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by usuario

Chapter 1

Estelle couldn't believe just how much the place had changed. The chill bar run by a bunch of potheads was now a clean, antiseptic, gleaming white, space-themed restaurant developed by Vlad, a weird geek with way too much money and silly ideas. The walls were covered with displays that endlessly repeated scenes from the boss's favorite movies, the comfy sofas and hammocks had been replaced by not at all comfy but trendy bar stools and high tables. Her beloved weed bar was gone for good, replaced by this blazing white hell hole! At least he had kept the smoking area so the old patrons didn't completely freak out!

The previously open door frame to the kitchen area was now a fucking airlock, apparently an original prop from the set of some famous sci-fi movie. That thing constantly opened and closed with annoying sounds whenever someone came near it. But the absolutely worst change were those sexist uniforms! The old owners didn't really care about anything, including what staff wore during their shifts but the new one was different. Vlad was all about brand image and presentation. And for some damn reason, he also decided to go full idiot and cater to young, horny males instead of the chill dope crowd. The beach was right around the corner and surfer-dudes were everywhere, but testosterone-filled geeks that couldn't wait to see some sexy space girls? Nowhere to be seen! This place would tank big time!

And how were those skimpy outfits even legal? The bit of white spandex that supposedly covered their asses but showed every nook and cranny? Fine, why not, but it would have been nice to allow underwear as well to provide for some decency. The tops? Breast sleeves that pushed her tits into white-stalked, red-capped mushrooms? With her dark complexion, her tits would look like freaking headlights, framed by sparkling white spandex! Her thick, black nipples were apparently supposed to be covered by some sort of pasties just that those were no pasties at all! Actual pasties would have been a welcome improvement, but those things were freaking nipple clamps! Clamps with cutesy red caps and white stalks no less!

She needed to get out of this shithole and fast! Why hadn't she looked for a job while the place got remodeled? Why did she instead bum around the beach, blowing the rest of her scarce savings with drinks and dope? She was royally screwed! The timing of this 'rebranding' was just horrible.

And to make matters worse, Estelle had her own problems to cope with. A few months ago, and with zero warning, her young, fit, chocolate brown body suddenly had chosen to burden her with another massive growth burst, propelling her already large breasts into an entirely different league. Her previously springy, healthy Double-D's had expanded in a matter of days, blown up to dark, fat E's at least, probably even larger. Of course her bras didn't fit anymore, and with no money to spend, she wouldn't be able to buy any new ones either. That didn't matter much though because since that freak growth spurt her new balloons were so sensitive that she couldn't stand any constricting undergarment anyway. A simple touch made her shudder, a hefty movement made her jump out of her dark skin. A gentle squeeze was an almost unthinkable event!

Back then, the lax dress code at that chill bar had made it relatively easy for her to cope with her sudden problem. She simply skipped bras altogether and chose baggy, wide hoodies instead. During the work hours she had restricted chest movement to a bare minimum and had tried to ignore the lustful stares of the patrons. It wasn't optimal but apart from the odd bump or jiggle she had managed reasonably well. But how could she cope with those damn uniforms?

"Estelle was it?"

She nodded absentmindedly.

"So you'll do the night shift on Fridays and Saturdays. Here, take your uniform and try it on. It's... uh... I can see you're a bit large up there but it's the biggest size they'll produce, so you'll have to make it fit. Listen, I know all the changes are a bit much for everybody but I can assure you all that it's worth it. You'll rake in tips like never before!"

Estelle wanted to complain, wanted to tell that jerk that his juvenile fantasies were shit and what an asshole he was. She wanted to go back to that chill dope bar where she could wear whatever she wanted and didn't have to parade her massive tits around for the creepy geeks to drool over. But she needed the money. Estelle bit her lip and watched the other girls, wondering what they thought about the whole mess. She couldn't believe not one of them had objected yet! Well, actually there had been a bunch of complaints, but they had all come from the girls he had fired already. To no one's surprise, all those unlucky women were flat as a board of course. After that incident, it took mere hours for new flesh to show up at the bar, big titted and dumb like shit. Obviously not as big as Estelle herself, but large and squeezable nonetheless. Her own massive chest still ruled supreme though, unmatched by a healthy margin.

