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alternate Realitys: you have my permmsion to add to this Story and modifie

by EMG

alternate Realitys: you have my permmsion to add to this Story and modifie

Alternate Realities

I open up "Warp My Mind" website and took a look around. This site is very interesting said Tiekey. I will check out some of the Files thought Tiekey so he opened up an account and started browsing. He always wanted to become a baby, could this be the Site that will finally, Allow me to reach my Goals. hum he thought so he searched And found a neat little file Called (The Furniture Shop) which have two version, version (1) one Daddy's Little boy/ and Mommy's little girl, the ones he listened too religiously. on a loop every night. the only problem is no one to Trigger me . so he also listened to 18 month old baby for ever, same problem one one to trigger me, also 24 hour baby i did get results from that one i actually saw myself as a baby in thought mind and spirit the same problem one one to keep the trance gone so i woke up in thirty minutes, you are a women file worked purity good on me. I lost 90 pounds and my breast are big and full,and lactate. i even taking hormones for the tootle experience still one one to trigger me. Tiekey is a very caring person someone you can trust , in all things . he do not steal or lie or even get angry. over anything caring and kind. but because of the way people are these days no one really trust each other anymore so Tiekey still gose without being triggered . Tiekey start to think is there anyone out there willing to take a chance with Tie Key, tiekey starts too think maybe not, i have to beg for the experience and he gets tried of begging how do other people get the experience/get others to work with them. is it me? he wonder. will one day someone will come alone and help tiekey out may on his birthday this year Dec 28, 209 give it to him as birthday present or a be lade one, TIekey love animals Children and People in general, if you met him you would see how kind he is and seance he more like a child then an adult.please take a time to e-mail me in my in box i will return all emails . i love going to the beach would that be nice to be in trance and someone takes me to the movie or the beach in my baby cloths you Decide that because you will be in charge and it is up to you to keep the baby safe and clean you decide what i will wear during that trance state or take Tiekey down into a fantasy. my fantasy would bean little baby who mommy or Daddy give me a bath and feed me breast feed me or bottle ether way is fine and rock me to sleep while humming to me. all Tiekey looking for is a fantasy. He knows becoming a baby for a compleate stranger do have their own risk . but sometimes we must take risk to get anything done. just like actors they search for a long time before they make it big. Baby Tiekey


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