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What Happened to Me (This is my therapy)

by hobe4642

Chapter 1

updated with corrections


I have been married to Tina for over ten years now.  Somewhere between year nine and ten my world was turned upside down and I never saw it coming.  I met Tina when the company that I owned did some consulting work for a company she was an executive for. She said I made her laugh and was cute. We dated and were engaged a couple years later. Everything in our relationship was great, we seemed to be a perfect match. Right before we were married Tina was transfered to a city where neither of us knew anyone.  We both worked so much, what little free time was spent together.  Outside of each other and a few work associates we did not know anyone where we lived.  We decided against having a family as it did not fit into Tina’s career goals and I was never a pro-kid guy so it worked out. Life seemed so perfect until that Thursday afternoon when I came home early to change clothes for a presentation that I was going to give to a client. To make a long story short Tina was in our bed with another man. Not just any man, but a co-worker.  I was not noticed so I left the house and went to a bar for a drink, clear my mind, and figure out what I should do.  I made up my mind that as much as I loved Tina I do not want to be with her any longer.  When I came home I just came out and demanded a divorce and told her what I saw. She begged me for forgiveness and said she did it to advance her career at work as this gentleman, Pete, was a higher ranking executive and wanted her on his team. She said it was his idea, she did it for us and the amount of money she could make on his team was life changing. She was very convincing and I believed her.  I did love her and wanted to try and make things work out, but on the other hand, she cheated on me.  In one sense I admired her desire and drive to get ahead at work, but not this way.  She made a compelling argument, hell she had her Juris Doctorite and I should have know better that she was good at convincing juries to believe her.  I bought into her "closing argument".  I was raised in a religious home that believes in the sanctity of marriage.  I did not want to divorce and was willing to stay and try to work it out.  Maybe seek some marriage counseling.  It was worth a shot in my opinion.


About a month later I became suspicious and realized she had lied to me as their affair continued. It was apparant that this had been going on for quite a long time and the job promotion was a sham.  I was done with our marriage so I confronted her again and she still claimed it was to get promoted, liar. I wasn’t believing it and was packing my stuff and heading out the door. Before I left Tina stopped me and said she wanted to show me something and that I would want to see what she had. She showed me pictures on her laptop that I had never seen before nor remember taking. They were of me, naked, with another man in all kind of sexual poses. I laughed and figured that they must be Photoshopped and that could be easily proved in a court of law. Then she showed me video of it happening and for some reason I seemed to be enjoying myself. I was mortified. My mind began racing and I am sure I became white as a ghost.  I come from a semi strict religious upbringing. As I have gotten older my stance on homosexuality has lessened, but I would never find myself with another man, it is just how I was raised and what I believed in; that marriage was between a man and a woman.  After the shock wore off I said how, what, who. I should have took off, but had too many questions plus I was paralyzed and just had to know the answers. Tina asked if I remembered about 8 weeks ago when we were drinking and the next morning I woke up with a monster hangover?  I said of course. I did not remember drinking that much to pass out and definetely did not remember the night before.  I even half joked the next morning as I tried to knock the cob webs from my head, asking if she slipped me a date rape drug and had her way with me.  She continued, you were such the boy slut that night. I gave you two bars of Xanax and another two about two hour later. You would do anything I told you as you had zero inhibitions that night.  She said I put on quite the show and she was extremely turned on by watching the entire episode.  The pictures showed me sucking another man's penis, I anally penitrated him, we were kissing and "69ing" and I did not remember a thing about this.  Tina smiled and said she was so horny after watching me, Pete made her orgasm three times that night.  I told her I did not care and and would repent my sins. Financially I did not need her. I owned half our house, my consulting business, plus had a nice nest egg before we met. Tina started laughing uncontrollably.  And that is when my life changed forever. 


