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Into the unkown

by bbmichael

Chapter 1

My name is Michale, well usually I go by Mikey this days but you are gonna understand why soon. Well this is gonna be the story of how I got involved on the crazy world of the abdl community. I met Joshy a month ago in a blind date trough tinder. At first I was expecting a typical date with some food on a restaurant or going to the movies just to ende up having sex in a nearby motel. But I must say it took me completely by surprise to found out he was wearing a diaper. He didn’t actually told me at first, but I noticed while we were walking to the restaurant. I was pretty shoked and wondered if I should get out of there immediately, but something inside me wondere why he was wearing them. Perhaps it was some kind of medical condition or something like that. So I went ahead and, in the most “normal” way it ocurred to me, asked him why he was wearing a diaper. The answer was no less surprising to me tan the fact that he was weaing diapers. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I was well aware of the many fetish circles that were around. But I have never actually heard of the abdl lifestyle outside of a kinky fetish thing. Joshy explained to me that it was way nore tan a sexual thing for him. It was his way of leaving and expressing who he was. I was left totally speechless by how big and Deep the idea of abdl was. And once we finish our meal we simply Exchange numbers and said goodbye.

The next week I kept digind deeper on the internet to know more about the abdl community. I kept finding it more and more interesting and fascinating. The live of an adult baby seem so simple and so careles in some cases wich I immediatley envy. Others the were simply diaper lovers told the stories of the adrenaline they felt when they went out in public with their diaprs under their clothes and how they sometimes spend hours in a used diaper on the subway or the office. By the end I was completely convinced that I wanted to have that lifestyle for myself. The only thing that was stopping me now was my own shame. My mind kept telling me that it was worng for an adult to wear diapers and to become incontinent voluntarily. I was son conflicted by this thoughts that I decide to ask for help from Joshy, who was the only adult baby I personally knew at the time.

I met with him at the same restaurant we first met and explained my predicament to him of hhow one part of me really wanted to start into the abdl world but how my “rational” part wanted me to dicard the whole idea and that I didn’t know what to do about it. He was totally exited to hear that I was interested on becoming part of the abdl community and immediately proposed a solution to my dilema. He told me that the easiest way for me to overcome the idea of not wearing diapers was to increase the need for them, and that the easiest way to do that was trough hypnosis. At first I wasn’t really convinced by what he was saying but he told me that many people who were starting into the abdl world often turn to hypnosis to help them out to overcome shame of wearing the diapers on publico r to use them properly. He told me there were all kind of methods the hypnosis worked. Some would guide you, like in a fairy tale, to a safe place in your mind where you could be empty of worries of what others may think. Other hipnosis files helped you out mking you incontinent trough conditioning or making you forget how to use the bathroom at all, forcing you to wet your pants and encouraging you to wear the diapers to avoid public accidents. I was baffled by all the posible ways I could use to overcome my shame and worries so I decided to give it a try.

I remember that the first file I listened to was a simple one called “bladder incontinence”. I diceded to give it a try since it was one of the more highly rated files on the page Joshy recommended to me. The file indicated that it was best to listen to it at night when you where about to go to sleep, so I puto n some headphones and press play on the audio file. At first I was not convinced it would actually work and felt nervous the hole first 10 minutes of the file. But slowly the soothing voice of the audio made me relax and fall asleep. When I woke up I wa a bit dissapointed. I had expected to wake up in wet bed sheets and a wet pijama, but instead I was completely dry. I almost felt angry because I was expectin some kind of immediate results, but simply accepted that there were many more files to try out but I ended up having quite a surprise. I was so lucky to be staying at home that day, because while I was on my couch watching T.V. I suddenly started to smell somthing funny in the air. I couldn’t understand where it was coming from so I stood up to check if it was something in the kitchen. But in the momento I stood up I could felt the warmness in my legs. I immediately looked down to see my pants completely amazed what I was seeing. A big wet stain was covering half of my pants going all the way down trough one leg. I couldn’t undestand how it happened when it suddenly hit me. The incontinence file. That file made it as if I was actually incontinente and couldn’t hold nore notice when I was peeing. My face was bright red from embarrasment but inside me I was the most happy I had been in years. It was the prove that the hypno files really worked and that I could become an abdl without worrying about my mind denying it.

Now I lived 24/7 in diapers. When I’m at home alone I just wear my diapers and a onesie of my favorite cartoon characters. I’m addicted to sucking my own finger or my pacifier and actually do it in the office sometimes when no one is looking. Some times my diapers are so obvious that I catch many stares at work, but I’m not worry about them at all, although some coworkers seem interested in a different way when they look at my diaprs and I let them pick a clear view of them. Of course I keep using the hypno files, and I have actually skyped with some hypnotists. Wich remind me that today I might actually meet my first Daddy. Abdl life is so exciting

The end.


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