Estelle sighed as she grabbed the sealed uniform. Would this skimpy thing even fit? And where was she supposed to change? Surely not in the kitchen, with all those newfangled regulations? Regulations... the icing on the shitcake. Since management declared that serving food was a must, but that those poor smokers needed protection as well, the requirements for staff passing in and out of the kitchen became so much more onerous. Instead of that little gate that had simply been left open all the time, they had now this fancy double-door that looked like an airlock straight out of a freaking space station. Of course only the outer barrier facing the guest room looked that fancy, the second one towards the kitchen was just a boring but efficient automatic door. The idea was that only one side would be open at any time, keeping smoke and dust outside the kitchen. So whenever staff wanted to pass through, they had to step into some sort of active area in front of the outer door, wait for that round hole to fancily swirl open, get inside the lock, wait for the fancy side to swirl close again, then wait for the boring door to open and finally step through into the kitchen. It took ages. And whenever someone was loitering around in the active area, no side would open at all leaving everyone wondering what the hell was going on.

The touted solution to that problem was of course shouting. Whenever one of the girls wanted to pass through she was supposed to yell "Coming" and step into the active zone, assuming that anyone on the inside would clear the way so she could enter. This of course didn't work at all. When closed, the double doors were fantastic noise insulators that dampened every sound to a degree that made it impossible to understand a thing.

But the main issue was the design of the airlock itself. Vlad had literally bought it off a film set and performance clearly had not been a concern when that contraption had been developed, neither was safety. The thing needed to look good and that was all that mattered.

The airlock was basically a big, white, round gate of sorts, its inner circular door made out of segments that could twist and turn. Whenever the door needed to open, the outer circle would slowly rotate 180 degrees and the segments would be pulled into the frame. And whenever the door needed to close again, it would slowly rotate back, those blade-like segments would re-emerge out of the frame and block the circular hole in the middle. The optical effect was great for sure, the opening would grow or shrink with fancy whirring and beeping, just like the producers of a sci-fi flick would want to. But for an actual work place this was totally inappropriate.

Despite Estelle's concerns, she decided to stay on board. She sighed once again, ripped open the packet and unfolded the uniform. Watching the other girls strip on the spot, she rolled her eyes and followed their example. Her baggy hoodie and comfortable shorts slid to the ground, her large, sore breasts slowly swaying in front of her chest. She grimaced as the pain hit her and tried to keep as still as possible while she struggled to get into the weird, tight top.

Vlad stared at her with gaping mouth. "Holy fuck, those are massive!" he muttered, watching her dark chocolate cakes slowly sway to and fro. Estelle couldn't believe it. Trying to ignore his creepy comment, she squeezed herself into the spandex and adjusted the garment, popping her head through the tight collar and pulling the hem down. Her bare shoulders were in position, her shapely arms hugged tightly by the uniform. Only her breasts were not in place yet. She reached through one of the openings and carefully pulled her sore flesh through, pushing the tight sleeve flush against the base of her breast.

She was stunned by how good it felt, almost like a tender hand supporting her burdens. The top was actually really comfortable despite its demeaning look!

"Nice! The white color really accentuates your delicious bits, Estelle. The contrast is just great!"

She almost felt offended by that comment but decided to ignore his leering mutterings. A few moments later she had adjusted the other side as well, her two, tender, brown globes now tightly hugged into form by the white spandex sleeve. Her tits felt good, stabilized but not irritated. Estelle tried to catch a glimpse in the mirror and almost choked on the ridiculousness of her outfit.

"You need to put these around the bases," her boss grinned and handed her two white, tubular objects. Estelle grabbed the two rubbery things and looked at him quizzically.

"The stalks for your mushrooms," he grinned.


"The mushrooms. Don't you remember the name of this bar?"

Estelle couldn't follow.

"Shroom's. A clever reference to the stellar movie 'Mushrooms In Space' and a nod to that old dope bar from before. It was famous for selling shrooms to anyone, right? Just look at the fucking logo for once."

Mushrooms. Right, there was a mushroom on that logo, a mushroom in space, with red cap and white stalk. And now he wanted their tits to ... to look like mushrooms! What a fucking pervert! Estelle rolled her eyes once again, "You can't be serious! This is demeaning! You... you..."

