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Take Care When Entering A Mushroom Ring, You’re Sure To Find It Quite Hypnotizing

by FrozenTrance

Chapter 1

A young man walked off the beaten path through the forest one clear spring day, just trying to take his mind off the hustle and bustle.  As he wandered through the trees, he heard a bunch of soft, feminine giggles, and a moan or two as well.  Curious, he wandered closer, eventually coming to a clearing that seemed to be completely empty, save for a ring of mushrooms, even though the voices seemed closer than ever.

One of the voices spoke up.
“Oh my friends, we have a guest!
Come on girls, show him our best!”

“Who’s there?”  The man looked around.

“Just glance downward, you’re not blind.
A group of Shroomgirls, you’ll soon find.”

Looking down closer at the mushrooms below, the man gasped as he saw that their stalks all looked like nude women with white skin, some plain, some bearing spots.  All of them had shapely bodies; narrow waists, wide hips, plump butts and big, bouncy breasts, as well as soft, feminine faces.  They had no arms, and their legs were joined together, keeping the shape of thighs at first, before blending into a uniform stalk further down.  Their hair, meanwhile, was replaced by the cap of a mushroom

“What on earth?”

“We are Shroomgirls, happy and free,
Giddy, fun, and oh so sexy.” 

Said a green eyed, blue-capped Shroomgirl.

“Shroomgirl Stella speaks to you,
human, tell us you name, too.”

“Um…  Zach,” the man said.  The situation was weird, but his curiosity compelled him to stay, trying to examine the creatures without looking like he was staring. “…Nice to meet you.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like you before.”

“Meetings of humans and Shroomgirls are quite rare,
We like the company though, feel free to stare.
Nature’s beauty is kind to us,
for modesty we make no fuss.”

As if to emphasize, Stella bounced her body slightly while remaining in the ground, her chest and butt bouncing freely.

“Human Zach, we’re happy to meet,
in our forest, so discrete.

Would you please Zach, stay a while?
We would love to make you smile.”

Zach was still weirded out by all this, but they didn’t seem dangerous.  Plus, it wasn’t every day you had a bunch of sexy ladies asking you to ogle them, even if they were tiny, and not-quite-human.  “Sure thing, you seem like nice ladies.”  He sat down in the center of the ring of Shroomgirls, as some of them began to whisper.

“Oh he’s handsome, yes it’s true.
I hope he wants to stay here too.”

“It has been too long since we could play,
with a charming boy that chose to stay.”

Zach smiled.  He was surprised he felt turned on by all the compliments from the strangely attractive Shroomgirls.  Nonetheless, he at least tried to keep it in his pants.

The other Shroomgirls quieted as Stella spoke up again.

“Thank you fella, now enjoy your seats front row,
Shroomgirl Stella, for you will put on a show.”

The Shroomgirl in front of him began to dance, as much as a limbless creature could, bending and wiggling hypnotically, her breasts and hips swaying back and forth.  The others began to join in, moving with the same rhythm.  Stella gently sang as they danced.

“Watch and learn Zach, and you will see,
this dance relaxes, and sets you free.
Feel your muscles, tired and sore,
be limp and lose, dropping more.
With every easy breath you take,
the less you’ll truly be awake.
Worries, cares, and thoughts that bind,
are being let go, from your mind.
Here among the grass and trees,
mind and body are at ease.”

Zach gently nodded, his body feeling heavy and relaxed, his mind foggy.  These Shroomgirls really were nice.  He’d never felt so deep and restful.

“As Shroomgirl Stella’s dance catches your eyes,
Your own ‘mushroom’ will now stiffen and rise.”

Zach shivered softly as his arousal grew, a bulge forming in his pants.  He lazily brought his hand closer, but stopped, still having enough presence of mind to not just start touching himself in front of people like that. 

Stella bit her lower lip eagerly.

“Oh dear Zach, no need to hesitate!
Don’t hold back, let go and masturbate.
You’re free out here, do as sexy Shroomgirls do;
play without fear, no matter who watches you.”

Zach nodded dimly and slipped his hand down his pants, a number of the Shroomgirls grinning as they watched, leaning in to try and get a peek while they kept dancing.  Others began to sway closer to those beside them, kissing or rubbing their busts against their neighbors, switching between one and another in rhythm

“Like a Shroomgirl, you can treasure,
natural needs, sexual pleasure.
In fact, dance with us Shroomgirls, we ’ll set you free,
from the inhibitions of society.
Just do what comes most naturally,
That’s a Shroomgirl’s path to fun and glee.”

“That sounds great,” Zach said, his eyes following the dance vacantly.   Everything Stella told him just seemed to make sense.  He slowly stood up, and started to sway in rhythm with them.  His hands, not needed for the motions, wandered down to his cock again.  But rather than reach into his pants, he undid them, letting them and his underwear slid down his legs as his erection stood tall.  A lot of the Shroomgirls looked up lustily while Stella’s grin grew.

“Know what stops a good Shroomgirl dance?
Shoes and socks and a pair of pants!
Your shirt, in fact, should also fall.
Really, why fool with clothes at all?
Shroomgirls spend their whole lives nude,
Zach must share our attitude!”