Evidentially during this drug induced whatever you want to call it I gave Tina power of attorney over my assets, money, car, business, and I signed over to her a quick claim deed to our home.  I didn’t care. I’ll live out of my car and will get a job with another consulting firm. I was good at my job and other companies were always seeking me to join their firm. One or two calls I will have a job, a signing bonus, and all will be good. When I told her this walking toward the door she said hold on and typed into laptop and with a few key strokes I was officially ruined. Tina sent an email to my entire client base that stated the company was folding and I was under investigation for fraud by the FBI. I started to tear up. I was pretty much officially ruined at that point. That still did not stop me from trying to leave. I figured I could live off my credit cards until I figured out my next move which would be speaking to my attorney and suing Tina for divorce and what was rightfully mine.  Tina laughed and yelled I cancelled all your credit cards and your attorney is now my attorney enjoy living in the street.  Should of just went, but I stopped and asked why. I thought everything was good with us. Why are you doing this to me. Her response was because I can.  I then asked what she wanted from me.  An answer that would change my life forever that I never expected. 


Tina told me I could stay at her house as long as I lived by her rules. I was desperate, homeless, and penniless. I had no money and nowhere to go. I didn’t have any friends or family in the area as we moved for Tina’s job about 2000 miles from where we first met. I was stuck. I said sure whatever figuring I could buy time until I figured out my next move.  She said first thing you need to know is Pete is moving in and I could move to the unfinished basement. She said she would pay me to be the house boy, to cook and clean and over time I could earn enough money that I could finally get out on my own. I said yes because I needed money and did not want to go to a homeless shelter as that was my only option. Also, figured i could plot my next move or figure a way to get back what was rightfully mine.  She said I would help Pete with his stuff and fix them dinner out on the deck. I did both all the while I just wanted to kill Pete and Tina. After serving them Pete offered me a glass of wine. He said he wanted to explain how life with the three of us would be. After the day I had I chugged the first glass and he poured me a second. I don’t remember anything after that second glass. Xanax again. 


I woke up tied to a chair with ear buds in and a VR attached to my head. I could not move and all I could see and hear was this video that was on a loop. It turned out to be sissy hypnosis mixed with slave hypnosis. I had to watch and listen. I had been brainwashed.  I could feel myself getting hard watching and listening, but something was restricting my errection. That turned out to be a cb3000 chasity device. Which was locked on me and still is to this day. I think I was in this position for three days straight. Cannot be for sure. When Tina and Pete finally untied me and took off the VR they asked how I felt?  I said hungry and weak. They said they were hungry too. I immediately snapped into a trance and began wanting to serve them. Pete told me that there were some clothes fo me in the cabinet. It was a French maids outfit. I put it on and put on 6 inch Stileto heels.  Very challenging to walk in, but I managed.  It felt oddly natural. I went upstairs and cooked a gourmet meal for them. The house was a mess and without hesitation I cleaned it. I served food and drinks. Whatever Tina and Pete wanted. I stayed up for 36 hours straight cleaning. You could perform surgery when I was finished.  I was never a neat freak.  Even as an adult I was kind of a slob, but now everything had to be neat and tidy or else my skin crawled.  Later that night Tina And Pete explained that what I went through was an intense hypno training session for three days. I was now their live in maid and slave. I said okay and asked if I could go as I needed to finish ironing. There was no fighting this.  It felt right to me and I can only assume it was the brainwashing.  It worked on me and it worked well.