"Just do it or leave, Estelle. Nobody is forcing you. It's your choice, but the brand image is essential. Either you mold your fat black titties into mushrooms or you go. You decide."

She examined the odd white sleeves again and put them in front of her bloated breasts. She giggled, "No way this stuff fits around my massive bust, boss! Just look at this, would you?"

"Don't be such a pussy, Estelle. Just try it!"

"It's not gonna work!"

"Let me help you. OK, if I touch you there?"

"Go ahead if you must, but be careful. I'm very sensitive in that area."

He took one of the sleeves in his hand and grabbed her dark, crinkly nipple with the other. He slowly started to pull, trying to get her massive tit to change shape. Estelle grimaced as he put more and more pressure on her but the fat balloon did not cooperate. The ridiculously tiny circumference of the sleeve was simply impossible to get around her breast.

"Alright, alright, you win. Wait a moment, I have an idea."

The young man vanished. Estelle was impressed that he gave in so quickly. She turned to one of her colleagues and said, "So what do you think of this, fucking stupid, right?"

"Y...yeah, but ... you know, it doesn't feel all that bad. Plus if we get more tips..."

Another one joined in and said, "Yeah, I think it will be great. I just think of it as a kind of weird Halloween, you know. Dress up like a slut and get some cheap thrills. Plus the money. My tits look great in this. And once our nips are covered... this is legal, is it?"

Suddenly the owner returned and handed Estelle something.

"Try this. Stretchable bandages. Just loop it around the bases of your tits as tight as you can, make them into white stalks for those mushrooms."

Estelle examined the two packets with a puzzled look.

"What are you waiting for? Get going! Now!"

She unpacked one of the rolls and started to loop the gauze around her tit. It was easy enough and with each loop her flesh got compressed a bit more. Soon, her boobs looked indeed like two mushrooms with dark, brown caps.

"Yeah, yours will be the exception. No red cap but delicious chocolate instead."

She glared at him as she finished the wrap.

"Good but not good enough, Estelle. Come on, put some effort in it. Let me help you."

Before she could protest, he grabbed the end of the bandage and unwrapped it quickly, making her sore tit bounce around in the process.

"Ugh, please! Careful?"

"Sorry. Now watch. You have to do it yourself from tomorrow on."

He put a loop in the end and tied it off. Then he passed the roll through the opening and pushed the newly formed noose around her tender globe. With eager hands he pulled the noose tight, carefully watching her flesh bunch up. Estelle tried to ignore the pain but then he redoubled his efforts and tore the loop tight. She yelled at him, cursed him for his ridiculous ideas. But the young man just smiled and started to loop the gauze around her trapped tit. He pulled the material so tight that Estelle's flesh had no choice. The stalk grew, her breast blossomed and Estelle complained. Once the roll was empty, Vlad lightly tapped her bulging mushroom and grinned, "See, wasn't so difficult, was it? Now the other one."

Estelle wanted to protest, wanted to tell him in how much pain she was, but she bit her tongue and hoped that the ordeal would be over soon. Once he was done, her bust indeed looked impressive and very mushroom-like. The bandages compressed the bases of her breasts into white stalks and forced the bloated tops of her tits into dark, buzzing caps. Estelle blinked away a tear and looked at the other girls. Their much smaller, brighter breasts were all squeezed in shape by the weird white tubes and each of them had a faint, rosy blush.

"You look great, girls. Now, to satisfy our government, we unfortunately have to cover those cute nipples of yours. Take two of those pasties out of the box and put them on, please."

Estelle grabbed two of the objects and examined them closely. They, too, followed the mushroom story. The 'non-pasties' consisted of a small, metallic red cap designed to hide the areola and a small, white stalk designed to go over the nipple and clamp it in place. She grabbed her nipple and lightly twisted it around to get it hard. Then she carefully positioned one clamp over it, pushed it down and waited for the clamp to engage. But nothing happened. She looked at Vlad with confusion and asked for help.

"Not such a bright girl, are you? Let me show you."

