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The First Dive, Chapter One

by nickynoxville

The First Dive, Chapter One

The First Dive, Chapter One

Nicky Noxville



All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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And now, our feature presentation…


Something wasn’t right.  I could remember it, the first cold rush over my skin as I’d dived into the pool for swim practice.  Through my goggles the world had been blue, shimmering in the sunlight from the high windows of the aquatic center.  I wasn’t even done with my dive before the water was comfortable. Time was slower in the water, and I relished the long sensation of gliding smoothly through water and sunlight, defying gravity.

And then it went dark.  I don’t remember coming up for my first breath.  I remember getting closer and closer to the surface, my lingering first dive about to end.  I penetrated my reflection on the surface to gain a breath, and then I was breathing in the dark.  I couldn’t see anything, and gravity was back. My form was wrong, and then I felt the ropes around my wrists and ankles, holding me upright to some sort of X shaped frame.  I was dry, too, though I was still wearing my Speedo. I fought not to panic, but I didn’t have any idea what was going on. The door opened, and a shaft of light fell across my body, illuminating me, suspended in the darkness wearing only my black Speedo.  A figure moved into the room, momentarily plunging the room into darkness again before moving around to come at me from the side. All I could see was a figure moving in a hooded cloak, the face a pool of darkness. A white, latex-covered hand was extended from the cloak holding a syringe.

“What the fuck is going on here?  Let me go you psycho.” The cloaked figure didn’t respond.  It just moved closer. Another hand extended from the cloak, moving into the light, and grabbed my thigh.  The hand with the syringe drew nearer, the needle coming closer and closer to my skin. “No! Get that thing away from me!”  Tears were running down my face; I couldn’t stop him. I could only watch as the needle neared my skin. And then it pushed in, with a sting of pain, and then the hand, glowing in the light from the door, started to push the contents of the syringe into me.  My thigh burned, and I wanted to punch whoever just stuck me in the face, and then it was over. The figure tossed the syringe aside into the darkness, and then moved through the light again to the wall beside the door. A large screen appeared, illuminated, on the wall.  I tried to look to the title across the top, but didn’t quite get it in time. The figure must have pressed play, because the screen went that glowing black. It walked out of the room, and the door closed. The screen was now the only light in the room. Strangely, even with its light I couldn’t see the room around me.  It was all darkness, except the screen.

It was drawing my eyes in.  I felt a little funny, and I was having trouble thinking.  Still, it was look at the TV, or look into darkness. A boy appeared on the screen, wearing only a Speedo.  His skin was a caramel tan, he had the body of a swimmer, and he was lying on a bed, in the middle of what appeared to be a jungle, reading.  I just watched as his eyes slid back and forth, back and forth, tracing the words on the pages. Two men came out of the jungle wearing tank tops and black boxer shorts.  I thought it looked like they had hard-ons in their underwear, but I dismissed it—why would they have hard-ons? One of the men stopped next to where the boy sat on the bed.  He closed his book, reached over, and in a movement so smooth it took me a little while to figure it out he started sucking the man’s cock. It didn’t register, yet; I was still working out that movement.  His hand slid down the man’s stomach, into his underwear, spinning the man’s hard cock clockwise in a single circle bringing it around and up out of the underwear, directly into the boy’s mouth at circle’s end.

Wait.  He’s got a cock in his mouth.  He’s sucking a cock. I realized I was watching gay sex, but I couldn’t look away.

“Porn,” I said to myself.  “It’s fucking gay porn.” My eyes were wide, and I felt funny.  A string of drool ran down the corner of my mouth, and I swallowed.  My mouth was watering. I was watching a cock get sucked, and my mouth was watering.  My cock jumped. “No, no, no, no, no…” I was whispering it, watching the boy turn and dive on the second man’s cock.  I could feel my own cock getting harder in my Speedo. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I don’t get off on guys; I like girls.  What the fuck was going on? The men moved their bodies together, tangling their legs and bringing their cocks as close together as they could get them so that the boy could suck both at the same time.  I stopped thinking as I heard myself moan. I had to swallow a lot; my mouth was watering so much. It’s like the boy was a puppet—an inanimate sex doll for the men to shove their cocks into. Well, with the exception of the fact that the boy was enjoying it.  He had a hard on in his Speedo, and he was moaning shamelessly around the two cocks in his mouth.

