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Edge of Reason

by SouthernGent

Chapter 1

She had a name. She knew she had to. At this moment she had no idea what it was though. Her whole being consisted of the need to cum. Hard. She couldn't remember how long it had been since she had, only that every cell in her body vibrated with the need. Her muscles contracted and released spasmodically as she lay there, trapped spread eagle with her ass and pussy filled and vibrating around huge toys. Her hands and feet bound. Except she was neither tied nor laying and no toys were anywhere near her. The consuming need to orgasm was very real. And then it disappeared. 

He knew her name. It was Emily. She had caught his attention several weeks ago. He had first seen her sitting at a cafe near the park. He had watched her study for classes, hang with friends, and read trashy romance novels. All of the novels featured similar artwork. In short, ravaged maidens. He began to sit near her. He would bring a shiny coin, a pocket watch in need of polishing, trinkets that never failed to get her attention in the light. Each meeting drawing her attention longer and longer. One day he stood and walked to her table. Her eyes never leaving the watch he had brought today. The light bouncing off of it into her eyes as it twirled at the end of its chain. "Hello", he said," I hope you dont mind me joining you." Emily said nothing and barely nodded her acceptance. Her eyes followed every nuanced move of the watch. I began to talk her into a deeper trance. Her eyes got heavier as she dropped for me until she was as deep as I could take her quickly. I whispered some instructions for her, some things to think about.

Emily lay awake in bed. She was unbearably horny. She couldn't think of what had aroused her so. She wasn't overly sexual and rarely masturbated. At the moment however that was all she wanted to do. She kept seeing herself as the heroines of her trashy novels, her escape from her busy but dull life. As she had flashes of herself on her knees, bent over furniture, being bossed around by faceless men, she became more aroused. The more aroused she became the more she imagined being done to her. When she tried to being herself to orgasm and some relief, she found she couldn't. 

As we continued to meet at the cafe, she would drop deeper and deeper, telling me her dreams and frustrations. The faceless men who teased and tortured her to edge after edge were gradually replaced by a face she now knew. Her whispered triggers made her more and more certain she should submit herself to me.


Chapter 2

After several weeks of subtly nudging Emily along, I followed her home at her request. As the door shut behind us, she slowly disrobed and knelt in front of me, following my commands that she had been receiving perfectly. I looked directly into her eyes and uttered her deep trance trigger. I described how she was bound. How the ropes felt on her wrists and ankles. I filled her pussy and ass with vibrating toys that stretched and filled her. Toys that hit every pleasurable spot. Then I let her feel them come alive. From the outside she was kneeling and still but in her mind she was shamelessly displayed. I would vary her time on the edge. Letting her get closer and closer before making her start over. And then I woke her up but didn't let her move.

Emily could think again, but she didn't have much time to do so. She noticed me there finally, trying to piece together why I was there. Pleasure overtook her thoughts as I spoke her trigger for edging. I must confess that watching her writhe and drool did wonders for my libido as well. I played yo-yo with her arousal for hours, watching her stretch, anticipating the break. When she could no longer speak coherently, reduced to grunts and moans, I gave her a choice...orgasm or her mind. I was surprised at how long she debated. But in the end she made her best decision.


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