He grabbed the little black nub and cruely twisted it to get it hard again. Then he positioned the little object above her now hard nipple and pushed the stalk over the fleshy bit, just like she had done before. Then he reached for the red cap and gave it a mighty twist. Suddenly the clamp inside the little mushroom engaged and squeezed down on her little rod with force. She heard a lock click as a wave of pain rushed through her body. Estelle yelped.

"See, easy, right? Now try the other one yourself."

Estelle blinked, wanted to complain but instead followed his instructions. She got her other nipple hard, pushed the strange thing over her teat and rotated the cap. Another wave of pain crashed through her body as the lock engaged.

"Nice! Just look at those cute little things!" Vlad beamed and reached out to toy with the horrible clamps, "Be careful to not get trapped! Ladies? Looks like we are all set for the grand opening! Everyone in position, time to get cracking!"

The work was hard. Bloated tits and swollen nipples were one thing, the crowd was an entirely different challenge. Estelle did not have much time to think about anything as she rushed through the masses of customers. Bills were exchanged, drinks were served, food was ordered and loud music blared in her ears. Of course some of the guys tried to get a feel, and the stares her massive tits got through the night would have been enough for a lifetime, but she simply had no time to get upset about any of it. The only real shitty part was when someone grabbed her by the nipple clamps and yanked her fat, black tits around for a bit of cheap fun. And when she yelled at him the jerk simply apologized and claimed it was all an accident.

And that door, that fucking door! Waiting to get into the kitchen took forever and slowed down the entire operation. It was just ridiculous. Once her shift was over, Estelle jumped out of her uniform, freed her hurting tits and headed home just to collapse on her bed. She was thoroughly spent.

But the tips were massive indeed. On the next day, when she counted all the bills that had been stuffed into her skimpy dress, she was amazed. The place easily paid three times as much as the old job! So much for the demeaning outfit. Her creepy boss had been right all along!

A few hours later Vlad called and congratulated her for the stellar performance.

"You were great, Estelle! I heard so many compliments, our patrons couldn't get enough of you! How did you like it?"

"Good money, boss, good money. But you know what? That fucking door... If that contraption would actually work, we could have served twice as much. It's slowing down everyone! How long I had to wait just to get a damn burger!"

"I know, Estelle, I know. But I can't tear it down, that thing is essential for our brand."

"But you could make it go faster. Just speed up the thing."

"Good idea. I'll see what I can do."

And that he did. He called her again a bit later and said, "Listen, Estelle. You have a great point. I have found a guy who said he could do it, who could speed up that door. He just needs a bit of time. So I'll close the place for a few days and call you again when we're ready. Alright? See you!"

Estelle smiled. Not only did she provide an actual improvement, she had off for the next days as well! No hurting hooters, instead some spare dough she could spend on a few nice joints and booze! What a day!

It took them almost a week to get everything done. She got called in on Friday afternoon for a team meeting and Vlad was beaming like a kid on xmas when he demonstrated the updated door to staff.

"See how much faster it goes? Especially the outer door facing the restaurant is now incredibly efficient. It closes in one second tops! The engineer had to go near the technical limits though so there are a few issues that everyone needs to be aware of. First, the collision detection has been disabled so be careful. The door won't back off as it doesn't detect anymore if something gets jammed between the blades. But there is still an emergency shutdown of sorts. If the blades are blocked, the motors will quickly overheat and there is a switch that triggers in that event to protect the engine. Second, the active areas in front of the door have been made more sensitive to ensure compliance with regulation. Keep those areas free of clutter, otherwise we can't get in or out. Third, because the blades are now much faster, do not get your fingers in there or they might get chopped off. I'm serious, stay clear of the door, alright?"

The girls watched the door open and close as Vlad pranced through several times, demonstrating to everyone that it was perfectly safe to do so. Then the more mundane matters of staff planning were tackled. Her boss motioned Estelle to stay a bit longer after he finally ended the meeting.

"Estelle, I will remember that it was your idea to implement this productivity boost. You can expect an additional bonus, soon."

Estelle beamed, "Thanks boss, my pleasure."

