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Legendary Puppies

by williysimmons

Prologue - Captured

    It was just a simple test of strength; a challenge to see who was the best. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune were battling it out in some unknown area of the world. Well, unknown to most, anyway. They thought that nobody could interrupt them while they were battling. But boy, were they wrong! Just as Raikou was about to win, a mysterious person in a black cloak and a gas mask threw a grenade-like object full of gaseous anesthetic. The anesthetic let loose, and all three of the Legendary Dogs collapsed one by one. That was the last thing they remembered before they blacked out. Mischievously, the person smiled. They called a helicopter to haul the load. A couple hours later, they arrived at some sort of test facility. Placing each Dog in a separate room from each other, the evil mastermind readied up their hypnotic equipment. They knew just how resilient each Pokemon was to anesthetics. The evil one had special diapers placed on them during the copter ride. At long last, Entei was finally starting to wake up...


CHAPTER 1: Entei's Fiery Filling

    Entei awoke to a very pale, almost white, room. He groaned as he looked around. There were only three things that were not white: a speaker and camera in the corner of the room, and a door that was too small for him to fit through, even if he tried. He sighed and sat down. As he did, he heard something crinkle, and his butt did not feel the floor. He looked down and got the surprise of his life. He had been placed in an overly thick diaper that fit perfectly. Blushing a shade of red that was not common to him, he immediately tried to get it off, only to end up in utter failure. He was legitimately scared. Was he ever going to get out of this diaper at all? One thought led to another, and eventually he pieced together that someone had Pokemon-napped him. He knew that there would be dire consequences for his "keeper", for lack of a better word. But then, a tiny hole opened up in the ceiling. Out from it came a small orb of sorts, with unrecognizable patterns on it. As it lit up, one thing became clear.
    He was clearly trying to be hypnotized, most likely by his captor. No matter how he tried to resist, his mind eventually crumbled, leaving literally nothing. At that point the speaker crackled to life as it gave hypnotic suggestions. "You are little. You are a baby. You are a Level 1 hatchling. You may be a Legendary, but you have never been out of diapers. Diapers make you comfortable. Diapers are your life. Being incontinent is normal for you. You will have no fear or shame in wearing or using your diapers. In fact, you will be proud of it, proud of both facts! You will always be very sad - yet insatiably horny - after you mess yourself. Cumming will relieve both emotions. You do not need permission to cum, as it will always be at your will and yours alone." The fiery Doggo smiled. Out of nowhere, he felt mildly horny, and he also felt like he needed to wet and mess - BADLY. But he paid it no mind and just wanted to please whoever this new master was by listening to them thoroughly.
    The voice continued. "You will almost never want to be without your diapers. Unless you are being changed, you will hate being without a diaper with all your heart, and will throw a crying fit if your diapers are removed for any other reason. You will always wear diapers otherwise, and you will love them forever. You will be friendly to everyone you meet, and you will not think about killing anyone, as you will feel it is wrong to do so. Or do you feel that way already...? Anyway, you will love being in diapers, but there will be one thing you love more, and that's being in USED diapers. That's right, your own used diapers are a thrill to you. With all of that said, I'm going to wake you up on the count of 5, and when you do, you will immediately use your diaper. I want you to wet and mess your diaper like the little baby hatchie you are! Do you understand?" Entei mumbled something, nodding. "Perfect. 1... 2... 3... 4... and 5." Remember how I said he needed to void badly? Well, he didn't anymore.
    Around a minute later, Entei's diaper was almost fully used, bladder and bowels finally emptied. And true to the voice's word, Entei started to cry. Like, break out in tears cry. Bawl-out-loud cry, even! The noise from him would have woken his "friends" up had the rooms not been soundproofed. Immediately, Entei also started to feel insatiably horny. He immediately started to masturbate, though it was difficult with paws instead of hands. Another couple minutes of bawling went by, and finally, that crying turned to howling in ecstasy. He finally came, and he came HARD. Thick ropes of sperm flowed out of him, and finally the noise stopped. Gasping for breath, the fiery Legendary had a hard time catching it (his breath). It took about 3 minutes or so for him to do so. But once he finally did, he flopped on his back, contented. He looked to his now impossibly used diaper, smiled, and rubbed the seat of it. His poop had now smushed against his "areas" in the most pleasurable ways possible to him.


