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The Company of Dolls

by alenk

The Company of Dolls

Alice stared at the glowing, pulsing screen before her, mouth slightly agape, eyes dull and empty. The earphones in her ears wispered seductive, arousing commands to her. She loved it, how her master let her do this every night, add yet another command to her growing list. Already, she could feel the effects of the file hitting hard. She moaned as the plug in her ass expanded, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. At the same time the file before her was pushing her deeper and deeper under her master's control, she wanted so badly to be used by him, to be his toy, his doll. She smiled at the thought.

Feeling the effects of other files, she took her left hand and grabbed her corresponding breast through her latex suit, carresing her erect nipples and moaning slightly. She then took her right hand and began massaging her wet pussy, crying out as she came closer and closer to climax. In her heat of passion, the slut didn't even notice a man come from behind and wrap a gag around her mouth, slightly silencing her. She continued to whine as she touched herself sexually, until he leaned in to her and wispered a quick command:

"Orgasm slave."

Emediately, she froze. Her hands flew to her sides as her mind went empty, being filled with thoughts of being a wonderfull sex toy. Her butt plug expanded further, helping to push her over the edge.

It did not take long for the latex-clad whore to experience what could be described as the ultimate orgasm. It kept going and going, not stopping at all, and all she could do was sit there and enjoy the ride as a bit more of her free will was sapped away.

After about a half hour of the amazing orgasm, her master, Jonny, snapped his fingers, allowing her to stop. She moaned behind her gag as she grabbed her lucious breasts, carresing them strongly. Her master removed the gag and gave another command: "Suck hard."

She leaped off the chair she was on and to her knees before her master, as he tore open his pants revealing a cock for her to eat. She wasted no time sucking away until he came in her mouth. "Enough." Johnny said, and she stopped and smiled up at her loving master. "Off, slave." He said, and instantly she squeeled in pleasure. The suit contracted, squeezing tightly against her skin and shoving the plug up her ass even further. She laid back and spread her legs, as her mind again went completely blank in pleasure.

Her master lifted her easilly, as if she were a balloon. He rubbed her breasts gently as he entered a room containing dozens of girls in similar latex suits, completely motionless, seated on sybian-like machines that conditioned their bodies and minds, making them perfect toys for his use. He removed Alice's butt-plug and placed her on a sybian of her own, and it emediately began vibrating under her, then placed her gently onto the machine, and it instantly got to work, cleaning her and conditioning her mind further. She did absolutely nothing as the machine had it's way with her. Smiling, Jonny departed, to another room in the building, an office area with a single desk.

He sat down and picked up the phone, dialing a number. "Hello, sir. I am pleased to inform you that your order, Alice Hughes, number 51784, is finished and will be delivered later this week. As usual, we'd appreciate a payment before hand, but don't care as long as we get the money within a month of delivery. Yes. Exactly. Have a nice day." He said, hanging up.

Jonny smiled as he glanced through the glass in his office down at the various models being processed, hypnotized, and dollified. "This is sure the life." He stated simply, as he called in his bimbo-fied wife to give him a blowjob. Of course, she smiled at the thought of being used, and hastily got to work.


Re: The Company of Dolls - 112-485-334

I very liked your story, the only thing you should consider is to make it longer, maybe with more details of the transformation, how the girl get into that company, etc. It is too short ;)

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