"But that isn't why I wanted to talk to you. We'll have an important guest Wednesday night, someone that considers licensing our concept. We'll have a closed event, no public but maybe about 10 members of their team. I want to have them entertained well, want to show our operation in the best possible light. I don't need lots of staff to serve a mere handful. You're the one I trust most so I have put you on that shift. I wanted to make sure you can deal with the additional pressure. Can you do that day? You can decide when to show up as long as everything is ready by 7pm."

"Sure! Not a problem! No public, only ten patrons? That should be a breeze!"

"I hope so. Unfortunately we also have a shipment coming in that day. The new seats for the main room and some accessories I ordered. And I think some supplies are expected as well. So could you take care of that, too? You don't need to do anything, just tell them to put the stuff somewhere well protected."

"No problem."

"Great. And please make sure that your uniform looks good that day. Show your best side, OK?" he motioned towards her massive bust. Estelle rolled her eyes, "As you wish, boss, as you wish. I'll bind them extra tight just for you."

"You're the best, Estelle. So see you Wednesday!"

Estelle was happy to have some days off but Wednesday approached quicker than she would have liked. She had slept in that day and scrambled a bit to get everything organized. Biggest issue was the Doctor's appointment she had forgotten about and while she was tremendously relieved to learn that all was well with her tits, it meant that time was at a premium. Thankfully she had posted a note for the delivery man the day before, so at least he knew where to put the shipment. Once she got out of the Doctor's office she raced home, grabbed a bite, showered and quickly headed out to Shroom's. It was 6pm when she finally arrived and what awaited her was straight out of a nightmare.

The day before, a bunch of college kids apparently had their fun. The entire property looked like a freaking war zone. The bar reeked of spilt beer and puke, the restaurant area was a god-awful mess and the kitchen... well, you had to look real hard to find any clean spot. Estelle panicked, tried to call for help, but she couldn't reach a soul. So she went to work herself and tried to clean up as much as possible. When she went to the kitchen to get some cleaning supplies, she got acutely aware of another major disaster.

The delivery had arrived alright, but that idiot driver had misunderstood everything she had written and instead of putting the shipment in storage, he had simply squeezed the crates through the kitchen's side entrance. Everything was safe of course, and the door could still be closed and locked from the outside, but no one would get through that door again unless all that crap was moved out of the way. The side entrance was useless like that, and the only remaining entry into the kitchen was through the main room and the freaking airlock!

She had no time for this shit. Estelle cursed, grabbed the supplies and started cleaning the main hall. Down on her hands and knees she scrubbed the floor, cleaned the tables and loaded up the dishwasher. The silly airlock constantly opened or closed whenever she passed through, but even that contraption was covered in vile fluids and looked like a sticky mess. Time passed way too fast. Estelle glanced on her watch and nearly freaked out. She had mere minutes left before the guests would show up! She knew that she needed to hurry and decided it was high time for her uniform.

Estelle made sure the main door was still locked, dashed into the kitchen to get into her skimpy outfit and quickly looped the bandages around the bases of her tits, careful to tie them off as tightly as possible. She cursed silently as her sore breasts protested with might, but she had promised to Vlad to put some extra effort in and she intended to keep her promise. She winced as she snapped the two clamps over her nipples. Squirming and cursing, she quickly checked her appearance in a mirror and was satisfied with what she saw.

Estelle went through the double doors into the main room when she saw that the airlock was still covered in sticky gunk. She sighed and considered to simply break down and cry her heart out right there, right now. But instead she got a bucket of soap water and started to clean up the mess.

Estelle was was on all fours again, moving around in between the two doors, bucket on her side, tender and clamped breasts dangling right below her on the outside of the airlock. She focused on some remaining stains, carefully whipping the gleaming white metal clean, when she suddenly heard something tumble behind her. Then everything happened so fast.

The startled girl heard a high-pitched whir and reflexively pulled back her head just in time for the spinning gate to zip shut. Unfortunately her massive bust had no such luck and before Estelle even could comprehend what was going on, the unrelenting metal teeth bit brutally into the tied bases of her breasts, forcefully compressing them into a tiny diameter, all the while rotating with force. Estelle shrieked in pain as her entire body got slammed around, turned upside down by a brutal metal monster grabbing her by her tender tits.