Part of of my daily routine was watching the VR with the hypnosis file on it. I was addicted to it. If I did not do it at 11 pm every night my ears would ring and my head would pound. Worse than any migraine. After about six months of this I wanted this to be my life. I did not have any memories of a previous life.  For the first six months I was reprogrammed to be celibate I has zero desire for sex. Also during this six months I rapidly lost weight. I went from 5’9” 210 to 5’9” 135.  Under my maid outfit I wore a cincher that helped shape my figure to be a more feminine hourglass shape. I agreed to everything that Tina and Pete wanted including taking hormones.  I was unable to say no to them as hard as I tried to screem no, that word will not come out of my mouth.  I was told taking the hormones would curtail my sexual desires by reducing my testosterone. Tina had them prescribed by her doctor.  My hips grew wider and I developed small but noticeable breasts. My hair was fuller and felt a general calmness. Over time my pronouns were all female ones, I even refered to myself as a female. In fact they started calling me Misty because I became emotional and would cry. Whenever Tina and Pete wanted something from me out of the normal realm they would give my more Xanax. At first they would slip them in a drink now I take them because I am ordered to. One time under the drug unduced haze I signed away all of my rights and agreed to a slave/owner contract.  I also made a video proclaiming to the world that this was what I wanted. Of course I remember none of it. The contract was a lifetime deal. It allowed Tina and Pete to make all of the decisions for my life and do whatever they wanted with me including and body modifications they wanted.  I could not say no, nor did I want to.  I wanted Tina and Pete to make all of my lifes decisions.  I was sort of accepting to this and did not have the will to protest.  Maybe it was the drugs or the brainwashing hypnosis, but it was what my life had become and I was happy about it.  I was still groggy from the night before when Tina and Pete took me somewhere. For the past 6 months I have not left Tina’s house. I was always attached to a cable that would not allow me to leave or escape. I no longer wanted to escape, but they still felt the need to keep me locked up.  Another fun perk of my inprisonment. The field trip was to a tattoo and piercing establishment. I had my ears pierced and a stud placed in my nose. That wasn’t it. On the base of my neck was a barcode with my registered slave number. Right over the crack of my ass was a tattoo that stated “property of Tina and Pete”.  I had never had a tatoo or peircing in my life, but was at peace with Tina and Pete's decision.


Over the next 6 months I did everything in my power to please Tina and Pete because I wanted to. I needed to. I was dressing and living as a women. The hypnosis conditioning continued. My voice was naturally more feminine. I shaved all my hair off and wore makeup. I eventually went from a training bra to an "A" cup bra. Tina and I were still technically married for the tax benefits. I eventually changed my name officially to Misty and used Tina’s last name. She never took my last name after marriage as she did not want it to effect her career. During the next few months I felt a desire for men. I figured it had something to do with the hormones and the fact that I was living 100% of the time as a woman and thats what women do the seek out the attention of men.  I was never really sure why I felt this way, but learned from Pete what was next for me. 


One afternoon while I was doing the dishes, Pete stopped me and asked if i wanted to suck a cock?  I blurted out yes before he could finish the word cock.  Pete explained that part of my latest custom hypno training was a desire to suck cocks and have my pussy filled with one. But, the only one I craved was Pete’s. My desire was to want Pete only Pete when Tina was away on business trips. Pete was bisexual and had me brainwashed to want to please him. I sucked his cock let him fuck me. Anything he wanted I would do. I was his sex toy. I could not get enough of him when we were alone. For about 9 months I did not want sex now all I wanted was cock. Pete’s cock. Pete told me Tina doesn’t know be is bisexual. He said if I tried to tell her that I have been programmed to say you look lovely Tina. He said try it. Try and say Tina, Pete is gay. See what happens. In my mind I spoke Pete is gay. The video Pete took to show me clearly has me saying Tina you look lovely. In my head I know I said Pete is gay. I’m trapped in my own mind.  It is okay, though, I have embraced my life and it’s turns.  In my religious home we were taught to believe things happen for a reason.  Never thought this was a possibility, but somehow I was happy with what I have transformed into.  This is my life doing and will do everything in my power to please Tina and Pete.  I am a beautiful woman name Misty and Tina and Pete own me.  


Today, I am recovering from the next phase of my transformation. About a month ago I had my Adam’s apple shaved down. My penis which was once a robust 6 inches was now maybe an inch and resembles a enlarged clit in my chastity device. It has shrunk from the hormones and lack of use. And finally two days ago I had breast implants that took my now hormone grown "B" cups to double "D’s"  I am recovering on my cot in the basement. Transformation complete.  I have to take it easy for the next few days. Then back at it pleasing Tina and Pete. LIFE IS GOOD!


Thank you Tina and Pete for transforming me into Misty. Misty is the happiest women in the world. I love you two and will do anytime the world for you.

Sorry for any typos and grammatical errors. 


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