do you gain his confidence?" Suzy, only slightly mollified, relaxed as he stroked her shoulder.

"By the morning, he be as low as I'm going to take him. He'll be sore, very sore. Also he'll be smelly so I imagine his spirit will be completely broken.

Anything we ask, he'll do it' if only for an easy life.." She looked at her Master, to see if he was following her. Smiling, he nodded his encouragement.

Strange, she thought. Sometimes he could be so kind and gentle. Other times, the strongest of men could shiver with fear as he walked past. "Tomorrow," She continued, Freddie will be loved, changed often, talked to kindly. Even Rachel will have to change her ways...”

"She better..." Suzy's hand covered his mouth.

"Ahh.. Master, you promised.." He head up a hand.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me." His eyes smiled at her. Any other mortal could have had their tongue ripped out for such insubordination.

"By the end of the week, he'll be.. Putty in my Hands.." Sir Alistair laughed as he squeezed his precious little oriental slave girl.

"I really don't care how you do it, just give me a reliable courier.”

"Master, On my life, you'll have that..."Sir Alistair interrupted.

"I hope I never have to call on you to sacrifice that. Now away and prepare my bath..”

The French TripWhoever had tuned the motorcycle had done a good job. The machine was functioning perfectly.

Freddie was enjoying the freedom away from the Nursery for the first time in eight days and the warm July air felt good as he cruised southwards on the French Motorway. He was keeping just within the speed limit as he certainly didn't want to draw any sort of attention to himself, which meant biting back on his frustration as every other bike on the southbound route seemed to go past him at well over 160 kph. Again he had a cellophane wrapped package strapped onto the back, another precious parcel to be delivered to an address in Lyons.

is life wouldn't be worth tuppence if he got caught and searched by the traffic police. On top of that, there was another problem. Underneath his newly altered and expanded leather trousers, Suzy had packed a special electronic 'alarm' into the waistband of his rubber pants. As he had to overnight anyway, he had instructions to visit a farmhouse just outside Soissons, where a member of the organisation would tend to his needs.

"What's to stop him taking his nappy off and disappearing off the edge of the World..." Alarm showed in Suzy's features as she turned to face her agitated Master. This was a most uncharacteristic side of him she hadn't seen before. His uncanny sixth sense was beginning to worry her.

"Master, please don't fret. Freddie finished his training with flying colours. I assure you, he'll be a great asset from now on.."Sir Alistair still wasn't assured and remained pensive, his forefingers pressed into his upper lip. Suzy sighed and was almost at the point of becoming irritated... A state that could well lead to her rapid downfall.

"He was given a display last night of a small explosive devise embedded into his rubber pants. We took a tailor's manikin up to the Nursery, fitted the dummy with a nappy and the 'special' rubber pants and demonstrated what happened when anyone tries to interfere with the pants when they haven't got the key...”

"And.." Sir Alistair prompted. Suzy laughed.

"I think Freddie was almost sick as the dummy's legs went flying all over the room. There was nothing left of the stomach. remnants of the rubber pants hit Freddie in the face.." Sir Alistair sighed.

"I'm sorry dearest..." He reached over and pulled the slender girl against him.

"Please forgive me, I'm sometimes a suspicious old man. I should know better than to question your methods..”

"I live only to serve you, Master. You know that." He caressed her hair and felt humbled in front of this, his most loyal servant.

Elaine Pechard looked at her watch and cursed Suzy Chang once again. It had been eighteen months since her last involvement with the Organisation and she had desperately hoped that they had forgotten about her. Then, out of the blue, yesterday afternoon, she gets a phone call from her 'old friend' asking for a favour. She couldn't refuse, after all, there was just too much at stake... But this! Just where was Suzy getting her sense of humour from these days?

Elaine peered at her watch again. A motorcyclist was going to arrive any minute.

He, and his cargo, were to be shown up to a lockable room...And this was the bit she found difficult to swallow. He was to be undressed, waterproof pants and nappy removed. And then washed from head to toe! What was she playing at? Suzy said it was a new way she had devised of maintaining discipline and she wasn't to tolerate any nonsense. Again, she examined the special plastic key that was on a string around her neck. A courier van had delivered it, along with other bulky Nursing products. So this Freddie was not to be allowed to wash or change himself because he had a pair of explosive pants on? If Elaine hadn't know Suzy better, she would have sworn that this was some sort of bizarre joke. Treat him like a Baby, and he'll behave like a Baby? Was this some big send up? But Suzy wasn't one to joke, not where the Organisation was concerned and Elaine peered down the valley towards the main road as the sound of a motorcycle was heard faintly.

The farmyard was cobbled and Freddie ignored the attractive brunette as he searched around for a firm flat surface to prop the bike on. Selecting a concreted area outside what appeared to be an old Dairy, he coasted the machine over and hauled the heavy 1100 cc Superbike onto its centre stand. He looked over at the woman who had typical Gaelic facial beauty. She walked slowly over towards him and he could tell she was just as nervous as he was! As she got nearer, she smiled and held out her hand.