“Sucking cock’s making him that hard?”  My mind was totally fucked up, and I found myself speaking my thoughts out loud.  “Fuck, he looks like he’s feeling really good. So fucking hard…” I looked down at myself, the light of the screen playing across my body.  I was just as hard in my Speedo as the boy on the TV. “I’m fucking hard. What the fuck? I… No, I’m not gay, I… I’m boned. My mouth’s watering…shit!  I think I… I think I want to suck cock.” My mind slipped a little more, and just went with it. My eyes were glued to this boy’s package, throbbing and swelling as I watched his mouth slide up and down the two shafts in my peripheral vision.  I wanted to feel that good. I wanted to suck cock like the boy. He looked so horny, and I was too. One of the men moved away, and the boy sank all the way down the remaining man’s shaft, burying his nose in the man’s pubes and swallowing around his cock.  The boy’s body was twisted, and the other man pulled off his Speedo, revealing the boy’s bouncing, hard cock.

I felt a cold rush of air and looked down.  My own Speedo was in pieces, fluttering to the floor, and I could see that my cock was also hard; also bouncing.  I couldn’t understand how my Speedo was on the floor and in pieces, but… my cock was so hard. I moaned, and then I noticed the flashing light on my hard cock and remembered the sexy video.  My eyes were pulled back to the screen, a silly grin on my face, and only one thing left on my mind: The video. I kept watching, my cock sticking straight out in front of me with a stream of pre-cum dripping from the glans down to the floor.  The two men grabbed the boy and flipped him over, placing him on all fours with his ass at the end of the bed. They traded off, taking turns licking, rubbing, slapping, and fingering the boy’s ass. The camera was low enough that I could see the boy’s bone bouncing between his legs.  One of the men climbed up and shoved his cock into the boy’s ass, hiking one leg onto the bed for better leverage. The boy started stroking himself; his face was also visible, contorted with pleasure. The other man climbed onto the bed, grabbed the boy’s hair, and started fucking his face.  The boy was moaning around the man’s cock, stroking himself as his ass was brutally banged.

The men both pulled out, leaving the boy looking disappointed on the bed.  They both did a clockwise half-circle around the boy and shoved into his orifices again.  The boy shifted his legs wider, and the man behind him climbed up on the bed, crouching over him and ramming his cock balls-deep into the boy’s ass over and over.  The boy’s wider legs and the angle the man was fucking him at made his hard shaft and drawn up balls very obvious, and he was slobbering away on the other man’s cock, frequently gagging himself as he took the man’s cock all the way down his throat.  He kept trying to stroke himself, but the force of the double fucking was shaking him so hard he had to brace himself. The man fucking him pulled out and drove all his weight down once, giving a few tiny bouncing pumps as deep in the boy’s ass as it could go.  My eyes settled on the boy’s cock, which had jerked up and seemed to be staying almost stationary and then I gasped. A jet of cum shot from the boy.

“Fucking creaming himself!  Wasn’t even touching…” I let out a loud moan, I felt like I was going to cum myself as I watched the boy shoot jet after jet of cum onto the bed, one man still banging the cum out of the boy and the other balls-deep in the boy’s mouth.  The boy might have started to go soft, but that didn’t last for long. The man was still pounding his ass, and his cock was getting hard all over again. Instead of cumming, I just got hornier as the men kept fucking the boy who had just shot like a maniac without touching himself.  I looked down at my cock for a moment, surprised at how swollen it was. It was huge, purple, and dripping pre-cum. My cock had never been this big, this hard, before. Gay porn was making me hornier than I had ever been in my life.