"Aiieeehhh OOOOOOUCH! What the fuck?!" she cursed, worried that her tits had been severed from her body. But the immense pain suggested otherwise. Estelle tried to make sense of her situation, tried to analyze what just happened but it took her awhile to get through the details. What she could observe was that she was not on her hands and knees anymore. Instead, she had been turned on her back, her feet struggling to keep from slipping away, her face mashing against that god-awful metal door right below from where her tits should be, and her hands uselessly flailing about. Her tits were gone, stuck in that metal maw and were hurting like never before. To top everything off, the solid segments of the door still hummed and clicked, and the motors kept forcing the painful blades further into her trapped flesh, clawing down on the bandage-covered bases of her tits. She panicked, yelled and screamed her head off, her bloated melons securely trapped upside down in the now tiny, circular opening of the door.

It took her a moment to come to senses again, the pain was just too much. She blinked the tears away, sobbing and cursing, and desperately tried to somehow wiggle herself out of the horrible trap.

Pat tried to catch a glimpse of the interior but couldn't make out a thing Was this really a good idea? A space-themed bar with sexy ladies? And where was the owner? It must have been 5 minutes already since their delegation arrived and the entrance was still locked for good! He groaned, looked at his team and declared "Five more minutes and we'll be gone. Looks like any other run-down place on this beach. Won't be worth the wait."

Supportive groans and whispers where muttered. Suddenly a car raced down the street and skidded to a halt right before the door. A thin, good looking man got out and beamed at them, "Sorry for being so late, the traffic was just horrible."

"We were about to leave, Vlad. Better make this worth our time!"

"I'm sorry. The door should have been open. Please follow me."

He got out his keys and unlocked the entrance. The delegation entered the dark room and looked around with interest.

Vlad wondered where the hell his best waitress was hiding and already cursed himself for trusting the girl when he heard one if his guests giggle and say "Nice prop!"

He lighted some of the large candles on the tables for a pleasant setting and smiled. If they liked the interior design already, this should be a cakewalk. He turned around and saw a few of his guests assembling around the favorite part of this place, the airlock. But something was off. Why didn't the thing open for the people standing in front of it?

"Are these what I think they are?" asked his soon-to-be-business-partner, "Damn, these look just like the real thing. A bit too large maybe but fucking delicious! Just that somebody screwed up big time and put them the wrong way. They're upside down!"

Vlad approached the group and his eyes went wide. There, right in the middle of the airlock, sat Estelle's huge monster tits including her naughty nipple covers, hanging upside down. The sensitive undersides were presented in a convenient height, just begging to be touched by anyone passing by. The twin balloons looked terribly bloated, mashed together by the unrelenting force of the door. How the hell did she manage to get herself into such an awkward position?

He wanted to protect her, to get his favorite girl out of this mess! But when the guest's laughs and jokes finally made it through to his brain, he realized that everyone but him thought Estelle's tits were just a geeky, raunchy prop to get people talking. Pat wrapped his arms around Vlad's shoulders and said, "Damn Vlad, what a hilarious idea! Where did you get those? These udders look so fucking real! I would have never dared to put up something like that, it's awesome! Is this a scene from one of your geeky porn films? A busty space vixen getting trapped in her own ship? You have to show me that movie some time!"

Damn you, Estelle! How was he supposed to react? Should he free his girl, making a point of how unsafe an environment his bar was? Or should he instead just play along and hope Estelle made it out in one piece once the guests were gone? He had to decide fast.

"I, uh... so you like it? We got it yesterday and I thought I'll test it out with you..."

"Can I touch it?" Pat asked, reaching out for the bloated, swollen pair. Before Vlad could even respond, his fingers started toying with the mushroom nipple caps, pulling and twisting the little objects with interest. Suddenly one of the caps popped off, unveiling a hard, fat nipple that was just begging for attention.

"What the hell, they really cared about the details, didn't they, " giggled Pat, his fingers pinching the fat nub and pulling it around, "It feels so real! What is that made of? Can't be plastic, can it?"

Vlad joined Pat at the door and got a feel for himself. Estelle's tits were simply sensational, huge and obscene, soft and warm and oh so taut from the pressure! He tickled the sensitive undersides that


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