Zach nodded along, ceasing his stroking to reach down and untie his shoes.  Stella made a lot of sense.  Of course leaving his pants on would hinder his pleasure, and leaving them around his legs would hinder his dance.  And why even bother dressing up around friends like the Shroomgirls?  He slipped of his shoes, socks, jeans, and underpants, tossing each one far away without paying attention to where it landed, his shirt following after.

“Oh yes, don’t ever try to hide,
display your naked form with pride!

“You Shroomgirls are right, I feel much better like this…”  He muttered, before going back to dancing and stroking.  It felt RIGHT to stand out here among sexy Shroomgirl friends, enjoying the natural pleasures of the wind on his back, the dirt in his toes, and his cock in his hand.

“Of course you do, you will agree,
a Shroomgirl you were born to be. 
You’re much like us, you can’t deny,
so make no fuss, don’t even try.
Just dig your toes into the dirt,
and rootlike stuff soon will spurt.
Hold your legs together, near,
and become one they will, here.”

Zach nodded, letting his toes sink deeper into ground as his mind sank deeper into her words.  “Being a Shroomgirl could be fun.  I would think about a trial run.”  He continued swaying and stroking, mindlessly pressing his legs together.  He barely even realized that he’d moved from the center of the ring, to stand next to Stella. That was, until he felt them link together, his feet rounding off and being absorbed into his merged calves as the world started looking slowly larger and larger, while his skin turned a pale white color. 

“Wait, wait, Zach did not yet agree, to make Zach’s form a Shroomgirl be!”  The shock of seeing he was actually changing was enough to disturb his trance, but his head still felt foggy, and try as he might, he couldn’t stop dancing.  Stella simply shrugged as she kept up her sway.

“You come to your senses much too late,
To avoid a sexy, fungal fate.
Once you join the Shroomgirl dance,
You can’t truly break the trance.
Don’t resist, you’ll have a blast! 
Just let go, forget the past.
As you sway, to and fro,
your memories will start to go.
It feels sweet once you stop fighting,
A Shroomgirl life is so inviting.
Now lose your arms, they’re in the way,
Of a Shroomgirl’s sweet sexy play.”

“Please stop!  Again I say ‘no!’
Let me out, I want to go!”

Zach shouted.  It almost found like each swing of his head led to another thought falling out.  He tried to focus on something, anything, but he couldn’t stop dancing or stroking, constantly distracting him.  And any time he tried not to think in a rhyme, it was halted.

‘Why did I come out here today?’  He thought to himself.  ‘I had a day off an-‘
‘To be a Shroomgirl, the best way!’ a feminine internal voice interrupted his masculine one, and he barely even noticed.

‘To be a Shroomgirl, yes that’s right,
but if that’s true, why do I fight?
Surely I must have some places to be, -’
‘But they’re just to keep down Shroomgirl Zoe.

He groaned deeply as his hands started to shrink.  He groaned when they’d turned too small to keep masturbating, the fingers getting absorbed while his arms merged into his sides and vanished.  By this point, he’d shrunk to Stella’s size, while his hair wove together and ballooned out, changing from brown to bright red.  He looked down at his still throbbing erection.

“Shroomgirl Zoe- no, human Zach,
needs release, she cannot reach back.”  Zach groaned in a slightly higher voice.

“Progressing nicely yes you are,
Shroomgirl Zoe’s not at all far.
A girl you’ll be, from head to bum,
once human Zach’s had his last cum!”

Stella cheered, before bending down and sucking on his cock.  Zach gasped feeling his balls churning.  He twitched and gasped as she pleasured him.  More Shroomgirls on his sides kissed his nipples.

She shuddered and moaned as he finally came, shooting load after load down Stella’s eager throat.   With each pulse, he felt his balls empty and shrink away, his waist and neck become narrower, his hips wider, his ass juicier, and his facial features soften.   Though that was nothing compared to the new waves of pleasure as his chest ballooned up under the other Shroomgirl’s lips, their new sensitivity bringing unfamiliar waves of erotic pleasure.  If the Shroomgirl in the making could remember bra sizes, she’d know these were DD easily.

As the Shroomgirl’s orgasm reached its end, her penis and balls shrank and slipped back into her body, a new, wet slit opening in its place, which Stella ate from, sending Zoe into a new spiral of pleasure. 

Zoe panted and gasped in a high feminine moan, before soon being brought to orgasm again, this time fully female.

“For that pleasure more than small,
Shroomgirl Zoe thanks you all.”

“Shroomgirl Zoe, we’re glad to assist…” Stella said
“Now human Zach, do you still resist?”

“Human Zach?  Of him I’ve not heard.”  Shroomgirl Zoe said with some thought.
“Ask the others, they might have word.”

The Shroomgirls giggled.

“It’s not important, put it out of mind.
Now’s time for more pleasure and sex, you’ll find.”


Really fun-gi - genericaccount37

This is a really fun story. The descent into rhyming like the mushroom girls as he changes works so well with the transformation of both mind and body.

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