CHAPTER 2: Raikou's Thunderous Torture

    Just like Entei, Raikou woke up to a nearly-white room. Looking around, he seemed to be in almost the exact same predicament as his "friend". He even had the diaper, but the design was different. While Entei's was red in the top riff, Raikou's was purple. Additionally, there was some mysterious machine in a corner of the room. For what purpose it served, Raikou did not know... yet. There was one other thing that stuck out like a sore thumb - the holo-projector. It was already out by the time he woke up. Confused, Raikou took a couple steps towards, diaper crinkling in the process. Irking him, he tried to get it off, but almost instantly found out that it was impossible to do, as the diaper had tapes. Moreover, upon closer inspection, the tapes had a lock icon on them. Didn't take a genius to figure out what that meant for him. He then came up with an idea: burning it off with lightning. Sadly, though, that did nothing. Sighing, he looked back at the projector. What exactly was it going to... project?
    He immediately figured it out when it finally turned on - a giant pocket watch. Raikou's first reaction was to look away, but somehow the "watch" was following his gaze. No matter where he averted it, the watch was still there. Finally, he decided to pander to his captor. He stared at the watch for about a minute until his mind finally was destroyed, leaving its bearer to be nothing more than a blank shell. At that point, the speakers spoke mostly the same suggestions to Raikou. What was different with these suggestions from Entei's was the reaction towards using a diaper. Remember how Entei was to cry upon using his diaper? Well, Raikou was urged to be uncontrollably happy when he uses HIS. The mindless horniness still came into effect later, but that was the same as Entei, so who cares? Also, Raikou was not urged to become incontinent. Instead, he was instructed to head over to the machine. Yeah, I bet you were wondering what kind of machine it was, huh? Well, prepare to find out!
    Once at the machine, the first thing one would notice is that there were four buttons on it. Two read INCON TORTURE - WET and ENGAGE WATER, while the other read INCON TORTURE - MESS and ENGAGE SLURRY. If you haven't put the two and two together by now, this was a torture machine, designed to torture someone into a life of incontinence. Raikou was instructed to press the WET button, and without even a thought that this would go badly, he pressed it with his nose. A hose came out of the ceiling, and he was told to open his mouth and try to shove it in his throat. Within about 10 minutes, it was finally ready to use. He pressed the ENGAGE WATER button at the captor's command, and that's exactly what happened. It took about 30 or so minutes for the water to stop, and by that point, Raikou was tortured to the point where his bladder had become retrainable no more. The same thing happened with the mess option, and that took process around more like an hour. But in the end, Raikou was now fully incontinent.
    The torture machine then slid back through the wall once it was done with its one job. That job was performed effectively, because Raikou can never tell what feeling makes him need to use his diapers anymore. After the machine slid back through the wall, Raikou was released from trance. About 5 minutes later, Raikou felt a sudden pang in his stomach area, but it dissipated completely around 4 seconds later. And he didn't even realize it, but he was actually using his diaper, right then and there. After he felt his mess, however, his mood immediately swung from empty to overjoyed. He was incredibly happy that he used his diaper like a good hatchie. He also felt insatiably horny, and two minutes later, Raikou came the same way Entei did. Once done, Raikou did the same as Entei: flopped on his back, rubbing his diaper, and getting an erotic feeling from his poop mushing against his privates. It was still a while before Suicune would wake up, but once he did, he would be in for the ride of his life...


CHAPTER 3: Suicune's Drenching Dump

   Unlike the past two, Suicune woke up to a pitch-black room. Well, mostly pitch-black. The door was still silver, as was the ceiling speaker and security camera. The red light was kind of a tip-off on what was being filmed - him. And of course, a diaper was present on his waistline, this one being baby blue. (How ironic, right?) Obviously, the diaper did not come off, and it prevented him from using any moves for some reason. If I neglected to say that it did the same for Raikou and Entei, I'm saying it now. Anyway, Suicune just sighed and sat down, pondering his current predicament. He didn't even seem to notice the hypnosis machine that was present in the room after a minute. But once he finally looked up and front, a white light flashed in front of him, but only for about half a second. Suicune wasn't sure what to make of this. Then another white light flashed in another area of the wall, close to where the first one was. Then another flashed elsewhere, and another, and another, and another...
   Within 2 minutes, the lights started getting faster and faster. Finally, after 5 minutes of short flashes, a flash of bright light came throughout the room. That got Suicune's mind to finally be erased, ready for hypnosis whenever the voice was. And true to this, the voice came on for their new "hatchie". And of course, there was a different suggestion for thoughts on diaper usage for Suicune. It went something like this: "You will have no fear or shame in wearing diapers. In fact, you will be very proud of that. However, you will be deathly ashamed in using your diapers, and will be afraid of being punished for being a bad hatchie, for soiling your diapers. Insatiable horniness that drowns out every other thought and can only be relieved by cumming will follow every messing you do. However, cumming your diapers will only make you feel even more naughty. You secretly want to be out of diapers, but you don't have the nerve to try to be potty trained or ask to be trained. Besides, where would you potty? The floor? We can't have that." Something like that.
    Anyway, upon wakeup, Suicune instantly started flooding and filling his diaper. He said nothing upon finishing, but he did feel horny. Within 30 seconds, he finally came. He still said nothing afterwards, but he knew he had been a bad hatchie. He really hated being in a dirty diaper and wanted to be clean as soon as possible. At that point, the masked person came into the room, after finally changing the other two. Suicune looked down out of sheer terror, but the masked person said nothing, as they changed his diaper. Once done, the stranger gathered them to the center room below each room via hidden elevators. At long last, it was finally time for the final act of this whole operation. Just what was this mystery person planning? More in the final chapter!


