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I Don't Believe

by littlechristy

Part 1

Note from the author: This story will contain ABDL elements in the next part, but to avoid any disappointment, it doesn't have any significant ABDL content yet.

- - - -

"I don't believe in hypnosis."

That was a phrase Kristen found herself repeating often to her friend Maria these days. They'd been friends since grade school, but they'd drifted apart after graduation. Maria had gone to college and become a teacher while Kristen had floundered between jobs, still staying at home with her parents. The two couldn't be more different, but they had always enjoyed each others' company. Until recently, that is.

While thinking up new things to show to the kids in her kindergarten class, Maria had begun researching hypnosis. She originally thought it would be a fun novelty to play with in class, but she quickly realized how powerful it could be with the right hypnotist. She doubled down on her learning and couldn't help but talk about it whenever she and Kristen were together.

"The emphasis on mind over matter and the reinforcement of inner desires is just so... well, interesting! Don't you think?" She had asked one night while the two were hanging out at her house, an earnest sense of excitement in her voice.

That's when Kristen had to repeat that phrase once again. "I don't believe in hypnosis." She felt like such a party pooper, but this was all they seemed to talk about these days. She couldn't take it anymore. "It's not real, it's just a bunch of wishful thinking and manipulation. That's why you always hear people you say you have to believe. That way it's easier to write off the failures as the person not believing enough, while holding up the rare successes like they're the norm."

"That's not exactly fair, it can still be effective if somebody doesn't believe in hypnosis as long as they want the change to happen." Maria retorted, taking a very defensive tone after the way Kristen had spoken about it.

"It's totally fair, you might as well say you're doing magic! 'If you believe hard enough, I can make you think you're a squirrel!' It's crazy." Kristen stated in an almost mocking voice, trying to get across just how absurd she found all of this.

Undeterred by Kristen's jabs, however, Maria suddenly thought of an idea. "Okay, if you think it's so crazy, why don't you put your money where you mouth is?" She shot back confidently, a grin showing on her face.

"Okay, sure." Kristen answered quickly, boosted by her own confidence and an eagerness to put all of this to bed. "What are we doing and what do I get when I win?" She asked, rolling her eyes at the absurdity.

"I have a little demonstration coming up soon at the mall. Some of the kids from my class will be there with their parents, plus the normal mall crowd. It's part of a talent show they're doing. It'll be the usual routine, I'm sure you've seen it before." Maria explained, laying out the groundwork of her plan.

"Yeah, and?" Kristen questioned impatiently.

That grin Maria had shown grew wider as she sat up in her seat on the couch. "Well, I'd like a big finale to really wow the crowd, so I'd like to bring you there and show off what I can do when I've had time to hypnotize somebody fully." She said, eyeing her friend for a moment to gauge her reaction before continuing. "So you let me hypnotize you now and then all you have to do to win is not show up that day. That'll prove it didn't work on you."

"And what do I get out of this?" Kristen asked curiously. "Hopefully an end to all of this hypnosis talk at least?"

"Of course, I'll never bring it up again." Maria confirmed, chuckling lightly at the insistence.

"What else? It can't just be that." Kristen pressed, hoping to sweeten the deal to get the most out of her eventual win.

"Well, what do you think sounds fair?" Maria asked, tilting her head curiously.

After a moment of thought, Kristen came up with something, "Free dinner here at your place. For a month."

"Alright, sure. If you win, no more hypnosis talk and I'll make you free dinner here at my place for an entire month." Maria said, once again confirming her friend's demands.

"Deal." Kristen stated simply in response, a smug smirk on her face.

Holding up a finger, however, Maria stopped her there. "I'm not done. If you do show up and you participate like I'm going to instruct you to, you lose, and you have to let me hypnotize you again afterward. With some more... long lasting effects." She says, that confident grin wider than ever. "What do ya' say?"

"Well, I'm not going to lose, so. Deal." Kristen replied, doubling down on her acceptance of the bet.

"Okay, it's settled then. Let's go get started." Maria said, standing up off the couch and offering her hand to Kristen.

After taking her friend's hand and using her help to stand up as well, Kristen curiously questioned, "Right now?"

"Yep. Right now. Unless you're having second thoughts?" That bit of teasing from Maria was accompanied by a smirk, knowing exactly how Kristen would react.

"None at all. The sooner we get this over with, the better." Kristen retorted, motioning for Maria to lead the way.

With that, and a bright smile, Maria led her friend out of the living room and back into her room. She had Kristen lay down on the bed while she pulled up a chair. After waiting for a moment until her friend could get comfortable, Maria leaned forward and put a hand on her shoulder, speaking in a soft, almost motherly tone. "Alright, whenever you're ready, I just need you to close your eyes and take a nice, deep breath for me, okay?"

"Do you need me to open my mind too?" Kristen joked in between chuckles, although she was quickly shushed.

"If you want to win the bet, you have to cooperate with me here. You may not need to believe in hypnosis, but it won't work if you don't at least relax and give it a chance." Maria scolded her friend, keeping a hand on her shoulder as she waits to see her relax again. "Besides, you don't wanna give me any excuses, do you?" She said that with a smirk, knowing that it would spark up Kristen's pride enough to get her to play along...

...and play along she did, as Kristen silently grumbled before closing her eyes. There was a bit of hesitation from her as she laid there with her eyes closed before she finally took a deep breath, letting herself relax on the bed.

"There ya' go, that's perfect sweetie. Just take another deep breath for me now, thinking about how relaxed and so very tired you are." Maria spoke in a very deliberate, but relaxing voice as she guided her friend along, slowly relaxing her further. "It's been a long day, hasn't it? Wouldn't this be such a good time to relax? After such a long, tiring day? Wouldn't it be nice to drift down, breathing so slowly... until you're in a wonderful, relaxing trance?"

Continuing on like this for a while, Maria gradually brought Kristen down until she seemed to almost be asleep, her breathing steady and rhythmic, every part of her body quiet and still. She was in a trance.

With her friend now in a more suggestable state, Maria leaned forward in her chair, a warm smile gracing her face as she spoke back up in that motherly tone...

"Now sweetheart, I know exactly what you want..."


Great Start - hypmelodic

I really like how you kept this in the scope of reality and sounding like a normal time between two friends.\r\nI\'m looking forward for more : )\r\nYou\'re doin great!!!

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