"Hello, I'm Elaine...." Freddie took her offered hand. Her grip felt warm and friendly. Their eyes met.

"I'm Freddie..." He lost his courage and searched around on the ground. "I...I suppose Suzy has told you what to except..?" Elaine was touched by his candour and immediately her heart melted. He was in deeper than he had ever imagined and somehow they had to survive sixteen hours together. Elaine lightly brushed her fingers on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Freddie," she spoke softly. "I know exactly what to expect.." She pointed to the package. "Bring that, we'll go for a ..cup of tea, that is what you English like, No?" Freddie smiled and jumped off the bike.

"I'm Welsh actually, and I'd love a cup of tea." While he was removing the straps from the merchandise, Elaine instantly noticed the bulge around his seat.

With that extra swelling under the leather trousers, the poor man must be wearing a nappy.. Incredulous of the Chinese girls imagination at controlling people, Elaine shook her head and lead the way into the house.

There was an awkward silence as she prepared tea, Freddie preferring to stand as he had been sitting on the bike too long. Eventually, he broke the silence.

"You speak English very well..?”

"My late husband was English, we used to farm this place together until he died eighteen months ago.." He didn't need to know how Peter had died. Freddie looked sheepish and embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I..I didn't know.." Elaine smiled at him.

"Don't be. He had a good innings.." She lied. The Police bullet had abruptly stopped his life at 36 years old. "The farm gives me enough to live on and I'm very happy..." More lies, but for some reason it worried her. The Organisation gave her an adequate pension and she wasn't happy at all.. "Milk and sugar?”

"Yes please.." Another silence. Freddie finally plucking up courage. "Tell me, am I the first, err..”

"Suzy describes you as an Adult Baby, and yes, you are the first..." Freddie looked very agitated and she noticed it immediately. She placed the steaming cup in front of him. "Here..Drink this and don't worry. Four years ago I looked after a sick aunt, so I know what to expect.”

"Have you got the key?" Elaine nodded and touched her chest. I wonder if that's the real reason he's so concerned? Get him undressed and you'll notice a change, he'll be easy to handle, she had said..? Suzy's right. I mustn't let him take control or I'll regret it.. Suzy didn't say of course, but failure, especially through poor attitude, was rarely tolerated.

"I think it would be a good idea if I helped you take those heavy clothes off.." Freddie remained seated at the table as she unzipped his jacket and pulled it off from behind. Underneath, he was wearing a thin white latex shirt with long arms. She pulled the shirt open at the neck.

"Aren't you hot and sweaty wearing this?" Freddie turned suddenly, looking horrified.

"Don't try to take it off, it's part of the garments that I'm not supposed to remove.”

"What about the trousers.." Freddie looked puzzled for a moment, then sighed.

"Yes..They can come off..”

"Well? Could you please stand then?" Reluctantly, Freddie drained his tea and stood. He stiffened as Elaine's arms encircled his waist and released the buckle of his belt. Still blind, she pulled the zip down and struggled with the trousers as she tried to force them over the bulk of his nappy. The rubber vest was zipped to the sensitive waistband of the waterproof pants. God! Suzy had gone to great lengths to ensure this man's loyalty. With relief, Freddie stepped out of the leather trousers and stood quietly as Elaine hung them up. She turned and looked at him, not surprised when he broke off eye contact and stared at the floor.

"Suzy said I was to give you drinks out of a babies bottle, you don't really want that, do you?" Freddie knew that she was in turmoil. What stood before her, she'd never seen the sight of before. She understood he was wearing the nappies under duress but was still having difficulty accepting it.

"I don't want to get you into trouble. They seem to have ways of knowing things, especially minor details." Elaine came nearer and held out her hand.

"I wont tell them if you don't. Tell me, you aren't very comfortable at the moment, are you?" He knew exactly what she was referring to, there was nothing wrong with his sense of smell either. She was only trying to let him down easy.

But her words acted like a catalyst to a chemist and suddenly he felt frail and vulnerable. No! He wasn't comfortable, but what was different? He'd been in this state all week? In despair, tears sprang up in his eyes. Hell! He felt such a baby. Not only was he wearing dirty nappies in front of a complete stranger but he was now crying in front of her as well.

Although she felt sorry for him, Elaine didn't know how to handle the tears. She could understand Freddie being forced to wear the nappies, but she'd certainly underestimated Suzy's power at reducing him to the state of an infant. It rather made the explosive rubber pants obsolete. She sat in a large arm chair next to the Solid Fuel cooker and patted her lap.

"Come here, Freddie,.." To her amazement, like a well trained puppy, Freddie shuffled across and sat on her lap. Elaine pulled his head into her chest and stroked his hair, allowing the sniffles to die down. She picked up his hand and selected his thumb, guiding it to his mouth. Without hesitation, Freddie started sucking on the digit, just like a toddler. Elaine loosened off the top buttons of her dress and like a real Baby, Freddie started pawing her exposed bosom. He sunk down in her lap to allow the nipple to slide neatly into his mouth. The French Woman gasped with half shock and surprise as feelings she hadn't felt for so long came to the surface and a fierce ache built up in her chest as the adult infant slurped away. he didn't just suck her nipple, he worked at it like a baby, using his tongue to roll it gently and languidly against his upper gums.