“But I’m not…” I moaned again and looked back at the video.  Watching it felt so good. The men had flipped the boy on his back, and the men were using him for a sort of tug-o-war, one grabbing the boys legs and lifting his hips to bang his ass while the other sat next to his head, pulling him onto his cock.  The boy was rock hard, his cock swollen like mine and bouncing across his stomach as he was fucked. The men twisted and bent him between their bodies. My mind wasn’t working anyone. It felt like I was in the video, like I was the boy I now idolized.  It felt so good to be him. I wished I could be him all the time.

The door opened, and the cloaked figure moved back into the room, closing the door behind itself.  I didn’t care; I just kept watching the TV. It was my world now, all I wanted. The figure moved behind me, out of my vision.

“I can see how much you like this.  Just keep watching; I’m going to make you feel even more like the boy.”  I moaned and watched on, the boy was on top of one of the men, riding his cock.  The other man was standing, feet to either side of the first man’s chest, fucking the boys face.  The boy was trying to move in both directions at the same time, trying to drive himself as far up and down on one man’s cock while trying to slide forward and back on another man’s huge rod.  My awareness shifted back to my own body, bound to an X shaped frame. My cock felt so hard and heavy, but something was different. Then I realized what it was; I could feel something hard, hot, and wet pressing against my ass, begging to push inside me.  I was about to get fucked, for real. I was going to get to feel what the boy was feeling. I didn’t want to get fucked, but even more I wanted to feel like the boy.

“You want it, boy.  You want to feel like the boy on the TV, don’t you?  That means you have to please cock. You have to please any cock that’s offered to you.  It’s true, there’s no fighting it. You want to be like the boy, and that’s what the boy is like.  He’s a slut for cock. You’re a slut for cock.” At some point, as he spoke, he had started sliding into me.  I was so engrossed on his words that I hadn’t noticed. All of a sudden I realized that his cock was half inside me, and I knew it was true.  My body was quivering, my eyes glued to the screen as some stranger was sliding his cock into my ass. It was all true, it had to be.

“I’m…  Fuck, I’m a…a slut for cock.”  He was panting; the man was almost all the way inside him.  He could feel hairs tickling his ass.

“That’s right, bitch.  You’re a fucking cock slut, and you’re going to be one for the rest of your life.”  His pelvis met my ass, and pressed against it, his hips moving and making his cock spiral inside of me.  I moaned. If I weren’t so tightly restrained, I would be thrusting my ass back to meet his thrusts. “Keep watching.  Feel how much you want to be the boy, how much you’re going to enjoy pleasing the cock of any man who offers it to you for the rest of your life.”  He was matching his fucking to the pace and depth of whichever man was fucking the boy in the video. I was sinking into it again, feeling so good as I was twisted between the men, my cock so hard.  The boy in the video came again, and I wanted to do the same. Both men got on either side of the boys face, and started jerking their cocks. The boy opened his mouth, and both men began shooting, covering his face and filling his mouth.  At the same time, I felt burning spurts of liquid filling my ass.

“You love cum, boy.  In you, on you, everywhere.  You want to taste cum, to swallow cum.  You want your ass to be filled with cum.”   He was still cumming inside me, and he started thrusting jerkily deep inside me.  My own cock started to shoot, hitting the wall and the TV in front of me. I was cumming without touching myself, like the boy.  I was a fucking cock slut, like the boy. The screen went black, and so did my mind.

I woke up flailing and looked around.  I was in my own bed, in my own room. I had no idea how I got here, but I didn’t think about that for long.  I went to my computer and opened Google. I did an image search for “cock” and spent the rest of the night downloading picture after picture of beautiful, hard cocks.  It was the weekend, so I could sleep in tomorrow. The sun was starting to come up, so I put my computer to sleep and climbed into bed.


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