Revelation (United, We Crinkle... Forever)

   At long last, the Legendary Dogs had become the Legendary Puppies, as the person called them. But who exactly were they? You'll find out in a bit. But for now, let's catch up on the Puppies. They were back at it with their test of strength, and in the end, Raikou won. How? Because he was strong against Suicune, so that was easy. And right before Entei was going to win, his diaper was suddenly pawed off! (Yes, by Raikou.) Entei threw a fit, and Raikou closed it off with Thunderbolt. That was that, but Entei was still fussing. At that point, the masked stranger came into the room with their own elevator. Which, of course, was in the center of the room. The Puppies immediately ran up to them and promptly gave their greetings. Behind their mask, the stranger smiled. In a non-evil, truly happy way. You see, the person had no Pokemon to call their own, and was very lonely. Everywhere that he went, wild Pokemon would just flee at the very sight of them. But they didn't know why. They looked completely normal.
    So eventually, Pokemon-napping the Dogs was their last resort. They had used their various hypnosis machines to make the Dogs friendly towards them, and ultimately gain some actual Pokemon friends. This was the ulterior motive of our captor character all along. They put the torn-off diaper back on Entei and reached for their mask. Now, finally, it's time for the face reveal. The person pulled their mask off to reveal... a perfectly normal face, just like I had said. A man's face. (And yes, the captor was a man, body and soul.) He had plaited black hair, the most hypnotically beautiful green eyes EVER, slightly rosy cheeks, fair skin and an air of friendliness around him. He smiled at the Puppies, whose maws were now gaping. But then they just started to dumbly smile again. Seeing the face of their new friend put them a little more at ease, knowing who was behind the voice. He started speaking. "I'm truly sorry I had to do this. I didn't know what else I could do to gain any Pokemon friends."
    He went into the entire backstory that I just wrote. "It's my fault the three of you are here. I honestly want to kill myself for all the trouble I've caused... especially your organ torture, Raikou. I know what I did was wrong. I don't know how I can repent, except by just dying..." He started to cry. Tears were flowing down his face. Taken aback by his revelation, the three looked upon each other. What should they do? They looked back at him, whose tears were now flowing even faster. Suicune was the first to console him. In his own way, he said to the man, "That's enough. You're punishing yourself too hard." Entei, now at the man's back, added "It's not your fault. You knew what you did was wrong and acknowledged it. That takes a lot of guts to do, ya know that?" Finally, Raikou chimed in. "I think I'd prefer going back to being a Puppy. I wanna be here with you. Besides, we wouldn't be loving ourselves even more without you." The other Puppies agreed. The man sniffed. "You... You all forgive me?"
    They nodded and smiled genuinely. Their smile was contagious. "Th-thank you all. I've never had Pokemon friends before, and... well, I think you guys giving me a chance has healed my broken heart. Thank you..." The three came in close, and he hugged each and every one of them. It was at that point that he took off his cloak. The Puppies could not believe their eyes - the man had a diaper on, as well! "Heh heh... Surprised? I've actually got hit by a Mirror Coat-reflected Aura Sphere recently, and it left a huge impact on my body. Eventually, I was deemed untrainable after the event. So that's where your desire for diapers came from. Sorry I didn't tell you that earlier." Unsure of what to do next, nobody moved. Finally, a slight hiss could be heard - it was coming from the man. "Oops. Heh heh. Guess I wet myself... again. Does anyone else need a change?" At that point, everyone did. The Puppies fear-soiled themselves after seeing the man's diaper. They all agreed, Entei sadly, the other two eagerly.


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