For a moment Elaine imagined this must be what a real child felt like, though all her adult life, she'd remained childless. The ache turned into a hot searing glow and her nipples hardened under Freddie's ministrations. She wanted to touch her sex, but with Freddie's weight on her, that just wasn't possible so she contented herself with pushing her groin up into his padded hip. She groaned aloud when her orgasm arrived but it left her feeling edgy and unfulfilled.

Freddie was dozing lightly at her chest and she looked down at his peaceful face. In just over a week, Suzy had turned a grown man into a Baby.. Again, Elaine shook her head in wonderment and amazement. He was very wet, the pants had leaked and she could feel moisture on her thighs.

"Wake up Freddie," She cooed. "Would you like a bath?" He smiled at her and nodded his head. "What would you like to call me?" Freddie smiled again at her and touch her naked bosom.

"Mummy?" Again that warm glow reappeared. She wasn't afraid of the consequences of falling for an adult baby. After all, wasn't she feeling happy for the first time in many months?

"Get up now, Mummy will take you upstairs for your Bath...”

"It wont be long Cheri.." Freddie looked uncomfortable on the hard table that Elaine had improvised as a changing table. She had followed the instructions that she'd received with the 'Nursing Kit' and lined the splintery wood with the thick rubber sheet supplied. Freddie was hurting now his full nappy, she imagined he had a bad nappy rash. Understandable really, all day in the saddle, so to speak..

The key , to her relief, fitted perfectly in the slot intended and she sighed with relief as a flashing red light was extinguished. they both wallowed in the total silence as the constant bleeping was also stopped. Tentatively, she pulled the zip open that joined his vest to his rubber pants. She couldn't see much of a function for the rubber vest except as a punitive measure and to remind the wearer of his status. She made Freddie sit up as she pulled it over his head.

Prolonged wearing would create sweat sores but she could see no signs of redness during a cursory examination. A mental note was made to dust the garment with talc to freshen it for tomorrows wear.

Elaine returned from turning off the bath water, pulling on the rubber gloves that had been sent in the 'kit' and turned to Freddie.

"Are you ready?" She felt foolish after saying that. Of course he was ready, but was she ready? She gripped his waistband after he nervously nodded and pulled down. Automatically, he lifted his bottom off the table and Elaine hauled the pants off his legs easily.

Ugg! His nappy was ten times worst then she'd imagined it to be but she wasn't going to falter now. After a slight gag, she gritted her teeth and allowed herself shallow breaths as she fumbled with the four pins. Methodically, each one was stowed safely on the trolley next to the changing table and she pulled the sodden dirty nappy away. Her heart fell when she saw that the terry was only a secondary nappy. Suzy had used a lint nappy liner which had been pinned on with two pins each side. Again, she stoically unfastened these, discarding them with the rest. She pulled the cotton material down, exposing Freddie's genitals.

"Pull your knees back, Cheri..?" She shot a quick glance at Freddie was was furiously sucking on his thumb. The humiliation of the change far to great for him to face. Elaine sighed at the female role in life. Freddie was no different from most men, who were weak and useless under stress.

His thighs fell open as he rocked his legs backwards. Allowing her maximum access to the sticky pooh that seemed to cover everywhere!"What a Dirty bottom!" She said out loud. Using a clean flannel cloth, she worked her way round his bottom till most of the mess was cleared up.

"Come on, off the table and into the Bath.." She helped him across the landing and into the warm water and left him there while she returned to Freddie's room to clean up.

"She really didn't notice the soiled nappies as she rinsed them out, her thoughts were far away, but she didn't know exactly where. Freddie's arrival had turned her narrow little world totally up side down. He's not a Baby, surely not..? She worried the point in her mind, not really knowing which way to turn.

Feverishly, she scrubbed everything down till the room was spotless before returning to the bathroom.

It took her a while to fathom out what was wrong but it was the fact that his body was totally devoid of all hair. She imagined a depilatory cream had been used. He winced as she pushed the rough towel between his legs, temporarily forgetting the painful nappy rash. He remained quiet, as he had done throughout the bath, while she explored every intimate nook and cranny of his being. She sat on a stool while Freddie meekly bent over, exposing his most secret areas as she dried him. Suddenly, a feeling of revulsion flowed over her.

"Have you no pride left," Her words were barely a whisper but Freddie had heard.

He stood and faced her, his genitalia only a few inches from her face.

"When I leave in the morning, will it be as a man, or a baby?" He couldn't look at her but Elaine detected heavy emotion and bitterness in his speech.

"I think you already know the answer, it's just..." Freddie looked at her, while she searched for the proper words. Her hand suddenly covered his penis and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"It's such a waste, that's all.." In turn, he covered her hand.

"The morning is a long way off, we have all night together, don't we?”

The End


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